Buttercup’s First Toy

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Note: This is a true story. This is also a follow-up story to Buttercup’s First Anal.


Things with my boyfriend were going better than ever. It was like both of us were back to how we felt when we first started dating. We cuddled and seemed closer than ever. We also found ourselves in the bedroom more often as well.

I will admit I rather wanted to share my newfound fun with my friends. Shanna had been the only one that had been accepting of anal sex though. I was closer to Mandy though so one day well hanging out I told her what I had been doing. She smiled and playfully called me a slut but she did not judge me, which was nice. She did ask me if I planned to have vaginal sex with him. I could not give her an answer on that because of my fears. Mandy then asked me if I masturbated. Then she asked me what I used to masturbate. To be honest I did not masturbate. I let my boyfriend put his fingers inside of me but I had not used anything else. Stories of women going to the hospital with bananas and other vegetables went through my head. Mandy smiled and told me we had somewhere to go.

Mandy and I got in her car and started driving. I asked her where we were going but she just told me I would find out when we got there. The ride took about fifteen minutes and then we were there. It was a small store about a mile from the college. The only entrance to the store was in the alley. They had a small sign that said adult books and items. My heart immediately went into my chest and I am sure I turned beat red. I sank a little in my seat. Mandy did not care as she got out of the car and seemed completely calm. She told me to woman up and get out. I got out of the car slowly looking around to see if anyone was watching us. I quickly then got behind Mandy as we went into the store.

Once escort bayan we were inside, it was an empty hallway. Our footsteps echoed as we walked. We went to the end of the hallway and turned the corner to find the store. This part of the store was far from empty. One side of the building displayed pornography movies. The other side had clothing racks with colorful outfits hanging from them. The counter had a huge collection of various items, condoms, lubes, and too much to all be named. Mandy grabbed my hand and lead me past the counter to another part where the walls and displays had been filled with sex toys. There were so many different forms and shapes of rubber, glass and plastic items it was overwhelming.

Mandy shook my arm back to reality and told me to pick something out, that it was her treat. How was I supposed to pick something out? Looking around I did not even know where to begin. I did not know what a better part of the things in the store did. Some were basic and others seemed alien. My pulse was still racing. Mandy was watching me the whole time. In a move to finish this quickly as possible, I saw a set that said lovers beginning set and grabbed it. I gave it to Mandy and she laughed and put it back on the shelf grabbing something blue instead. I tried to stop Mandy but she was quick to the counter and the cashier was quick to bag it up and take her card. We went back to the car and I sank low in the seat looking forward to leaving. Mandy placed the brown bag in my lap as she left the parking lot.

We got back to my place and Mandy said she had to be going so I went inside and placed the bag on my desk and honestly put it out of my head. The next few days went back to normal for the most part, as I spent time with my boyfriend and friends and everything seemed tuzla genç escort good. It was a few days later I got a text message from Mandy asking how was it. That brought the brown bag sitting at home back to my mind.

I went home and sat at my desk staring at the brown bag. I knew it was a sex toy inside. I knew it was blue. That was all I knew. I considered putting it in a drawer somewhere and forgetting about it. I could just tell Mandy it was great and leave it at that right? That would not work, as I am sure she would ask for details that if I got wrong would be a dead giveaway. I took a deep breath and opened the bag. Inside of it was a blue jelly dildo with a set of huge balls and printing on it calling the dildo Neptune’s passion. The dildo was larger than my boyfriend was and veiny. I opened the package and looked the toy over. It was soft and firm at the same time. My mind did wonder what it would feel like to use the dildo. In the end, I put it inside my clothing drawer and went to meet my boyfriend.

A few days went by my boyfriend and I were in my bedroom as he held my hips hard cumming inside of my ass again. We had had fun tonight playing and having anal sex. Sadly, my boyfriend had been quick to get inside of me so I had not had an orgasm. I had also had a stressful day so it seemed like the foreplay had not been as effective as usual. As my boyfriend left, I found myself still wanting. I laid down in my bed and stared at the ceiling blankly. Then it clicked in my head the sex toy in my dresser. I got up and walked over to the dresser opening the drawer. The blue beast was right where I had left it. I traced the veins up and down as I considered my options. People always said not to put things where they did not belong. There was not a lot that belonged in a vagina. tuzla kendi evi olan escort Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the opened condom box that also was in that drawer.

My mind seemed to be trying to think things through but my hands had decided. I took out a condom and opened the package. I placed it over the dildo and rolled it down the blue shaft until it was at the end. Here I was sex toy in hand and ready to go. A condom made it safe to be inside of me right. I put down the dildo as I took off my shirt and pants. I grabbed Neptune’s passion and climbed into my bed. The condom had some sort of lube on it that made it slippery. I opened my legs and reached down between them feeling my vagina. I was still very sensitive to the touch. I brought the dildo down between my legs and pushed gently against myself. I knew from my boyfriend’s fingers the familiar pressure. As the dildo went inside of me, it was the last familiar feeling. There was no comparison to Neptune’s passion. He felt amazing going inside of me. My body knew what to do before my mind could wrap around the situation. My hand guided the dildo in and out of me as I started to breathe hard and move back and forth naturally. The feelings I was having were better than anything I had felt before. Fire raced through my muscles and the temperature in the room shot up. I have no idea how much time it took but soon my muscles and body locked up as a huge orgasm took me. I arched my back and I believe I moaned. It seemed to take a few minutes before everything relaxed.

I open my eyes to see the ceiling of my bedroom but it looked different. My heart was racing and I was breathing hard. My legs and stomach muscles were soar and I think I might have even been sweating. I sat up and took Neptune out of me putting him on my bedside table. He stood there looking so simple but what he had just put me through was something I had never felt before. I grabbed my phone and text Mandy the word amazing. Then I rolled back onto my bed and fell asleep to the best slumber I had experienced in a long time.

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