Caught Ch. 03

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I won’t soon forget the night with my lover Ella, no longer my granny but a mature woman in her her early seventies who knows exactly what is going on in life and loves life itself.

Ella knew what was going through my mind or what was left of it as I lay in her bed as I donned her skirt; blouse; black patent heels as I romanced her gold half-moon style glasses with the neck chain of small pearls wrapped around my cock. She knew that I was loving her in a symbolic way.

She may have figured that since I am quite responsible so far as working and taking care of my personal matters such as bills, I was old enough to enjoy a relationship with an older woman and maybe her seeing me with her beaded chain wrapped around my cock woke up some long forgotten feelings about sex. She also knew that I liked older women who were serious about various things in life. Perhaps those glasses gave these women the look I wanted or needed.

I ended up living with her and that had to be the best thing that happened to me and I was very loving. I would cook for her, well make a good breakfast anyways and I knew how to do a pretty good angel cake which I baked for her on her birthday, funny thing was I did not know it was her birthday but the evening before that we had a pretty good romp in the hay so I may have baked the cake as a “Thanks for a good time.”

She was very good about my cross dressing as well. Ella was pleased I liked looking like her and she knew it was at those times I had a need to do things with her various pairs of glasses, gold or blue square with the half- moons for up close work or her gold half- round style with her beaded neck chains and Ella encouraged me to wear her glasses as I wore her clothes and bra with fake tits.

Somehow we got into bondage and I just liked it although I had not thought of it. So one night Ella gets me up on the bed and tied me up pretty good. My arms were tied to the head board, feet to the foot board. This was Ella’s wild side and I was quite interested in what she was going to do.

Ella started to touch me all over down there with her two different pair of glasses, both with the half-moons and I tell you what she did with them would make me have a certain kind of feeling if I saw her wearing them around.

She donned the gold half-round glasses I came over and spoke to me very seriously telling me to satisfy her needs and I loved the way her fuck-me-pumps in patent black would sparkle as I gave her a good hard and fast fuck.

There I was in her bed donning a bra stuffed with falsies and she is on hands and knees licking my tits and looking at me through her glasses. The way the candles shone in her glasses had a look I really liked, I think it made me hornier. Ella knew enough bondage to allow me enough room to screw her with a passion and not have my bones broken.

This went on a few nights a week and I loved it, her talking to me in a most serious way, looking at me through or over the tops of her glasses and ordering me to do things to her.

She would rub those sexy square glasses all over me and it was a feeling I really liked. Then she made a cock ring from a skinny belt she took from a skirt, placed it under my balls and tightened it up. My cock then became very sensitive to a very light touch and when she dragged a purse over the top of my cock, the feelings that came about were wild. Between the candle light sparkling in her glasses the light bouncing off her fuck-me pumps and knowing Ella wanted me to give her a hard fast fuck yeah I was gonna drench her sexy tight pussy with my man sauce and she was gonna love it.

One day I had to go out and do some errands and I saw a number of bikers riding together and I began to wonder why I got out of biking and I felt rather sad.

I guess, a part of me was yearning to be a biker again and I admired their style of living. I had ridden a few Triumph’s poker oyna and Norton’s from the U.K. as well as Italy’s Ducati and had always been pleased with the work- manship and and engineering that brought these bikes to a zenith of perfection

Still there is the deep throaty roar of a Harley Davidson and a friend of mine, Brad Reed over in Rehoboth had one or two of these and really liked the way they sounded out on the road, “I could ride a Harley for hours at a time.” Brad often said.

Then one day while I was out, I passed the same Harley dealer but something told me to go in and check out some bikes.

I still had my bikers endorsement on my drivers license though and I walked in to that dealer with an excited feeling, like my mind knew what I was gonna do before I knew it.

And there she was, a 91 Sporty in black with a good bit of chrome chrome, pipes out of the right side and a large chrome air cleaner.

This is an XL1200 with more balls than a pawn shop window. They were asking three thousand dollars so I gave them a hundred dollars and went out to get the balance returned with goggles and a helmet, got the paper work done and drove back to Ella’s

I felt great having a bike between my ass and the asphalt.

“Oh Harold, this is a real bike, a real sweet street bike, You do have a license. . . right?”

“Of course I have a license, Ella.”

