Chastity Trap Ch. 01

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Lindsey, Mike’s step sister always had friends round. She was a popular, sexy 19 year old college chick who all the girls liked and all the guys had a thing for. Her dazzling smile, smooth perfect curves and stylish black hair all made her into an alluring goddess who looked and behaved way beyond her years. Her closest friend Jessica was equally gorgeous, golden blonde with a stunning body and a warm smile that could melt even the steeliest of people. She was also 19 and the two had been friends since early years of school.

Mike had first met Lindsey when he was aged 15, and she was 16. At the time he had been hooked by her figure and her obvious good looks but sworn to control himself around her. He tried to make it as normal as he could and to treat her as a sister with some success over the two years they had been related. It had not always been easy.

Now Mike was 18 and she was 19 the two were getting on well, and had grown used to the arrangement.

Particularly on days like this- the sun shining and ten or eleven hot, scantily clad college girls using the pool in the back yard, Lindsey among them and even with all the others to contend with, her and Jessica stuck out as being extra sexy, with an edge to their looks and manor. Mike did the sensible thing on days like these and kept out of the way as far as it was polite to do so.

Himself, he had always been a good student and reasonably popular in his year, with a few close friends and several others who knew and liked him. About six foot with short brown hair and in decent shape, he had done quite well with girls too, but his modest personality meant he was never a jock or one of the well known guys. To Lindsey’s friends he was her shy cute younger brother. Jessica had always liked him and got on well with him, she loved the effect she had on him too, taking advantage of his reserved nature. She would casually flirt with him when she felt like teasing and having a bit of fun.

Over the last few months Mike had begun to struggle around her and today he was hoping to lie low and get away with avoiding her for today. Her teasing style had grown almost unbearable for him to the point where he began to long for her to do more than just flirt, yet at the same time he knew she was more or less out of his reach and that she only did it for his amusement. He had seen her with various guys, although she had a boyfriend, Mark, now and seemed more settled with him. That made him jealous. Once, he was coming down the stairs when everyone was over and the two were in the hallway, Mark had his back to the stairs but Jessica could see him.

She quickly pulled Mark into a steamy embrace, kissing and softly biting his neck and lips, her hands brazenly caressing his crotch. As she kissed her way down his neck she looked mischievously up at Mike and winked. He blushed and turned to leave, totally turned on and extremely jealous. They both knew who held the power.

Later that day she ‘accidentally’ brushed her bikini clad ass up against him as he left the toilet and then looked accusingly at him. Mike started to apologise on for her to laugh and give him a playful slap. Her gleeful, innocent nature made him feel guilty even if she was the one intentionally teasing him, each time he fell a bit more for her glamorous, sexy style.

Today, so far he had managed to sit it out in his room and play some grand theft auto. He would occasionally sneak a glance outside, trying to see Jessica or his stunning step sister- as time went on his self control around her was limited too, but he managed by way of a very clever, if painful tactic.

A few months ago, the two of them had been curled up on the sofa watching a film. Mike’s cock eventually got hard as her scent and sheer sexiness overwhelmed his senses. She nearly saw it, Mike moved quickly to avert such a crisis. He somehow managed to get off the sofa and kindly offer her a drink, all without her seeing it. He had grabbed his dick from the inside of his pocket and pulled it to one side. He reckoned he had got away with it, but knew he couldn’t run the risk again.

Later that night he ordered a chastity belt online. He would wear it when he thought there was a risk. It would be very painful of he did het hard, but crucially he would be avoiding a potential humiliation. He also held the key, so as soon as it was safe he could free himself easily. For a month now, he had used this tactic and it had worked. Not always easy, especially when Jessica decided to flirt or tease, and seeing his sister around the house would wear down his self control too. Both these factors would leave him in immense pain, but that was better than a huge hard on sticking out and leaving him humiliated. He knew that was what both would enjoy doing to him. While he got on with them, he felt that Jessica in particular had a certain glee in making him frustrated or embarrassed.

Today Jessica was in an energetic mood and came bounding in to the kitchen where Mike was getting a drink.

“Hey Mikey, hows poker oyna it going?” She smiled playfully, her skimpy bikini leaving little to the imagination. His eyes wandered onto her firm toned body. She made eye contact with him and laughed at his discomfort at being caught. And although she didn’t know it, the chastity was hurting him too.

