Car Fun

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I defy anyone to say that anonymous cock is not great fun. From my experience I can say that the enjoyment by far outstrips the risk – but recognise that it is risky! This is a true telling of an episode that happened about 3 months ago.

Although the website had a ‘meet-today’ option, it did not seem very set you for publicising meetings. I would tick the meet-today button and change my status and hope that some one see and more importantly, like what they read.

It was a Monday and I was unusually home rather then being away on busines. No kids at home and I single, so I figured that conditions could not be better. I clicked the button and changed my header to read, “Cock needed for sucking, no return needed.” I did this at about 5pm when I was done with working and was seriously frustrated with no messages.

I had given up, but at about 7pm I decided to check on the site and I was surprised to see a message. Shyguy91 had messaged me saying he was horny. By this time I was not in the mood to hang about and I replied stating that I was horny to suck a hard cock.

We messaged in quick succession for about half an hour. 15 minutes into this and I was hard and wanking… it seemed this guy was wanted a guys mouth to blow his load into, that like me he did not want to accommodate and that he knew a quiet spot poker oyna out near the motorway. At the end of the half hour, all protocol had been laid out, and the location dicussed. At 9:30 that night (about an hour to go) we would meet.

At dusk I headed out and 20 minutes later I had surveyed the lane and was parked up waiting. I had not believed how secluded it would be despite checking it on Google Earth – it was a stone’s throw from the motorway and only a thin line of trees and bushes blocked it from the road’s view. But quiet it was and a part of me wished I had been a bit more adventurous with my outfit: I was wearing loose shorts and a tee-shirt. Shyguy91 had made it clear that undies were not of interest to him, but I like wearing them at the best of times, let alone when I am feeling naughty! I looked around, could see nothing in the dark and leant over to drop the passenger seat back. And waited.

And waited. I was starting to feel low, stood up when I wanted some cock. Of course, the clock pointed out that it had only been 5 minutes, but it seemed like ages and the usual fears of rick crept up on me.

Literally as I reached for the start button, headlights announced a car swinging into the lane and my heart bounced hard with excitement as I spotted the Honda Civic shape I was waiting on. The lights blinked canlı poker oyna off as it it approached and then backed up next to me and so I pressed the unlock button. A shadowy figure got out, opened the my door and slumped into the seat next to me. I had changed the light settings so the interior bulb stayed off, but there was enough light from somewhere that I could see him shift his bum up a little and push his trousers down his legs.

Instinctively I reached over to where his cock would be and was not disappointed (many times I had met ‘large men’ and found myself asking afterwards, large compared to what!). But Shyguy91 felt exactly as described, his semi hard cock fitted neatly in my hand, no way slim, but my fingers could close around it with ease and as I began to stroke it, it hardened and swelled to what felt like a bit more than my length, making him about 7 inches.

It hardened very quickly to my touch and the feelings in the dark painted a picture I my mind, loose skin that moved with my hand to start with quickly became lodged behind his swollen helmet and so I knew he was ready for me to suck him. Taking cock from the side like this was odd and I realised it was not an angle I had experienced before. I worked my tongue hard to get to the underside of his helmet as best I could, but I was also distracted internet casino by how much it filled my mouth! It was smooth and hard as I pushed my face up and down on it slowly. Shyguy91 stayed absolutely quiet, the only give away to me doing it right was his hard breathing. And my soon arriving reward of his pre come, I tasted it in my mouth and pulled back, putting my lips to his tip and sucking the salty stuff out. He groaned at that and so I put my mouth back to work, pumping up and down on him. Still no moving or words, but his breathing increased and I could feel twitches in his stomach and legs.

He was rock hard in my mouth now and I nearly gagged a couple of times as I got carried away trying to get as much in me as I could! Suddenly his breathing turned to heavy pants and I sped up in reaction. And then a stifled cry out and his body froze as his come shot into my mouth. He stayed rigid for me and I continued to face fuck him, making sure I sucked as I pulled up and felt more come ooze from his softening shaft.

When I figures he was finished, I swilled his come around my teeth and gums, washing it around his oft cock before swallowing it. I pulled my face away and as soo as I was upright, Shyguy91 had his trousers back up and was out of the car. His door pulled shut behind him and he drove away.

I stayed there for a few minutes savouring the salty flavour in my mouth and on my lips before I finally moved off home. I logged on and emailed him my thanks, but got no reply and a couple days later I noticed his profile had gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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