camp rape and revenge1_(1)

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ntroduction: VERY long story. Tell me what you think . Second posting. I wrote this in 2001

Lying in a pool of sweat, breathing heavily and head spinning I looked around me to see who was still in my bed. I lay my head back onto the bed where only minutes before there had been the most spectacular escapade I’d ever seen or been a part of.

My face was covered in sex juice and my cock was laced with cum and hurt like hell. I was raw from a fucking that only the luckiest man in the world could get. Four beautiful women and I lay sprawled out entangled with each other on the bed. But let’s go start at the beginning.

I have this friend named Kelly. She was a 16year old sophomore at my school when I met her. Even though she was two years my junior I’d be nice and wave and talk to her on occasion. In school Kelly was the usual ugly duckling with the thick rimmed glasses and buck teeth. Zits galore and the baby fat not yet gone from her body but all in all a very nice girl.

We’d lost touch after my graduation but four years later she was thrust back into my life with the death of her cousin Chris. He was a good friend of mine in school and we’d hung out after classes. He left just after graduation and joined the army and I took classes to be a Phys-ed teacher at a local collage. Now the war had taken him from us.

At the funeral I ran into Kelly again and WOW what a change. That ugly duckling had blossomed into a very fine looking woman. She has sandy blonde waist length hair and a pretty decent looking ass to boot. She has modest breasts but nothing to scoff at. Her glasses had been replaced by eye color changing contact lenses. She looked really nothing like she did when she was younger.

She had married right after high school but soon divorced because her husband could he could not be faithful. So Kelly Gracey was now Kelly Peterson. She had been a wreck after the divorce but we kind of hit it off right away.

Kelly and I tried dating for about three months after the funeral but we decided friendship with benefits would be better. In between relationships (sometimes during) we would meet up and screw each other’s brains out. It was a real good deal for both of us. No commitments or any attachments involved.

Two months ago I had a “fuck over” with Kelly when she asked if I wanted to put my teaching education to the work. She was a camp office assistant at an all-girls summer camp and they needed a physical education person to run the gym and teach phys-ed. She had attended the camp when she was fifteen but later improved her schooling so she would never have to go back.

She said she had a bad experience there and that was the reason she improved so much in school. Just so she wouldn’t have to go back there. That’s why I was so surprised when she told me she had gotten a job there for the summer. Why would she want to go work at a place that had bad memories?

I applied and after a few days I got the call that I had the job. Kelly made sure of that. The surprise is that I was only one of two male teachers at the school. They didn’t like hiring men at the school because the students were 15 to 18 year old girls from rich families that needed that little extra to make it through their schooling.

The only other guy at camp was the camp was Mr. Lange. He was the headmaster at the camp and from what Kelly says is a prick galore to all the girls. Even though she hated the man she still applied and got the job. He didn’t recognize her and she had a different last name so he didn’t have any idea who she was. He just knew he had another great looking staff member to harass.

Mr. Lange was a 55 year old balding man with thick rimmed glasses and bowtie. Kelly said he always had a way of making all the girls feel very uncomfortable at camp. Later during camp I found out why.

I was 25 and built pretty good.6’1 and 195 pounds. I work out every day and would eat a healthy diet every day to keep fit. It went well with my job having to keep up with students.

The girls are not real bad kids but spoiled enough that they need the help. And the parents would have 3 weeks of the summer without the kids. The camp had it all. Three classrooms for teaching, swimming pool, gym and workout equipment. Big open well kept track and soccer field for the physical parts of their days.

The first day of camp was pretty much a greeting day. All the girls arrived at different times pulling up with their parents and unloading all of the suitcases and
back packs. Everything a person would never need at camp but these spoiled brats didn’t want to leave a thing at home.

All the girls were wearing either blue jeans or sweatpants because of the damp cool air from the storm front that was moving in. But from the curves I could see pushing out of the jeans and letting my mind do the rest for the ones in sweats I knew this would be a great three weeks. All that young pussy running around here had a huge lump in my pants already.

When most had arrived the camp leader Mr. Lange billowed over the p a system.” All campers to the gym please.” And everyone headed inside just as a light sprinkle of rain started coming down. The girls filed in like ants to the nest when I saw my first hint of trouble at the camp.

Three girls disappeared around the corner of the gym on a dead run. I headed out the door and followed them around back and peeked around the next corner just in time to see all three light up a smoke. The first one looked to have blonde hair, the other two a light brunette. The blue and gold school jackets they wore had the signature “wildcats” on the back. And as I was going to learn it was much more than a school logo.

I gave a little whistle and the three turned and saw me, dropped their smokes, gave a little squeal of being surprised and ran into the back door of the gym. When I got inside it wasn’t hard locating them being they had the only three blue and gold jackets in the place.

I went and took my seat next to Kelly on the stage. After the staff introductions, announcements and welcomes were over everyone grabbed there things and headed for the cabins. I asked Kelly if she knew the three girls and she looked at me with a halfhearted smile. The blonde girl is Jill. She just so happens to be my cousin.

The other two are Cindy and Becky. They are 18 year old twins and Jill’s best friends. They weren’t identical twins but as close as you could get. The three of them were some of the hottest of all the girls I’d seen since they arrived. Kelly looked at me and asked why I would ask about those three and none of the others.

Not wanting to get her cousin in trouble I still had to tell Kelly what I had seen. She just smiled and said she’d known Jill smoked, but she had told Kelly she wouldn’t smoke at camp so she wouldn’t get Kelly in trouble. If she got in trouble it would cost Kelly her job.

Last year when Jill was 17 she’d gotten in trouble at school and got kicked out. Kelly put her job on the line and got Jill into the camp so she would be able to graduate with her classmates. That way Jill wouldn’t be spending three weeks of the summer without her best friends that purposely did bad in class just to get to go to the camp. I wondered why Kelly would stick her neck out for Jill but that was none of my concern. Kelly just said Jill was her favorite cousin and she had great plans for her at camp.

` I laughed and told Kelly her secret was safe with me but it would come at a price. She grew an evil smile when she realized what I was talking about. We agreed to meet that night in my cabin. Kelly would bring the lubricant, I would bring the wine.

The living arrangements for the girls were four girls per cabin. The long lines of cabins were twelve long and two deep. There were ninety-six or so teenage girls running around everywhere with next to nothing on. I’d have to behave and hopefully keep control of myself and never let the damned old bulge in my pants show when the girls were looking.

As what would happen if your cousin worked for the camp, Jill, Cindy and Becky were all put in the same cabin. They didn’t have a fourth girl in their cabin because of a no show.

As for my cabin it was all the way on the other side of the campus. Probably not wanting staff, other than the female cabin cops to have any contact with the girls after school hours.

After a long dinner with the other staff members I noticed Kelly was missing from the room. So I sneaked out and ran as fast as I could to get to my cabin. The rain had moved in and the down pouring rain soaked me as I ran.

Pushing the door open I could see something wasn’t right. There was water on the floor of my cabin and there didn’t seem to be any holes in the roof. That Kelly was up to her old tricks already and it’s only the first day. Hmmmm. Where is she? Where is she hiding? I looked everywhere. Not a sole in here. I wondered if she’d forgotten something and had to return to her cabin or what. But next to the couch I had my answer. A note taped to a bottle of lubricant.” “I’ll be back after lights out”.

My cock started to stiffen with the thoughts of lathering up that sweet little piece of ass that was coming over tonight. Looking around and being the typical man I grabbed the bottle of lube and headed for the bathroom. I pulled down my pants and grabbed onto my stiff nine inch cock and squirted out a dab on the head. Standing in front of the bathroom sink I stroked my cock, my mind ran the thoughts of my last encounter with Kelly.

She was late for an appointment. I had stopped by unannounced hoping for an afternoon of romping. The look of disappointment on her face showed she wanted it too. But she had to go. She asked me to wait and she’d be back in a couple hours. I agreed and she bolted out the door.

I grabbed a beer from the fridge and set down on the couch when I heard the door slam. Over the couch dove Kelly with her nicely pressed suit dress. I turned around and grabbed her out of midair. Kissing me deeply she reached down and unzipped my pants. Grabbing my cock she stroked it until I was hard. Releasing her kiss she ordered me to the kitchen.

Pulling me along by my cock she stopped at the kitchen table. She hiked up her dress and pulled down her panty’s as fast as she could. I was unbuckling my belt when she grabbed my cock that was hanging out of my zipper hole. She turned and bent over the table and guided my cock to her waiting pussy.

I rammed into her as hard as I could. She wanted to get a quickie and I wasn’t going to disappoint cock in and out of her pussy. She reached in-between her legs and started smashing her fingers onto her clit as hard as she could. She screamed out with pleasured urges to fuck her harder and that’s just what I did.