“Ah, very well thanks, you want a drink?” He offered.

“Sure sweetie,” she wandered over to him as he grabbed a beer out of the fridge for her.

“Thanks honey,” she pulled him into a hug.

“Its been too long, and your growing into such as fine young man,” she flirted, her perfect eyes gazing into him. She let her finger run down his arm and patted his backside. Mike grimaced as his chastity gripped.

“I’m quite impressed, your not a little dork anymore are you?” She grinned.

“Uh, guess not,” he stuttered through the pain, trying to ignore her jibe. She ran her fingers up his arm, this time stopping to squeeze his bicep. Her hot, semi naked body just inches from his, her intoxicating scent, hair and eyes all seducing him.

“Hmm, tougher than before too,” she commented as though he were an object for her to examine.

“And i’m sure your little weener has…” She ran her perfectly manicured nails over his crotch but stopped when they tapped a cage, instead of tease a cock.

“What the fuck is that?” She laughed, moving closer, loving his fear and obvious discomfort. She grabbed his caged cock. When she realised what it was she laughed again and an evil smile crept across her demure features.

“Oh Mike, you are fucked now!” She cackled and pulled him into a steamy kiss, running her hands down past his cock and pressing her boobs into him. It was a dream he never though would happen, and yet it was a nightmare; he was humiliated and painfully locked up. And now Jessica was going to take full advantage of him.

She pulled away laughing wickedly to herself, and then turning and grinding her firm ass onto his crotch, forcing him back against the fridge, trapping him into a sexy but cruel tease. Mike moaned with the pain and felt tears comes into his eyes. The whole situation what what he had always wanted and yet what he had always feared.

“How does that feel Mikey?” She crowed, loving his pain.

“Do you like my cute ass on your cock?” She giggled.

“Ah, its stunning but I need to get my cage off, its too painful!” He gave in.

At this she turned and gave him that playful slap that normally drove him crazy.

“That was fun, but i’m bored now. See you later Mikey!” She kissed his cheek with her sultry lips and went off outside again, leaving her victim dazed and immensely frustrated. He watched as her perfect body strutted away, longing for her.

Jessica flopped onto the sun lounger outside happily, thrilled at the tease she had just been. She was turned on by the whole thing, the fact that he was so obsessed with her and that, for some bizarre reason he was locked up. Why was he? Had Lindsey decided to do it?

She didn’t care why that much; now she just relaxed and fantasised about how she could torment him further. At this point her boyfriend Mark came over at lay down next to her. Horny from tormenting Mike, she leant over and put a hand down his boxers and left it there, teasing his erect cock in a way Mike could only dream of. She let him run his hands over her body and she kissed her way up his chest to his mouth. The two made out in a hot, sweaty embrace for the next half an hour.

All the others were used to Jessica and some had their boyfriends with them too. Lindsey was single at the time, but was happily flirting away with the cute Spanish exchange student, Antonio. Watching from the window, Mike felt like crying as he saw Jessica and Mark going at it. He knew she enjoyed making him jealous and teasing him. Now he feared she was going to get very difficult to deal with. He had unlocked himself, shut the door to his room and started to jerk off furiously, thinking about what had just happened. He came in about a minute, one of the best orgasms he had ever felt.

It released the tension, but didn’t take away from the horror that she knew of his secret, in fact, now he was not as horny, it terrified him. She could humiliate him, maybe even blackmail him. He did not trust her at all, always suspecting she wanted to take him down a peg. She had a mean streak in her and he had just made himself very vulnerable.

His first move was to hide one of the keys. Using a bit of blu tac he stuck it on his bedroom wall and then put a poster over it. Now he would always have a back up, incase she came hunting for his keys. He laughed at his paranoia, but it was better safe than sorry. He lay on his bed, frustrated and humiliated, hoping it would all go away.

Jessica and Mark had been kissing and teasing each other outside for some time, both hot and horny. They decided to get to somewhere more private, making their way to her car. She pulled him inside on top of her canlı poker oyna and let him fuck her hard, making her orgasm wildly, loving every moment. While he was a turn on, in her mind she was thinking dirty, cruel thoughts about how she could torture Mike. Now she sucked his cock to the edge before stripping off her bra and kissing him passionately.

