C 19 Fever

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This happened a few years ago during the Coronavirus pandemic. After three months of confinement to my house, and not having had a cock near my pussy since two months prior that, making it five months all told, I was literally burning up with sexual heat. I was at a stage of going-crazy hot, and was fingering my pussy near every night and sometimes even during the day, to deal with that demanding fire in my loins. And then something hit me like a ton of bricks falling onto my head and opening it up to a revelation; I suddenly came to the shocking realization that I had been constantly eyeing up another woman’s body and having fantasies about it over the last two days. With only one thought – I want to fuck her. Holy fuck! What’s wrong with you, I was thinking.

So there I was on an early Sunday morning, eyeing up the slightly thick figure of the only other person in the house with me since the curfew. I was hot and nervous and I suspect, a bit wet down there, from watching her moving about in her short, sheer night dress. Her thirty-five year old fluffy figure was in excellent condition – almost on par I thought with my twenty-year old neat, slim body. Why you don’t go put on something decent, I was thinking, but then again no, fuck that, I’m enjoying this. There was a fever in my crotch that wasn’t the coronavirus type, and it needed any type of medication available.

She came between me and the television and bent over to pick up a couple of glasses and a bottle and some juice cans and saucers left there from the night before. Over the past couple of months we’d been taking a regular drink in the evenings and even the afternoons, while playing at board games, watching TV, or reading to while away those long, no-work hours. As she bent over gathering up stuff, legs slightly spread, half her ass was clearly visible because of the short nightie. I knew for a fact that she wasn’t seeing her periods, so what I was viewing was a seriously fat vulva hugged by thin, V-cut orange panties. I felt my own pussy twitch just from watching her bump. A twitch that had been recurring at progressive intervals since I realized two days ago that I had become sexually attracted to her.

She straightened up and walked toward the kitchen leaving some of the items; her hands obviously couldn’t carry everything. I thanked heaven. When I heard her returning I looked up in her direction before she turned around to lean over the table. The nipples on her full C cup breasts were a tempting eyeful and I licked my lips lustily. Again she bent over, giving a good view of her thick goodies. I noticed that the legs of the panties had somehow slipped deep into her ass crack after she’d left the room, looking more like a G-string now, I couldn’t help wondering if the lady was flashing me, especially when a few minutes later she returned with dust pan and brush and squatted wide legged, facing me to scoop up spilled nuts or something. I was now afforded a frontal view of the juicy crotch. She walked back to the kitchen with her big, round cheeks bouncing against the thin nightie. I was definitely wet, and shocked.

The shock did not come solely because it was another woman I was suddenly hot for. I’m no prude, and though never having felt the need to have sex with a woman, and only ever thought about it in wondering what it would feel like. I knew that under the present circumstances I didn’t possess the necessary inhibitions or moral fortitude to make me shy away from jumping an available woman. I needed sex badly, and any gender would do; hell, I’d hump a stuffed teddy if I had one. My pillows could attest to that. The shock was caused by the fact that the woman setting my pussy on fire was my own mother, Jackie! I interchanged, according to mood or situation, between calling her Jackie or mommy.

Jackie had given birth to me when she was fifteen, after being taken advantage of by a middle-aged family member. Upon discovery that she was pregnant, she was sent to live with relatives in the country side, seventy miles away, where she remained until after delivery. She came back a few months after and continued her education at a private school, leaving me behind. She and my grandmother would visit me from time to time and I was told from an early age that she was my real mother. I finally moved in with her when I was fifteen, to do my senior secondary final year in a city school. Although she went on dates and to parties, Jackie never brought home a boyfriend.

I knew that she was as horny if not hornier than I. a few weeks back we had both, in tacit agreement it seemed, started selecting the sexiest of movies or shows that were available on Netflix. Many times I would find myself surreptitiously moving my hand down between my thighs to rub or press hard into my heated vulva during a steamy scene on the TV screen. Once, weeks ago. when glancing sideways to see if my mother was fully engrossed in the show so that she wouldn’t notice my notice free spin my actions, I found to my surprise, that she was doing the very thing I was about to do. There was no doubt about it, I could clearly see her hand and folded fingers moving between her thickish thighs. I quickly looked away and proceeded to have my own moment of weakness. It continued to happen most every night.