Slam after slam I raged my cock inside of her cunt. I grabbed so hard on her hips that I left wrinkle marks on her skirt. Her hand reached farther and closed two fingers on either side of my cock while still pumping as hard as I could.

We both let put a loud moan of pleasure when my balls finally exploded stream after stream of hot cock juice deep inside of her willing pussy. The shaking of her body and the clinching grip on my cock from her burning cunt lips told me she was having a great orgasm of her own. We both shook and quivered as the last waves of pleasure finally subsided.

I collapsed on her back with my cock still buried to the hilt. But she had other plans. She pushed me back and my cock popped out of her and streams of cum came squirting out of her pussy. She wiped between her legs with some napkins that were on the table. Then she yanked up her panties and ran out the door.

She left me standing there with a half limp dick and cum stains all over the front of my pants. I had little drops of blood around the base of my cock where me zipper had made little nicks while I was ramming her full of meat. She was going to have to some doctoring when she got home.

Just then I remembered what I was doing. My balls let loose and streams of white cum came rushing out all over my bathroom sink. Another shot of the jizz hit the counter, and some on the bottom of the mirror. My constant jerking off while remembering the last time we’d fucked was all it took. Now I had a mess to clean up before Kelly would be back.

I cleaned up my mess and headed for the kitchen. I grabbed the ice bucket from the cupboard and filled it with ice and the bottle of wine. Grabbing two glasses I headed to the couch to wait for her arrival.

I must have fallen asleep for some time because when I awoke the ice in the bucket was melted. I looked around and saw no sign of Kelly. Maybe something came up and she just couldn’t make. It wasn’t like her not to call or stop by to cancel.

Stepping onto the porch I could see a flicker of light in the woods between my place and the gym. Someone with flashlights was running through the woods. The rain had stopped but the wind was still blowing. I could hear some yelling but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Then with a startle a pair of running girls zipped past me and scared the living hell out of me.

Soon behind the pair came Kelly panting out of breath holding a flashlight. “Got a couple of sneak outs on the run “she said.” Want some help?” I asked.” If you’d like” she said. And off we went to try to catch the girls running loose on the campus.

At 1:15am with no fugitives caught we returned to my cabin. Kelly was chilled to the bone from being outside all night. When I opened the door we had a little surprise waiting. Toilet paper hung from every beam and everything in the place was moved. Couch, chairs, table and about everything else that could be moved had been rearranged.

Kelly explained that this same thing had happened all the time at camp as a welcome sign from the girls, that they could do about anything they wanted and no one could stop them.

Kelly sat on the couch shivering from being outside all night. I went to make some coffee but when I returned Kelly was fast asleep. Kelly wrapped herself tightly in a blanket from the couch. I gave her a kiss on her forehead and headed to my bedroom. When I turned on the light I found a note lying on my overturned bed next to the bottle of lubricant I thought was from Kelly. It read” Thanks for the show!! “.With a lipstick kiss print on the bottom. I stood puzzled for a moment until I saw something that was stuck to the back of the bottle. A Polaroid picture of me with my eyes shut, head back and my cock in my hand and jets of cum squirting out into my bathroom sink.

My heart sank. Someone had been peeking in the bathroom window as I was jacking off earlier. I looked around and found a place to sit down. I didn’t know if I could show my face in class tomorrow knowing someone had this kind of thing to hold over me. What if the morning I didn’t tell her about it because of the sheer stupidity of getting pictured jacking off. What would she say.

Kelly left giving me a kiss on the cheek. She had to get back to her cabin to be ready for the first real day of camp. “I’m sorry we didn’t get to have fun last night but we will try again tonight” Kelly said walking off the porch. “UUMMMM maybe we might want to wait a bit” I said. Kelly just looked at me like I was nuts or something and took off down the trail.

I got to the gym at 8:00 am and started setting up the mornings events I’d had planned for the girls. I set out mats on the floor for exercising and stretching. There were ten mats across, and ten deep with one in the front for me.

The girls arrived at 8:15 full of piss and vinegar. Each taking their place on a matt in random places. To my surprise Jill, Cindy and Becky took the three mats directly in front of me. Scanning the room I started admiring all the beautiful asses and tits that were bouncing around in front of me. I saw big ones and little ones and ones virtually not even there.

Ninety-six or so asses, in every shape and size imaginable, were running around. Spandex was the shorts of choice for most but some wore loose fitting as well. The camel toe pushing its way through on some of these girls was amazing. Full vision of these gave me that aching in my groin as I felt my cock stand at attention. Holding my clipboard in front of myself as not to show every one of them my secret hard on.

Starting with the standing exercises we did the usual warm-up stretches and went to jumping jacks. The onslaught of bouncing tits throughout the gym was a wonderful thing to watch. Sports bra or not the tits were bouncing everywhere.

Having everyone sit on their matt’s we did the leg stretches and crunches for those tight abs that most in the room had. When it came time for sitting toe touches I got a great surprise.

Jill, Cindy, and Becky who had worn the loose shorts gave me a great shot of their snatches being none of them had underwear on. Three almost hairless pussies stared straight at me from about six feet away. Only problem was that I didn’t want to get caught staring. It was soooo hard not to just focus on a pussy. Clipboard held tightly to my groin area the girls knew nothing of the raging harden I had in my shorts. But then again I think they knew just what they were doing to me.

The next part of the morning consisted of some basketball drills of passing and shooting lay-ups. After that the girls went for their 15 minute run around the track to finish up the morning workout.

The girls all hit the showers and I returned to my office. Writing up the morning class report on how the girls had done in the morning workout. While most did well there were some who didn’t participate the way they needed to in order to get credit for the class was a must to get credit for the camp.

Just then the phone rang. Kelly was on the line. She advised me that Mr.Lange had called her and relayed to her that it was against the camp rules for the teachers to “see” each other. He had seen her leave my cabin this morning and was going to have none of that. She told me the dirty old man gave her an ultimatum of “do it again and you’ll be in trouble. UNLESS. “And he left it at that and hung up.

We both knew what the “unless” was. Kelly laughed out loud as she gave me the “as if” line. She just said we’d have to be very careful not to get caught. We agreed to meet that night and finish what we were going to do last night.

After lunch all the girls went their separate ways heading to the classes they had for the afternoon. Kelly was an aid in the math class and had the afternoon full schedule. At 3:00 was my next class so I went to my cabin to clean up from the raid the night before. We didn’t know for sure who had gotten me but we had an idea.

Class time approached and I headed back to my office. Sitting in my office was Mr.Lange. He began telling me of camp rules and really tried to be a hardass about it. Although he told me of his talk with Kelly, he left out the comments he had told Kelly. So being the sometimes joker that I am, I decided we’d have some fun with old Mr.lange.

The camp horn sounded and the droves of girls came into the gym for what they thought was going to be the afternoon workout. Instead I announced we would be skipping the workout for an afternoon of swimming .A great cheer went up as the girls all headed to their cabins to get their suits.

Arriving at the lake they all gathered around at the dock. Thong suits were not allowed but it sure didn’t matter. The tits and ass that showed through what little clothe there was on those suits had me growing again.

Each girl’s nipples were sticking out like gumdrops at a candy store. And I felt like the kid. Big ones and little ones. Camel toe mounds stuck out of the tight little suit bottoms they had on. While remembering my darkest sunglasses I was able to take it all in without getting busted.

Tossing out ten new beach balls I told the girls to get them inflated and get into groups of ten and have fun. Then something happened that got my attention. Looking back towards the school I could see Mr.Lange standing in his office with a pair of binoculars. He was looking at all the girls in their tight little swimsuits.

That’s when I got a great Idea. I got on my cell phone and called Kelly. The plan was for her to sneak up on him and get a picture of him spying on them. The plan worked to a tee. Snapping the picture from outside his classroom took him totally by surprise. Picture snapped Kelly ran into the gym and snuck out without him knowing who took the picture.

Meanwhile the beach fun was getting under way. Girls bouncing up and down in the water hitting the beach balls to each other. Some would tackle the girl who caught the ball and they would wrestle around grabbing and poking each other. Sometimes it looked more like trying to grab each other’s tits and asses other than the ball. Which you guessed it, I was hard again.

Finally class time was over and I got everyone out of the lake. I dismissed the class and everyone went to their cabins to get cleaned up for dinner. I headed back to my place for some cool down time after looking at all that pussy running around all afternoon.

Dinner was at six. I arrived and noticed Kelly sitting in her usual seat. I set down next to her and grabbed for my plate to get some food. That’s when Mr. Lange walked in and headed for his normal seat. Kelly nudged me to watch him when he sat down. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as he picked up his plate to put some food on it and slammed it back down.

