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It was four months now that the new secretary had arrived. Mary-Lou, the head of the secretarial department, had at first kept her distance — but now they got on well together. Chandra was still very timid and anxious to cut a good figure, but Mary Lou liked her silent humour, her wit and, above all, her body, and she had invited Chandra to visit her one weekend, and to have dinner with her. Chandra, who’d rather accept the invitation, pointed out that she would have to leave immediately after dinner, the last bus leaving well before eight — but Mary Lou overrode this objection by asking her not to bother, and just to stay the night. “Right?”

The few staff members that had ever been invited over to Mary Lou’s knew that she was fond of four things: food, talk, music and sex. They had left the day after, broken but satisfied, and now they wistfully eyed her perfect figure in the tailor-made dresses, her round, firm bottom, her supple breasts — and they almost got an erection when they caught a whiff of her perfume drifting their way. Still, Mary Lou was a very efficient, skilled secretary and an entire indispensable member of the staff. Without her the firm would be literally lost.

That Friday afternoon on the bus Chandra thought of the evening to come. She liked Mary Lou very much. She envied her the ease with which she moved, she admired the way she dressed, her long, auburn hair, her perfect make-up, her efficiency… How did one dress for the occasion? Chandra had timidly tried to copy some of the darling way of Mary Lou’s. A new set of undies — suppose Mary Lou saw her in the bathroom… a dark red, woollen dress and red shoes. She thought she looked rather nice.

Mary Lou received her with a flood of talk, drink and music in the living room of her apartment, an apartment she shared with a slightly younger woman who was a hotel receptionist and who was seldom there. She had a roomy, light living room with a lot of books, CDs, a few tall mirrors and some beautiful paintings, one of which was quite indecent indeed — but Chandra was much too overwhelmed to notice at first.

During dinner Mary Lou found out that Chandra was single, that she was very shy and had never had a boyfriend, but that she would have liked to. She imagined that some of Chandra’s timidity might vanish over the weekend — she really hoped so.

After dinner they went back to the living room. Mary Lou pottered about for some time to arrange the fire, the music and the coffee, and Chandra walked round the room looking at the books and pictures. She now noticed the indecent one, and stood looking at it in deep wonder for quite some time when Mary Lou turned round and coughed. Blushing deeply, which very much became her, Chandra turned away from the small — but very detailed — canvas, and walked over to an easy chair. Mary Lou enjoyed the signs. She knew she shouldn’t rush things, but it would probably be all right.

During the ensuing conversation Chandra complimented Mary Lou on her beautiful apartment.

“Oh, but you have only seen the living room and the kitchen. Come, I’ll show you round.”

Mary Lou got up and Chandra followed. They walked to the door, and Mary Lou put an arm round Chandra’s shoulder.

“Beautiful dress, this!”

She smiled at Chandra. Chandra blushed again, for joy this time. She noticed a waft of some rather heavy, full-bodied perfume, and made a lazy, mental note to buy some, too.

They came into the hall.

“Those two doors down there are Jacquie’s. She’s very seldom there. I have a key, and I take care of her plants. Shall we have a look?”

Chandra nodded, and Mary Lou opened the doors on two sparsely furnished rooms, not at all like her own, nice ones.

“How cold,” Chandra said. “It is as though she doesn’t really like them.”

“Oh well, you know,” Mary Lou said, “she’s hardly ever here, and er, she usually spends the nights at her friend’s, and SHE’s got most books and so on in her room.”

“She?” Chandra asked.

“Yes, Jacquie is a lesbian. Come! We’ll lock them again and I’ll show you the rest. This is the bathroom.”

The bathroom held a wide, deep bath, an enormous collection of cosmetics and a clothes rack in the corner, on which some intimate clothing was hanging to dry. Chandra noticed that it seemed very expensive, and that it was rather more daring than the stuff she wore herself.

“Towels in here,” Mary Lou said, pointing at a low cupboard.

Still with her arm around Chandra’s shoulder Mary Lou next led her to the bedroom. Here again was an abundance of books on one wall, a tall mirror, a couple of wardrobes and a dressing table with bottles of perfume, make-up and some Chinese lacquer-work boxes. The centre of the room was occupied by a wide waterbed with satin sheets and pillowcases and a beautiful old quilt. On the bedside table there were an alarm clock, a small pile of books and another Chinese box, a large one. Then there were some easy chairs, and on the walls pictures that apparently told the rest of the story present in the poker oyna living room with one episode only.

“You see I’ve got a very crowded room here — quite the opposite of Jacquie’s.”

