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Public Sex

I’m Ron. I’m forty, an average sort of person, I suppose, although I have been accused of being arrogant at times. I’m divorced, long divorced, with two children. Cathy is currently living with her mother while Rick shifted in with me a year ago, as it’s more convenient for him while he’s at university.

I arrived home early from work one afternoon. There was a young lady sitting in the front room, watching TV. She was quite an attractive young lady, too. I silently congratulated Rick on his taste. I assumed that this was the wonderful Jessie Rick had raved about and she was waiting for him while he was getting changed or something. Unusual, these days. I wouldn’t have been surprised to find Rick’s girlfriend sitting on his bed watching while he changed.

I tapped on Rick’s door and stuck my head in to let him know I was home. It turned out that he was preoccupied and didn’t notice the tap on the door or me sticking my head around it. Neither did his preoccupation.

Rick’s preoccupation was female, and very attractive. I’d still give the young lady in the front room the prize, but Rick’s young lady was nice. Very nice. And I could see just what he saw in her because it wasn’t hidden by a lot of clothes. Or any clothes, for that matter. I suppose that was fair enough. If Rick was getting changed, he’d stopped at the undressed stage, and hadn’t got around to the dressing stage.

From the way Rick and his friend were familiarising themselves with each other’s body I assumed that it would be a while before either of them showed any interest in getting dressed.

The question that immediately came to mind was, if that was Rick’s girlfriend, who was the young lady in the front room? A spare? Curiosity dictated that I find out.

I tossed my briefcase, tie and jacket onto my bed and headed back to the front room.

“Good afternoon,” I said, walking into the front room. “I’m Ron, Rick’s father. And you are?”

The young lady jumped, looking startled and embarrassed. Probably because she suspected what was taking place in Rick’s bedroom.

“Um, I’m Melanie. I’m a friend of Rick’s. He’s, uh, getting changed. I’m just waiting for him.”

“Ah. Well, I’ll just go and hurry him up for you,” I offered, turning towards the door.

“No! Ah, that is, there’s no need. He’ll be out shortly.”

“I don’t mind. You know how boys are. He’ll drag on forever if not prompted. Quite frankly, they can be worse than girls at times.”

“No, no. Don’t disturb him,” Melanie said quickly, looking slightly worried.

“I don’t think I could disturb him right now,” I said smiling. “I glanced in when I first came past. Care to tell me what’s going on?”

Melanie blushed. She didn’t exactly know what was going on but she would probably have been able to make a wildly accurate guess.

“Um, I’m Jessie’s sister,” she mumbled. “I’m supposed to keep an eye on her while she’s out on a date.”

“Ah. You’re the chaperon, there to make sure they don’t do anything you wouldn’t do,” I suggested. “How old is your Jessie and how old are you, for that matter?”

“Jessie’s eighteen, so she’s an adult. I’m twenty. It’s just that my mother is a little over-protective at times and wants us to go out together to watch out for each other.”

“In this case, by steering fathers away so there won’t be an unwanted case of coitus interruptus. Somehow, I don’t think that’s what your mother intended.”

Melanie had a nice blush now. She looked away and didn’t say anything.

“So, you sit out here not knowing what takes place in the bedroom, and the TV being on loudly means that you won’t hear anything. Of course, it would also drown out any erenköy escort bayan cries, of ‘no, stop’ and ‘oh, how could you do this to me’.”

Melanie looked indignant.

“Rick wouldn’t hurt her. He’s nice. If she told him to stop, he would. Not,” she added carefully, “that I can see Jessie telling him to stop. I think she’s more likely say ‘again, please’.”

“I’ll go along with your assessment of Rick,” I agreed, “and I don’t know Jessie so it would be rude of me to comment. Actually, I wasn’t wondering if the TV would drown out Jessie’s noise, as such, as wondering if it’s loud enough to drown out yours.”


“Yes. Seeing Rick and Jessie preparing for action had got me highly aroused, and you’re the only person available to help me out. I thought it might be fun to demonstrate to you what I think your mother wanted to prevent happening.”

Melanie blinked as she digested this. Then she sat up a little straighter.

“Are you saying that you’re going to try to have sex with me?” she asked, sounding shocked.

“I do like a girl who’s quick on the uptake,” I murmured.

