Candy , Buddy’s Romance Ch. 8

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(written April 19, 2001)

* * * * *

Candy glanced around for Ann, and saw that she was dancing with some other guy, and already getting tipsy.

Buddy and Candy went around behind a side wall, and into a corner, so that they were not in the view of Ann and the dance floor. It was pretty empty back there, and had dim lighting. They found a chair, and Buddy sat down on it.

Candy lifted her skirt, so that her legs could fit around the chair and Buddy’s thighs. She straddled him, while facing him.

Buddy reached under her hips and felt Candy’s thong. NO wonder her butt felt so smooth through the skirt. He caressed the smoothness of her butt, and then moved the thong out of the way, so that he could prepare to penetrate her.

Candy, meanwhile, started unzipping Buddy’s pants, and found his cock alert and at attention. She moved up slightly, so that his cock was just beneath her pussy, and she moved backed down, on top of it. Buddy’s hand was still underneath, and he guided his hard cock into her slick pussy.

Candy’s hands were wrapped around Buddy’s shoulders. She used her feet to push onto the ground and lifted her body up and down on his cock. She enjoyed being on top, and felt in control.

Buddy began kissing Candy on the lips, and they tongued each other while Candy rode him like a buck.

Candy could feel her clit pulsating and wanted some attention poker oyna there as well.

As though he read her mind, Buddy’s hands soon moved down to her clit. He rubbed her with his fingers, and loved the way she was so slippery. He moved his hands back up, towards her face and stuck them gently in her mouth to suck on. Candy sucked on his fingers devouringly, and sucked hard, as though it was his cock instead. She tasted strange tartness on her tongue, but didn’t care since it was her own body’s fluid. Besides, if Buddy loved it so much, she might as well.

Buddy then moved his fingers down below again, and then he tasted it himself.

Candy found that erotic, and she tightened her PC muscles in delight.

Next, Buddy’s other hand started moving up her shirt, and he started massaging her breasts. Her nipples were hard and ready to be played with. Buddy moved his first hand back behind her waste, to keep her balanced, and lifted her shirt with his other hand and started kissing her breasts. He started sucking on her right nipple, while massaging the other with his hand. He then switched to her left nipple. Candy’s face was rocking side to side as she took in all this pleasure. She placed her hands on the back of Buddy’s head, and started pressing him in more into her soft breasts.

IT didn’t matter if they moaned or not, because they couldn’t hear it over the loud music.

Buddy and Candy canlı poker oyna both pulled away gently, and Candy started kissing the side of Buddy’s face. His neck. His ears, and licked the outside edges and the inside. At first, Buddy recoiled from the ticklish, but arousing sensation. He felt the wetness in his ear and was really enjoying the hotness on her breath gently blowing on it.

Meanwhile, they were riding each other slowly, but then Candy started picking up pace. She moved her fact away from Buddy’s, and they both started concentrating on their below-the-belt areas.

They started fucking harder and harder but Candy just couldn’t get off.

So Buddy directed her to turn around and to sit on him, so that he was facing her back.

This worked a little better.

Buddy gradually increased thrusting into her. He moved his arms around to her front and rubbed her clit with his right hand. And with his left hand, squeezed it in behind her butt and right above his cock, and leaned her forward some. He inserted his finger into her ass, and was within her in both openings now.

Candy was overwhelmed by all 3 main parts of her body being stimulated, and she didn’t know how much longer her body could sustain it. Buddy soon had to move his left hand out of her anus, and started concentrating on himself finally, as he almost came to completion.

They rode each other for just internet casino a little while longer, and finally Buddy shot out his long squirt of cum. He made sure he lubricated her pussy and inside it, with his juices.

As he slowed down, he could feel Candy’s slight contractions gripping the outside of his juiced-out cock.

They both finally calmed down, and they started kissing each other once again. Candy then put her hands around Buddy’s face, and said, “That was great. That was wild”, with a flushed smile.

Buddy returned the after-sex smile as well, and told her that she was great and that he enjoyed it as well.

Buddy glanced at his watch. It was 12:30. They wondered where Ann was.

They decided to look around for her, and leave, so that they could head home.

On the way out of that secluded area, Buddy asked, “So are you spending the night tonight?”

Candy replied, “Yeah, I think I might have to.” With a smile.

Buddy, “You can sleep there any time you like.”

“Good, cause I like sleeping over.”

And so they grabbed Ann and headed for the car. Ann was oblivious to all that happened. She asked them if they had a great time.

Buddy and Candy both passed each other secretive grins. Candy said, “Ann. Great idea. I had a wild time. How about you?”

Ann, “It was ok. I wish my boyfriend was here though… Would’ve been nice to dance with him.”

Candy, “I know what you mean…” with a smile.

She knew Buddy was smiling as well.

When they got home, Ann and Candy rushed upstairs to get ready for bed…

To Be Continued…

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