“Yes indeed — er — are you the friend you mentioned?”

Mary Lou grinned. She thought she could detect a little jealousy in the question, and besides, she was far too fond of male company.

“No, sweetie, I’m not,” she said. “Jacquie’s a good girl and I like her a lot, but no. Her friend lives downtown. Now er – where will you sleep tonight? You could have Jacquie’s room, she won’t be in.”

“But what if she should, and she’d find me in her bed?”

“Oh, she won’t immediately jump you, you know. She’s really quite nice, and fairly feminine. But if you’d rather not…”

“No, please…” Chandra said.

“Well, I have a comfortable camp-bed. We’ll put that up for you.”

Mary Lou let go of Chandra’s shoulder and opened a spacious wardrobe. On the bottom there was neatly rolled canvas camp bed, and Mary Lou bent over to take it out, showing her legs up to her crotch in the process. Chandra, who didn’t want to admit being interested in what she saw, not even or perhaps rather especially not to herself, looked away, and noticed to her surprise that the rest of the wardrobe was solely filled with lots and lots of thin, frilly mere nothings, arranged as in a shop. Open-mouthed she stared at this collection.

“You must have invested a fortune in underwear, haven’t you?” she said.

Mary Lou heaved the camp bed onto a chair and considered for a moment.

“Oh yes,” she said. “Yes, I like beautiful underthings. Soft, smooth, silky…”

She stepped up to the wardrobe and showed Chandra what she meant —

“Thin silk, nylon, lace — look!”

She showed a set of silk and lace claret undies.

“Soft, thick elastic bands, Lyrca for pressure, and the opulence of a beautifully cut brassiere, like this one. And I love the curves of a garter belt, or a lacy basque with a tutu — wonderful! I really like wearing them, and I like to see my skin shine through in the mirror, and to feel my nipples against the material. Look!”

Mary Lou let her dress slip down her shoulders and on to the ground. She wore white underwear and black stockings, and, indeed, looked very tempting. The set fitted to a t.

“I think it’s very nice, don’t you?” she said, pushing her chest out.

Chandra blushed, but had to admit she thought so, too. She actually felt rather desirous to touch Mary Lou; she would never dare do so, though.

“Oh, yes,” she said, “much nicer than mine,” and she hesitantly touched some of the clothes in the wardrobe. “I couldn’t afford them, you know, and I wouldn’t dare go into a shop and buy them.”

“What do you buy?”

“Er, I always go to…”

“No, just show me. Saves lots of words,” Mary Lou suggested.

Blushing deeply, Chandra stepped out of her dress behind one of the wardrobe doors. Then she came back, looking crestfallen and ashamed.

Mary Lou didn’t suffer from any inhibitions, and she unashamedly took in the sight of Chandra in half undress. She wore cotton underwear, white, sensible, stiff — and a pair of tights that came up to her navel. But she had beautiful breasts and a wonderful set of buttocks, and smooth long legs, and a well-curved belly.

Mary Lou shook her head.

“That’s not much, is it?”

“No,” Chandra whispered, miserably and almost inaudibly. She wished she could sink through the floor right away.

“Come, let’s try some of mine,” Mary Lou offered. “Wait!”

She searched expertly for a few specific items and handed them to Chandra.

“Try these!”

Chandra took them, rather shakily, and wanted to step behind the wardrobe door again, but Mary Lou quickly closed the door.

“Come on, take off those decent drawers and things. Let me help you!”

And she unhooked Chandra’s bra. Chandra timidly let it slide down her arms, and then removed her shoes, tights and panties. Then Mary Lou saw how beautiful she really was — even more beautiful than she had anticipated. Chandra apologetically asked Mary Lou for the bra she had selected.

“Here. It has front fastening, and it’s a long-liner — actually a kind of basque. Put your arms through the straps.”

Mary Lou held the piece of clothing around Chandra’s figure, exactly as tall as she was, and as Chandra held her arms back to put them through the straps Mary Lou felt to her excitement Chandra’s soft, virgin breasts against her own.

“I’ll fasten it for you. Come!”

She closed the basque with a red ribbon on small hooks. Chandra cautiously touched the smooth material and the luxuriant shoulder straps. Then she put on the matching briefs, which fitted well though they were so tight that they rather showed her vulva to advantage.

“Now these stockings. No, no — roll them first, and then put your toes in. Yes — that’s the way!”

While instructing Chandra, who was sitting on the bed with one leg pulled up, Mary Lou canlı poker oyna greedily looked at her bulging private parts, licking her lips but certain she shouldn’t rush her guest.