“Really? And am I also to infer from your comments that if I say no you’ll try to force me?”

“You could infer that,” I said thoughtfully, “But, unfortunately, I think not.”

“Unfortunately?” Melanie sounded slightly shocked.

“Mmm. I’d love to pin you down, strip your clothes off, and ravish you, while you struggled helplessly beneath me, but Rick and Jessie might come out before I’ve finished and I’m supposed to set Rick a good example. Raping his girlfriend’s sister may not be considered quite the thing to do.”

Melanie was looking slightly stunned now.

“Do you mean you’d actually try to rape me if Rick and Jessie weren’t here?”

“Do or do not. There is no try.” I grinned at her.

“An interesting question which I’m very much afraid will remain unresolved. A question that can be resolved is whether you’re going to stroll down to my bedroom with me so I can entertain you in comfort or if you’re going to be happy with a quickie here and now?”

“I don’t even know you. Why would you think that I’d go to your bedroom?” Melanie demanded, looking indignant that I’d even suggest such a thing.

“Well, if I don’t ask I won’t get an answer, now will I?”

I strolled over to where she was sitting. She was, I’d noticed, wearing yoga pants or tights. I’m not sure which as I’m damned if I can tell the difference. Before Melanie quite caught onto what I intended, I bent down, took hold of the tights at the waist band and tugged them firmly down, lifting her slightly so that they slid around her bottom and down.

By the time she caught on I had them, and her panties, down to her knees.

Melanie gave a squeal of horror.

“No, stop,” she protested, following up with, “Oh, how could you do that?” when the tights and panties came right off.

I tossed the tights and panties onto the couch next to her. She was glaring at me, hands cupped protectively over her lap.

“You know, those are almost the exact words that I forecast being uttered,” I said. “It was actually quite easy. Move your hands and move your legs apart. I want to see you.”

“You’re mad. No way am I doing that.”

“Why not?”

“Why not? Why do you think why not? I’m not flashing my pussy for anyone. Give me my clothes back.”

“Um, you’ve already got them back,” I pointed out, indicating that they were on the couch next to her. “May I suggest that instead of putting them on, you stand up and bend over the end of the couch?”

“So you can take etiler escort bayan advantage of me? You can’t be serious.”

If Melanie had been standing she would probably have been jumping up and down in rage.

“Of course I’m serious,” I said. “Why would I ask if I’m not serious? You know you want to. It’s just that you’re worried because this is the first time we’ve met and you think I’m going too fast. But I say why waste time when we know what we want?”

“Huh. You may want it but that makes one of us. Move away. I want to get dressed.”

“I’ll make you a bet,” I offered. “You’re wet, and probably have been since you realised that Rick was getting lucky. I lay you fifty that if I check I’ll find you hot and wet and ready.”

“Take your bet and stick it,” Melanie growled. “There’s only one way to resolve it and it ain’t happening.”

Melanie picked up her tights and panties and turned them the right way around.

“Do you mind turning your back so that I can get dressed again?” she demanded.

“Yes, I mind. Why should I miss the scenery?”

Pointedly not looking at me, Melanie slipped her panties back on. For someone in a hurry to get dressed she certainly made a production of it. She reached for her tights, but I interrupted before she started to draw them on.

“We’re running out of time,” I told her. “By the time you put those on and then have to wait for me to remove then again so that I can properly seduce you Rick and Jessie will have finished their playing and be coming this way. I won’t have time to properly service you before they’re here and we wouldn’t want to set a bad example. Perhaps you’d better come up to my room now. I can at least lock the door.”

“Huh. That’s what you think. They’ll be in there for most of the afternoon,” Melanie scoffed, still fiddling with her tights.

“Oh, dear. You shouldn’t have told me that. The only reason I don’t already have you transfixed on my cock is because I thought they’d be out shortly. If they’re going to be a while we might as well have our fun now.”

“Do you mean you’ve just been teasing me and had no intention of having sex with me?” demanded Melanie in a very indignant voice.

“By no means. If you’d come up to my bedroom like I suggested you would have found out just how serious I am. I just had no intention of taking you here with company expected.”

I smiled at her, reached over and plucked the tights from her hand, tossing them to the side again.

“With no company expected, things are a little different. Stand up.”

