Chasing Miss Adventure – Bali Ch. 03

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The night had been spent in John’s room. The sex had been hungry, hard, the air filled with their moans and the heady smell of sweat and lust. But the morning was rushed, awkward. Marie had to run back to her room to shower and dress for her first seminar. Her schedule was full, her breaks few and far between. As she hopped into her yoga pants, struggling to pull them over her ass, she begged for his forgiveness. She was not rushing away from him, yes, she wanted to see him again, desperately, but no, she couldn’t say when. Evenings, nights, soon, before he leaves, before she leaves, don’t leave without saying goodbye…The door shut and John was left alone in his bed, stunned by the night, grinning like a fool. No, he was not leaving without seeing her again.

He spent the morning aimlessly wandering around the small resort, dipping his toes in the pool, sitting on the terrace that overlooked the jungle-covered hills and the distant sea. He caught himself looking for her, trying to figure out where she was, which conference room housed her.

He cursed himself for acting like a lovestruck teenager. He wasn’t going to waste his vacation moping around a hotel. He grabbed a book and rented a moped. He left a message for Marie at the front desk. He could be found in the hammocks by the beach, if she had a break.

He read his book and munched on some local treats bought from the beach vendors. He had slept a bit, swinging gently in his hammock, the ocean breeze cool in the heat of the day. All and all it was a very successful day of vacationing.

The sun was low in the darkening sky when Marie appeared by his hammock.

“Hello,” she said cheerfully, “I got the note you left at the front desk.”

John smiled broadly. She was standing besides him, one hand on the hammock, dressed in a loose black dress with some exotic print in overlapping grays. John sat up in his hammock, his book on his lap.

“Well hello! Are you done with your day?” He asked hopefully.

“God no. We have break and Marissa was driving down here to grab some food. I thought I’d hitch a ride and come and say hi,” she replied.

“That’s too bad. So when are you done?”

“Late tonight. But..” she said, sitting on the edge of the hammock. She pushed one of his feet to the side so that she could slide into a seated position in the hammock, facing him. She crossed her legs, tenting her dress over her knees. “Tomorrow,” she continued, “the girls are all going on a road trip to a ruin in the jungle. It’s a guided tour, and anybody can join. Would you be interested in joining me on a nice cultural tour?”

John smiled. “Are you asking me out on a date?” He asked, teasing.

Marie actually blushed. “I’m asking you to join me on a trip,” she replied, squirming but smiling.

John shifted, sliding his legs on either side of Marie’s hips. He pulled her closer, shifting her legs so that they draped over his knees and around his waist. He circled his arms around her waist. The hammock slung low, sliding them closer to each other until they were nose to nose.

“I would love to join you on a nice cultural tour of local ruins,” said John. “I think it would make a lovely first date. Very romantic of you to suggest it.” He grinned.

Marie gave him a little punch on the shoulder.

“You’re making fun of me,” she said, mock angry.

“Never,” he said, before leaning in for a kiss.

Marie half closed her eyes as his lips touched hers. A tiny moan escaped her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him tighter. Their tongues darted out, finding each other, swimming against each other as they kissed hungrily. John pulled Marie higher on his lap so that she was sitting on his hips, their bodies pressed together.

Marie finally broke the kiss, resting her head against his shoulder, the two of them gently swinging in the hammock.

“Marissa is going to be back any second. I just wanted to see you again for a bit. I hated leaving you this morning,” she said, raising her face to his.

John brushed his nose against hers before leaving a gentle peck on her lips.

“I hated seeing you leave. It felt wrong to be apart.”

“Are we behaving like teenagers?” She asked, smiling. “I’m not usually so mushy so quickly”

“I wasn’t going to say anything, but..” He said, cheeky.”But yes, we are behaving like teenagers, and no, that’s not a bad thing. And,…no, this is not normal for me either. But…I also don’t want to fight it.”

“No,” she said, kissing him briefly. “And now I have to go.”

She started to shift away from him to throw her leg over his.

“Wait,” he said quickly.

With a sly grin he pushed the hem of her dress back, enough to reveal her panties. Black and cotton.

“Just checking,” he said with a satisfied smile on his mug. “I like to know these things.”