Under the plate Kelly had put the picture of him watching the girls. He stared around the room trying to figure out who had put the picture there, but everyone poker oyna just went along as usual digging in to dinner. Nervously he slid the picture from under his plate and stuffed it in his pocket. He never said another word to Kelly or I about anything the rest of the time at camp.

That night Kelly arrived after the 10:00 lights out. In her hand was a bottle of lotion. I looked at her with a questioning look on my face.” More lube?” I asked. “Isn’t the bottle you left last night enough?” What bottle?” Kelly asked.” I didn’t bring any lotion last night.”

I stood there frozen waiting for her to say just kidding but she wasn’t. I told her of the bottle and the note and the picture. She looked at me like I was crazy. That’s when we realized I have been being watched by someone. But who? And why? Maybe it was one of the girls or one of the other female teachers perhaps.

With this news coming to light we decided that seeing each other would have to be somewhere else other than my cabin for fear of someone getting a picture of us together. It was decided that we would meet at the gym at midnight. My office only has one window and it is ten feet in the air. The door to my office didn’t have a window at all. With that, Kelly snuck out and headed back for her cabin.

At 11:45 I shut all my lights off. I peeked out the windows for five minutes to make sure no one was sneaking around outside. I slipped out the door and made sure it was locked this time so I didn’t get raided again.

I got to the gym right at midnight. Unlocking the gym, I made my way to my office in the dark. The only light was that from an overhead exit light by the doorway. Unlocking my office door I flipped on the light on and went inside. Knowing Kelly had a key I expected her to be here already .But she was nowhere to be seen.

Kicking back in my chair I waited for Kelly. Finally the knob turned and she slipped in the door. She turned and smiled and walked straight to my desk. With one swipe
everything that was on my desk was now on the floor. She jumped on the desk and spun around and stopped when her legs straddled mine.

She leaned forward and I met her halfway with a long tongue tangle kiss. “I’ve been waiting for this” she said as she drove her tongue into my ear and worked the kissing around my neck to the other ear. My hands roamed her body grabbing her ass with one hand and slipping my other under her bra to grab her left breast.

She moaned with excitement as I squeezed her breast and reached down with my lips and tongue to relish the taste of her neck and chest. Her arms wrapped tightly around my head pulling me more closely to her.

We released our grip only long enough to strip each other of our upper body clothing. Her sports bra was next easily pulled over her head to release those beautiful tits of hers. My mouth went directly to her tits sucking each one with the intensity of a Hoover.

Gripping her nipple in between my teeth I bit down. “mmmmm that feels great” she moans as I devour her breasts. Pulling them together I smash her nipples together and bite down softly on both at once the shivers run down her spine as I grope every inch of her body.

I release my grip from her body and slide my fingers into the top of her shorts. Her legs come together and in one swoop her shorts and underwear are laying on the floor. I spread her legs to see the freshly shaven love opening waiting for my tongue. Kelly reached down and grabbed her knees, spreading her as far apart as possible.

I sat down in my chair and looked straight at my prize. Just the right height for the midnight snack I was about to have. Bending down I rub my nose on the opening to her love canal. The sweet smell of womanhood filled my lunges as I rammed my tongue into her love lips.

Starting with little circles I lick every fold and contour of her pussy. Then licking in full strokes to her clit that was now bulging from the hood of its hiding place. Sucking in each pussy lip and letting go with a popping sound. Kelly was quaking as wave after wave of orgasm took hold of her body. Her legs shot out straight as the vibrations of my tongue did their job. Her inner thighs smashed my ears as her climax came to full steam. I pulled my face from her love slit and sat up with my face dripping with lust juice. Her pussy vibrated as the last shakes subsided, leaving just a panting weak body lying on my desk.

Kelly set up and tried to catch her breath. Sweat poured from her face. Beads also dripped from her shoulders down over her tits and landed in the sex pool between her legs. Now it was my turn. I was going to get mine.

Backing my chair away from the desk I untied my shorts and let them fall to the floor. I motioned Kelly to kneel down in front of me. She wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked it in her warm hand. She gathered some spit in her mouth and let it dribble down her chin onto the head of my cock. Stroking with her hand she covered my tool with her spit.

Bending forward she placed my cock in her mouth. Moving forward half my cock disappeared and she started sucking in and out. Her hand moving in unison with her mouth she stroked and sucked like a champ getting a little more of my cock into her throat until she could take in no more. She gagged every time my cock would hit the soft back of her throat but she was a trooper and I knew it would pass as she’s deep throated me many time before it just took some time to get there.

Pressing forward my cock started going into her throat canal. The feel of her muscles milking my cock was unbelievable. With one final push she fully engulfed me to the hilt. Her chin rested on my ball sack as her throat muscles flexed trying to dislodge the intruder that was keeping the breath from her.

Releasing for only a moment then going down again she impaled her face onto my cock. This was my usual sign from her that it was time to start pumping. Grabbing the back of her head I pulled her face just inches from my stomach. Slamming back in until her face was smashed against my belly button and my cock was lodged into the depths of her throat.

The milking from her throat combined with the fast thrusting made short order of my first donation of sperm. My balls ached and my cock grew to maximum as I started pumping gush after gush of hot spew into the depths of her throat. She started gagging but I did not release my grip on her until she convulsed and shot cum filled snot all over the base of my cock. I released her as the last few drops of cum spurted onto her chin and she gasped for air with huge breaths trying to replenish the lost air from the throat slamming I’d just given her.

She looked up at me with a huge smile on her face knowing she had satisfied me the way she knew I liked. She lapped up every drop of cum from my cock. She licked the entire length, sucking my balls in one at a time. Releasing each ball with a “pop” she’d hurriedly suck in the other.

Sitting back into my chair, my now limp cock rested between my legs. Kelly finally had her breath back and stood up from her place on the floor. After wiping her face with her forearm , she reached back and took the hair bow out of her hair. With a shake, her hair fell over her shoulders and dangled over her still lightly red tits. The ravishing I had inflicted on them left finger marks I long red lines.

Kelly knew it would take a few minutes for me to be able to get hard again so she jumped back onto the desk and started playing with her pussy. A women playing with hers own pussy really turns me on and she knew damn well it would speed up the process of me getting hard again.

Rubbing her index finger on her clit brought it straight to attention. It puffed out like a little purple grape being primed for the picking. Slowly rubbing her finger over it time and time again brought little streams of pussy juice running form her swollen lips. She inserted her middle finger from her other hand into her cunt and started pumping it feverishly. One, then two, then three fingers made their way into that sweet honey pot. As she drove her fingers in and out of her pussy I could feel my cock starting to come back to life.

Reaching forward I removed her fingers her pussy and inserted them into my mouth. She was still still rubbing her clit with a vengeance. I then proceeded to insert my own two fingers into her hot, soaked hole of heaven. Ramming them in and she now smashing her palm on her clit she quickly jolted into orgasm. The juices flowed over my fingers like a dam being released from it confines. Pulse after pulse of spasms rocked her body as she came.

Weak kneed and barely able to stand, I lifted her from the desk and turned her to face away from me. Bending her over the desk I slowly guided my cock to the place it’s waited to go. Rubbing my cock up and down her slit I lubed my cock with her juices from her recent orgasm. Pushing forward at her entrance I entered her with ease. She accepted all of my nine inch cock in one push. She moaned with pleasure as my cock slammed into the back of her pussy.

I started with a nice slow rhythm, feeling every inch of the inside of her. With more and more thrusts the speed rose. I reached around her with my left hand and started rubbing her clit with the same increasing speed. Once in a while I would pull all the way out and slam back into her with more intensity then the last. With my other hand I reached up under her body and pinched her nipples and squeezed her tits.

Looking down at my cock slamming into Kelly was a sight to be seen. Her pussy sure would create suction on my cock and the lips would cling to it as it retreated. Pushing back in would fold her pussy lips inside. Her tight little asshole would pucker a contract with each thrust. Her asshole was a place of no venture for Kelly. As much as she liked sex the pucker hole was off limits.

Kelly screamed out with pleasure as I continued slamming her twat with everything I had. I jerked my cock from her pussy just long enough to spin her around and set her on my desk. She grabbed my cock and pulled me to her. She rubbed my cock on her clit and then inserted it back into her waiting cunt. I reached up and grabbed both tits and squeezed as hard as I could while using them for leverage to pull her pussy onto my cock even harder.

I could see Kelly’s eyes start rolling into the back of her head giving me the tell time clue that she was going to explode again. My own orgasm was close at hand when she started convulsing. I rammed that pussy as hard as I could when I felt my jizz start raising into my cock shaft. I hurried and pulled my cock from her pussy and jerked her head around. I buried my bulging cock deep into her throat as stream after stream of cum pulsed down her swallow tube. She gulped down every last drop.

