Catherine Ch. 29

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I live for the moment when I hear the catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing getting heavier with each caress, touch, or stroke, of her sensitive places, I wait for those words she will say…, but not yet.I live for the moment when I hear the catch in her throat with our first kiss. Her breathing getting heavier with each caress, touch, or stroke, of her sensitive places, I wait for those words she will say…, but not yet.

Catherine Chapter 29

The Reception And Diane

“Friends Across The River”

Thursday evening with Catherine, her gorgeous body laying some what on top of me, a leg, her arm, draped over me, her face pressed to the side of my neck, the bedroom seems to quiet now. All that vigorous sexual trashing and thrashing of me, her and my bed at last coming to a exhausting, but only temporarily, sated time out.

My hand glides down her back, feeling a light dampness of perspiration under my palm — that heavy sexual work out she and I just had the reason for that. That hand continues down over her beautiful ass, stopping just long enough to apply a sharp smack to a round, firm, butt cheek.

“Catherine, you’re killing me!” At the same time of that firm smack to her ass cheek.

“Damn you…, that, stung!” Her hand rubbing over the impact point.

“Maybe I should grab your dick and yank on that, see how you like it!” She threatens me.

“I haven’t complained when you’ve pull on it before; have I?”

“You are such a shit!” She comes back at me laughing.

Then it’s her mouth against my ear, “No Swaggart! She says. “You always say that, ‘You’re killing me Catherine,” but you always manage a, ‘res-erection,’ of this gorgeous cock of yours,” she’s telling me. “Plus…, your stamina and mister, that’s only two of the reasons why I love fucking you!”

Is followed by the puff of the air kiss in my ear just before she slides more off than on me, propping her head in her hand, her leg repositioning over mine, her fingers lightly drumming on my chest. “You’re leaking out of me I want you to know!” She says a bit firmly. “And it’s running down the back of my thigh right now too!”

“You’ve never complained about that before,” telling her.

An with that it’s her moving hand from my chest and reaching behind her, coming back with wet fingers to wipe them off on my nipples.

“See..,” she says. “You always leave so much of this and don’t you dare; tell, me, again, you keep an extra supply in a plastic baggy like you said that night at my sisters, or I’ll smack you silly!” She threatens me some more.

Where suddenly she moves enough that she can get herself partially onto me where she licks the cum off my nipple. Of course that reminds me of what she told me about her fuck buddy James, licking his cum off…, her nipples.

“I thought it was your fuck buddy James, that did that to you?” My reminding her now of what she told me.

“Yes he did, but I’ve also swallowed his too, even though I can’t get all of his fat cock into my mouth.”

She’s telling me that…, now?

“But that night I didn’t, so he helped himself to what he squirted all over my belly; remember?” She says. “But what I didn’t tell you is, that he not only did that, but he also massaged some into my pubic hair, where he licked away at that as he was making his way down to tongue my pussy and me into another orgasm!” She tosses this at me now?

“So there, smart ass!” She calls me. “How’s that for some truthful kinkiness?” She pokes me.

But faster then she can react, I’m up taking her with me putting her onto her back to her squeals, cries and her laughter at the suddenness of my move. And with her on her back now, my hands gripping her legs, pushing them back at the same time holding them apart and further back onto her, which has her crotch, pussy and ass rolled back up off the mattress — such a obscene sight of my cum and her copious wetness glistening all over her obviously, throughly fucked pussy, she said was leaking. It too, over her butt hole, glistening in the crack of her ass where it’s going down on her…, rubbing my face back and forth, up and down through all that delicious, glistening wetness.

An with my face and mouth smeared with a combination of my cum and her copious, delicious, wetness, along with the weight of my body holding her down into the mattress, my wet face is rubbing all over hers, even forcing my cum slick tongue into her mouth — she’s trapped and can’t do more than those squeals, cries and laughter, while trying to turn her head from side to side to avoid my kinky facial assault.

Backing off, sitting up, wiping my hand over my wet face as I’m looking down at her doing the same, “How’s that Parker, for some kinkiness?” Telling her.

“You are absolutely, certifiably, nuts!” She comes back at me; holding her arms up to me, inviting me back into them.

“And you, are so bad,” she’s telling me, just before our sticky mouths lock together in some long, deep and bostancı escort cum tasting, tongue filled kisses.

