Briana , Catherine

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Catherine was blushing furiously. Looking anywhere but at Briana she murmured, “You know, I feel like going for a drive somewhere…”

“So have you?” Briana asked quietly, still grinning.

Catherine looked up, her eyes wide. She had been hoping to change the track of the conversation. “Have I what?” She asked, pretending. Briana was a little flushed, but she was making lots of eye contact.

“Have you ever done it?”

Catherine blushed harder. Briana was persistent.

They had been hanging out while Catherine’s husband, Daniel, was at work. Since she had moved so close, Briana often came over these days. She and Briana had actually become better friends these past years than they had ever been in high school. Briana had been the first to know of Catherine’s engagement, and had rushed over to hug and gush on her. Catherine greeted this with delight and not a little confusion. Before, Briana would have been aloof and then changed the subject.

It was wonderful to have her around to talk to during those first tense weeks after the marriage, when everything was so new, and they had recently begun to talk more and more candidly about their respective sex lives. Today, much to Catherine’s surprise and embarrassment, the subject had wandered to fantasies, and Catherine had accidentally spilled one of her secret ones: to make out with another girl. Briana had grinned and clapped her hands, but Catherine had been so flustered by her own unexpected volubility that she had tried to end that thread of conversation. But for some reason, Briana wouldn’t let it go.

“No! God, no! I wouldn’t even know how to…”Cath gestured vaguely. “No.”

Briana was still watching her. “Does it surprise you to know that I’ve thought about it, too?”

“Well, yes, a little. I’m not sure it’s all that common.” Suddenly her embarrassment took control. “Are you making fun of me?” She even felt a little rise of anger.

“No! Absolutely not!” Briana reached across and grabbed Cath’s knee lightly. “I’m serious. I would never make fun of your fantasies, ever.”

Catherine was acutely aware of Briana’s hand. She stood nervously and ducked into the kitchen for a glass of water. When she got back Briana was still watching her. She seemed about to say something, stopped, then said it anyway, blushing furiously.

“Cath, I’ve really wanted to do that. I’ve always wondered what it’s like, what I’m missing. But I never felt comfortable enough with anyone to really try it. I really like you and trust you and…I guess what I’m saying is, would you hate trying it with me sometime?”

This little speech seemed to start a storm in Catherine’s head. Her knees felt watery, her stomach fluttery, her head swimmy, and her ears were ringing. She sat down hard on the footstool nearby, not quite daring to look into Briana’s eyes.

“Yes…I mean no…” she stammered. “I mean, I would want it…you know…with you. I trust you, too.”

The tension in the room was almost visible, long strands of newly found desire snapping between the two young women like static sparks. The box had been opened and when their eyes finally met they both knew there would be no shutting it. Catherine got up a little shakily and slowly stepped over to the couch where Briana was sitting. She sat down gently beside her and took her hand. They both settled back and leaned closer, taking comfort from this initial close contact; friends destined to be more.

They sat that way for a while, then slowly began to talk again, never releasing canlı bahis şirketleri their hands. The subject jumped from topic to topic but it was clear that only one thought was really behind it all: Who would make the first move? Should it be me?

The tension slowly mounted until Briana knew she had to get home and cool down or this was going to go all wrong. It was also getting nearer the time that Daniel would be coming home, and she did not want to be interrupted just as they began.

Briana turned to Catherine and smiled. “I really need to get home and grab something to eat before I faint.” Now she smiled bigger. “Can we continue this…conversation tomorrow?”

Catherine seemed both relieved and frustrated, but her glance at the clock told her the wisdom of waiting. “Yes, please, I would love to.”

Briana stood, grabbed her keys and headed to the door, Catherine following nervously. They stood at the door for a moment, then hugged each other tight and long, each taking comfort in the warmth and closeness of the other’s body.

Briana stepped away and lightly caressed Catherine’s cheek, loving the way it felt and the way she closed her eyes and angled her head into it. “See you tomorrow, then, sweetie.” She stepped out the door and backed a few steps towards her car.