“I used to love riding with George, he had a Road king.

“So Ella, you like it huh?”

“Harold, I love it and I hope you will take me for a spin rather soon.”

“Oh Ella, I will love giving you a ride. . . wait till I rode a few hundred miles so I know how the bike handles.

Later at supper.

“So Harold, I love that you are a biker but, whatever possessed you to just go and buy a bike?”

“I guess it is the freedom I feel, the wind in my face.”

“So Harold, would you want to give me a ride in the bedroom later on?”

“Yes, and the fact you love the idea of biking makes this even better I mean it is so nice we share piano and now two things in common, I think it’s great.

Ella looked at me and asked,

“You are going to buy some of those nice Harley T- shirts and a denim vest . . .right?”

“Heck yeah Ella, their clothes last quite a while.

“You’ll look ruggedly handsome in Jeans and a shirt with a vest and bikers boots.”

“You know Harold, we could pack a lunch in those saddle bags and a blanket too, have a picnic and make love afterwards, how do you like Ella’s idea?”

And I am thinking, This is really great, my granny as my lover and she wants to have a romantic picnic.

“Yeah Ella, I love your idea.”

I did some piano practice as I had no intention on getting rusty with it and I played some of the Beatles and Bob Dylan. Ella was showering and ready for a good time under the covers.

She had me laid out and tied up as in other nights, what was different this night was that we had my first three-some with her friend Betty and I am telling you, Betty has some pretty extra-ordinary boobs that are well proportioned to her figure. add a great sunny personality, patent black heels and half-glasses with beaded chains. She also likes the fact I am a biker and the way she said she wanted to ride my Harley, I did not know which kind of ride she wanted, the bike or the bed.

The evening started out by being touched allover by Betty and her various pairs of glasses and she would play the role of a dominatrix as well. My hands were released from bondage but not my legs although I had no intention of splitting the scene.

Betty had a nice pair of black half-square style glasses which hung from a neck chain of small glass beads and I asked her for them and began running the beaded chain against her large red nipples and she was getting hot and wet very quickly as Ella was rubbing her patent black fuck- me pumps all over canlı poker oyna my cock, then stuffed my cock through the heels peep toe and I made a nice mess of her heel which she then licked clean.

I saw Betty’s hand go for her bush and I grabbed her. It began with me kissing her ears and neck, going down to her boobs and then even lower, to the garden of Eden and lining my cock up for the portals of her hot tight and quite wet cunt, then I hammered her the way she hadn’t had it for some time, hard and fast.

The next day while Ella was out, Betty called on the phone and I answered.

“So Harold, how was it doing Ella’s gold half-round glasses as you wore her clothes?”

“Fine Betty, why do you ask?”

“Oh, just thinking of other things we can do.”

A few mornings later, Ella asks, “So what did you think of my friend Betty?”

“Oh I thought she was very friendly, witty. I liked her a lot. So Ella how is it Betty knew about me romancing your gold half-round glasses?”

“Probably because I told her, she studied the workings of the mind for a while and I wanted to know more about why a guy would find my glasses to be erotic.”

for a while and I wanted to know more about why a guy would find my half-glasses sexually attractive.”

“So in a week or two, she is not gonna say ‘Harold is twisted and /or perverted?”

“If she does tell me that, I could think of other things we could do on an even kinkier level, if it makes you feel any better.”

“O.k. I have no trouble with that.”

“Harold, if she wants to do things with you, and say I am not here, it is o.k. She lost her husband due to kidney failure and it was very hard on her. So just feel free to please her and she will do all sorts of things with her various styles of glasses and if she prefers you to to go to her house, that is fine too.

Well one rainy day I was in the carport polishing the rims on my Sporty and Betty pays a visit. It turns out she loved me running the beads of her half-glasses back and forth against her nipples and wondered if I would go to her house and satisfy her wild desires.

The rain stopped by now and the sun was shining brightly, there was a rainbow which could be considered a harbinger of fine things to cum in Betty’s bedroom.

“Sure, Betty, I enjoyed our time together as well. What do you plan on doing to me?”

“Well, you seem to really have a thing for my half-glasses and I thought that with my many different styles I would have you kiss and lick them as I jerked you off all over a pair so I could suck the cum off them. Then you could hammer me like you did the other night. I so needed a good fuck and thank God I got what I needed. I am going to need that today.”

