Caught Playing in the Pool Room

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I pulled my car into the dirt driveway of my father-in-law’s rural California property, and smiled as I scanned the yard. Other than the old truck parked in the same spot off to the side that it had been in for decades, no other vehicle was around. He likely was off at a doctor’s appointment for him or his wife.

It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon on a Thursday. I had just finished another 9-hour day in the dusty almond orchard just down the street and was now at the house for a shower and some clean clothes. Actually, an 8-hour day of work and an hour of beer drinking around the tractors with my older brother-in-law and a few other workers. I was buzzing pretty good but still in control, and thankful the drive had only taken a few minutes.

I parked my car and stumbled towards the house’s main entrance. The small old house had seen several add-ons in the years since it was built, to include a family room, storage room, and a 2-car garage. Rather than a united front, the house was more of a collection of dissimilar buildings sharing common walls.

I stepped through the unlocked double doors and stopped, and listened. Nothing but silence. I quickly roamed the house and checked every room to ensure I was alone. No in-laws, no other relatives who all lived nearby and seemed to drop in unannounced, and, most importantly, no wife. Susan, my spouse of just a few years, was apparently still away on a shopping trip with friends to a larger town a half hour away.

I was alone, slightly drunk, and suddenly very horny. I knew exactly what I would be doing for the next ten minutes or so. After one last look out a window overlooking the front yard and driveway, I headed through the kitchen and adjourning enclosed patio and entered the storage room now known as the Pool Room.

The roughly 20×20 room was edged with steel cabinets, an old freezer, a refrigerator, and a big rolling bar counter. Each cabinet had boxes or junk items piled on top, almost to the ceiling in some spots. And in the center of the room was a worn pool table with a large plywood sheet covering it, more often used as a buffet table for big family meals.

I moved directly to a cabinet on the far side of the room from the door and pulled at the top drawer. The drawer itself was heavy, but what made it hard to open was the weight of 100 or so Playboy and other porn magazines stored in it. I’d come across my father -in-law’s stash months ago on a previous vacation, and now it was my secret, too.

The magazines were all from the 1970s and early 1980s, now no more than a decade old. The piles were mostly in date order, and included all the special issues, such as the year-end holiday copies with the year’s centerfolds in review. I flipped through the piles in the drawer until I found a particular issue, although for what I needed right now, any one would do.

I pulled the magazine out and opened it up, resting it on the edges of the drawer. I closed my eyes for a moment to shut out the room around me, and to become closer to the models on the pages. We were standing or lying together, or else I was just a few feet away marveling at their beautiful faces and sexy bodies, at the glow of their smooth skin and the tone of their thighs and calves. After a few short moments the desired effect had begun: my cock was slowly growing within my dusty jeans.

Within minutes I was fully hard, and after straightening my cock out I began rubbing it through the denim. I was still in my early 20s, and coming like this fortunately wouldn’t take long. I had stopped turning pages, having selected the object of this moment’s desire, and quickly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my thighs. I needed to be able to pull them back up in case I heard someone approaching. My story for being in the Pool Room would be that I was getting a beer from the spare fridge, confident that I could kaynarca escort close everything up and cross the room in just a few seconds.

With my left hand I pulled my briefs down below my balls, and my right hand grasped my hard cock and began stroking it. Having done this for a dozen years now, I was quite good at it, and knew the right spots to touch and the proper pressure to apply. My wife often squeezed it too hard or stroked way too fast, and she wondered why it took too long to jerk me off. How could I tell her that I was just better at it?

It was going fast, which I needed because of the risk of being caught. I pumped my 6″ cock faster now, the large mushroom head a reddish purple, and now a few drops of pre-cum sitting at the tip. With my left hand I was again turning pages, anxious to find the final two-dimensional beauty that would send me over the edge.

My breathing was heavier now, and the rustling of my clothes as I rapidly jerked my cock kept me from hearing her voice the first time she spoke.

“Hey! What are you doing in here?”

Shocked out of my private moment, and stunned by the voice that stabbed me like a knife, I immediately kicked into Recovery Mode. The normally smooth motion of shoving my cock back in my underwear and pulling my pants back up was made ugly by the effects of the 6-pack I had finished drinking just 30 minutes earlier. This wasn’t the first time I’d been surprised by someone approaching, but it was the first time someone had actually walked in on me mid-jerk.