“Play your cards right and you won’t have to peep to know the color of my panties,” she said as she stood up. “You, ” she said, smoothing her dress, ” cihangir escort are a dirty old man.”

“Yes,” he agreed. “Well, I don’t know about old..”

“I love the salt and pepper in your hair,” she said, giving him a quick peck on the lips, “Yeah, you’re old.”

“Well shit. My old ass is staying in this hammock then. I’ll just day dream about robbing the cradle.”

“You already did,” she said, sashaying away.

“Couple times last night, if I remember correctly,” he said, mostly to himself, smiling broadly.

He watched Marie walk up the sandy embankment to a waiting car, watching the sway of her hips under the dress. Yep, he thought, it’s going to be fun.

The bus was rumbling and swaying down the rough roads leading deeper into the jungle. The tourists inside were staring wide eyed at the vistas that opened up from time to time as the road cut through the hills, revealing the lush steep flanks of the Balinese mountains and, glimpsed between round peaks, the ocean.

A good two thirds of the tourists were part of the seminar that Marie worked for, an eclectic mix of middle aged women on their way to self discovery and business acumen. They talked excitedly about the visit to the ruins, the view and the occasional monkey that flashed through the trees.

Safely ensconced in the back of the bus, John and Marie huddled out of view, hands in each other’s laps. Marie had snuggled close to hear as John talked about his past, what had brought him to Bali, alone. He had spoken of his recent divorce, his desire to restart his life on a surer, and happier footing. Marie in turn had described her life as a traveling teacher and coach, never fully settling down anywhere, either emotionally or physically. She was resigned to being single for the rest of her life, having never found a man willing to share her desire for freedom and travel.

There had been a lot of unspoken words and pregnant pauses during the ride, each unwilling to say the words they knew the other wanted to hear. It was too soon, too new. The bubble could burst at any moment, and then what good would those declarations have been anyway? Silence was better sometimes. So they held hand instead.

The bus finally rattled to a stop in what looked like the middle of the jungle. A single post marked the spot where a path led down to a small river. A trail, well used and neatly marked, lead the group of tourists towards the jungle covered ruins of an ancient Balinese temple.

John and Marie hung back, away from the main group, happy to walk nearly alone along the river. John was dressed in his usual shorts and shirt, though this time he had brought a hat and a small backpack filled with water and snacks. Marie had put on shorts and a tank top, getting teasing references to Lara Croft. Without the boobs, Marie had retorted sarcastically.

The old temple was half devoured by the jungle, the stone steps and terraces crumbling under the assault of vines as thick as a man’s thigh. The walls were covered in statues of demons and mythical animals in a long stone ribbon that wrapped around the building.

Marie climbed up the stairs, hauling herself up and over loose blocks of stone that had fallen from a higher level. John followed close by, trying no to lose her in the chaos of stone and vegetation. They could hear the rest of the group, but very quickly they were cut off from view as they climbed over and through the ruined temple.

Marie stopped in front of a section of wall where the sculptures had been preserved particularly well. A single giant face covered the wall, a grinning demon whose hair curled across the wall, smaller demons and figures nestled within it. Each face was carefully carved, full of emotions, full of rage or fear.

“Wow,” said John as he stopped at Marie’s side.

“This is incredible..” whispered Marie, mostly to herself. “Pretty damn spooky.”

“Yeah..but it’s meant to protect,” said John. “These are the protective spirits, so they have to be fierce to scare off the evil spirits.”

“Fighting fire with fire..” Said Marie.


John moved closer to the wall, walking along it as he looked at the details of the carving. Marie joined him, resting her hand on the small of his back.

John turned to her, smiling at the touch. They suddenly found themselves very close, Marie’s hand on his waist. John reached up to gently brush his hands across her temples, pulling her red hair back. He pulled her face closer, his lips brushing against hers.

“God you turn me on..” He whispered hoarsely, pulling her closer.

Marie gently cupped his growing erection through his shorts.

“Is that really for me?” She asked, half laughing and half incredulous. “I didn’t do anything!”

“You don’t have to do anything,” he replied, smiling, his eyes fixed in hers, “just stand there breathing, that’s all I need.”

“Well, ” she said, giving his hardened cock a squeeze, esenyurt escort “we’re not fucking on a ruin surrounded by my students.”