Catherine just smiled, waved, and shut the door softly. She floated down the hall, and began to wonder if she should tell Danny.

Daniel had been gone for just over an hour when the doorbell rang, making Catherine’s heart skip a beat. The nervousness that had been dancing with her all morning now pounced for the kill. She half-ran to the door, all the while trying to calm herself down. It could be almost anyone, she thought to herself. It didn’t work.

When she flung the door open and saw that it really was Briana it was all she could do to stop herself kissing her right there. “Come in, please. I didn’t expect you so early.” She smiled softly. “But I’m glad.”

Briana came in and shut the door behind her. She turned and grabbed Catherine, hugging her tightly and whispering in her ear, “Our talk was all I could think about last night.” Catherine nodded against her neck. She couldn’t speak, but she understood.

Catherine finally pulled away a little and half-dragged Briana into the living room where they had talked yesterday. They plopped onto the couch together and snuggled into each other. Briana was smaller and slighter than Catherine but they seemed to fit together just fine. They were silent for a while, then Catherine began to make small talk, trying to use the trivial and inconsequential to cover her rampant nervousness and, she began to realize, raging arousal. When she paused and bent over to pick something or other off of the carpet Briana gently pulled her up and kissed her.

Catherine’s brain exploded. Coherent thought left her with nothing more than “Is this it? Its happening? Ohmigod!” It was wonderful beyond wonderful. The kiss seemed to stretch across a second of eternity. They both broke it simultaneously and stared into each other’s eyes. Briana realized that this was quickly going to go beyond just kissing if Catherine’s panties felt anything like hers.

Catherine gasped, “Thank you. Do it again.”

Briana leaned forward again, mouth slightly open, eyes closed. Catherine met her and slid her tongue gently forward, getting a pleasant surprise as Briana accepted it and began to dance with it. She kisses nothing like Danny, Cath thought. I like it a lot.

Catherine’s canlı kaçak iddaa growing arousal propelled her to take the initiative, raising her hands and cupping Briana’s small, firm breasts. As she caressed their warmth Briana moaned into her mouth. Catherine had thought she couldn’t possibly get any wetter, but that moan changed her mind. Briana quickly copied her, running her hands over Catherine’s larger and softer breasts, and it was Cath’s turn to moan.

Cath fumbled her hands under Briana’s shirt, pushing it and her bra up and over their captive prizes. She broke the kiss to gaze at the treasure before her. Briana’s breasts were smallish, but just right for her small frame, with long pale nipples, each with a small indentation at the center. They seemed to cry out to be sucked, and Cath was not one to deny them. As she ducked down to devour them Briana slipped the shirt and bra over her head and dropped them to the floor. The room suddenly seemed very hot and losing clothing seemed like a very good idea. She cradled Catherine’s head to her eager nipples and moaned aloud. It felt good, and it felt better to voice her pleasure. She began to pull up Catherine’s shirt from the back until Cath pulled her mouth off and helped her take it and her bra off.

Briana took in Cath’s glorious globes: full, soft, rounded and slightly pendulous, they seemed the very essence of woman to her. Cath’s nipples were deep pink and hard, with a wrinkled areola. As she lowered her mouth to one, Cath’s moans and urging hands encouraging her, she delighted in the texture change: smooth nipple, ridged surrounding. Cath stroked her hair as she switched between the two, marveling at the feel of another woman’s nipples in her mouth.

Catherine pulled her up, Briana trailing kisses as she rose, until they were face to face and kissing again. After a bit Catherine pulled her smaller friend into her lap, with Briana straddling her, and they began to seriously make out. The room filled with the sounds of their kissing and moans, and their hands were busy caressing each other’s breasts, tweaking nipples, eliciting louder and longer moans each time.

Finally Briana, pulling away with difficulty, stood up and smiled devilishly. “Come on. Let’s go to the bedroom.” She unbuttoned her pants as she said this and Cath’s eyes seemed glued to this action. She looked up.

“Oh, yes, yes, please.” They held hands again and kissed their way to the bedroom.

Briana pushed Catherine down onto the bed and reached for the snap on Cath’s jeans. “May I?” There was no uncertainty in her voice, just a playful politeness.