As we composed ourselves we started to talk about when we’d have our next encounter. We would have to wait a few days as Kelly had night watch duty. She would be responsible for making sure none of the girls were sneaking out at night. She usually had another counselor with her so we couldn’t be together.

The next three days were a living hell. All of those hot little cunts running around and had no type of release except to go to my cabin and jackoff .I just couldn’t wait for Kelly to have a night off. My old hand just wasn’t very satisfying. That’s when things took an exciting turn for the better.

Not saying that I ever would, but all these young hot girls were looking mighty tempting. I kept telling myself not to even think about it. Getting fired and having something like that on my record would destroy my life. Getting pegged as a pervert wouldn’t do future job searches any good. No, no, no I told myself even though I was thinking about it every two seconds of the day. Then the fifth day of camp came.

Seeing it was a bright sunny morning out I decided to hold stretch time out at the track. All the girls brought out their matts to put on the grass so they didn’t get dirty. As usual, Jill, Cindy, and Becky all sat right in front of me. This day was different by the fact that all three were wearing skirts this morning. Putting on my darkest sunglasses I knew I’d be getting an eyeful of panties. The hoping for a wet spot would make it even better.

When we had finally come to the sitting stretches I knew I’d be getting a look at some undies. BOY was I wrong. None of the three girls had anything on under those skirts. Three almost bald beavers were staring me straight in the face. Not five feet away were some of the most beautiful pussies I’d ever seen. And all I could do was look. Trying not to get caught I’d turn my head from time to time but never took my eyes off of those gorgeous slits. All three girls stared straight at me knowing I was looking at just what they were showing.

Moving to the next exercise I told everyone to sit Indian style to relax a minute. When really what I needed was a second to gather myself. Jill was staring me right in the eyes when she let her left hand slide down between her legs and spread her pussy lips. With all my might I held back a moan as I almost lost a load right there in my pants. Then she inserted her middle finger into her snatch and twirled it around a little bit.

My mind raced as what was happening was REALLY happening. Jill withdrew her finger and put it straight up to her nose. I could see her inhale and then slowly insert her finger into her mouth. She twirled her tongue around her finger a few times before locking her luscious lips around her finger and sucking the juice from it.

That was all I could take so I told all the girls to take their matts back inside thy gym. As they all walked away the three girls all turned around and gave me a huge smile and Jill whispered back at me. ”There will be much more tomorrow.” I turned and got up facing the other way and walked towards the beach. I had to have time for my cock to go down before I could return to the girls.

Class was finally over and it couldn’t have come too soon. I walked to my cabin with a new look on jacking off. If it were thinking about what I’d seen today, the fact that I had to jack off was all right with me. I just had to keep telling myself to “LOOK DON”T TOUCH”!!!!!!!

That night Kelly called and told me we could meet. Another counselor would take her place on night watch. Agreeing on the same meeting place and time we hung up the phone. God I couldn’t wait to finally shove my cock back into her. I knew it wasn’t that young tight pussy I’d seen today but she would rock my world any ways.

Waiting for me at the gym entrance, Kelly told me we needed to do something. We walked in the dark to the woods next to the last of the girls’ cabins. Hiding behind a tree we watched the night watch go by. Then just after they passed, we saw another figure walk across the sidewalk. We stood frozen as the figure passed within ten feet of us hiding behind a big pine tree.

The person snuck up to the back window of the last cabin. It was Jill, Cindy, and Becky’s cabin. He pulled up a box that was hidden back there and stepped onto it to peer into the blind less window. Kelly grabbed me by the arm and pulled me close. “That’s Mr. Lange.” she whispered into my ear. He is going to try to do something with these girls. I’ll have to explain later but right now we have to find a way to get rid of him for the night.

Kelly and I snuck out to the end of the woods. She took off down the sidewalk towards Jill’s cabin. Leaving me behind, and wondering what she was going to do. Just then she let out a yell and ran up onto their porch and banged on the door. Then she turned around and ran as fast as she could back to me and yelled “run! Run!”

We both turned and ran to the end of the gym. Turning we saw Mr. Lange come from behind the cabin. The girls were screaming and we could see the night patrol head straight to Mr. Lange. He explained he was just getting back from a meeting and heard the screaming. The lucky bastard got by without getting caught again. But he wouldn’t last till the end of camp this year.

When we returned to my cabin we grabbed a couple beers and went to the table. Kelly twisted off her cap and gulped down half of it before setting it down. She looked up at me with a tearful eye. That’s when she grabbed me by the hand and told me the real reason for me being here this year.

Kelly told me about her first year of camp at this place. She was fifteen years old and didn’t have any friends. She explained that she was a loner at the camp as most of the other girls had matured much faster then she and it always seemed like she had an x on her back. Everyone would pick on her and was left out of group fun because no one wanted her on their team. That was fine with her because she never liked the sports anyways and then they would leave her alone for a while. She would go do her studies being that was the reason she was there in the first place.

This being the case good old Mr. Lange took her in as the office helper. He would have her do all the odd jobs that most of the staff didn’t like to do. Making coffee and sweeping floors in the administration office every day were her new duties.

After the first week thing went on like that. That’s when Kelly found something that put her in some pretty bad danger. While dusting his desk she opened a drawer to put in some papers that were on the desk. Staring her in the face were pictures of the other girls in the camp. Most of them were naked in their cabins and some were engaged in sexual acts.

All the pictures were taken while looking straight down at one of many girls sucking on this man’s cock. Tears running down their faces she could tell that they were not doing it by their own choice. The frightened looks on their faces showed they were scared as hell. Looking closely Kelly could see they were students from this very camp. Some of them were the girls that picked on her all the time. Kelly felt the contents of her stomach rising to her throat as she was about to puke.

Just then the door flew open and Mr. Lange flew into his office. Enraged about seeing her looking into his drawer he slammed the door and walked to the edge of his desk. He grabbed Kelly by the back of the head and pushed her to the floor at the end of his desk. He cursed allowed as he paced from his desk to his window wondering what to do. He had been busted and thought for sure he’d be losing his job for being caught molesting these young woman at the camp he run.

He picked Kelly up off the floor and wrapped his hands around her neck. He squeezed until Kelly’s eyes just about popped from her head. He pulled her close to his face as he talked through clenched teeth. “If you tell anyone, and I mean anyone about what you’ve seen I will bury you in a shallow grave with nothing but a throat full of cum, and a noose around your neck!! Do you understand?”

He released his grip on her neck as she shook her head yes in compliance to his orders. Her neck ached and her lunges burned as she tried to get her breath back. The rage on his face made her believe he would kill her if she told anyone. Kelly went back to her cabin shaken but basically unharmed. Wondering if she should go back the next day to do her duties, or stay away and maybe piss him off.

Kelly’s thoughts were soon turned to horror when he approached her cabin that night. He told Kelly she’d be continuing her work in the office and that as long as she told no one she would be ok. He entered her cabin and looked around. Empty except her and him, he shut the door and turned to look at her. He ordered her to take off her shirt and bra and put them on the table.

Kelly shook with fear as she did what she was told. She knew he would hurt her if she didn’t do what he said. “I’m only taking this picture so that you will have not thoughts of turning me in.” he said as brought out his camera. Aiming the camera at her he ordered her to pull her pants down. When she hesitated he slapped her across the side of her head. It was a direct hit on her fragile ear. Her eyes filled with tears as the searing pain shot through her head.

She slowly pulled her shorts and undies down at the same time baring her virgin pussy mound. Now naked he started snapping shots of her young body. Never touching her but ordering her to do things to herself that she’d never thought of doing before.

After five minutes he put his camera back into his back and headed back for the door. “If I had more time we’d be doing much more then this on our first date.” he said while smiling a sheepish grin at her. But don’t worry we will have lots of time this week while everyone else is out doing their thing. I guess you should have put a little more effort into your gym class huh. He walked to the door and let it slam as he walked back to his office.

Kelly’s eyes were filled with tears and visibly shaken when she paused from her story. She took a few moments to gather herself before she spoke again. Taking my bandana from my head I gave it to her to wipe her eyes.

I told Kelly she didn’t need to say any more. That’s when she asked me for my help. The girls and I are not strong enough to overpower him to hold him down. Would I please help with the plan they had made for Mr. Lange. I happily agreed to help but didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. Hesitant, I asked her what we were going to do. Kelly said she would go into details when the time came but that she wanted to finish her story. She’d never told anyone about the ordeal except her cousin Jill.

“I never told her any of the major details other then he’d done things to me that a grown man should never do to a young girl.” But Kelly needed to get the rest canlı poker oyna of the story off her chest before she exploded from the pressure of the secret. Jill and her friends were going to help draw him in and they all were going to get even with him. I gave Kelly a hug and she finally caught grip of her senses. Grabbing onto my hand she continued on with her story.