The room quiet once again, our bodies limply laying next to each other it’s with the thought of her referring to James as a, ” fuck buddy.”

And right with that, it’s my thought she’s seeing these, ‘fuck buddies,’ her, ‘Friends Across The River,’ as I’ve come to refer to them as that. Catherine even using the phrase when she told me about the invitation to see them this coming weekend. My curiosity about them, more then any other, ‘Fuck Buddy,’ shes’ already told me about along with my suspecting others in her life. And why shouldn’t she?

But now in our mellow mood…, should I bring it up? The last time I made the mistake of getting to forward with asking about them is where I got a through smacked down for it!

“You know Catherine…,” leaving that hanging long enough that it’s her, “Know what,” she ask. “You’re more than just inspiriting, you’re every man’s wish to have someone like you in his life.”

“Thank you,” she replies. “And you,” she continues.”Bring out the slut in me!” Distracting me from those other thoughts — breaking up laughing at what she just said about herself, where it’s rolling over onto her with my face right at hers. “You, are, not a slut lady!” Putting some definite emphasis in it. “But, you are one hell of a great fuck! And I’m so damn lucky to have you, in my life, Tapping her nose with my finger, “No bullshit, no lie! I’ve told you how I feel about you. And that…, I don’t…, want you, to change a single thing about yourself! You’re way to exciting, to unpredictable; like coming here like you have — knowing tomorrow you’ll be leaving for the weekend with your; ‘Friends Across The River,’ — how lucky can they be!”

“That last part Swaggart,” she says.

“Last part Catherine?” Asking.

“Don’t be coy Swaggart, I know where you’re going with this!” She says.

“I can play the, ‘what if,’ game too Swaggart.” She tells me. “Like, if I toss this out to see what returns; right?” She’s nailed me.

“Sorry.” Apology in reply.

“So then, how about I tell you first how I was to meet; first, ‘HER’ through someone else. Then maybe…, what happens when we all see each other.” She’s tells me.

“First though,” she follows. “The main reasons I came here tonight was for you,” tapping on the nose, “To throughly fuck me senseless; like you always do!” Where she laughs, pulling me in, kissing me hard. “The second was…, it was time to open up about everything I do with them and especially, HIM,’ now that they’re back.” She’s telling me. “And more!” she follows up.

That last, ‘and more,’ with emphasis on; more?

“First Bobby, I’ve known them, with the exception of Diego, longer then any other of the men I’ve chosen to be with like that in my life.” She’s telling me this now. “Those two others, I mentioned briefly; one of which you just teased me about. The other I mentioned about…, stopping it. And one…, completely out of the norm for me.” She’s admitting.

My sudden thought about that,”stopping it,” she’s said before. It’s the hesitance in how she says it; my intuition thinking there’s more to that?

“Out of the norm, Catherine?” Surprised at her last part.

“Yes!” She affirms. “My…, ah…, ‘boy toy,’ I call him, but…, but not to him directly.” She says.

“OMG…, boy toy?” I’m thinking…, what’s this?

“He was…, I was thirty, he was twenty-two…, I think? And fresh out of college, a journalism major, covering the same meeting I was attending that day when we met.” She’s telling me. “But I’ll leave that until maybe, another time!” She says. “So we’ll stay with, ‘My Friends Across The River,” for now!” She’s telling me..

Her, ‘another time,’ meaning; don’t push to much going there this time; Swaggart!

“First though,” she says,” “Can we have some coffee?” She ask. “It will be easier for me to talk…, out in the kitchen,” she’s telling me this. “But first, let me clean up, then I’ll meet you out there; if that’s all right?” She ask.

“Of course Catherine; take your time!” Telling her. “The coffee will be ready when ever you get there.”

Now it’s rolling off the bed, picking up my tee shirt and sweat pants as I go; still naked down the hall into the kitchen to quickly set up the coffee maker before it’s into the guest bath room to shower off in there; her wanting to be alone in the shower, not like we usually are together — she must really need the time alone to gather her thoughts. This, wave of admissions must be a good one! But what ever it is girl remember, I’ve been shot in the chest, sliced across my rib cage, fallen out of the sky while riding in a helicopter, along with some other very close calls and survived them too. So…, bring it on girl! Because it won’t change my feelings about you! It’s just to damn exciting having you in my life.

