Cat , Mouse Ch. 1

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Gary came strolling into the break room, and saw you sitting in the chair talking about the vacation you had that was a blast. You were describing the wilderness and the animals that roamed in the wild has you biked and hiked the trails, living life to the fullest. “So you are back from vacation, sounds like you had a great time.”

“Yep, I did.” As you flashed your pearly white smile, “I would do it again in a heart beat. So how is your wife and kids doing?”

“Great, work is so-so not missing much,” Gary said as he started to twirl a piece a paper with a string on his finger tip, with a big grin on his face as he continued his conversation. ” I ran into someone from your recent past.”

“Really, who and what is that you are spinning on your finger?” you chuckled flashed you a smile again.

“It is her phone number, there is more I have story she wrote as well; a fictional story but I found it quite humorous and one of those to good to be true story. I will give you one guess who it could be?”

You sat and pondered for a moment shrugging your shoulders not knowing whom it could be but before you were about to give up and say whom you already knew the answer. “No way, not her. I am going to strangle that gal as soon as get my hands on her. What did she say? Did she tell you that she was doing this? How bad is it? Is it a continuation of what was said in the first letter? Tell me!!” Your eyes went from bright sparkles and humble laugh to almost devilish smirk with blue eyes of steel. “C’mon Gary speak or am I going to have to kick your ass to get it out of you.”

Gary laughed, “I have her telephone number twirling on my finger; the story is on the net. She told me where I could find it, and let me tell you it gets pretty good. Guess you are going to have to read it yourself.” Gary turned and started to walk away as he took a few steps he turned to say. “Look from what I can tell from the story and what you told me about her earlier and what she has told me. I find you both kind of funny that you both do not admit that you both want each other. She told me what happened and the reason why she did it, but I get the feeling that there is more to it. Just like you. Both of you are playing cat and mouse.

Unfortunately I think she is winning the game because you cannot handle some one like her. She has way too much fire, and heat that is uncontrollable. But the weird thing is both of you like to spread your wings and run free, and I bet you are the only one that could actually control her wicked ways. If you know; what I mean. She had tickets to a baseball game and she was going to offer to you come with her as a peace offering. But you went on vacation that week. She has another offer for you but she said that you were mad at her and claimed she is stalking you; which she is not. She was just messing with your head which did not help the matter because now you have a bigger ego than ever.” Gary shook his head and laughed in disbelief. “Both of you are made for each other just go talk to her by the way here is her telephone number if you want it. As he pushed the small paper on the table towards you, you back away.

“I don’t want it. I am not interested in her she wants me see she wrote another story and that is what I need to prove that she is stalking me.” You say as you get bent out of shape. “When is that girl going to learn her lesson, not to mess with me. I didn’t do any thing wrong she just keeps pulling my chain. I swear I am going to get her one way or the other and I will give her a peace of my mind. Where can I find that story on the net?” you grumble

Gary smiled and chuckled, “I can not believe how bent out shape you are over her your eyes sparkle when, you realized who I talked to yet you won’t admit to your self. If you are not interested why do you get yourself all worked up about it?”

“Wouldn’t you?

“Wouldn’t I what?”

“If she did this to you wouldn’t you be pissed?”

“Yeah I would but remember I am married you are not.” Gary said with a smirk, “And if my wife did this prior to our marriage or even now I think I would love her even more trying to express her feelings on paper about me that is something special, which I would not have the courage to do.”

“So you are saying she loves me? Possibly even wants me?” With a smirk

“No I never said that she loves you, I said my wife would be showing her affection that way. And if you think about it maybe this is a way to get your attention. And believe me it worked.”

You stood there with your hands on hip tapping your foot and taking your fingers and running thru your hair. “God Damn that woman she is going to get the best of me yet, what else did she say.”

Gary shrugged his shoulders, “Not much, she was in a car accident about a week ago and her back was hurting she was rear ended on the interstate coming back from the game which she had seats behind home plate.”

“What did you say? I was lost in thought for a moment.” As your eyes locked into Gary’s your eyes changed to warm concern look.