“Is it the ruins or the students? Because I can get rid of the students.” He replied.

She laughed. “And how are you going to do that?”

“I’m going to yell shark. It usually works at the beach,” he said, deadpan.

“You’re an idiot,” she said laughing.

“You have to admit, they would be surprised to see a shark, and they would run away!”

Marie laughed as she walked away from John, shaking her head. “Come on,” she called out to him, “I want to see the rest of the ruins!”

They climbed the stone steps for a few more hours, sharing the old temple with the vines and the monkeys. The rest of the group was scattered along the lower levels of the complex, leaving John and Marie to scale the crumbling towers. From there they could see the broken bones of the temple scattered amongst the jungle, hinting at what had been a vast and thriving community, as ancient as it was alien.

By the time the group made their way back to the bus, the sun was setting. The mood was far more subdued this time. Everyone was tired. They had had a picnic by the river, provided by the tour, which had consisted of a strange Balinese version of an American lunch. John and Marie had instead eaten of the grilled fish a local vendor was hawking. It had been delicious and greasy, spiced with coconut and sharp herbs. There had been wild laughter as they chased each other around in the river under the pretext of washing hands and faces in the slow moving waters.

They collapsed on the back seat of the bus, back in their far corner and away from everyone. The bus came to life and slowly made its way back towards the hotel, weaving around the hillside in the darkening dusk.

Marie was leaning against John, her head on his shoulder as they held hands. After a few minutes of silent travel, Marie tilted her head up to speak softly to John.

“Is it true I turn you on that easily?” She whispered.

“Yeah,” he replied.

Marie smiled and rested her head on his shoulder again. The bus continued on its rumbling journey, the passengers lulled into a comfortable stupor. Marie let her hand drop on John’s lap.

She brushed her hand across his thigh, back and forth, almost absent-mindedly. After a few strokes, her fingers found the soft rise of his cock under his shorts. She paused there, John’s breath suddenly tight. His heart was booming against her ear as she nestled deeper into the crook of his shoulder.

Moving only her fingers, she traced the shape of his cock under the thin fabric. She circled the head of it, feeling the shaft grow thick under her palm. She continued stroking it as it grew, holding it gently as it grew longer, harder, until her hand could not cover it anymore.

Still without moving or looking up at John, Marie slowly, silently, pulled at the buttons of John’s shorts. One by one they released, revealing the dark curls of his lower belly. His cock, trapped in the leg of his shorts, was still hidden.

Marie sat up as if to stretch, looking around the bus. No one was looking at them. There was no one near them, and most were dozing off anyway. With a single glance at John, a small wicked smile on her lips, Marie returned to her position, her head curled in the crook of his shoulder, her legs pulled up.

Her fingers returned to his lower belly. She played with the short curls that peeked out of John’s shorts, listening as his breath became deeper, his arm tighter around her. After a few moments, she slid her hand into his shorts, following the soft shaft of his dick, taking it in her hand to gently pull it up and free.

Marie held it in her palm, barely moving the skin back and forth along the shaft. Her eyes remained fixed on it, enjoying the sight of it, the warmth of it. She looked up at John, a teasing smile on her lips.

“You look happy to see me,” she joked softy.

“Very,” he replied, licking his lips with nervous anticipation.

Marie kept her eyes fixed on John’s face as her hand started to move up and down along the shaft of his cock, increasing the previous tempo.

“What do you want me to do?” She asked softly, grinning.

“Whatever you want, what you’re doing..” He replied breathlessly.

She sat up a bit, never letting go of his cock. She brought her lips to his ear.

“Do you want me to suck your cock? Right here in the bus?” She asked softly.

John could only nod, biting his lips as her hand slid around the shaft of his cock.

Marie gave him a last smile before checking around her again, making sure that she was invisible to everyone on the bus. Satisfied, she curled up in John’s lap.

Marie brought John’s cock to her mouth, holding it by the base as she enveloped the swollen head between her lips. John tried hard to suppress a moan, but Marie could feel his whole body tighten for a second etiler escort bayan as his cock slid across her tongue.

Marie let herself drool over the soft head, her fingers pulling at the lubricating fluid until her palm was slick with it. She continued to hold the tip of his cock in her mouth, her tongue sliding around it, teasing the fold. Her hand started to move in longer strokes, slick now, sliding along the thick shaft.