The next day she went back to the offices as she’d been told. Opening the door she didn’t get the usual greeting from the secretary that always sat at the desk outside of his office. Instead he called to her from his office. When she entered fearful pain came over her. There was no one there except for the two of them. He quickly explained that he had given permission for all the office personal to go on the day’s fieldtrip to chaperone the other girls. Kelly froze then realizing that she was the only other one there except Mr. Lange.

Standing up from behind his desk he walked up to her. Pointing to the pictures on his desk he asked if she’d ever done any of those things to the boys she had dated? Saying that she’d never had a boyfriend before gave him a very amused look on his wrinkled old face. “OOOH a virgin are you??” was his response. Looking at her feet she slowly shook her head yes.

He smiled with delight as he realized he had himself a virgin to play with all afternoon. He took her by the hand and led her to his chair on the other side of his desk. Kelly started shaking as he sat her down and started rubbing his hands all over her body. Grabbing her tits and squeezing them hard through the cloth of her shirt and bra. Her tiny undeveloped breasts ached as his grip tightened and he pinched the eraser sized nipples through the cloth.

He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She quickly covered her breasts with her arms and then felt the sheering pain of a slap to the side of her face. ”don’t you ever cover anything up or I will show you pain you’ve never felt before.” Kelly put her arms as he told her she was a good little virgin.

He then reached down and lifted her bra up so her breasts were bare. Bending down he took her left tit into his mouth and began sucking. As much as she was disgusted she could feel the uncontrollable feel of her nipples hardening to his touch. He set her back in his chair and grabbed the camera from the top drawer. Focusing on her breasts he flicked each nipple with his finger then shot the picture as her nipples grew to maximum size.

Setting the camera down, he reached down to the top of his shorts. With one vile push they were at his ankles, and his little six inch cock stuck straight out into Kelly’s face. The damn thing was almost half as wide as it was long and looked like just a stub protruding from his ball sack.

Kelly had seen her brother’s cock through the crack in the bathroom door before and some in a dirty book her dad had once had. But this weird looking thing in front of her made her crack a little smile. Again “SMACK.” “What the hell is so funny? “ he asked as the ringing in Kelly’s ears took the hearing from her.

He then stepped forward and ordered Kelly to open her mouth. She hesitated for only a second not wanting another slap from the asshole making her do these vulgar, very rude things to her. She opened wide and he pushed his cock inside of her unwilling mouth. She closed her lips over his cock as he pushed on. His cockhead hit the back of her throat at the same time her nose was driven into his stomach. She gagged a little but found that if she tilted her head forward a little bit he would hit her forehead before he’d get to the back of her throat.

He pumped away as Kelly tried to keep from puking all over the place .The stink from his obviously unwashed cock and balls slammed into her mouth. Her jaw began to ache as she was trying to keep it open as wide as she could she wouldn’t gag on it.

After about two minutes of pumping against her teeth and the sides of her cheeks he finally began shooting his load into her mouth. She gagged and choked as the jizm poured into her. It was salty and gross as its thick lather coated her entire mouth. He held her head in one spot until he was done with his orgasm.

When he pulled away, globs of cum dribbled out of her mouth to the floor. She gagged and spit as he stood there watching and laughing as he knew she’d just given her first blowjob. He was king of the world knowing he had a virgin cherry to pop. To degrade her even more he made her lick every bit of cum she’d dropped and spit out, and made her swallow it all as he watched. Licking his cock of every bit of cum there was.

Grabbing her small frame from the chair he turned and set her on his desk. Her legs hanging off the front. He pulled her shorts off slowly peeking over the trim like he was sneaking up on the prize that was hidden by the cloth. With the shorts gone he inched his fingers into the little white panties she was wearing. He felt the light tuft of pubic hair just above her pussy. Then he slid his middle finger down over her clit to the honey hole he was craving to get at.

Unable to control himself any longer he grabbed a handful of fabric and ripped the underwear from her body. The force of the cloth being ripped from her body left welts on the sides of her hips. Now there was nothing between him and his prize. Taking the camera he took picture after picture of her virgin pussy. He spread her lips with his fingers to get close-up shots.

Inserting a finger he reached the barrier of hey hymen. She was telling the truth. She was a full blow virgin and he was going to pop that cherry. He inserted a second finger and used her juices to lube them up. Spreading her open he took the last picture an intact hymen. His cock grew back to length as the thought of fucking this little untouched cunt was exciting him to no end.

He bent down and inhaled the scent of his virgin prize. Shoving his tongue in as far as he could he just barely touch her hymen. She writhed in pain as he added fingers along with his tongue to coax her into orgasm. An uncontrollable wave of disgust and anger came as he brought her to an unwanted first orgasm.

Her juices poured over his face as the shaking of the orgasm ripped through her body. It was pleasurable but disgusting knowing her first orgasm was given during her being raped. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth not wanting him to know the pleasure it had just given her.

Standing her up and bending her over his desk he found the other object of his desire. Her puckered little asshole clenched together as he rubbed his middle finger over it. Shivers run down her spine as she realized what he was thinking of doing. He inserted his middle finger back into her pussy to lube it up before pushing it straight into her asshole.

She screamed as the penetration hurt. He brought it back out and once again inserted it back into her cunt. Soaking not one, but two fingers this time in her pussy. He slid them up her crack until they rested at the entrance to her asshole again. He thrust forward with no warning and submerged the two fingers into her as far as he could.

He was ramming his fingers in and out of her as fast as he could. The remainder of his fingers slamming her pussy as he pounder her ass flesh. He then did something that would change Kelly forever. Kneeling down he put his mouth to her asshole. He rammed her butt rim with his tongue until it would enter with pressure at all.

Standing up behind her he rubbed his cockhead along the slit of her soaked pussy and tongue lashed asshole. He spit and a glob of it landed on the tip of his cock. Rubbing it on with his hand he guided his cock to her crack. But instead of putting it into her pussy he rammed it home with one thrust, balls deep into her asshole.

She screamed bloody murder as his cock tore the entrance to her anus. She started to pass out when then next thrust of his cock in her ass pushed its way into her. He grabbed the hair on the back of her head and pulled it towards him, using it for leverage to slam himself as deep as he could go into that virgin asshole.

With just a few more pumps he started pushing gush after gush of hot sticky sex juice deep into her ass. He slammed as hard as he could until the last bit of juice was deep within the depths of her anal canal. His now limp cock flopped out of her as he fell back into his chair.

Kelly didn’t dare move knowing he would hit her again if she did. He sat in his chair staring at the gaping asshole no longer a virgin. Jizm spewed from her asshole and blood from the torn flesh fell to the floor in a gooey pile.

Still staring at her ass he looked to the place of his final journey. He was going to rip that pussy wide open with his little ramrod and she was going to take it weather she liked it or not. Rubbing his cock he started to get himself hard again for his final conquest. That beautiful tiny virgin pussy was his for the taking.

Just then the phone rang. It was one of the lady bus drivers informing him of an accident they had just been in. He hung up the phone and hurriedly put his shorts back on. He informed Kelly that his office had better be clean by the time he got back or she would perform double duty the rest of camp. Plus he still had a hymen to bust so she’d better get ready.

Kelly set next to me trembling as she told the story. My blood boiled from rage and hate for the so called leader of this camp. I held her tight hoping my touch would ease some of the pain from her remembering that dreadful day.

Luckily for Kelly, the bus accident occupied Mr. Langes attention for the rest of that camp season. Having to answer questions and file reports kept her away from him the rest of that summer. That’s when she told me about getting the job there. She had the different last name and Mr. Lange never put two and two together. She looked totally different then she did when she had attended the school and Mr. Lange was too dumb to put it all together. All of the better for putting her plan into effect.

We talked the rest of the night planning our revenge on that dirty cocksucker. Until our planning I didn’t know the girls were in on it too. They had been cock teasing me so I would be eager in helping them pull off their plan. Little did they know I’d have done it without the flirting. But hell, it was great seeing that nice young pussy right in front of my face every day.

We decided the second to last day would be our target day. We had the girls purposely get in trouble so as to be brought in front of Mr. Lange for their punishment. As we had known he already had pictures of all three girls in the act of eating each other out in their cabin. Two nights before we had followed him to their cabin and saw him taking the pictures from the back window. We sent the signal that he was coming and the girls went to carpet munching for hours. He must have blown three loads on the wall outside of that cabin. Jerk then snap, jerk then snap. His wrist had to be sore.