All day I was thinking of the morning’s sexy episode and wondering if being horny, Jackie was indulging in a little harmless flirting and sex play just to bring some bit of excitement and sensuality into her present cold and mundane existence, probably with no intention of letting things get out of hand. But what if she had suddenly become sexually attracted to me, her daughter, Margie, just as I had suddenly found myself wanting to get down and dirty with her. What if it was her intention to take it further, and her flashing was just preliminary work? What would I do if confronted with such a situation? It didn’t take long for me to make up my mind what I would do, and the mere thought of that possibility had me glowing and itching in private places.

Later that evening I decided to return the favour she’d so casually bestowed on me that morning. After bath I put on a short white camisole top with stringy straps and a deep V, along with white lace, French knickers, the legs of which left a large portion of my ample mid-tan ass exposed. Us moving about the house skimpily dressed was nothing unusual, sometimes we even moved about briefly in bra and panties or panties alone, going to or from bedroom to bathroom or when hurriedly dressing or pressing clothes to put on right then. This time though, the modalities had shifted in a definitely more serious and meaningful direction. I waited until she was seated, to get up and head for the kitchen. But first went to the table and backing her, bent over to shift aside the figurine that usually occupied the centre of the glass table.

I spread wide and took my time moving the figurine and the leather mat it was resting on. I then picked up coasters from a pile and laid them out for our glasses. I knew that if she was looking she was getting a good view of her daughter’s lady bump which was partially swollen from the excitement of flirting for mommy’s eyes. Inside the kitchen, before returning with the tray of glasses, bottle, cans and ice, I let out a good portion of my cone-like B cup puffy breasts from the camisole V. so while I was bent over fixing drinks I had but to give a quick subtle pull on the front of the top for it to pop right out. I turned my head around to speak and caught Jackie staring at my ass.

“I only brought vodka, Jackie … our crème liqueur and beers are running low we’ll have to order stuff soon, at the rate we’re becoming alcoholics … we’ll leave those for daytime relaxation and use the vodka and rum … we have one bottle of rum … for nighttime,” I said giggling.

My mother giggled along with me like we were doing something awfully wicked by drinking. I had mixed one glass of vodka and orange juice when she said:

“I would like the rum if you don’t mind darling.”

“Ok, mommy, I’ll go get it,” I said.

My one track mind told me that she asked for the rum because she wanted to see more of her baby’s ass and boobs parading before her. I remembered that I’d already exposed my boob in preparation for taking the drink to her. I picked up the glass, put in some ice and threw in a bit of coke. I turned around and took the glass to her, leaning over with my bared pointy young tit a foot away from her face. She stared at it as I handed her the glass.

“Here, soften up your palate till I bring the rum,” I said, giggling again

She looked at the glass, took a quick glance at my tit and then looked back at the glass.

“Put a wee bit of vodka in it,” she said.

I moved to the table and spread wide as I poured a good shot of vodka into the coke, thinking that the old vixen was definitely milking everything she could out of my near nakedness; having her little wicked fun. If she hadn’t yet made up her mind to go the distance I was sure that with the liquor and a little help from me she soon would. I handed her the vodka and coke and she took it while looking briefly at my tit. Her eyes on the cone tip made my pussy twitch.

I returned with the rum and discovered while leaning over to throw some into Jackie’s glass, that she had already finished the vodka. Her dreamy black eyes burned into my tit, which I’d left hanging out. I then went to the table and did my fuck spread once more for her hungry eyes. My pussy was itching. I had to get laid, and my mother was the only one around; I was going to fuck her fat pussy by hook or crook.

I mixed her drink and moved to the two seater chair. I sat down next to her, not to the far end as I usually did. She was not at her far end either. Our thighs touched. She was wearing a similarly short nightdress as the one she’d had on that morning it was red silk, bonus veren siteler looking terribly sexy on her smooth skin which was a shade lighter tan than mine. I could smell whatever hair product she’d put into her pixie cut natural hair. I recognized her body cream too. Shit, how I wanted to fuck her. Half an hour into the movie and a couple of drinks each – well three for Jackie, counting the vodka – I leaned into her shoulder; it was nothing unusual, though not frequent. She put her arm around me and pulled me closer. I let a hand fall onto her bare thigh and could feel the heat. I briefly let my fingers innocently stroke the satiny surface.