Still struggling to get my jeans buttoned, I glanced over my shoulder to see not my wife standing there, but her older sister, Lucy. She was in the doorway between the Pool Room and the patio, leaning against the doorjamb with her arms crossed. I looked for half a second before retuning my attention to the drawer, but long enough to see that she wore a pair of very tight jeans and a fairly low-cut top.

I had drooled over Lucy since the first time I’d met her. Whereas Susan was blonde, of normal weight for her height, and packed a killer set of large tits, Lucy had brown hair barely to her shoulders, very slender, and sporting somewhat smaller breasts that were still great to sneak glances at. And she owned a pair of tight jeans with a pink zipper that ran from the button in the front all the way to the belt loop in the back. Dozens of times I had fantasized of undoing that zipper with my teeth, licking her bare pussy within the denim opening, and finally fucking her while standing and holding her lithe frame in my arms.

All this thinking and fantasizing occurred in a few seconds, but ended when she spoke again. “What are you doing in here? Are you doing what I think you are?” By the way her voice was getting louder, I knew she was walking closer.

“Nothing. I was just, uh, getting a beer,” was all I could stammer out. Suddenly, my planned excuse was totally inappropriate and I almost laughed at it. I returned my attention to my clothes but couldn’t fasten the stupid button to my jeans, and now the front tails of my button-up flannel shirt was caught up behind me.

“A beer? I don’t think there’s any beer in that drawer.” She came right up to my side and saw me fumbling with my clothes, and then saw the Playboy half out of the drawer which I had failed to close. “Oh, my God, you were jerking off, weren’t you?!”

“No, it’s not what you think. I was checking in the drawers for something else.” My excuse was weak and poorly thought out, and the whole thing was quickly becoming very embarrassing. Had I really thought I could get away with it?

“Bullshit! You were jerking off! And I caught you red-handed. How funny!”

“Yeah, funny. Let’s just forget this ever happened,” I said as I slammed the drawer shut and turned towards the door without making any eye contact with Lucy. I did check her out from orhanlı escort the tits on down, though, and she was looking very hot. Her jeans were not the pink zipper pair but still tight and sexy, and she had on some great heeled sandals. I headed for the door, hoping to get to the safety of the back bathroom where I could take a shower and finish relieving myself in safety. Like I should have done all along.

I stopped cold when she spoke again. “I bet Susan will also find it pretty funny when I tell her what I saw you doing.”

I spun around and stared her down as firmly as my inebriated mind would allow. After, of course, I had scoped out her tits again. “You wouldn’t have to tell her anything. It’s over. You had your laugh, ha, ha, now let it go.” I turned again to leave, and almost made it through the door.

“Tell you what. Come back and finish what you were doing, and I won’t tell her. It will be our little secret.”


“Why not? You looked like you were enjoying it.”

“I don’t trust you.”

“Have it your way. You know as well as I do, though, that Susan won’t be happy. C’mon, have a little fun.”

I looked at her, and at her tits, and her hips, and her heels, and then back at her eyes. I felt a stirring in my jeans again, and I knew what was going to decide this. And it wasn’t going to be my logical side.

“C’mon back. Pretend I never showed up. I’m sure you can get right back where you were.”

My fear of exposure to Susan was greater than of exposing myself to Lucy, and I found myself walking back towards the cabinet. Lucy stepped aside and spun around to rest against the edge of the pool table, watching me to see if I would actually resume, or chicken out and run.

‘Fuck it,’ I thought to myself. I was screwed either way. Maybe, just maybe, I could turn this shitty situation into a positive. I ignored Lucy for the moment and returned to my original spot. I opened the drawer and again opened the magazine to a suitable page. I was already growing in my pants as different scenarios began to swirl in my mind, and they didn’t necessarily involve the Playboy models.

“Hey, I can’t see,” Lucy exclaimed as she craned her neck to see around my hips. I had already unsnapped my jeans again while facing the cabinet, making an exaggerated effort to pull them open and down past my obviously huge cock. At the right moment I pivoted my right hip outward so she could see my cock clearly as I flipped it out and began stroking it.

Her eyes grew big and her mouth closed up tight. I continued to pretend to ignore her as I brought my cock back to full size while staring at the magazine. In reality, I was thinking of her tits wrapped up in her tight top, and that pink zipper. I so wanted to turn and focus on her, but not just yet.