John let his hand fall back, his hand resting softly on Marie’s shoulder. He didn’t dare move for fear of disturbing her rhythm. All he could do was close his eyes and let the feelings wash across his cock, from root to tip, from his cock to his brain, his whole body caving into her mouth.

The bumpy ride pushed his cock deeper into her mouth, which she took, letting his cock slide in halfway up. She pulled back then plunged back in, taking it deep in her mouth. John’s toes curled as the wet heat engulfed his cock. Marie pulled back and let her hand take over, using the new slickness to pick up her rhythm, now pumping her hand along the full length of the shaft as she tongued the tip again.

Marie could feel John tighten under her mouth. He was starting to pump up, driving his cock into her slick hand. She increased her tempo, hungry now for his cum. John was desperately trying to be quiet as he felt his balls tighten, the tip of his cock swell as his orgasm approached.

He grabbed at Marie’s shoulder, holding on to her, trying to warn her. She just redoubled her effort, her hand pumping up and down, her tongue swirling. She wanted his cum, wanted to taste him.

He obliged.

With a silent grunt he emptied his balls in her mouth, coating her tongue with his sweet and thick semen. She took it all, letting it slide across her tongue before swallowing spurt after spurt. A part of her mind was glad the resort was so free with the morning pineapple juice. John’s cum tasted sweet and, to her, delicious. She kept his cock in her mouth until John stopped shaking under her. She held it there, feeling it soften under her tongue.

Finally she sat up, grinning. She gave a quick look around, making sure that no one had seen them. But the bus was even darker now, the other passengers dozing off. She turned back to John, her hand still on his cock, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

John grinned and chuckled as he caught his breath, looking at her adoringly. He reached out to her.

“What about you?” He asked softly.

“I can wait. We’re not done here,” she stated.

“Come here,” he said, pulling her on to his lap. She let go of his cock for a moment so that she could sit across his legs, sitting side straddle. His cock, which was hardening again, poked up between her legs, bumping agains the crotch of her shorts.

They exchanged a look.

Marie looked around again. Her head was sticking up above the seats now, but her body was completely hidden. She quickly unbuttoned her shorts and, with John’s help, pulled them down to mid thigh. Her legs were trapped by her shorts, unable to open, so her thighs were held closed. It was a bit of a struggle, and much quiet giggling was had, but Marie sat down again and there, against the soft and bare skin of her ass, was John’s hard cock.

She reached down to grab hold of it, raising her ass enough to slip it between her thighs, to slide the tip of it across the lips of her sex, drawing herself open. Finally his cock slid across the entrance of her pussy, already slick and waiting. Marie let herself fall onto John’s lap, impaling herself on his cock.

Marie moaned briefly at the sudden rush of pleasure. John pulled her close, encircling her in his arms, his forehead against her temple. They paused for a second, each savoring the sensation that their union had caused. John started to push with his hips, moving an inch or so, their position preventing him from having any more range of motion. It was a delicious torture for Marie. Her pussy felt full, stretched, hungry for more sensation. And yet the small motions were tiny enough to preserve that initial sense of embracing his cock with her pussy.

The bus came to their aid, bumping along the road. John relaxed and let the motion the bus rock Marie back and forth, the bumps lifting her up and down from time to time. John was not going to cum again, he knew that, despite the delicious feelings that were spreading from his cock. So he focussed on her pleasure instead. He slipped a finger between her tightly closed thighs, resting the pad of a single finger against her clit.

That was enough for Marie. His finger, caught as it was, barely moved and simply provided a pressure point against which her clit rolled. Marie felt as if her lower belly swelled, filled on the inside by John’s cock, and filled from the outside by the rushing pleasure from her clit. Pressure was building up, slowly, pushed by the irregular tremors of the moving bus, by the steady finger on her clit.

They turned their faces to each other other, awkwardly kissing from their sideways position. John held her head and started to kiss her neck and ear instead. Marie simply shut her eyes and, mouth half opened, her breath ragged, let the pleasure of the moment sweep her away. John felt as the fluid from Marie’s pussy started to flow, covering the base of his shaft, trickling down to his balls.

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