“Great! Now the other.”

Chandra put on the other stocking and stood up — a young goddess in Mary Lou’s eyes.

“Wait – I’ll fasten the straps. They should run between your briefs and your skin, like this. My — haven’t you smooth skin! So — that’s done. Now those shoes — yes, there’s a good girl — and there’s the mirror! You see? Don’t you look wonderful in those? And doesn’t it make you feel fine to show how beautiful you are instead of hiding it as much as possible?”

Chandra felt rather week in the knees — for she had enjoyed Mary Lou’s smooth fingers adjusting the suspender straps and she was afraid her crotch was slowly getting wet while she stepped up to the mirror and admired herself.

“You have such nice breasts — far too nice to imprison them in something like that –” and Mary Lou pointed at Chandra’s discarded cottons.

“Well, you know, I just can’t afford things like these,” Chandra regretfully said. “Things are expensive enough as it is, and I just wouldn’t know where to go, either.”

Mary Lou considered her position and then said, “I can help you, I think. I can get them at retail prices or lower, often at production costs — that’s why I have such a lot, really. Let’s have a go through them tomorrow, and I’ll get some for you, ok?”

“Yes, that would be great.” Chandra’s eyes sparkled and her face lit up in pleasurable anticipation, which made her even more desirable in Mary Lou’s eyes. “Er — do they keep well?”

“Oh yes, they do. I always wash everything by hand, you see.”

“And then spin-drying?”

“No,” Mary Lou said. “I squeeze the water out, in my fist, and then hang them to dry when they’re small, and I lay them on a towel when they’re big. And best of all…” She dried up half way her sentence and smiled.

“Well?” Chandra asked.

“Er, pardon?” Mary Lou said.

“Well, you were going to tell me the best way to dry your things — but you suddenly stopped.”

“Yes, well…” Mary Lou said, “er, you won’t think I’m weird or something?”

“Of course not. Promise,” Chandra said. She couldn’t imagine why Mary Lou should ask.

“And you won’t laugh at me or refuse to stay?”

Chandra shook her head impatiently. “Please tell me,” she said.

“Well, you see, when I’m alone here, I always dry a set on my body.”

Chandra raised her eyebrows questioningly. “You’ve found they stay best that way?”

“It certainly doesn’t do any harm to them,” Mary Lou said, “but I don’t know if they stay best — it’s simply the nicest way.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

Mary Lou sighed. “Shall I demonstrate it? Yes?”

Chandra nodded.

“Okay, then — come along to the bathroom.”

Mary Lou put an arm round Chandra’s naked shoulder again, and she felt Chandra shiver for suppressed joy at the skin-to-skin touch. They walked to the bathroom and Mary Lou turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. Then she kicked off her shoes and got into the bath.

“Take off your shoes and join me,” she said.

Slightly flabbergasted, Chandra stepped into the bath — to be immediately showered from shoulders to toes by Mary Lou.

“Now you must shower me,” she said.

Chandra, who felt the nylon underwear stick to her body, did as she was told.

“Okay, now turn it off, right?”

Chandra did, and Mary Lou produced a couple of towels.

“Now you dry yourself carefully, but not where you’re clothed — look! I can see your nipples quite sharply now. Ready? Let’s go back to the bedroom then. Come!”

They walked back. Mary Lou took Chandra’s hand and put it on her bottom, on the wet panties.

“Just feel,” she said.

Then she put an arm around Chandra and pulled her torso against her own. Chandra, who didn’t know what she was or wasn’t supposed to feel any longer, felt hot and she was very glad of the shower as the wet spot in her panties couldn’t show now.

Mary Lou closed the bedroom door.

“Let’s look at ourselves in the mirror,” she said. “Don’t you love this feeling — wet nylon clinging to those places where it matters most? And while it’s still wet, it’s really almost transparent! Look, you could count the hairs on you Venus’ mount. It certainly always gets me hot. I love to slump in front of the mirror and watch myself shove my long, red fingernails down the front of my panties, like this — and then push my cuntlips aside, and open my legs wide, and look at the soft, red skin inside, through the wet material, and then I find my nipples with my other hand, and tease them a bit, just through the cups of my dripping bra at first, and then under them, so — and often I have split-crotch panties on, and a dildo ready, and then I push the dildo down through the split, and tease myself till I come.”

Chandra had abandoned all prudishness and sat watching Mary Lou hungrily, noticing internet casino in the mirror that she rubbed her clitoris.

“What’s a dildo?” she asked.