“She had pendik sarışın escort seats behind home plate for the game she was going to ask you to but you were on vacation.”

“No, before that”

“She was in a car accident, on the interstate she got rear ended.”

“Is she okay? Who hit her did she get the name of the person, did he take off?”

“She is okay, her back is sore. Unfortunately the person who hit her had no insurance and driver license.”

“Ouch, that is a bummer. I hope she is okay.”

Gary smiled knowing that you will not admit to anything but you do care, “Well if want to see how she is doing why don’t you give her a call.”

“Hmm may be I should call her” as you grab the piece of paper and put it in your pocket. “What can it hurt?”

Gary laughed and started to walk away “C’mon the plane has landed.”

You followed behind him shaking your head and thinking what in the hell am I going to do once I get my hands on you. God Damn you woman you are going to drive me insane.

Two weeks went by and no sight of her. Gary spoke to her few times in the last couple of weeks but both of them did not have time to chit chat long, all Gary knew was her back ached when the weather changed but everything else was going well she was back to working out at the gym and she was working on pumping her legs again at 320lb dead lift. The more you thought of her the more you wanted her but, could not have her. She was way to innocent even after the first note she sent you. She doesn’t know the kind of guy you really are. She could get hurt by you why couldn’t she left you alone. You still did not know where the second story was Gary did not give in, for the fact he didn’t want her to get into any kind of trouble with you. Great Gary is taking her side you thought to yourself how in the hell can you talk to her with out anyone knowing.

Yeah you had her number but what would you say once she picked up the line. And you wanted to talk to her person to read her better to catch her mess up. Yeah you could tattle but what proof did you have on her. None…Gary did help a little by letting you know that she worked certain hours and you could catch her after work if you wanted to. But what would you say to her once you had her in your possession. Lots of words came to mind but would it be worth the cause. And what about Amanda the girl you have been with things just don’t seem the same with her since you came back from vacation. Amanda is one of those girls you just can’t touch. She tiny; with big bosom, and nice behind to go with it, with long white bleach blonde hair. She was almost looked like a Barbie Doll but her dimples and her round face with brown eyes didn’t make the Barbie doll look. She was totally into herself and if she called, it was on her time only.

Wow you realized the rush hour traffic was bad so you decided to take the next turn; which brought you closer to the airport. The radio just got done blasting a song by Aerosmith, and now it had a song on from Lifehouse. As you pondered in your thoughts the words from the song started to ring from your lips. You started to smile realizing the song you were singing was a song made for you and her. Not you and Amanda but for her. You glance to see the time and it was 5:07pm. She should be getting out of work by now so you decide to take a detour to see if she was their. You needed to talk to her you wanted to talk to her. As you came up the front drive you see all of the 5pm airport people hussling their way to the shuttle bus. Damn you thought to yourself you missed her. As you came up to the group, nope she was not there. You sunk your shoulders in and back into the seat as you were about to give up you here “Wait for me” as she tried to hussle towards the bus. You gulp, because of all sudden your mouth goes dry and you don’t know what to say. Your fingers press down on the passenger window as the window glides down you call for her. “Hey you?” yell out the window. She stops thinking she heard someone call for her. She turns and sees you. Smiles and turns to catch up with the group where the bus was loading. “Wait come back here.” You call out again in a stern voice as you try to get out of your car. She stops again seeing that you are trying to talk to her.

“What? I am going to miss my bus?”

“I will give you a ride to your car. I promise I won’t do anything can we talk for a moment.”

A sheriff sees that you got out of your car and starts to tell you to move your vehicle. “C’mon before I get a ticket, get in the car.” As you grab her arm and walk towards your car. She walks with you with hesitance but keeps up with you. As a gentleman you open the passenger side door and help her in. You run to other side and let your self in and take off before the sheriff razzes you again. “Look we need to talk”

“Yeah I know,” she mumbles as she looks out the window.

“You can not do this to me, I have a girlfriend and she will be upset if she found out what you are doing.” Telling her in stern voice hoping pendik şişman escort it would scare her into not doing anything again. “Look I don’t like you, and I don’t want anything to do with you if you keep this up I am going to call the cops on you for harassment.” You look to see the expression on her face knowing you have her cornered and she has no way out, you smile in your defense.

