Carnal Convention

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The house was almost dead quiet a fact that Marcus even after all these months was still not used to, maybe he never would get comfortable with it. He had lived for years in a home filled with the sounds of a family living out their lives in relative peace and comfort, but that had all been shattered two years earlier.

He walked away from his front door feeling the weight of a bulky envelope stuffed with important looking legal papers in his left hand. The process server had been very professional and to the point when he had handed over the packet. It was amazing how the dissolution of a marriage could be summed up in a stack of papers less than an inch thick. Marcus tossed the manila envelope on to his kitchen table sighing quietly at the hollow sound it made on impact. For a moment he flashed back to an earlier time, and he could picture his wife Sally sitting at one end of the table smiling at their son, Samuel, as he went on about some new adventure he had enjoyed at school that day.

Then the memory faded, and he was alone again.

“Quit dwelling on the past, Marcus,” he thought to himself. Sam was gone, and he was never coming back, two tons of steel and plastic operated by a man who should never have been behind the wheel had made sure that was true.

Sam’s death at the hands of a drunk driver two years earlier had left a hole that neither he nor his wife had been able to fill. They had tried for awhile, but it had become painfully clear that the only thing that had kept them together had been their son.

The sound of the air conditioner kicking on shook him out of his dark thoughts. Grateful for the interruption Marcus left the kitchen and made his way to the only room in the house where he still felt comfortable. It was the kind of hide-away most folks would have called a “Man Cave,” but this one fitted Marcus’s individual interests, so there was no poker table or dart board on the wall.

“It looks like a rich twelve-year-old lives in here,” said Marcus, chuckling to himself as he recalled what his wife had always said about this part of the house.

Since his childhood, Marcus Shaw had been fascinated with the genre of science fiction. He had grown up reading comic books, and novels set in fantastic worlds of the future. As he reached an age where he could get a job and start making some money he had evolved into a rabid collector of anything tied to his favorite characters and stories. His eyes moved about the room taking in the sight of years worth of his efforts in tracking down memorabilia.

On the shelves of one wall were his complete collection of starships from the old T.V. series, Galactic Alliance, each painstakingly assembled and painted in the proper colors for the race of aliens that had piloted them in the show. His collectible figures from the anthology, Into the Void, lined the workbench where he had been working on painting them when tragedy struck, and he had never gotten around to finishing the job. All around the room were bookshelves stuffed with books, and magazines he had read so many times that many of the titles were hopelessly dog-eared and worn. The walls were covered in posters from his favorite science fiction movies and T.V. shows. The most prominent was in the very center of the far wall and depicted the hero of his childhood, Captain Blaster!

The picture on the faded vintage poster showed Captain Blaster with his arms extended holding his signature ray-guns one in each hand preparing to use them against a horrific looking reptilian creature that rose up before him. His face was fixed in a fierce grin showing his courage in the face of potential dismemberment as well as the thrill he got out of making sure that the evil jerks in the Universe got what was coming to them. The title of the film could just be read at the bottom, “Captain Blaster vs. The Reptiloid Invaders!”

Just beneath the poster was a battered looking wood table where a half-finished costume that mirrored the outfit Captain Blaster was wearing in the poster sat near a box of materials for sewing. Marcus had been working on the outfit to wear to the local comic book convention. He and Sam were going to go together cos-playing their favorite characters. His wife had never understood their obsession with what she considered a bunch of childish silliness. She had just rolled her eyes and walked away when the two of them would babble on about how to make an authenticate looking Captain Blaster coat.

Marcus ran his hands across the leather boots that sat nearby. He doubted he would ever finish the costume let alone wear it to the convention now that Sam was gone. He shook his head and turned away leaving the room. It was almost time for him to go to work.

A quick check of his face in the mirror reminded him that he hadn’t shaved that morning, so he stopped right quick to run a razor over his stubble careful not to nick his perfectly shaped Van-Dyke beard. The face that looked back at him belied that fact that he was about to face his fortieth poker oyna birthday. He had inherited his father’s boyish looks so that even now he could still pass for being a good five, maybe even ten years younger than he was with little to no gray in his hair as of yet. His longish dark hair fell to the nape of his neck and set off his forest green eyes that women had often said were his most striking feature.