But now it’s the scent of her büyükçekmece escort body wash that reaches me seconds before her arms circle around my waist. “Sorry I took so long,” she says. “I got a phone call just as I was stepping out of the shower.”

“That’s okay,” telling her. “I knew you couldn’t have slipped out with out me knowing it.” Turning around in her arms to see her smiling back at me.

“Plus your body wash leaves a sent trail every where you go — speaking of body wash Catherine. Where did you get it?” Asking her.

“You didn’t know I left a bottle here along with with some more of my things,” she ask.

“I guess not,” my replying. “I’ve told you how I love the scent…, it’s you perfectly! Thats why I said I could find you in a fifty-thousand seat stadium filled with just women and me completely blindfolded.” She laughs, tapping me on the chin.

“You are so full of it, Swaggart!” She tells me too.

“No Catherine, I’m just full of you!” My reply.

Her arms that were around my waist now going up around my neck pulling my head down to meet her hard kiss to my mouth.

“Whoa!” I hear. “Now, I really need some coffee,” she says, breaking from our kiss.

Before she came up behind me I was standing at the French doors looking out into the darkness beyond the deck until her breaking into my thoughts of what I know and now what she’s going to tell me of those I’ve been most curious about. Except for Diego, she said, the ones shes been involved with the longest. My comment about her, ‘fuck buddy,’ she laughed off surprising me. An me, I’m comfortable with her, ‘fuck buddies’ plural. I have my girl friends too and Sally who…, if she follows her usual knock on my hotel room door, we’ll have a hot, lusty fuck in my hotel room this coming weekend. And maybe by coincidence, Catherine will be having a ‘lusty fuck,’ of her own with her, ‘Friends Across The River,’ — maybe even at the same time? A perfect time for a double, ‘Nancy’ — her with them and me with Sally.

That thought has me laughing out loud at how crazy it sounds.

“What’s so funny, Swaggart?” Catherine asking.

“Just another of my weird thoughts Catherine,” replying.

“I have some weird thoughts about your sanity too, Swaggart!” She sticks one to me.

“Do you want your coffee over there on the island,” asking her at seeing her doing something now with her phone, her elbows resting on the island top as she’s doing what ever she’s doing with it. “Or do you want to sit over in the nook,” my follow on question.

“The nook,” she replies. “I’ll be done here in just a second,” she tells me.

So taking my coffee cup along with hers to the nook; hers I set down on the table top across from where I’m sliding onto the bench opposite the side of where I set her coffee cup.

“Why are you sitting there,'”she ask looking down at me. “I want you sitting next to me or I’m sliding in next to you.” she follows up.

“What ever you say, Catherine.”

“Get your ass over on this side,” she tells me, as she’s already sliding onto the bench seat across from me. “I like sitting next to the window,” she’s telling me.

“The window Catherine…., this whole section of the wall.” My hand waving at the windows expanse. “We deliberately off set the table, giving this side more room to comfortably sit, which…, is where I…, usually sit because I’m bigger…, so more comfortable for me!” Shooting back at her.

“Swaggart!” She says.

“What, Parker?” My reply.

“I can’t smack you if you’re sitting over there!” She’s telling me.

“You’re killing me girl!” Laughing back at what she’s said again..

“Please.” She ask now. “I like the coziness of this side.”

“You’re to much girl!” Now sliding out from where I was, to move in next to her. “Thank you!” I hear as I moved in next to her; shoulder bumps she’s giving me at the same time.

“Her name is Diane,” Catherine’s telling me, as she’s holding her phone so I can see the pretty smiling face of a woman with short, dark red hair looking back at me from Catherine’s phone. “She’s how I was introduced, in a round about way to, ‘THEM,’ Catherine’s telling me.

“Later one evening is when she and I would meet at a reception at my father-in-laws house…, easily way more people there than Jon and I hosted this past weekend,” she begins telling me.

And from this point on I’ll hear her weave in and out of what happened that night. Sometimes it sounding out of sequence in the events of that evening as she recalls those events, bits and parts of what happened, obviously many very stressful, some comical, others sexy and erotic. But the stress of what she revels to me I can understand the blocking out only to remember something she might have said earlier.

Because stress does things to your mind; I know! It still wakes up with that day on that road where Speedy was killed and where I almost died too.