“You have nothing on me.” She says coolly as she turns to look into your eyes

“Yes I do. I know you wrote a story about us.” Smiling knowing she is going to cower in given moment time. “And what about the stuff before this the letter and strawberries?”

“Really, and its based off of fictional characters not true people and if sounds like you I do apologize, anyway what did you think of the story I wouldn’t mind your input to make it better.”

Your eyes look away from her back to concentrating on the road in hand, “shit” you thought to your self now what do you, you don’t have any proof, “Umm, I didn’t read the story, I don’t even know where the story is the guys at work told me about it but they did not tell me the sight because they don’t want you to get into trouble with me.”

“So you lied to me and threaten me for no reason. Why?” She looks at you with sadden eyes.

“Look I am sorry I am just mad that you keep bugging me all the time.”

“I don’t bug you at all I see you I turn the other way you have no proof on what I did.”

“I do know that you want me and you won’t stop until get me.” You smile knowing that you won the argument.

“Excuse me Mr. Hotpants but I don’t think so. If you know that I want you why don’t you come check it out for your self, and you miss the turn to go get my car.” She grumbled.

“Well I am taking you for a little ride darling so we can finish this conversation. You can get your car later. And I will prove to you that you want me as soon as can find a place to park.” You smiled with a devilish grin.

“Well really, and as I get turned on your telling me that you won’t, find enjoyment in yourself. That you won’t be turned on by touching me. You’re the one that wants to make a point to see if I get turned on by you but you’re the one that is actually hot for me.” She smiled back knowing that she won.

“Damn it woman, I swear you get the best of me yet. I told you I don’t want nothing to do with you I have a girlfriend.”

“Then why do you want to prove a point that is worthless anyway?” as she squirmed over to you closer you take a gulp as she watches your adam’s apple go up and down.

“I don’t” you mumble as you look into her eyes you realize she is beautiful, and pull her glasses way from her face. When you realize her hand and thumb are caressing your right thigh near the crease of your crotch. “Hey hey not so fast, let me park this bad boy before we go there.” You smile as you grab her hand try to move it way.

She smiles and giggles, knowing she won. “Your to easy.” She whispers in your ear. She takes a small nibble on your ear lobe and trails it down your neck.

“Hey, hey, hey, I am driving here, and I told you I am not interested in you at all.” As you try to push her way, your mind is starts to race on the small kisses you received on your neck. You check to see if she left any marks. ” See I told you want me, you can not keep your hands off me.” You gleam. You drive until you found a secluded spot where no one is around, and the two of you can not be seen together. “Look you have to take the story off the net. If my girlfriend found out about this she would kill you.”

“How would she know it is you, I never used your name or mine. It could be anyone from the airport or even from a different city. Why are you so concerned over something so little?

“Look the guys are starting to talk about us and I don’t want anyone knowing my business I am happy with the way things are. And that does not include you and me.”

“I never wrote about us so don’t jump to conclusion yes I took some of you and made you in the story but I don’t know exactly how you feel or what your thinking that is all fictional. As for the story I can not take it off the net it is already posted and will stay posted.”

“I swear you are going to be the death of me woman. We can not do this do you understand. This can not happen.”

“Why are you repeating in issue I already know, it sounds like you are trying to convince yourself more than me. Why don’t you face the truth and come out and say it.” She said with a smirk.