Betty had no trouble saying what she wanted to do and I liked that. Betty is quite spry and whipped her leg over the bike and we were off.

I had not been to Betty’s before but I could see myself there a bit more now as her home, to me resembled a British pub, stucco walls with partially exposed wood beams at various angles, it really felt quite homey.

“So Harold, what was it like, to cream all over Ella’s half-glasses as you wore her clothes?

“Rather nice Betty, Ella says ‘You studied the human mind for a while, hope you don’t want to send me to a mental institution.

“Don’t worry Harold, I know that every guy has some sort of fantasy about what he’d like a woman to do. The fact you love lady’s who wear reading glasses, preferably half-glasses equates with a woman who is quite serious and probably a bit on the bossy side and she could be a good dominatrix.”

“So would you like a hand job or would you like me to give you some head?”Betty asked me with a look that showed she wanted to get me in the nude as soon as possible.

“How about starting off with a hand job to get it warmed up then give me some of that great head?”

Betty internet casino was undressing by now and her big boobs made me want to cum them.

“Leave your bra on Betty.”

“Oh, why?”

“I want to make love to your boobs as you look at me through or over your half-glasses, course you can wind it up a bit to get me hard than let me in your bra, might want to get some skin creme too.”

We were up on her bed and she has like a dozen style of half-glasses all with beaded neck chains and she wraps them around my cock and rubs those sexy glasses all over my cock and under my balls.

“Harold you are hard enough, stick that cock up into my bra an fuck my tits!”

Obviously I had no trouble doing that and with the candles she had lit and the way they sparkled in her glasses, somehow made me want to fuck her boobs with a passion, and I did.

I brought Betty back to Ella’s on the bike as she drove her car there and just after she got off the bike Ella pulls into the driveway.

“Oh hi Betty,” said Ella.

The two ladies talked as though nothing happened then Ella says,”Come on in and lets do something in the bedroom.”

“Sure Ella, great idea.”

Well I did not know what to say. I suppose I might get lucky but felt weird if Ella wanted me and I could not produce as I just did her friend Betty, but if Ella saw I was dried up, would Betty say,”Oh Ella, he just screwed my tits like they never had that before.”

So we were all ready for the sack and Ella says, “I want Betty to touch you all over with her heels and glasses so you can really get hard and I want some of that nice thick man sauce.

There we were, I was sitting on the bed and Betty and Ella were on their bellies. Betty was teasing my balls with the beaded neck chain of her black half- square glasses and black patent fuck-me pumps Ella had me in her warm lovely mouth sucking away and waiting for me to blow a mighty load of cum smack down her throat and damn it worked.

I guess having two hot ladies there to do what I wanted got my sex juices boiling again.

Fate works in many ways, Ella turned out to be my lover and really taught me things about satisfying a woman. I loved those times when we went for long rides on my bike and spent many passionate nights in hotel rooms, we sure had some great years together.

She met a man she knew some time ago and there were more than a few sparks left. At the same time Betty was was getting closer to me and I am sure everything was lovingly arranged by Ella.

I knew she loved me and what we had and I was man enough to know she wanted someone older more in her generation that she could relate to. Ella said she loved our times together and please don’t let it lessen what we had. She told me this in a very loving way.

Ella had been a wonderful lover and friend and I would always think of her in the most tender of ways.

Working at a music store, making some good money I was quite happy as well, riding around on a good old bike and having some great sex with a hot lady Ella fixed me up with. Maybe I was so pleased with the way my life was going I just figured Ella was happy too and she was, I saw a new look in her eyes and I knew there was someone both old and new in her life.

I did not know it but Betty was into piano as well and frankly not being too familiar with her home I did not know she had a large room in which she kept a Baldwin concert grand and as much as she loved sex she was very serious about piano.

I wondered if Ella ever told her I was a serious piano student but when Betty found out, she was very pleased. She liked my fetishes and told me one day that as long as I had a few fetishes, there would always be a new thing to do so far as sex was concerned.

We were both invited to Ella’s wedding and it was a lovely day for all of us, Ella was such a wonderful woman who did so much for me and I will keep those memories for a long time. She is a very happy lady now and I am so happy for her

The man she married is a concert pianist and they are now making their own music.



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