“My baby’s sleepy, it looks like,” she said, followed by a laugh.

“Yes, mommy, but don’t worry, I’ll be here keeping your company, even if asleep, till you’re ready to go to bed.”

After some time went by I stretched out on my back, head on her lap, and one foot on the sofa back. Just then the rain came, pounding the roof hard. We both shuddered. She put her hand around my chin, her soft fingers gently stroking. I saw her looking past my chest and I knew she was eying the bump so nicely exposed because of my foot on the chair back.

“You mind if I sleep with you tonight Jackie … this rain makes me want to cuddle up with my mommy,” I asked in a deliberate little-girl voice.

I felt her body gave a little tremble. And then she laughed.

“Not at all honey … I’d welcome the company for a change,” she said.

“Thanks, wake me up when you’re ready, and if you need to get up for a drink don’t bother about disturbing me, go right ahead.”

I dropped my leg, turned around onto my belly and placed my nose smack in her crotch, with the side of my head leaning against her lower belly. Once again she trembled and I could swear her pussy was pulsating. I knew for sure I was smelling her flowing sex liquid. Shortly after she managed to spread her thighs under the pressure of my head, sending my face deeper. I heard her gasp. It was not long after I felt her shake my body and whisper my name. Of course I was not sleeping, but did not answer. She shook my body, letting her hand grab my breast. I smiled inside at the way she’d innocently appearing, copped a feel. If only she knew I was okay with her openly caressing my breast. It was hers to hold and to suck. She could have grabbed my pussy to shake me awake and I would have been alright with that.

“Let’s go to bed baby,” she said, when I opened my eyes.

We got up and she gathered up the rum and glasses and coke from the table.

“I didn’t take the drink although you said it was okay … I’ll have it in the bedroom.

She walked in front of me. Her nightie was bunched around her waist, and I noticed for the first time that it was a thong she was wearing. Her creamy, fluffy, dimpled ass bounced seductively for my entertainment. Inside the bedroom she immediately fixed us both a drink and we hopped on the bed. She lay on her back, one knee bent and I lay on my side propped on an elbow as we sipped and chatted, mostly reliving memories. The rain came down hard again and I shivered. I emptied my glass and turned around and put it on the side cupboard on which there was a lamp with a soft glow. Jackie did the same. We laughed and as if reading each other’s minds, lay on our sides and threw arms and legs over each other in an embrace.

“It feels so good holding you baby,” she said.

“Yeah real good, I wish we had been doing this all the time.”

“That’s what I’m thinking, honey,” she said.

I noticed that her eyes were a little wet.

“Well, tonight is the start,” I said, joyfully, giving her a little squeeze.

Her thigh between mine bracing my pussy was driving me wild with passion.

“One good thing about this lockdown, it has brought us really close … closer than we ever were … that I’m thankful for … prior to it I used to feel like there was not a total connection … that there was just a tiny space separating us … not anymore,” she said, her eyes looking like it would gush water any moment.

“Jackie, I … I …” I stammered.


“I … I … “

“You what?” she asked softly, followed by a little laugh.

“I … feel like kissing you.”

“Nothing’s stopping you honey,” she said, and her body shook.

I puckered my lips and pressed it against hers, but quickly pulled away. She smiled dreamily, and I returned my lips, this time letting my tongue poke out a little. She opened her mouth and I felt the tip of her tongue on mine. Again I pulled away. Jackie pushed me onto my back and threw herself on me, thigh forcing its way between mine, pressing down hard on my very wet vulva. She placed her open mouth to mine and found a willing tongue. I felt the water from her eyes fall on my cheeks, some seeping into my mouth. We kissed deeply, breathing hard like we’d both been running. I felt her hand gently caressing one of her daughter’s excited puffy breasts and tweaking the little deneme bonusu veren siteler stiff nipple. And then her mouth was on the other breast, drawing it in and sucking passionately.