“The çağlayan escort Parker house,” She says, “As everyone refers to it, is easily more than twice the size of of ours, so more than large enough to host such a large group of people. The reason for it was,” Catherine’s telling me. “The finalization of plans for a big project in New York to be started in the very near future, Jon’s father, having a major interest in the project. And Jon, doing a major part of the designs going into it too. It was the Parker families first, back then, involvement in a major project in New York so it would be a big feather in the Parker family’s hat — opening up to more projects in other major cities too.” Catherine’s telling me.

“Anyway…,” she says now. “When Jon and I arrived his father right away latches onto me and starts leading me around introducing me to all these different people in the room. If I haven’t told you Bobby, I can’t stand to be near Jon’s father for a reason I haven’t told anyone except Sarah and Maria.” Catherine’s telling me this now.

“Bob…,” Catherine telling me this, and later with more detail, in a trembling, often halting, weaving in and out narrative of what, “Jon’s father, who, tried to…, ah…, rape me!” She tells me this, forcing every word.

“WHAT?” Stunned at what she just said.

“Yes!” Her very affirmative reply.

“Catherine…, what the hell…, in his right mind …, why would…he even…”

“Bob please!” She breaks in. “It’s difficult enough to talk about without interrupting me.”

“Sorry,” replying, my head slowly turning trying to wrap my thoughts around what she just revealed.”

“Bob…,” she starts again. “Jon’s father is use to getting his own way. He’s a very shrewd and smart business man…, a hard negotiator and ruthless too.” She telling me. “But…,” Catherine going on. “He’s also scrupulously honest…, so when he gives his word on a deal or a project it’s his iron clad promise to follow through with it.” she telling me.

“It was a Saturday, I was home alone except for Maria,” she starts “Our house at last, was completely finished, Jon was out of town. Maria, who had come over from the Parker House, to help me with the interior decorating and agreed to stay after Jon and I asked her to. Which up set the Parkers who then had to find and hire another house keeper to bring back to four, which they needed to run their house. One, usually dedicated to the care and assistance of Mrs. Parker who had developed, “mobility’ issues,” Catherine telling me, finger quotes on the, mobility.

“I know you haven’t seen my house, Bobby, but it’s big and sits a good ways back off the road with a high wrought iron fence with two security gates you need a remote with the code to open them up to the long horse shoe drive way, the main part of which loops up to the front of the house, and a spur around the right side of the house to the garages. The back is surrounded by a high privacy wall with a single door into a storage bay that’s secured off from the rest of the garage and set aside for things like, pool supplies and admission into the pool area for pool maintenance and landscaping of the plants, decorative trees, and shrubs that surround the pool area. There’s also tables with chairs for outdoor entertaining, along with other pool chairs and lounges. An that’s where I spent most of the summer time after Jon and I were married and the house finally finished — my short time of being a lady of leisure, but still, I was taking summer classes at the college.” She’s telling me.

‘Bobby,” she tells me. “I never in my life thought I would live in a home like that! Jon telling me often, he was building it for me where I came to realize over time, it was his way of compensating for what he couldn’t give me. And because of that, it’s giving me, the world I live in now and the way I’ve chosen those…, to live within it!” Say says. “And then you came along and turned it up side down.” Her turning enough to look at me as she’s saying it.

To my sudden surprise at what she just said about me while trying to suppress a knowing smile.

“And you can wipe that smug look off your face too!” She tells me, before going on.

“Bobby, I don’t know why or where Jon’s father got the idea of what I would do in return for what he was offering me where the whole time I had been struggling to break his hold on me.”

“But side note Bobby, Maria took me aside once telling to be aware of, ‘Meester Parker.” “He be…, very handy…, he ah, touch you to much. And some time he get…, maybe make you not feel good alone with him,” She told me.” She was warning me Bobby.” Catherine’s telling me.

Where I can see in her face and body posture instantly changing with the memory of something! And I want to touch her, hold her, but thinking better of it…, so I’ll leave it for later; relying on her when it’s later.

“An that’s just one reason why Bobby, I can’t stand to be near him; Maria’s warning was more than a, heads up. But being Jon’s father I’ve had to at least…, be polite when around him,” she says.

“Jon’s Father…,” she picks up. “Was leading me around introducing me to all these people I would probably never remember or meet again, with one exception. And her,…, she’s memorable! And I’ll tell you why in just a little while,” she says.

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