“Make me cum again big boy,” she teased, displaying her glistening pussy and pulling his face into it. He licked and sucked hard, eating out her perfect pink cunt. She moaned happily and came again quickly, squirting all over his face. Now she used her pretty feet to stroke off his cock, letting his cum flow all over her legs and even as far as her boobs. She took it all into her hand and scooped his load into her mouth.

The two staggered happily back into the garden and onto the sun-lounger. Lindsey winked at Jessica when she saw them.

“Enjoy that you two?” She giggled, using the chance to run a hand over Antonio’s crotch and give his cock a squeeze. Jessica handed her the car keys.

“You bet! Now go enjoy yourself…” She smiled. Lindsey took the keys and led Antonio off to the car, enjoying her role as the dominant one between them.

Jessica and Mark collapsed happily onto the sun-lounger, exhausted but very satisfied. She caught site of Mike’s bedroom window and smiled to herself. The pleasure had only just begun, she thought to herself.

Mike had watched as they went off to the car, unbearably jealous and frustrated. He wanted her so badly and now she had wetted his appetite, he could hardly contain himself. He was not as embarrassed as he was desperate to fuck her. He knew from experience that Mark was just a plaything- used to tease other guys and to get herself off. He would be gone in a few weeks time. She was using him at the moment to get back at one of her previous boyfriends. Mike knew her game, she was a slut and a bitch at the best of times, but he couldn’t help but adore her.

As evening came, lots of the crowd left, including Mark who had work. Antonio remained, although largely because Lindsey was not letting him go- her dominant side had always unnerved Mike. Jessica also stayed. The three were downstairs watching a movie, some horror film that Mike had no time for. He didn’t see the point of such films. He was upstairs watching a comedy, trying to forget about Jessica.

Downstairs, she was only partially looking at the film. Her focus was really on Mike. She decided to time her departure carefully, waiting until Lindsey and Antonio were getting horny with each other and starting to kiss and touch. She was still in her bikini and wanted to change. Normally she would just borrow some of Lindsey’s pyjamas or dressing gown, but now she made her way to Mike’s room to borrow some clothes. A smile crept over her face as she neared his room.

Without knocking she burst in and skipped over to where he was lying on the bed. She flopped down beside him, making sure her golden hair landed all over his face, leaving its scent.

“Hey Mikey!” She giggled, at his surprise.

“Um, hi, Jessica whats up?” He managed. His cage was off, and his cock was now growing rapidly. That might not matter, he thought hopefully.

She snatched the remote and zapped off his TV.

“Hey,” he protested, but she put a perfect finger over his lips. Her scent was driving him crazy now. Her perfume had long since embedded itself in his mind.

“Oh Mikey! Your cage is off,” she teased, taking her finger and running it down his shaft, making him groan with pleasure. She kissed his cheek, leaving her lipstick mark on him.

“Can you show me it?” She asked with a cute smile, still teasing his cock through his shorts. Her scent was making him weak and her touch, driving him crazy.

Mike pulled himself off the bed and got the cage out of a drawer. He was afraid of her reaction, but felt he had to cooperate or she would cause him trouble. He handed to her, nervously.

“Can I borrow some clothes, my bikini is all sweaty and dirty from today,” she changed the subject, turning him on with the thought of her hot body sweating in the sun and then that she would be wearing something of his.

“Ah sure,” he pulled out some pyjamas that were bit too small for him anyway.

“Look, there’s someone in the bathroom, if i could just change here would that be ok Mikey?” She stepped close to him, with a cute expression on her face. Mike had seen it so many times before, when she turned on guys from college. That didn’t mean he could control himself though.

“Um yes, Ok,” he said with a dry mouth.

She grinned and said “you can watch…” Teasing a perfect finger down his shaft. His cock bulged, on edge and close to cumming.

“But you have to wear your cage. Or you have to face away, and you can touch yourself, knowing my hot fucking body is naked behind you!” She was now hissing into his ear, her hands running across him, teasing his balls and gripping his muscles.

