Castle Of Desire Ch. 2

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Waking up the next morning, Sierra was a little sore for not having done anything sexually for quite some time. But she was so satisfied she didn’t pay any attention to it. Coming down the stairs, looking at Mrs. Cross, Sierra couldn’t help smiling when she said, “Good Morning.” Mrs. Cross knew what had happened the night before as she had watched from her upstairs window. Masturbating and using her vibrator while watching, Christy Cross knew she had to have Sierra in her bed. The months had passed and the guests had started to dwindle as summer turned to fall. So they had more time to visit while they worked and get closer as a lot of times they were the only ones there.

Sierra had met with Scott and Heather about twice a month ever since that night and when Scott couldn’t make it, Heather and Sierra pleasured each other. Sierra had noticed that Mrs. Cross had started getting friendlier as they spent more time together. It was too bad Mrs. Cross was stuck here; she was still very attractive, with a great figure. Sierra had seen her at the pool one night; she was gorgeous in her blue one-piece suit. Breasts, not overly large but not small either, just perfect. Rounded hips and a very nice looking ass, with perfect legs. That had Sierra thinking thoughts she shouldn’t be!

Mrs. Cross had told Sierra she was widowed also and had been for almost five years, compared to Sierra’s 3 years. She told Sierra that while she was not ready for another man yet, she did miss the tenderness. Sierra could not believe she was only 6 years older than herself, she seemed older. She told Sierra she had to act like that to get this job and to keep it! Sierra went up one day to write a letter to her mother in law because they had no guests and everything was done. She hadn’t really had a chance to explain the Castle and all that went with it and was feeling bad for neglecting her so bad.

She sat down to write all the details she thought her mother in law would want to know. The castle is between the rivers Spey and Avon, known as The Pearl of the North. Has a fine collection of seventeenth century Spanish paintings, is thought to be the most beautiful and romantic castle in Scotland. Pitch Roy was built in Victorian Times has 4 bedrooms and sleeps 9. Okay, that was enough of the boredom for one night. She decided poker oyna to go down to the pool, so she changed into her bikini. Grabbing a towel, she headed downstairs and out to the patio.

Swimming a couple of laps in the pool, Sierra stopped to enjoy the sunset. In her own little world, she had not heard Mrs. Cross come up behind her. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” Mrs. Cross said, softly as though she would spoil the mood. “Oh, Mrs. Cross you startled me!” Sierra said laughing. “I’m sorry Hon and call me Christy, when no guests are around,” Christy said laughing with her. “Are you coming in Christy?” asked Sierra, “No, I’m just headed to bed but wanted a word with you first, unless you would rather wait until we are at work tomorrow?” Christy looked at her, trying not to notice she was so beautiful, so sensuous in her bikini.

“No, not at all, what do you need?” Sierra asked pulling herself up on the side of the pool. Walking over to grab her towel, Christy noticed how hard Sierra’s nipples were in the cool night air, how her beautifully round ass swayed when she walked. She could feel herself getting wet as she looked unashamedly at Sierra’s nakedness. God, how she wanted this woman, this vision would help her vibrator make her cum later tonight.

Finally aware of her surrounding’s, she noticed Sierra looking at her, with a question in her eyes. “Oh , sorry, I must have been wool gathering,” Christy said laughing as Sierra noticed the way she was looking at her, the lust in her eyes. “Hmmm, wonder what that’s about?” Sierra thought. “You have never mentioned any family and holiday starts at the end of the week,” Christy said. “I needed to know if you were going home for it?” She was instantly sorry for the pain that flitted across Sierra’s face. “No, it’s just me,” Sierra stammered, “Except for Adam’s mom and it’s quite a distance away. How long is holiday, does everyone go?” Christy watched the emotions going across her face and wanted to take her in her arms, but she must be patient. “Holiday last 2 weeks and almost everyone goes away for it. I usually stay here because I have no where to go either. I can ask Scott tomorrow if it would be okay for you to stay to, if you’d like?” Christy murmured not daring to hope. “You may get lonesome with just me and you at the lodge!” “Oh no!” Sierra canlı poker oyna exclaimed, “I’m sure we would find something to do to keep ourselves entertained for 2 weeks!”