My voice was no longer teasing but telling her. OK. So sometimes I can be a little arrogant and expect people to jump when I use a certain tone of voice.

Melanie stood up, looking a trifle nervous.

I turned her to face the couch and had her bend over it. Her panties went down for the second time and my hand slipped between her legs and cupped her.

“Oh, now, come on,” she said in a half laugh, half groan. “You’re not really going to have sex with me right here and now, are you?”

I was rubbing her pussy, and I could feel the heat within it.

“Yes, I am, unless you do something to stop me, like saying no.”

Melanie groaned again when my fingers dipped into her, easing past her lips and probing further, hinting at untold delights to follow.

“You can’t be doing this,” she protested. “I don’t know you, damn it.”

“But what a fun way to get to know me.”

She was hot and wet and my hand was teasing her unmercifully. She squirmed under my touch and I could feel her pushing against my hand, seeking a more göztepe escort bayan solid contact.

I unzipped, slowly and noisily, giving her a chance to say stop, but she stood mute, just rubbing herself against my hand, breathing deeply. I slipped my erection between her legs, letting it rub backwards and forwards against her, pressing against her lips, persuading her lips to spread and flower, the cleft in her flesh widenimg to encourage my access.

I pressed my cock up between her lips where her cleft glistened with moisture, using her body oils to help me slide into her, listening for that word that did not come.

When I was firmly in Melanie I paused, holding myself hard against her. She seemed to give this odd little shudder, pushing back against me.

“I cannot believe that I’m doing this,” she grumbled. “This is insane. You’re insane. Or I am. How did this happen, anyway?”

“Like this,” I said, pushing firmly but slowly against her and then starting to withdraw.

“And like this,” I added, pushing slowly in again.”

Melanie gave a small groan and pushed back, meeting my slow drive into her, upping the speed a little. We moved against each other, parting and reconnecting, each movement a little faster, a little harder than the one before. My hand darted up under her top to unhook her bra with my arms going around her as I claimed my new prize.

Holding her breasts I started to really drive home, pumping hard, with Melanie gasping and making eager little squealing noises as we ground together.

Things were going well. We came together again and again, our arousal and excitement increasing with every stroke. I don’t know about Melanie but I was burning with need. Every movement I made was telling me to do more, to dominate this woman, to take her, brand myself upon her so she would never forget.

I’d be climaxing soon, I knew it. I disengaged. Ignoring Melanie’s frantic protests I pushed her down onto the couch, laying her on her back. Then I was driving down onto her, her arms and legs raised to wrap around me and draw me closer.

As I plunged back into Melanie, her desperate little pleas of need changed to gasps of satisfaction as I proceeded to ravish her body, showing her who her master was, dictating the terms of her surrender, unconditional. She yielded sweetly, letting me have my moment of dominance.

Then I was moving faster, need surging through me, my need heightening her need, both of us racing towards our individual but mutual climaxes, our bodies in desperate need of that final satisfaction. I ejaculated into her, crashing hard into her, feeling her clinging to me as she climaxed. My mouth frantically covered hers; swallowing her screams so that only a muffled echo remained.

I lay on her, crushing her against the couch, until she stirred and pushed at me, telling me to move. Reluctantly I did so and she sat up, and gave me a look. Patented feminine look number three, I think it was. You’ll know it if you ever see it. Designed to make you feel like a naughty boy who has got away with something, but only because she has chosen to let you get away with it.

I smiled back at her, a picture of masculine innocence, if such a thing exists.

“Mad,” she muttered. “I must have been mad.”

She grabbed her tights and panties and headed for the bathroom. I tidied myself and sat on the couch, changing the TV to a game show. A few minutes later Melanie returned, looking immaculate again. She picked up the remote and switched back to her soap opera, quietly daring me to protest. I watched the soap opera.

It was quite a while before Rick and Jessie came wandering out.

“Oh, dad,” said Rick. “I didn’t know you were home.”

“Well, you do now. You’ve been neglecting one of your guests, haven’t you?” I said, indicating Melanie.

“Ah, Jessie and I got to talking while Melanie was watching TV and I guess the time sort of slipped away.”

“Mmm,” I grunted. “Should have had Melanie with you. People may get the wrong idea if you’re in the bedroom alone.”

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