He longed internet casino to see her body, but he knew that if he chose that option he would suffer badly. He turned away and started to touch his throbbing cock. It felt amazing and he loved the fact she was stripping in his room, even if he had to turn away. He drifted happily, losing himself in her scent and his imagination, jerking hard and fast, longing for her.

Suddenly he fell forwards, after a swift kick to the back. He landed on the bed and was pinned down by Jessica who could hardly contain her laughter. She wrestled with him until he was on his back with her hot bum on his upper chest and hands holding down his. He gave her a hard shove and nearly got her off, but received a stinging slap for his trouble.

“Stay down little boy, it will work out better for you,” she hissed in his ear before kissing her way round his cheek. Mike obeyed, enjoying her sultry lips and her teasing.

Now she moved her ass up over his face, and with an evil laugh covered his mouth and nose. Her tight ass stopped him breathing entirely.

“Mikey, I want your key and i’m not going to let you breath until you give it to me.” She said flatly. Mike thrashed and tried to throw her off but she responded by squeezing his balls hard, forcing him to stop as she dug in her perfect nails.

“If you give in now, it will be a lot easier Mikey, in fact I’ll be kinder when I have the keys. You might get to cum more, I may even jack you off!” Her laughter at the end of her offer made it clear she wasn’t serious, but the idea turned him on no end.

Now her hands squeezed his balls tighter and she made sure he could only muffle into her ass, his cries of pain.

“Can you breathe?” She laughed. His response was a panicked moan that only made her laugh more.

“What if your step sister came up here and saw me with my sexy butt on your face and that pathetic cock locked away?” She teased, making him sweat at the thought.

He began to fight for breath. She had positioned herself perfectly to smother him and he literally couldn’t breathe. He wriggled and bucked, to try and force her off. It was met with the same excruciating attack on his balls.

“If you give up just wave your hand,” she purred, enjoying the dominance she had. She had always fantasised about being a total domme. She used and teased guys at college but had never been in control and able to torture and manipulate anyone before. Now she had her chance and it was making her pussy run with slick juices.

“My pussy is so wet you might drown under there!” She laughed sexily. Mike was now desperate. Her could smell and taste her juices and it was driving him crazy as well as suffocating him. He couldn’t go on. He waved his hand to show she had won.

Jessica grinned and purred happily, sliding off him and grabbing him by the shirt, pulling him into an intense kiss, fondling his balls while they made out.

“Now get the keys bitch!” She smiled cruelly at him as he opened a drawer. He handed her the key that was in there and hoped she wouldn’t ask for a second. She did.

“There is more than one, I’m not going to stop bullying you until I have all of them!” she hissed, with a sharp slap to his face and then a heavy knee in the balls, causing him to drop to his knees in pain.

She pulled his face into her crotch again.

“Does that turn you on? That hot sticky cunt, dripping with my arousal. Well If you keep lying to me, you will never get this close ever again!” She snarled.

Then she turned and pushed her ass in his face, gripping him tightly.

“You will get this instead!” She laughed wickedly and let a stinky fart go onto his face, filling his nostrils and mouth with the fumes. He hacked and coughed, begging for mercy, vowing to give her the keys.

“I may just do that anyway! You make a great little plaything!” She girlishly giggled at the dazed guy on his knees still recovering from her dripping cunt and stinky farts. His cock was raging at the same time as his he was feeling sick from her stink.

Now she kicked him back onto the floor and stamped on his balls.

“The sooner you surrender, the less pain you will be in!” She hissed, twirling her hair sexily.

Jessica pinned him down again and this time clamped her hands over his mouth and nose, digging in her nails where possible. To make it even worse she started to dry hump his locked cock making him even hornier and need to breath much faster.

“Just wave your hand,” she smiled sweetly at his plight.

Then suddenly she changed tack.

She stood up and stripped off her bikini top , gesturing for him to get close to her. Mike reacted in shock and quickly got up. She pulled him into a seductive embrace, allowing him to feel his way around her hot boobs. She ran her hands over his back, purring into his ear.

She reached a hand onto his cock, and whispered,

“Get me the key and it will be worth your while.” Mike buckled.

He scrambled up to the poster and yanked it off the wall, handing her the key. He had been tricked and abused and now been forced to surrender his sexual freedom but he was lead on by the idea that there was a reward.

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