Cath’s face was serious. “Yes. I want it.”

Briana unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down. She stifled a half-gasp, half-moan. Cath hadn’t been wearing any panties and her close-trimmed pubes were matted and shiny with juice. One long strand of slippery liquid was drooling out onto the bed. My god, she thought. I didn’t think anyone really got that wet, not really.

Catherine moaned as the cool air hit her blazing cunt. She felt volatile, as if she would explode if the wind blew against her now. Briana was overcome with lust and began kissing her way up Cath’s legs, making small whimpering moans almost constantly. As she got closer she could smell the warm welcoming musk of Cath’s sex, and she threw caution to the wind.

Catherine nearly screamed when Briana’s tongue began to lick up the juices around her pussy. She could feel every micro-millimeter between Briana’s teasing tongue canlı kaçak bahis and her own throbbing clit, and she prayed for Briana to close the distance. She could almost come just from this, but she wanted to feel that silky, slippery tongue dance its magic on the right stage.

Briana carefully sucked up the warm slippery juices that were smeared across her swollen lips, letting her tongue flicker and slide over the strange texture. She moaned softly and whispered, “Oh, wow, you taste wonderful.” Cath was beyond coherent thought, and could think of no reply to this. All that slipped out was, “please.” Briana smiled devilishly and began tracing her tongue along Catherine’s folds again. She even tried slipping her tongue inside, but Cath was so engorged that her pussy actually resisted any probing into that soft tight swollen entry. She finally laid her tongue flat and slowly dragged it up, feeling for the hard button of Catherine’s clit.

Catherine’s hands were already playing with Briana’s hair, and when Briana ran that long, slow tongue over her clit she grabbed Briana’s whole head and pulled it into her. Shapeless moans and pants were all she could utter as she entered a bright world of pleasure she had only imagined before. Her cries grew louder as Briana took the hint and began softly rolling her tongue around, flicking it against that hard knob and drinking in the gasps.

Moving slowly to avoid distracting her Briana brought her right hand up under her chin and began petting Cath’s drooling cunt from below. When her fingers were well coated with Cath’s juices she began stroking her middle finger into those oh-so-soft folds. Catherine’s pussy enfolded and swallowed it easily, swollen tight but begging for more. Drunk on her passionate moans and the taste of her liquid Briana pushed in two more fingers. Catherine’s response was wonderful: hips rolling, legs and hands pulling her inward, moans and sighs. Briana slowly pumped her fingers in and out, running them across the small bumpy ridges inside, playing Cath like a musician listening for exotic sounds.

As Catherine frantically guided Briana’s head and rolled her hips into her thrusts she felt an immense orgasm building. She lost all power of speech and her muscles began, one by one, to tense up. “Oh, sweet, sweet, oh, please, sweet,” trailed from her lips as a medium sized nova began its final countdown inside her. Suddenly Briana began stretching her fingers out as she fucked them into her and flicking her tongue fast and hard across her clit. Catherine’s cum hit like an incredibly brilliant and intense explosion. What remained of her thoughts was colored a raving orange and her muscles tensed and rejoiced. If her body would have let her she would have screamed. She came near to passing out, and part of her prayed that Briana wouldn’t stop yet. Something must have gotten through since Briana maintained her pace and motions, riding Cath’s orgasm through to the end. As Cath began relaxing and gasping Briana began easing her fingers out and gently licking up the juices which had spilled out across Catherine’s outer lips and thighs.

Catherine came back to herself slowly and happily. She felt what Briana was doing and a powerful dart of love shook her. She pulled Briana up and held her close, kissing her wet face with passion. They cuddled warmly and kissed for awhile, Catherine pausing occasionally to whisper, “Thank you, thank you,” then kissing more.

Catherine was the first to pull away a little more, resting her head against Briana’s shoulder. She whispered softly in Briana’s ear, “I’m glad it was you,” and began drifting off to sleep. Briana ran her fingers through Cath’s hair and started drifting off, too, fantasizing of what could come next.

To be continued…

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