This went on for another minute as I gradually turned away from her and keeping my attention on the magazine. I turned the page a few times for effect, and smiled when I saw her rise up off the pool table and come closer.

“Stop looking at that magazine. Put it away.” A pause. “Look at me instead.” Bingo. I closed the Playboy and slid it back into the drawer, possibly to never have to use again, and closed the drawer. As I pivoted around to face Lucy, my right shoulder intentionally brushed across her right shoulder and tit, she was that close. Man, it felt firm and good. The contact was electrifying.

“If you insist,” I said dryly, masking my building desire to strip her pants off, lean her over the pool table and fuck her until she screamed. Focus, focus. “Let me see your tits, then.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, pervert? You’d like to keep jerking off while looking at my tits. You’ve always liked staring at them, haven’t you? I catch you staring all the time. So does Susan.”

Really? Was I that obvious? I thought I was pretty sneaky tepeören escort about it. Damn.

“I need to see something or this isn’t going to happen.” I turned back towards the drawer as if I was going for the magazine again.

“No, keep going. Here.” Lucy quickly undid the next two buttons of her tight top, revealing some delicious looking cleavage and just a hint of the lace bra she had on.

Now we were getting somewhere. “Better. You have some damn great tits. Yeah, I’m always looking at them because you’re always fucking teasing me with them.”

She didn’t comment on that as she was pretty intent on my cock as it glistened with pre-cum and sweat. I decided to push more.

“You like looking at my cock, don’t you, Lucy? It’s so big and hard, and it would feel so good in your hand. Why don’t you stroke it for me, finish me off?”

“You wish. Not this time.”

Not this time?! That implied we would be meeting again. This was looking better every moment. “Well, then you better move to the side because I’m about to finish.” I grasped her left shoulder lightly yet firmly and brought her close to my left side, as if to protect her from some huge shower that was about to gush from my throbbing cock.

The movement was unexpected and somewhat abrupt to her, and in her imbalance she placed her left hand on my chest to steady herself. We settled, but her hand stayed there, and her eyes never left my cock. I had her right where I wanted her.

I purposefully began breathing heavier and making my motions more exaggerated, as if the world was going to explode any moment now. Lucy’s breathing was equally labored, and she seemingly didn’t notice as my left hand slid down her back and onto her ass. It was tight in the denim, and the gap between her cheeks was deep enough for me to run several fingers through it.

Lucy wasn’t stopping me, so I went further down. I moved my hand to caress her thighs a few times, and then brought it back up to the warm spot between her legs. I rubbed her swollen and hot pussy through the denim, pushing inward on every second or third stroke.

At the same time as all this, I was staring right down her shirt at her lovely cleavage. I wanted so bad to reach in and touch the smooth skin of her breasts, to tweak the hard nipples I could see poking outward against her top, but I had no free hand at the moment, and didn’t want to push the envelope too much this first time. There would be other opportunities to explore her sexy body.

Time to finish this. “Oh, god, here it comes!” I moaned. With a few last strokes I shot out a large load of cum, so far that it hit the side of the pool table. At the same moment I rubbed her clit so powerfully that I almost lifted her off the ground, and I could clearly tell that Lucy was coming too.

I hadn’t meant to shoot so wildly, but it all had a purpose now, to hook Lucy in. “There, is that what you wanted?” I deadpanned, when in reality it was one of my best jerk-offs ever. I so wanted to take her in my arms and kiss her, but held back.

“Yes, that was…amazing!” She pulled away from me and circled slowly around the scene. I noticed that she squirmed a little as she walked, probably because of her pussy juice that surely was oozing out and soaking her panties.

She moved to the door, and spoke before leaving. “Our little secret, right? I wouldn’t want Susan to know.”

“Yes, our secret. She won’t know, unless you tell her. Which I hope you won’t.” I squeezed out the last bit of cum from my cock and prepared to put it away, again with exaggerated movements because I knew she was still watching.

Lucy smiled and walked away. I finished buttoning my jeans and went to the kitchen to get some paper towels to clean up with; normally I just shot into my other hand and then washed it off, efficient and clean. A few minutes later, satisfied that the scene was safe, I went down the hall and into the bathroom for a shower. Soon I was lathered up in hot soapy water, and imagining what Lucy was doing on the other side of the wall in her room. Already I was getting hard again, and I smiled.

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