“Say what?” you said as you turn to her, and reach out to her knowing that you shouldn’t, “I am sorry you feel this way towards me but it can not happen it just can’t. I wish I could make you understand that.” As you caress her chin you realize she has the most interesting blue green eyes and her lips are the most kissable lips you ever seen. They were full compared to Amanda’s and her eyes gave way to her soul compared to Amanda dark eyes. “You drive me mad woman” as you take your hand caress her face you pendik sınırsız eskort bayanlar reach around to the back of her neck to pull her closer to you. You whisper to her “Kiss me” as you pull her to your face, you look into her eyes as you go for the kiss. Her lips were soft, and little wet because she just lightly caressed her tongue before you went to kiss her. She melted with your touch, your tongue dances on her lips before she parts them wider to let you in. You dance for a moment taking her breath into yours biting caressing clinging on what could be the last kiss you ever received. Your hands move down to her back, stopping at her rib cage she jumps a little “Shhh everything will be okay.. Come a little closer to me” you whisper in her ear. You can smell the sweet perfume she had on hint of musk you trail kisses as she climbs closer to you with one leg over the both of yours she straddles you. You continue to kiss her neck and let your hands wander to the front where you could feel her taunt breasts. You can not believe how firm and strong even her back had defintion to it, which was even more of turn on. You lock gazes for a moment knowing full well you should not continue but curiosity has gotten to the best of you and you won’t stop until you get what you want.

Her hands trail down to your shoulders and down the front of your chest. She tugs at your shirt unbuttoning one by one. “We should stop, you know.” Her eyes sparkled.

“Yeah we should. Do you want me to stop?”she shook her head no ” good I don’t want to stop either man you have a strong muscles in your back and your breast are so firm, I want to see more of them.” As you start to unbutton her dress you didn’t realize how big they were you were in heaven as you went to kiss them over her sports bra. “God that feels so good don’t stop touching me” she moaned to your touch as she threw her head back. “You like how that feels don’t you”

“Yess” she moans her hands slither down to your pants and she could feel you already hard and strong waiting to be freed as she caressed the outside of your pants. She nibbled on your shoulder and left nipple watching it turn hard to her touch after her kiss.

You help her pull off her dress and you take off your shirt, you unclasp her bra and let it fall to the floor. You continue to suck and nibble on her breast as your one hand finds it way to her most vulnerable spot. She gasps knowing you would find her sex wet and ready, yet you take your fingers and curls under to pull her panties down. Your palm caresses her outer most part before diving in as she raised her hips to meet your hand for better entrance. She moans in delight taking in every inch that she can as she starts to pant and moan. You smiles knowing that you have total control of her with her dancing in the palm of your hand. You continue to bite and suck on each of her breast as she continues to concentrate on the pleasure that is rising in her. You stop for a moment to adjust yourself and to undo your pants.

She watches you wiggle out your pants and you pull down your smiley boxers off as well. You know she is ready to have you, but you want to taste her before you enter so you come up for one last kiss before you go down to taste her sex juice that is spilling from her. She cries out “Oh god and begs you to stop”, but knowing full well she doesn’t want you to stop. You look up to her and smile and start to nibble tasting how sweet she really is before you drive yourself into her you pick her up and have her straddling you once again as you enter you can feel her tightness knowing you shouldn’t do this but it was to late for you to stop now knowing both wanting each other for a long time you gently glide yourself in as she lowers herself on you. You grab her by the neck and kisses her deeply as she sinks all the way down on to you making you and her become one.

Both of you hold there for a moment resting before you start to ride one another. You pump each other thrust for thrust in a small slow pace holding onto each stroke as if it would be your last. Tasting and kissing one another as you continue to pump each other, you look into each other eyes knowing what the other person wants. You pick her up one more time and lay her on the seat as you begin to thrust harder into her feeling her body tightening around your manhood and not letting go her moans tell you that she is ready to cum so you begin to pump faster as she starts to squirm underneath you for more fulfillment. Her breath quickens has you start to cum inside her making you and her become one.

Both you and her lay in the afterglow in each other arm the smell of your lovemaking in the air mixed with the sweat and heat that you both created. You lay on top her listening to the sound of her heart pounding as she comes back down to reality, you don’t want to say word for what you both endured should not have happened but you had taste of her and you want more of what she has to offer. You whisper “Are you okay?” and she nods yes as strokes her fingers thru your hair as her legs are still wrapped around your waist. You both laugh for the moment not believing what just happened “Jesuzz woman your incredible, how about another round at?” As you push your manhood back towards her entrance. You start kiss her belly button, back up to her breast that already took abuse from the biting and sucking from the first time around.

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