Her body rose up and an eager hand moved between us and found my dripping pussy. She shifted the leg aside and a middle finger entered my crack, pushing the lips aside on its way into my hot pink hole. She lifted her head and looked into my face, so much a reflection of hers, only thinner. We had the same large, shiny black eyes that bore a constant surprised look under slightly bushy, upward growing eyebrows; small slightly upturned wide-nasal nose and small mouth with a fleshier, pouting bottom lip. Our faces generally bore what could be described as an impending orgasm look.

“Oh Jackie … oh mommy … fuck me please … I want to feel your pussy on mine.” I begged, my own hand already moving swiftly between my mother’s thick thighs, finger fucking a flowing pussy.

“I’ll fuck you Margie, baby … mommy will fuck your pussy real good … I want you so bad … I could eat you all up.”

She slid down and dragged my wet panties off and pitched them across the room. Her mouth smashed into my crotch. I felt her inhale deeply as if trying to draw my pussy into her nose. She drew my juice, for I heard her blowing it out and giggling.

“I’m new at this,” she said apologetically.

“Me too … we’ll learn together Jackie.”

She returned to my pussy, eating the lips roughly but filling me with pleasure. She licked and slobbered noisily as I squirmed under her face. She had a longer than normal tongue and when she stuck it into my pink opening, I was thinking, what the fuck, this is like a cock. She twirled it up inside of me, making the nerves in there tingle.

“Turn around mommy,” I begged, badly wanting to taste her like she was doing me.

She rose up and lifted her little nightie over her head, then quickly got rid of her soaking panties. She turned around and plumped her thick rear end against my blushing face. Because she was a good four inches or so taller than me, it was a perfect fit for good sixty-nine sucking. I looked up at the extremely thick, but only slightly hanging brown lips and I could smell their and her ass’ sexy-funky odour. I reached up and using forefinger and middle finger, pushed the lips close together. While pressing against the joined together sections, I moved my fingers simultaneously, the right hand pushing up and the left pulling down and vice versa. She squirmed and rolled her thick ass.

When the pussy between my fingers were literally seeping juice, I grabbed her soft cheeks and pressed the pussy flush on my face, sticking my tongue deep into the hot crevice. I could not resist swallowing some of the strange tasting nectar. She was dragging her pussy back and forth against my mouth and nose at a rapid pace, occasionally lifting her ass and hammering my pace with plump pussy. I latched onto the long clit and sucked on it. Everything on Jackie’s sex organs seemed bigger and longer than normal – pussy lips, clit, nipples, and tongue. With her clit locked off and being sucked strongly, she settled into a steady and slow rolling of he hips as if wanting to savour every bit of pleasure. And I sucked away joyfully, enjoying the feel and taste of my mommy’s sex. She shuddered and bucked hard, shrieking wildly and pussy lashing my face as she was owned by an orgasm.

She came to rest with her thick thighs trapping my face and head between them. I playfully shoved her off and onto her back.

“Hey, you want to suffocate me or what? I said, laughing.

“No, baby, one night of your sweetness is not enough … I want to have you with me forever,” she said, bursting into tears.

As she sobbed I turned around and went to her big breasts. I placed my face in the cleavage and rubbed them against the sides of my cheeks and enjoying the sweaty smell in the cleavage and under the soft balls. I sucked on one long nipple then the other for a few seconds each, pulling on them hard, stretching out the flesh of the areolas. I released the last nipple and placed one knee between Jackie’s thighs. I raised the leg closet to me high in the air, gripping around the ankle, while throwing the leg that was between hers, over and across her hips. I looked down at the plump waiting mound, and lowered my much smaller lump of feminine meat onto it. When the two vulvas were touching, I pressed down hard. She was still sobbing, but paused to let out a loud moan, and I also moaned similarly, thrilled by the soft wet touch of mother and daughter pussy against pussy.

I let out a howl and began to scissor ride my mommy’s thick pussy, hearing it make soft, plop, plop, squish, squish, sounds mixing with her incessant sobbing as I ground or lashed against it. I rode, sometimes hard and wildly lashing, sometimes with a slow and steady grinding. As I fucked her I sucked on the toes and heel and licked the sole of her cute foot, causing her to burst out in a fit of ticklish but pleasurable laughter that stopped the sobbing as she got lost in ecstasy. I shifted angles, creating stylish positions that I had never even imagined getting myself into either with man or woman. I even spread my ass cheeks and ground the little puckered hole against the fleshy pussy.

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