Sitting in his office Mr. Lange showed the girls the pictures he had taken and gave them the blackmail speech. If they didn’t do what he wanted he would send the pictures to their parents. Acting like they had been busted doing the worst thing in the world they all agreed on the punishment

After their foreseen punishment had been agreed upon, the girls headed back to their cabin. They had pleaded with Mr. Lange not to tell their parents. They would do anything he wanted for an entire night and maybe even meet sometimes after camp was over. The line of bull those girls had fed him worked to a tee.

And for my part they all four agreed that my reward would be paid in full on the day of my choosing. What wonderful plans I had for them. All of my dreams were going to come true. All I had to do was watch and take pictures. Not able to touch while they were teaching him a lesson, but getting my chance in a few days.

Finally the night had arrived. Class went as usual with all the girls fingering themselves in front of me during stretches. How none of the other girls knew what they were doing was beyond me. Although some of those other girls were doing the same thing. They were lifting up their skirts to show me some of the most beautiful shaven pussies I’d ever seen. But I only had eyes for the three in the front row.

Standing beside the main office building we waited for the girls to arrive. As they entered they turned to see us just to make sure we were there. They walked passed all the offices to the last door at the end of the hall. That was the entrance to Mr. Langes living quarters. With a light knock on the door they entered. Kelly and I snuck in and followed just as the door shut.

We heard him tell one of the girls to lock the door. But as planned I was there to slide a piece of cardboard into the latch so it would not lock. All we had to do was pull and the door would come open. As planned the girls went to the couch and set down. Mr. Lange would have to have his back to the door in order to talk to them.

We listened for our best time to bust in. He ordered them to remove their clothes and set back down on the couch. When we figured they would probably be fully naked we made our move. I pushed open the door and standing in front of us was Mr. Lange, fully naked standing with his back to the door. He must have been completely engulfed in what he was seeing because he never heard me walk up behind him. I quickly covered his face with the chloroform soaked hanky Kelly had given me. He struggled for only a moment before the deep sleep over came him.

We slid him over to the couch and put him in the sitting position. The girls stood naked with their bare breasts hanging out and almost bald pussy’s hiding between those beautiful legs I’d been looking at all during camp. My cock began to rise in my shorts as the girls looked on at the heap of old man sitting on the couch.
Kelly approached with a rope she had in her backpack. She threw it over the support beam that was directly over the couch. Jill came over and put on a blindfold and slid it up just enough to be able to see. Kelly then tied the rope around Jill’s wrists. While they worked Cindy and Becky stripped Lange of all his cloths.

Positioning Jill over the top of Lange was the first picture. We put his hands on each of her hips and Kelly pulled the rope from out of the frame to make it look like she was tied to the rafter. The pictures were perfect. We positioned his mouth over one breast and took some more shots. Then we had Jill turn and put both of his hands in her crotch.

Now it was Cindy’s turn. I carried Lange over to his bad and laid him on his back. Kelly put the rope up over the bed on another rafter. She put the blindfold Cindy and we tied the acrobatic girl by her ankles and lifted her in the air. We quickly set Lange up and placed Cindy’s face between his legs. In turn we placed Langes face in between her legs and propped him there long enough to get the picture. We had to get Cindy down quick before she passed out from all the blood rushing to her head. But god did that make great pictures.

Next it was Becky’s turn. We tied her to the bed with legs and arms spread eagle. Again the blindfold was put on and we laid Lange on top of the tied up girl. A few pictures that way and it was time for a position change. Becky had the bad luck of having to have Langes cock by her face as we switched them into the sixty-nine position. A few more shots and we were done. Or so I thought.

Kelly asked if I would put Lange in one more position. Laughing I agreed. We put him on his knees and laid him face down on the bed. She put a pillow under his thighs and ankles so his ass was up in the air. She asked everyone to leave and she would be out in a minute. I handed her the camera and the girls all got dressed and we walked out to the main door to wait for her.

It was about five minutes before Kelly came out of his room but when she did she had the biggest smile on her face that I’ve ever seen. She handed me the camera and swung the backpack over her shoulder.

We headed back to her cabin to print the pictures off on her computer. Although she would not any of us see the last pictures she had taken alone in the room with him. Sneaking back over I placed the envelope full of pictures into his mail slot with his name on it.

It was now 2:30 am and we all had to return to our separate cabins so we didn’t get caught. Hiding from the night watch was easy but we’d be busted if any of us got caught. I slipped into my cabin, alone yet again but I did have the thoughts of those beautiful naked girls to put me to sleep with.

Waking to my alarm at 7:00 am I cracked a smile remembering the night before. That fuck head wasn’t going to do that to any more girls if we had anything to say about it. I got to the meal hall just in time to see all four girls walking in. We sat in our usual seats and waited to see what was going to happen. We had our answer when the usual morning prayer was said by the secretary of the camp instead of Mr. Lange.

She apologized for his absence and told everyone he had to leave on some urgent family matters and wouldn’t be returning to camp this year. A huge cheer went out as most of the girls yelled and clapped their hands at the news. That in itself told me he’d been messing around with a lot more than just a few of the girls.

It seems Lange had to go home for an emergency and wouldn’t be back for the last day of camp. Little did Lange know that waiting for him at his house was his wife with a fistful of pictures from the night before. It seems Kelly went for a little ride after our excursion. The knock at the door at five in the morning had gotten her attention with an envelope full of pictures lying on the porch. Poor son-of-a-bitch was going to get more then he paid for when he got there.

The first couple of days after camp were filled with thoughts of the weeks before. All of the things that happened were fresh in my mind. The way we had gotten rid of Lange was a work of art. That asshole will never rape another young girl. Hopefully the pictures were enough to put him away for a long time.

Kelly called me the next Friday and asked if I wanted to meet that night. It seemed she wanted to talk but there were voices in the background. She gave me the rushed goodbye and said she’d be there at seven. She told me to be ready for a night on the town. Dinner and dancing would be on tap.
Seven arrived way to slow for me as the anticipation of seeing her was hopefully another romp in the hay after the nightly activities. She opened the door with a smile on her face. Taking me by the hand we walked to the sidewalk to hail a cab.” Dinner at the mustang?“ She asked. I agreed and off we went.

Dinner was great and we laughed about Langes demise and how she’d heard he was now in jail awaiting trial on rape and molesting the girls at camp. The punishment was going to be a very long time in jail. She would be testifying at the case as a rape victim. The most amusing part was the picture she then showed me.

Remember she’d went back in after we were done taking the pictures? Well she went back for the final payback. She had taken one of her dildos and shoved it into Langes ass with no lube. The damn thing was 10 inches long and 4 inches wide. She gave him an ass tearing the same way he had done her. The blood dripped from his balls as she took the final picture of the night. “Looks like he’ll be nice and loose for his cellmates” she joked as she showed me the picture. He must have come to with the big surprise up his ass and the humiliation he must have felt. Serves the bastard right after what he did.

We finished eating and headed for a club we visited most times we went out. Getting to the club Kelly started looking sick. She said she must have eaten something that didn’t agree with her. We decided it would be best if we just went back to my place to see if it would pass or if she may have to go to the hospital.

I unlocked the door and helped Kelly into the house. She was now feeling faint and wanted to lie down and try to clear her head. I opened my bedroom door and turned the light on. My jaw must have hit the floor when all I could see were three beautiful eighteen year old naked girls lying on my bed. All set to the head of the bed with their legs spread showing their gorgeous pussies.

Kelly pushed me the rest of the way into the room and closed the door behind her. ”Time for your payback” she said as she undid her blouse and threw it to the floor. The girls dove off the bed and grabbed at every bit of clothing on my body. In seconds I was standing naked with for naked women rubbing my whole body with their hands. They each had a turn at kissing me as I passed my hands from one breast to another on each of the girls. I would bend down and lick a nipple between the french kisses I was getting. Each girl would grab my cock and give a few strokes before letting go for the next one to grab onto it. Instantly hard, my cock was purple from the rush of blood to it.

Pushing from behind Kelly moved me to the foot of the bed. Jill got on the bed and lay on her back with her head lying off the foot of the bed. Becky reached down and guided my cock into Jill’s mouth. The heat was immense as her moist lips closed around the head. I slid my cock in until it reached the back of her throat. I pulled back and slid back in again feeling her tongue twisting and twirling around my cock as I did.