Mary Lou got up and opened the large Chinese box on the bedside table. She took out two objects. She kept one of them out of sight, but the other was handed to Chandra. It was a big, rubber model of a bulbous penis with protuberant balls and a smooth, mushroom head. Her eyes grew wide.

“Do you mean that you could insert that into your vagina?” she asked in disbelief.

“Certainly,” Mary Lou said. “Perhaps not the first time, but yes, you certainly could.”

She lay down backwards on the quilt and, pulling the crotch of her panties apart, spread her legs.

“Try!” she said. “Go ahead!”

Rather dazed, Chandra felt the big, rubber prick with hr hands, and then she tentatively put the head against the soft, coral flesh exposed by Mary Lou. She hesitated.

“You’re so beautiful, you know,” she said. “Are you certain I won’t hurt you with this?”

“No, you couldn’t. You just push ahead.”

Very cautiously, Chandra pushed the head of the artificial prick against Mary Lou’s cunt. She felt with a trembling finger if she was in the right spot — the first time ever she touched anybody else’s sex — and then softly pushed. To her surprise it disappeared up to the balls with very little effort. The dark rubber end stuck obscenely from the white split-crotch panties and Mary Lou squirmed with pleasure. She hadn’t dared to hope Chandra would so willingly play along, and she hadn’t felt so sexy, so hot and so vulnerable for quite some time. Chandra tentatively moved the dildo up and down, and almost automatically stroked Mary Lou’s soft belly between the white underwear.

“Can I try it, too?” she said.

“I don’t think you should,” Mary Lou said. “You see, this really is a big one. But I have a smaller one you could try. If you want to, I’ll have to get you attuned to it a bit first, though.”

She pulled the dildo out of her sucking cunt and said, “Come on, then. Lie down in the middle of the bed — no, don’t take your things off — maybe I will — but we’ll see. Good. Here, you can look at it a bit, and try its shape, maybe even suck the head a little if it gets you in the mood — just please yourself.”

Trembling with excitement Chandra started to investigate the dildo while Mary Lou bent down over her. She pushed Chandra’s legs wide and hooked a finger round the crotch of her panties. Then she pulled it aside and with her long fingers peeled the soft, red slit open. She pushed a finger down the hole, and another one, and a third — and noticed to her enthusiasm that Chandra was quite wide enough for even the big dildo. But she wasn’t going to give that to her yet.

Chandra lay stunned by the new experience. She felt soft fingers caressing her clit, her buttocks, her labia — and she tried to imagine that there was a nice male attached to the dildo. Slowly and almost guiltily she ran her tongue round the rubber head which tasted of — she didn’t know, it wasn’t rubber… Then she realised it tasted of Mary Lou’s cunt and she almost came with excitement. Forgetting any feeling of guilt she licked the dildo clean — to Mary Lou’s joy; she watched Chandra doing it while she slowly pulled her panties down her lovely legs and almost ripped off her own. She felt her juice run down the inside of her legs, but she couldn’t care less, and bent down to tease Chandra’s most intimate flesh with her tongue, taste her as yet untasted love potion and smell her most private perfume.

Chandra lay rocking her hips, rolling her bottom, squirming on the quilt. She used the stiff rubber prick to rub her nipples through the indecently well-fitting basque and she moaned softly.

Then Mary Lou decided she was ready. She took the other dildo — a double one, long and flexible in the centre, with a nominally smaller, well-executed prick on each end, and asked Chandra to kneel on the bed on all fours, “Yes, here!” and then she lay the model prick on her palm, the head half-way her fingers, and with it she began rubbing the length of Chandra’s slit.

“H-h-how’s that?” she panted.

“Great. Hey, please… Put it in… Give it to me… Let me have it… Let me feel it down there!”

“Not yet! One moment,” Mary Lou groaned while watching the thing get more and more lubricated with Chandra’s oozing juices. She bent over Chandra’s back, rubbing her breasts against the wet basque, and kneaded Chandra’s pendulous breasts. Then, finally, she placed the tip against the hot opening and pushed it in, turned round quickly, with one leg between Chandra’s legs and the other next to hers, and let her own cunt sink round the other end.

Chandra came at once, in a prolonged series of small orgasms that last for almost ten minutes, and Mary Lou began to ride the prick inside her which made it move up and down Chandra’s love hole, too. And Chandra, who loved the feeling of that thing inside her, answered the rhythmic movement and paid her back in kind, which made Mary Lou come soon after — but she fucked on until she’d reached a second orgasm. Then she let the dildo slip out of her cunt, pulled it out of Chandra’s and turning around pulled Chandra on top of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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