Although he was definitely a nerdy guy, Marcus didn’t appear like your stereotypical skinny, glasses wearing example. In contrast to the accepted definition, he was actually in good shape. A trim and muscular six-footer he kept active both at the gym and doing cross-country bike rides.

He finished getting ready and grabbed his car keys to head out. As soon as he stepped outside his attention was drawn to the sound of water running, and the blaring of loud music coming from his next door neighbors house. In the driveway, his neighbor’s car stood half covered in bubbles of soap. As Marcus looked on a figure emerged from the far side of the vehicle, but it took him several seconds to wrap his mind around what he was seeing.

The figure was indeed a female and a damn gorgeous one. She was wearing a red bikini and carrying a sponge in one hand that she was using to scrub the dirt off the car. Her hair was a cascade of dirty blond waves that fell just past her shoulder blades framing a beautiful long face with high cheekbones, and vibrant, full lips painted a slick blood red. She turned and smiled in his direction bringing her large chest around with her in the process. The top of her outfit looked as if it could barely contain the firm, round breasts that strained to escape from their imprisonment. She bent over dropping the sponge into a bucket near her feet and started to walk toward Marcus whose heart was racing in his chest.

The sweet vision in red pushed her sunglasses up on top of her head revealing a pair of brilliant blue eyes.

“Hey, Mr. Shaw, it’s so good to see you again,” she said.

Marcus felt the shock of sudden recognition. It had been more than two years since he had seen much of his neighbor’s daughter, Michelle, she had gone away to college before Sam’s death. In the intervening years he had been too caught up in his own problems to pay much attention when she returned home for visits, so he had missed how much she had changed in that time. Michelle had gone away a skinny little girl with short hair and a small chest. He could hardly reconcile that image with the voluptuous young woman that stood in front of him now.

“Michelle! Umm…Yeah, it has been awhile. How have you been?”

He could hardly follow the words as she explained that she was back to visit her parents for the summer, and that school was going well. Though he tried very hard not to stare, it wasn’t easy. Michelle Thibodeaux favored her father’s side of the family and her Creole blood gave her the light brown skin that stood in sharp contrast to her blond hair making her even more exotically beautiful.

“I know I never got around to saying this to you before, but I was sorry about Sam. He was so sweet to me all the time.”

The mention of Sam snapped Marcus back to reality.

“That’s nice of you to say. Thank you, Michelle.”

The moment turned awkward but was saved by the arrival of Michelle’s dad. Daniel Thibodeaux had been Marcus’s best friend in high school, and amazingly the two had stayed in proximity to each other ever since those days. While most folks had gone away to college and lost touch he and Dan had joined the service together and even ended up in the same Army unit serving their four years practically side by side. Marcus had been the best man at Dan’s wedding to his wife, Kim, and Dan had returned the favor when Marcus had married Sally a few years later.

Michelle had been conceived on their honeymoon, and Dan doted on his only child.

“Hey, Marcus! Finally coming out of your cave?”

“Well, sitting around the house doesn’t pay the bills, and lawyers are expensive,” replied Marcus.

“Ah…So its a done deal then?”

“Got the papers this morning. It isn’t like I didn’t see this coming.”

“No, I suppose not. Sally was never the same after…well,” said Dan not finishing the thought.

“Look, you guys can talk all you want, but the soap is drying. See you later, Mr. Shaw.”

Michelle turned to walk back to her driveway, and Marcus tried to look at the ground and not at her perfect heart-shaped ass.

Dan stepped closer to his best friend while his eyes followed his daughter’s retreat.

“Man, I am going to have to invest in a big baseball bat so I can beat all those horny college boys away from my little girl.”

“She’s over eighteen now. You may have to trust that she can take care of herself.”

“The hell you say! It’s a fathers job to hold back the riff-raff.”

Marcus laughed, “I can see you’re going to be a joy for her boyfriends to deal with, Dan. Anyway, I need to go.”

“If canlı poker oyna you need anything just give a yell, o.k. amigo?”

“I will, thanks.”