Cindy and Kelly took a 69 position at the head of the bed. They started lapping each other’s pussies like cannibals to flesh. They devoured each other with relentless tongue lashes and finger insertions. internet casino Going from pussy to asshole with each lap. That’s when I saw something never before seen with Kelly. Cindy inserted her middle finger into the depths of Kelly’s ass. Kelly lifted her head from Cindy’s pussy long enough to let out a huge moan of approval.
Meanwhile with my cock buried in Jill’s throat, Becky jumped onto the bed and stood right in front of me. She turned her ass to my face as she bent over at the waist to bury her face into Jill’s cunt as I continued to assaulted Jill’s face and throat with my cock. Bending forward I got the first inhale of Beck’s dripping pussy. I drove my tongue into her slit and tried to lick the back of her bellybutton. She squealed with delight as my nose would push at her asshole as I drove my tongue to the depths of her pussy. There I stood eating out one hot bitch while face fucking another and watching two more eating each other like there was no tomorrow.
Cindy and Kelly had speeded up their assaults on each other’s pussies as they both screamed out having simultaneous orgasms. Kelly couldn’t hold herself up with the shaking and slammed down on Cindy’s face. She rolled to the side as both girls shook in their final moments of the orgasms.

I started pumping my cock faster and faster into Jill’s mouth as my own orgasm grew in my balls. I increased the licking on Becky’s Pussy as I felt her start quaking with orgasmic quivers from deep inside her. Her legs shook with each convolution of her orgasm as it took the balance from her. She was a trooper though staying up until she brought Jill to her orgasm just as I shoved my cock balls deep into Jill’s throat, exploding my cum in hot steady jets down her throat. I pulled back and rammed one last time as my orgasm started to subside.

Becky stood straight up and jumped off the bed. She hit the floor as drips of her juices ran down her legs. She walked over to Kelly lying on the bed and lifted one leg so that Kelly could lick her cum juices as they flowed from her pussy.

Pulling my cock out of Jill’s mouth I helped her to a sitting position. Her breathing was quick as she fought for air that my cock had been depriving her of. She smiled as Cindy set up and kissed her deeply trying to taste the sweet nectar I had dumped down her throat. Cindy licked the little dribbles of cum and spittle from the sides of Jill’s mouth that had leaked out during the face fucking I’d just given her.

Then girls all got off the bed then and stood around me. I was informed that each of the girls were going to give me something special for helping them. Each one was going to be a different thing. Jill’s of course was the ability to deep throat a cock for long periods of time. And a damn fine job she did of it too. I was able to feel her swallowing as my cock was buried in her throat. Milking my cock as it was shoved balls deep in her mouth with my balls lying on her nose. It seemed breathing wasn’t necessary while giving head by her.

Jill, Kelly, and Becky Turned and left the room. Each girl gave me a kiss as they left. Cindy and I stood at the end of the bed and kissed as I figured it was her turn to do her thing. The thoughts of what could happen spun in my mind as she led me to the bed. She told me to lie in the middle of the bed and close my eyes. My mind raced with anticipation as I felt her stand on the bed with a foot on either side of my head. I guess I was going to find out.

Ordered to open my eyes I stared at a most beautiful pussy. The pubic mound was blushing red from the chewing she’d just gotten and dripped of sex juice running down her inner thighs. In her hand was something she had grabbed from a bag lying next to the bed. It was a battery operated cock sucking device. It had the hole for my cock to go in and also was shaped muck like a cock. With a click she turned the device on and placed some cherry flavored lube on it before putting the hole on my cock.

The buzzing sound that came from the toy was almost silent but when it was put onto my cock I knew it was doing its job. The sucking feeling along with vibrating soon had my cock back into the standing position. Cindy began lifting and lowering it on my cock. She would take it almost all the way off before letting it all the way back down again. Hard as a rock doesn’t even come close to describing how hard my cock was.

Cindy squatted down and planted her pussy on my face as she played with her toy. Her sweet juices poured from her cunt as I lapped at her for all I was worth. That’s when she stood straight up and pulled the toy from my cock. She put the tip of the dildo cocksucker to her pussy lips and inserted the tip of it into her sweet little honey hole.

Just as quickly as she had inserted it she pulled it back out and slammed her cunt back onto my face. She reinserted my cock back into the fuck toy as she ground her hips down onto my face and worked the toy with masters’ hands. It wasn’t long before my balls began to ache again. She slid forward just a bit and I slid my tongue into her asshole and made her squeal with delight. Clit to asshole I drove my flickering tongue.

With no stamina left my balls let loose their juices from deep inside. I groaned as the first shot hit inside the toy. Cindy quickly removed it and replaced it with her mouth as I shot squirt after squirt of hot boiling cum into her mouth. She swallowed with confidence as she swallowed every bit of what I had to offer. Licking her lips she turned off her toy and put it back into the bag. Without another word she walked out of the room with a smile.

I laid on the bed for five minutes or so when all four girls came back in. They all took a place on the bed around me. It was break time for all considering the other three girls were having an orgy of their own in the living room while Cindy and I had our time in the bedroom. Everyone stroked and played with each other as we built up our strength again. As my cock began to rise again Kelly told the girls it was her turn now and they would have to go.

Each girl would take a long suck on my cock before they left so it would be good and hard for Kelly when they were gone. It was a great feeling seeing three different girls taking turns on my cock. They sure didn’t have to worry about it being hard as it shot straight up just like it had never been touched.

Kelly rolled over and straddled my stomach and kissed my chest as she worked her way up. Reaching my lips we tangled our tongues together as we kissed. That’s when Kelly said she had something to tell me. Apparently it was Jill, Becky, and Cindy that had taken the picture of me jacking off in the cabin that night. “They said it was all they could do not to bash through the door and rape me right there and then.” Kelly said as she kissed my neck one last time.

With a slip of her body Kelly was pushed up against my cock. She reached around behind herself and guided my cock into her moist hot cunt. She slowly pushed backward until I was halfway into her love canal. Rising back up she then slammed back down full tilt onto my raging hard on. Her pelvic bone slammed the base of my cock like a sledge hammer. Sitting up she repeated the motions until she was out of breath.

I grabbed her hips and lifted her from my cock. She looked deep into my eyes as I started an onslaught of slamming into her soaked pussy. Her juices flowed from her pussy like a dumped gallon of water as I slammed into her pussy with no stopping in sight. I was just about to explode when Kelly sensed my urgency and slid off of my body onto the bed. The look of surprise on my face made Kelly grin as she told me not so fast. It wasn’t time for me to be coming yet as she wasn’t done with me yet.

Kelly turned around and squatted over my cock with her back to me this time. She directed my aching cock into her pussy and sat down with a thud. My cock buried hilt deep into her still soaked pussy once again. She rode me like a stallion until once again I told her I was ready to cum again when she stopped.

She spun her legs around again and did three full circles on my cock before stopping in the same position she had been in. She rested for a moment to let me get my breath back before giving me my special gift that she owed me.

Kelly reached back and took my cock from her drenched pussy and lined it up with the entrance to her tight little asshole. She turned to look at me when I asked her if this is really what she wanted. She just smiled as she let her own weight insert my cock into the depths of the untouched part of her body by my cock. She took in about a quarter of my cock before releasing it completely. She then reinserted it into her pussy to relube the pulsating cock that was going to devour her ass meat.

With me fully lubed she injected my cock back into her anus. This time she pushed down hard enough to get three quarters of my cock up into her asshole. I grabbed her hips and started slow short strokes with my cock. But she would have none of it and slammed down hard to fully engulf my ramrod into her now aching hole of heaven. I went with her thrust and jolted her up and down my cock like I would never get laid again.

I watched as my cock slide in and out of her tight little asshole. Every time she clenched up her hole would tighten on my cock, milking it up and down with endless thrusts. No warning was given this time as we both exploded into a major orgasm. My seed filled her insides as she convulsed with her own heroic gushing of womanly juices from her pussy. What seemed like gallons of fluid spewed from our bodies in unison.

Coming to a rest from our shaking, we both turned to see three sets of eyes peering through the crack in the door. It seems everyone else wanted to see Kelly have her ass taken too. The door flew open and they all jumped onto the bed. All three went to licking and sucking up the juices we had expelled from our fuck to the finish. Kelly leaned back and my cock plopped from its sheath as three sex starved girls licked every drop of fluids from our bodies.

Everyone was noticeably tired from the romp fest we’d shared for the past two hours. Three orgasms and multiple ravishing of my cock had it sore and raw. The pussy mounds and lips of all the girls were swollen and red from the munching and humping they had all taken. Red finger marks covered everyone’s bodies from being groped by multiple hands during the night. My only question was what Becky had in store for me as she was the last to provide a service.

As it turns out Becky had been the shyest of all the girls. Although I had eaten her sweet tasting pussy she had been the least sexually active of the four girls. Kelly started to explain that Becky had a request to be taken last. She wanted everyone in the room for what she was going to do. In fact it was something she’d never done before. Fucking an actual man’s cock. She’d never had more then two fingers in her virgin pussy. She never really had affections for boys, she has always liked the girls. No more than two fingers had ever penetrated her young pussy and I was going to take her hymen. How could I refuse?