Scott agreed that it would be fine if Sierra stayed at the lodge so Mrs. Cross wouldn’t get so lonely. Christy began to make plans for the upcoming holiday and exactly how they would spend it. Finding Sierra, Christy explained it would be fine if she stayed and kept her company. Throwing her arms around Christy she exclaimed, “Thank you so much , I wasn’t sure what I was going to do!” Hugging her back, without caressing her breasts was so hard for Christy.

It was almost evening by the time everyone had left, so Sierra had run up to take a shower before the card game Christy had asked her if she wanted to play. Coming downstairs, in a skimpy, red chamois set, Sierra had noticed that Christy had changed also. Christy just sat and stared at Sierra, feeling the heat in her loins start to rise. “Is this okay?” Sierra asked hesitantly, “I thought with everyone gone, it would be okay to get comfy.” Mentally shaking her head clear, Christy smiled up at her and said, “No , it’s wonderful. You are just so beautiful in it, it threw me off for a second. Sit down hon,” she said patting the seat beside her.

During the second game of cards, Christy brought out these giant tankards of beer so by the time the fourth hand was over, Sierra and Christy were tipsy and giggling. Looking around at Christy, she found that she was right beside her, staring into her eyes. Brushing back a strand of Sierra’s hair she said, “You are so beautiful baby, I want you so bad!” Sierra could see the lust in her eyes as she leaned to kiss Christy. Caressing Christy’s hair, Sierra nibbled and licked on her lips as Christy sighed with anticipation. While Sierra was nibbling on her lips, Christy was caressing her breasts through her chamois. Christy pulled Sierra across so she would be facing her straddling her lap as she pulled her chamois top over her head. Christy gasped at the sight of the most beautiful breasts she had ever seen.

Leaning in to suck one nipple into her mouth, Christy tweaked the other, while Sierra caressed Christy’s breasts. Spreading her legs open a bit, Sierra started grinding her hard clit against Christy’s. Sucking first internet casino one nipple then the other Christy held Sierra’s hips while they dry humped each other. Leaning back a little Sierra opened Christy’s robe, seeing her beautiful breasts, Sierra leaned in to nibble one while still rubbing clits together, while Christy leaned her head back in pleasure still fondling Sierra’s wonderful breasts. Both women breathing hard and getting so wet, they found they did not have enough room so they slid down on the floor in front of the giant fireplace.

They both finished undressing as they looked into each other’s eyes. They wanted each other so bad! Sierra bent down and gently flicked her tongue over Christy’s swollen clit as Christy jumped at the unexpected but loved sexual pleasure. Sierra was delighted at how wet Christy was as she licked down her silky slit and then back up again, slowly. Christy was squirming and thrusting up to meet Sierra’s licks, Sierra could feel Christy trembling already and that excited her even more.

With voice shaking Christy begged Sierra, ” Please baby I have to taste you! I want your juices in my mouth, Please!” So Sierra turned around and lowered herself on Christy’s mouth and then dove back into Christy’s yummy wet hole. Christy grabbed Sierra’s hips and started sucking on her clit hard as Sierra gasped at the sudden assault. Both women were shaking, they knew they were so close, they had wanted each other too bad.

Both women moaning into each other’s pussies and the fireplace crackling was all you could hear. As if in unison, they both shoved a finger up inside the other, humping each other’s faces, they slammed their fingers in and out of each other. Christy was the first to start cumming as she clamped her legs around Sierra’s head . Almost screaming into Sierra’s wet box, Christy started bucking up into Sierra’s face and that was enough to send Sierra over the edge.

Just as Sierra started to cum, Christy slid her finger into Sierra’s ass and she could take no more. Fucking Christy’s mouth hard, murmuring some unintelligle words , as Christy kept slamming her finger in and out of Sierra’s ass while Sierra licked as fast as she could so she would miss none of Christy’s hot cum.

As their cums subsided, Sierra turned around so she and Christy were face to face. Christy was sobbing from such intense pleasure while they held each other tight. Opening their eyes to stare into the other’s Christy smiled shakenly, “This is going to be the best holiday ever!” Christy chuckling had to agree!

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