Marcus pulled his car back out of the driveway to head for work, but not without taking one last look at Michelle as she leaned over to clean the car’s windows. He could see the broad valley of her cleavage making his penis give a little jerk in his pants. It had been a long time since he had been with a woman.

“Shit,” he snapped as he put the car in gear. He really shouldn’t be having such thoughts about a girl whose diapers he used to change. Not to mention that Dan would kill him if he looked at her funny.

The workday went slowly as molasses, and Marcus returned home as the sun set in the distance tired and discouraged. He was staring into his refrigerator contemplating a variety of not very appetizing alternatives when he heard a knock at his front door.

“Hello again, Mr. Shaw,” said Michelle.

“Hey, Michelle. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I just wanted to return this to you. Sam, lent it to me when I went away to school and…Well…I guess I just never found the right time to return it.”

Marcus took the DVD from her hand looking down at the title, “Invaders from Beyond Space, this one is a classic alright.”

“I really enjoyed it. Sam used to bring me stuff like it all the time.”

“I never realized you were into sci-fi films.”

“Oh, Yeah! Films, Books, I remember going to my first convention last year. It was a blast!”

Marcus smiled at her enthusiasm it reminded him so much of Sam.

“Say, if you ever want to borrow any more movies Sam got his stuff from my collection, so you’re welcome to check it out,” offered Marcus.

“Really? What movies do you have?”

“Come on in. I’ll show you.”

Michelle walked past him leaving a nice trail of perfume wafting through the air that made his head swim momentarily. He showed her down the hall to his private office.

“Holy Cow! This is so awesome!” said Michelle as she nearly jumped at the sight of so many classic science fiction films in one place. She walked over to one bookcase and started to paw through its contents.

“Dangerous Vixens from Venus! Hey! This is a signed copy!” she said holding the battered VHS case reverently in her long nailed hand.

“Yep. I met Julie Constantine at a convention about eight years ago and got her to sign it for me,” said Marcus with a proud smile.

Michelle continued to bounce around the room like a kid in a candy store just taking it all in until she arrived at the table containing the incomplete Captain Blaster outfit.

“Is this what I think it is? Captain Blaster! Did you make this yourself?” said Michelle holding up the leather jacket with its fake military medals and fancy epaulets.

“Yes, it took me awhile. I’m not the best at sewing, but it came together o.k.”

“Tell me you’re going to wear this at the convention next week.”

Marcus had forgotten that it was that time of year again. He hadn’t attended a sci-fi convention since Sam had passed.

“Actually, I wasn’t planning on going. Sally never liked that kind of thing it was more of Sam, and I’s deal. I’ll probably skip on it.”

“I don’t know if this changes your mind, but I was planning on going. I mean none of my friends are going so if we went together neither of us would have to be alone.”

Marcus started to pass on the invitation, but when he saw the look on Michelle’s face, one that reminded him so much of Sam’s enthusiasm for the convention world he felt he couldn’t let her down.

“Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt. Give me an excuse to finish this costume anyway.”

“Thanks, Mr. Shaw! I know we will have a super great time!”

She replaced the jacket on the table almost reverently and excused herself to meet her parents for dinner. Marcus walked her out watching as her tight little rear end flicked from side to side as she slipped across his lawn.

“There are worse ways to spend a convention,” he thought.

The next week found Marcus working frantically to complete his costume in time for the big event. Michelle had let him know that she would be going as Disco Damsel, an obscure but well regarded female detective character from a late seventies comic book. She had been trying to get him to agree to enter the cosplay costume contest at the convention, but he wasn’t sure his outfit was entirely up to that level of scrutiny. Still, when the day of the convention rolled around, and he dressed to leave he had to admit it had turned out better than he had expected. He stood in front of the mirror in his bedroom admiring his look with the space age leather jacket, long military looking pants, and twin ray guns slung tight to his hips in his leather gun belt. The look was completed by some rather tight black boots that he had shined until they glowed and a white scarf wrapped around his neck.

