Charlie and Angel Ch. 01

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Its you and I, out somewhere….maybe eating and talking in a dimly lit place that we like. You look beautiful, that sexual light shining on you. Your hair sways while you laugh with that perfect smile…everything about you drives me crazy, and nights like this always make me think: “This woman loves me…..I can make love to her….later I will make love to her.”

We eat, discuss dessert and decide as usual to bring it home where we can share it by the fire later. We exchange a few kisses as we wait for the check and as always your smell and taste gets me warm and wanting you. Under the table you touch my thigh with those warm and strong hands, letting your fingers brush over the growing hardness in my pants. Kissing you will always do that to me.

In the car we kiss more deeply…I can feel you heating up and the kisses become more hungry and desperate. I kiss you hard now, my hand firmly grasping your head and pulling you towards me, sucking your tongue into my mouth and tasting your breath….breathing you into me….God I love you. Your hand has found me again, big and hard now. I want to be inside you…deep and hard, thrusting into you and making you melt over me. I say: “Lets go Angel, I want you”. You say with that sly smile: “What are we going to do tonight baby?” I lean into you, whisper in your ear: “Angel, I want to take you home and fuck you for hours, I’m going to make you cum a hundred times.”

This is fine with you and we fly home, kissing at the red lights, groping eachother whenever we can. I can already feel your wet pussy sliding down onto my cock. It’s killing me. I can feel your heat through your panties…your skirt is hiked up to your waist and I feel your hot wetness through the silk.

We get stuck in a bit of traffic and while waiting, you lean over and tell me that you need to have my cock in your mouth….now. You unzip me and we don’t care who sees us, nothing matters. You take me out and stroke me, slowly, but firmly, up and down until im ready to explode in your hand. soğanlık escort bayan You look down at it and see that expected shiny drop of cum on the tip and give me a greedy look just before you take my whole shaft into your mouth all the way to the bottom, squeezing my balls in your hand as you suck me deep into your throat. I can barely sit still as you slide your lips up and down me, sliding your tongue over the head before plunging back down again. You know this is killing me and look up at me and smile. I tell you that I’m going to cum if you keep this up and you nod your head on me, telling me that you want to taste my cum in your mouth, on your lips. You know that later there will be more for you, always more because only you have the power to do this to me. You suck on my head and lick the underside and sides until I fill your mouth with hot cum, more than you can swallow…some runs out of the corner of your mouth and you slide your lips down to catch it, squeezing my balls rhythmically, pumping it out of me, slurping me up.

As we drive the short distance home, you lean back in your seat with your legs spread, touching yourself, spreading your wet lips and rubbing your clit for me. I can smell your wetness as you put your fingers inside….those red nails coming out slick and glossy with your juices. You’re moaning, but tell me that you don’t want to cum yet, you want to be wet and ready when I enter you.

When I get you home I’ll make love to you, ravage you, devour you and yes, I will fuck you. However you want it, as many times as you want it.

We drag eachother into the house shedding our clothes on the way into our room. I lay you on the desk. Theres not much on it, I’ve fucked you on this desk a hundred times. I can’t resist tasting you and I plunge my face into your crotch. You thighs are wet, your pussy is hot and dripping. I love to lick your outer lips where you shave them then run my tongue from the top of your slit ümraniye escort bayan down as deep into your hole as I can. I find your clit with my tongue and suck it betwen my lips and flick my tongue over its smoothness. My fingers find you and I put two inside you, feeling your wet textures inside and feeling you move and grind onto my hand while licking and sucking you.

You tell me that you need me inside you and I stand up, spread your legs as wide as I can and look down at my cock and inch away from your wet box knowing how it will feel to push it into you…knowing how you’ll moan and gasp as I fuck you all night long. I rub the head up and down your wet slit a few times, teasing you, but not entering you yet. You thrust your hips at me, trying to get me in you so I put the head inside you and just feel your heat on me before I push it in you all the way in one deep thrust. When I do I feel that magic spot with the head of my cock and leave it there for a second and look at you with that sexy, surprised expression. I’ll see that again and again tonight.

I’m fucking you deep and slow now, all the way in, all the way out, occasionally pulling out and sliding it up and down your pussy and clit then pumping into you again. You tell me that you’re going to cum and I know it, when you do its with me as deep into you as I can get, my cock pressing on that spot in you, feeling it pulse with the orgasms that you’re having. You cum over and over again, looking radiant and beautiful as you shake your head from side to side, your hair flowing around your face and neck. And the sounds you make… God.

I keep sliding in and out of you as you settle and we echange comments and looks. You tell me you want me in your mouth again and gesture for me to come along side you. You grab my dripping wet cock and pull it toward your face and take me into your mouth. Your lips are wet and soft and your tongue licking the bottom of the shaft is driving aksaray escort me crazy. I’m thusting in and out of your mouth now, looking down into your eyes burning hot, my hands on the sides of your face and running along your neck and breasts, squeezing them in time with the thrusts.

I have to be inside you again and you sit up and take me to the bed where I come behind you and kiss the back of your neck and shoulders. My cock is buried in the crack of your ass and you tell me: “I want your cock in my ass, I want you to cum deep in my ass mister…fuck me in my ass.”

You kneel on the edge of the bed and I stand behind you. Your pussy is wetter than ever and I can’t resist ramming into you from behind, my hands on your hips pulling you back onto me over and over. You look back at me over your shoulder and tell me that you love it, it’s never felt so good, you want me to pound you. You’re so wet and ready….I put a wet finget tip on your asshole and rub it around before slowly slipping it in. I can feel my cock going in and out with my finger in your ass. You’re begging me now to fuck you in the ass, so I pull out of your soaking pussy and put the head of my cock there and push it slowly into you. We pause…you relax to let me in and I slide it half way into you. It feels hot and tight, we groan with the pleasure and taboo of this. Slowly I go deeper and deeper until you’re bucking back onto me and I’m pushing all the way into you over and over. I have a hand full of your hair in one hand, tugging back on you, making you ride me harder and harder. We are both going to cum soon and it’s going to be big, we both know it…it always is like this. I can see my slick cock sliding in and out of your ass in the candle light and that’s all I can stand. I tell you that I’m going to cum…..beg you to cum with me baby….cum for me baby. When you cum it’s like an earthquake, you shake and scream and when I cum the pleasure is unbearable as I fill your ass with hot, thick cum that never seems to stop. It runs out and down the inside of your legs. I pull out of you and shoots some on your ass and back before I plunge back into you. We slow down and keep moving together, all the way in and all the way out a few more times. You look at me over one beautiful, brown shoulder and tell me that you love me. With my cock still buried deep in your ass I tell you that I love you too Angel, more than anything on earth.

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