Wanting to take it slow, I laid her gently in the center head of the bed. All the other girls gathered around as I lay down between her legs. Kelly and Cindy each took a leg and spread them wide for me to be able to have full access to her virgin pussy. Leaning forward I took my tongue and made little circles around her clit. She wiggled as the touch made her skin turn to goose bumps.

Licking down I found her wet hole and inserted my tongue. She squirmed as I licked the entire rim of her lips and then jetted my tongue in and out of her pussy with lightning speed. I sucked on each lip while bringing my both thumbs up to open her pouting pussy lips. Spreading the lips I could see her small entrance tighten as my hot breath sent sensations up her spine.

I inserted my middle finger into her hole and entered until I could feel the piece of skin that proved she was a virgin. I thought for sure that even though she’d not been fucked before that the fingerings she’d been getting all this time may have ripped her hymen. To my delight it was fully intact and I was going to take her girlhood from her.

While I was finding my prize and the other girls had been rubbing both our bodies. One was caressing my cock and balls while the others were massaging Becky’s breasts. They sucked and licked her nipples until they stood to full erection just like my cock has gotten.

I was stopped as I tried to move forward to mount Becky. She said she wanted to be on top so she could control the amount of insertion in case it was too painful. Hell, what did I care if she wanted to take her own virginity? At least it was going to be on my cock when she did it.

Becky and I switched places on the bed. As I lay down, all four girls were all over my body. Pinching my nipples and stroking my cock back to heavenly hardness. Soon there was a mouth on my cock as Jill began doing her favorite thing. She sank her face down on my cock until it was buried full hilt down her throat. She released leaving my cock soaked from her spittle.

Becky then took her place straddling my stomach as she mounted me. She lifted her ass slightly so Cindy could then guide my cock to her virgin pussy. Rubbing my cock up and down her slit Cindy made sure my cock was lubed with Becky’s juices for my entry. Lowering her slightly, the head of my fuck stick pushed against the tiny hole that it was going to soon be entering her for the first time.

“Please be gentle.” she asked as she leaned forward and kissed me. With my hands on her hips I slowly inched her downward onto the head of my cock. There was a moment of hesitation as my cockhead started into her canal. The large size of my knob was much larger then the small hole it was trying to enter. But with a little more effort it entered her pussy just past the head. She clenched her teeth together and a look of pain overcame her face.

Pulling her back up the head popped out and was quickly engulfed by Cindy’s mouth to lube me to make sure of a well-oiled entry for each attempt. Like I said I was going to go at her pace and she was taking it slow. It was hard to control myself from ramming my cock in her virgin pussy but I just had to wait. Easing her back down we went for the second attempt.

My cockhead entered her a little easier this time but we still only got about another inch before she came to a stop again. It hurt her some but she looked at me with the “its ok look” and I pulled back out to my cockhead. We continued this for ten or fifteen strokes when she started to dry up some. She leaned forward and my cock fell back into Cindy’s hand.

Kelly let loose her hand from Becky’s left breast and grabbed the cherry flavored lubricant from the bedside stand. Giving a generous squeeze she lubed my cock from top to bottom. Then with one more dab on her finger she rubbed the lube all around Becky’s tiny entrance. She entered her hole and twirled her finger around to fully moisten the inner walls. She pulled out her finger and held it to each of our faces so we could all get a taste of the cherry soaked pussy juice. Becky and I licked at the same time, twisting our tongues on the moistened finger.

Cindy directed my cock back to the place of my desire. Entry was much easier this time except for one thing. I’d finally reached her hymen and it was time to do what we set out to do. Again letting Becky go at her own pace she started fucking my rigid cock. The pressure on the head of my cock got a little bit painful as she kept hesitating when my cock would hit the shield of her inner pussy.

Finally she thrust down hard enough to tear the barrier that left me sore. The rhythm she had going stopped and she had a look of surprise but not pain on her face. “I thought it was going to hurt more than that.” she said as she began lowering pussy to new depths on my cock. The speed of her thrusts rose as she became more and more confident riding my staff.

Finally six inches in of my nine inch cock and she was doing well. Although the mixture of the little bit her blood from her torn hymen mixed with the lube started to dry up and made it hard to enter her. Her face crinkled as the dryness was apparently was hurting her as well. She lifted off my cock and asked for more lubricant. The other girls gladly spread another generous amount of lube on the length of my cock.

Becky surprised us all when she asked to be on bottom for a while. Not having my cock all the way in her yet, we thought she wanted to be the one to go full hilt. But who am I to complain. Now I get to be the one who controls everything. Or so I thought.

The girls dispersed as we switched positions on the bed. Becky took her place in the middle of the bed. Kelly lay down next to Becky. As I started kissing my way up Becky’s body starting from her feet, Cindy and Jill did the same to Kelly. I reached Becky’s pussy with a wild attack, ramming my tongue into the place my cock had just been. I chewed on her pussy lips until she wiggled with pleasure.

But Becky didn’t want an eating right then and she grabbed me by the ears and dragged me up to her open mouth for a deep sensual kiss. Cherry flavored lube and pussy juice is the mixture she got. “I want cock” she yelled out as the other girls laughed at her for never saying that before. She reached behind me and ground her hips to mine. Searching for the cock she wanted inside of her. And she wanted it now.

The other three girls watched as I guided my cock back into Beck’s tight hole. She lost her breath a little because I didn’t enter her as slowly as she had done herself. I pushed half way in and stopped long enough for her to catch her breath. Panting and tearing at my back she demanded all that I had to offer. With that said, all bets were off. She was going to get it my way now and that’s what I did.

The other three girls munched each other and watched everything we were doing. I lifted up Becky’s legs and placed them on my shoulders. I slid my cock out so just the head was inside of her. I leaned forward so I was on my arms and toes when I went for my prize. Becky’s knees were smashed into her tits and her ankles were on either side of her head. I slammed down with all of my weight and drove my swollen cock into her as far as it would go.

Without hesitation I started jabbing her insides with my ramrod as she screamed out. I started a rhythm that I knew was going to be hard to keep up but I did my best. Jolting her small frame with every thrust caused her moan in loud short bursts. Our bodies slammed together and her teeth clenched tightly each time I landed on her with full force. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as the first wave of her cock made orgasm smashed her into dizziness.

Unable to keep my pace I switched to long hard single thrusts that smashed her into the mattress and forced her back against me. She screamed out in ecstasy as her cum covered my cock for yet easier penetration.

I rolled to the side and kept her tight against my chest as I stood at the side of the bed. Grabbing her by the hips she wrapped her arms around my neck. I slowly lifted her from my cock as her eyes grew wide finally realizing what was going to happen. As I slammed her back down onto my cock, she shut her eyes tightly awaited the abrupt halt at the base of my raging cock. I repeated the thrusting until I felt her release my neck and bend over backward holding her body up with her arms on the bed. She was upside down as I slammed my meat into her now willing pussy.

I watched as her breasts bounced back and forth with every thrust I made. Looking over I saw the girls watching us as they had taken over the bed in a three-way cunt eating session. There were some of the weirdest looking dildo’s I’d ever seen being rammed into pussy’s willingly accepting them into every hole they had. The buzzing from the battery operated ones told me that very soon there would be an orgasm festival going to happen at any time.

I released Becky just long enough to spin her around and put her doggy style in from of me on the bed. My cock still buried deep inside her now willing tight little pussy. I clenched each hip with a handful skin and started assaulting cunt with jabs that hit the hilt of her pussy and the base of my cock. The lubricant had worn off but I didn’t give a shit. I just rammed away until I was ready to come.

I pulled my cock from her dried out fuck hole and jumped into the middle of all the girls on the bed. They all piled on top of me grabbing at my cock to see who would get the first mouthful of my offering. I don’t know who got the first one because my eyes were clenched shut and I groaned in pain as my raw cock was mauled by four beautiful women.

The force with which my orgasm blasted out choked whomever was first and the rest emptied out onto my stomach. All the girls licked and lapped up most everything there was. Soon hands covered in pussy juice were all over each other’s faces and my lips. Everyone was saturated except for Becky whom I fucked dry to the bone. But that didn’t last long as Kelly gave her a little tongue lashing between her legs as a present for doing so well with her first cock.

With everyone done for the time being it sure appeared to be nap time. I lay here on the bed remembering that nights events. I wondered if this was only a one time deal or was it something that could continue like Kelly and I had been. I guess I’d just have to wait to see.

And that’s where this story began. Four women lying around me entangled with each other and me. Wondering “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON”T LET THIS BE A ONETIME DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So tell me what you think, was it good or did it stink. You can email me at if you are a woman between 33 and 40. I’m looking for a lady.

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