He drove to the convention in internet casino a far better mood then he had been in for weeks. To his surprise, he was actually looking forward to the event. The parking lot was a bit of a mess as it always was at these things. He had decided to get a room at the adjacent convention center hotel to avoid having to drive back from downtown that night. The traffic was always a pain getting out of there and back to the freeway after the convention let out. Michelle had texted that she would meet him at the will call window, so he stood to one side of the line forming there and waited patiently.

“Here I am Captain! Ready for our adventure to begin?”

Marcus turned to the sound of Michelle’s voice, but couldn’t find his when he saw what she was wearing.

“Um…I…Um…Thought you were going to be Disco Damsel?” he managed to choke out.

Michelle had made a last-minute costume switch. She stood a few feet away dressed in thigh-high leather boots, and a skin-tight black mini skirt with a matching top cut in a V that plunged toward her belly button and gave a fantastic view of her large, round breasts. Her hair was covered in a brunette wig, and she wore heavy makeup with crimson lips that shined in the morning light.

“I decided since you were going as Captain Blaster it would look better if I went as another character from his movies. I couldn’t think of a better one than Mystic Mistress.”

Mystic Mistress, also known as, “The Seductress of the Space Ways,” was a well-known villain who often challenged Captain Blaster with her ability to warp men’s minds to her will. Marcus had to admit Michelle had nailed the costume, and she had more than enough sex appeal to carry it off.

“Does your Dad know you left the house looking like that?” asked Marcus nervously.

“Oh God no! He would have flipped his lid. I changed in the car.”

“Well…You did a great job on the costume. It looks amazing on you.”

“Yours too! Are you ready?”

They picked up their tickets at the window and entered the convention shortly after waiting just a short time in the security line. The pair was soon surrounded by like-minded folks in a variety of wild outfits showing off their love of different science fiction movies, books, and T.V. shows. Marcus was always impressed by the creativity that people displayed in creating their looks. He and Michelle even found themselves getting stopped several times on the convention floor by people who were impressed enough with his and her outfits to want photos of them together. Every time this happened Marcus stood close to Michelle where her perfume turned out to be quite intoxicating making him wonder if she had some of the real Mystic Mistresses abilities.

The rest of the day seemed to fly by as they enjoyed attending panels where guest speakers talked about the latest events in the world of science fiction. They also walked through the large vendor’s room where memorabilia was sold, and Marcus added to his collection picking up a few films from the 1950’s.

“This place is so amazing. I can’t believe Sally never wanted to come.”

“It wasn’t her type of event. She always thought it was sort of childish and silly.”

“That’s too bad. I can’t imagine how anyone could feel that way,” commented Michelle.

She stopped to smile at him, and Marcus felt a warmth spread through him.

“Good lord she is so beautiful!” thought Marcus, but he quickly squashed that observation as soon as it appeared in his head. This was his best friends daughter, and a girl young enough to be his own he didn’t have any business noticing how she looked.

“Look Mr. Shaw! There is the sign-up table for the costume contest.”

“You know you can call me Marcus, Michelle. It seems less awkward.”


He loved the way his name sounded coming from her, and she put a bit of Mystic Mistresses seductive accent on it for good measure.

There was a line at the sign-up desk, and Michelle pulled at Marcus’s arm trying to get him into it. He finally sighed and reluctantly joined the other costumed individuals who were willing to put up with the critiques of their fellow convention goers.

“Come on this will be fun,” said Michelle with a grin. It was tough to argue with that smile, and Marcus shook his head as he filled out the forms for both of them. The contest took place later that evening in the main auditorium. He did his best to sell the whole Captain Blaster idea as he marched across the stage and struck the familiar pose seen on so many movie posters with his arms extended ray guns at the ready. Michelle seemed far more comfortable when she joined him moving seductively for the crowd before feigning surprise at finding her nemesis waiting to take her down. She playfully acted as if she was surrendering, but when Marcus holstered his guns and went to take her into custody, she threw her arms around his neck. For a brief moment, Marcus felt her slick lips brush across his in a near kiss. The crowd exploded in applause as he and Michelle bowed.

“What was that out there?” asked Marcus backstage.

“What? Oh…the kiss? How else would Mystic Mistress escape except by using her Siren Kiss?”

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