Checkout Girl

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Louise had been working at a supermarket about two years. There was not anything special about the job it was just a way to pay for college. She didn’t mind working as a checkout girl, she just found the job very tedious and dull. She often spent her long shift thinking about stuff she had to do and change in her life. These shifts were often times where she could think the long periods of time, as there was normally very little interaction with customers. Louise seemed to have a simple life. She had made many plans about the path in life she wanted to take, and she had started to make plans to get where she wanted to go. Louise was a very happy-go-lucky girl. She was seen by all as a friend, and always had a listening ear.

Something changed one spring afternoon. When she was walking to lunch with one of her colleagues, she noticed there was someone new working on the door. He caught her eye straightaway with his blue eyes and cheeky grin. Louise walked past door with a colleague commenting, “What a nice piece of eye candy, makes it all go much faster”. That evening after finishing her long shift Louise walked home, with a grin on her face. It had been a good day. The guy at the front door had looked her in the eye and she liked that a lot. It was another week before she saw her new piece of eye candy again, but was annoyed she still had not managed to speak to him. She had been noticing however that there was a certain new voice calling out _______. Louise then noticed that this sexy sounding voice belonged to her new piece of eye candy, which just made him far more attractive to her.

She realised she really had the hots for this man. That hadn’t happened for many years. She was lying on her bed drifting off to sleep when images of Mr. Eye Candy came into her head. These images kept running through her mind, and she found herself getting little turned on. Before she knew it her hands began to wander. Her hands slid down her sides one slowly stroking up her thigh. One hand then slowly began stroking up the inside of a thigh, where she felt a great warmth. This hand carried on sliding up inside her thigh now. The higher she got, the more she anticipated the feeling of dampness. Her hand then began stroking the top of her thigh, whilst the right was resting on her hip. She touched her clit now. Louise’s back arched a little, her cold fingers reaching into the moist space between her thighs.

She was surprised how wet she was and soon her mind was racing, Mr Eye Candy was kissing her perfectly on the lips. She was imagining his hand running down her back, pulling her closely into his arms. Her middle finger soon found a pulsing clit; she began to circle around it with her finger. Then she placed her middle finger directly on it, rubbing slowly from side to side. Her back arched little more, as she rubbed her sweet spot, gripping a little faster and more firmly. silivri escort She grew wetter and wetter. In her mind Mr Eye Candy’s hands were where hers were pleasuring her sweet spot.

She continued to drift and she felt herself becoming wetter and wetter. She longed for the feeling of skin on skin, heat on heat, and passion on passion. As she continued to rub her clit, her right hand slid from her hip down to the top of her thigh. She needed something to be inside her. She placed two fingers inside her by now very wet pussy. She began to move her two fingers in and out with her other hand’s fingers still circling on top of her clit. She then began to speed up the movements of the fingers sliding in and out of her wetness. Her back arched a little more, and she felt herself come close to climax. The fingers slid faster and faster in and out her wetness, and more pressure was applied her clit. As she reached a climax, her body arched in ecstasy, her head tilted back. She groaned as the climax hit her as wave hitting the shore. It took Louise a few minutes to recover from this, and when she finally came to, she snuggled down the bed, pulled back the covers, and closed her eyes.

When Louise returned to work, she finally managed to get a moment with her eye candy. His name was James. Over the next few weeks, Louise spent any free time she had at work talking to James. It was hard keeping up with the content of these conversations as Louise’s mind often wandered. It also seemed silly to Louise that these shorter fleeting moments she spent with James would often leave a lasting smile on her face. She seemed to get butterflies whenever these moments occurred. Louise managed to get these thoughts out of her mind though, as it seemed James was uninterested. He was spending most of his time flirting with other colleagues.

Time went by and soon it was time for Louise to leave her job, and start university. This was what Louise had wanted and what she needed to do to get the career she wanted. She had put away any thoughts about James. At her time at university Louise never really spent time looking for anyone. She concentrated on her studies and made some new friends. She and her friends would go out together to local nightclubs they would spend the night dancing away. Louise generally never drank and always left the club alone. No one really seemed to make Louise fell the way she had felt when spending time with James.

The First University term soon was over it was time to return to the supermarket job for the Christmas break. She agreed to go to the supermarket Christmas party to help a friend who was interested in a guy who would be there. She got home after her first day back at work and went upstairs to decide what to wear for the party. Louise laid out three choices of outfits on the bed, removed şirinevler escort her uniform, and stepped into the shower. Standing under the hot water, as it splashed onto her body, she wondered what tonight would hold for her. She was not expecting a lot; she was just hoping that her friend would get the man she’d always wanted. She rarely held out hope for these events as it just seem to be management getting drunk but she still planned to have fun dance around the dance floor and have a laugh with her colleagues.

But what Louise didn’t know is that tonight would be a changing point for her. She got out the shower and dried off. Looking at the choices on the bed she picked out at black silk strapless dress which always seemed to make her feel good about herself. It clung tightly to her curves. She packed the others away and picked out underwear to match the dress. She picked up black silk bra with matching silk knickers, after putting these on she reached for some stockings. She was never a fan of tights but they made her like her long legs. She went into her wardrobe, and picked out a nice heels, it wasn’t very often she got to wear them. She zipped up her dress, brushed her long blonde hair, and put on a little silver make-up. She had always liked to sparkle. She finished out with the black and silver clinch belt, and a black glittery shrug.

Arriving at the party Louise looked around and saw many happy faces she was pleased to see. Catching up with old friends a familiar voice came from behind her, “Well, hello you”. A huge grin flooded Louise’s face, “Well hello you, fancy seeing you here.” Louise’s face just seemed to light up. She was so glad James was there. It made the night seem more bearable. It seemed funny to her, how one man could make a girl smile so much. She went to the bar, to catch up with all her colleagues. As the night wore on Louise seemed somewhat amused how quickly people seemed to switch, some from dull and sober, to rather comical and drunk. As for Louise’s friend, it seemed increasingly clear that she would not get the man she was chasing.

Louise went outside to gain some fresh air. She was greeted by James. He had eyes that you could get lost in. Before they both knew, they’re been chatting for a good hour. It was midnight and most people seemed like they were leaving. Louise turned to James, and asked him if he could walk her home. As they left the party and started heading home, their conversation seemed to flow, like it had all evening. Louise had had only one drink but it seemed to give her the confidence to go for what she had thought about: the vivid images she had dreamt of James kissing her neck, down to her chest. Walking home she must of lost the topic of conversation, just looking at him, and imagining him undressing her. As they reached Louise’s door, she şişli escort hoped he would kiss her. She had wanted to kiss those soft lips of his all night. “Thanks for walking me home, James, you didn’t have to”. “Well I wanted to, it’s been a nice evening, not bad for a work’s Christmas party.” At that point Louise leaned in closer, and James seemed to do the same, and heir lips met. It was like no other kiss Louise had ever had. It was soft and tender, and it felt like she was melting in James arms, she didn’t want it to end. As they both parted ways Louise said something quite out of character, “Did you want to come up?” She couldn’t leave it there. He agreed.

Louise’s mind was asking a thousand questions, but she did her best to shut it off. Nothing had ever felt as right as the kiss she had just had. On the steps up the stairs, she kissed James again, her body tingling as their lips touched. His hand stroked the small of her back, and she ran her fingers thought his hair.

Inside her apartment, she unbuttoned his shirt, placed a hand of his chest, and wrapped the other round this back. Her body tingled as he unzipped her dress. She unzipped Jame’s trousers and they both fell onto the bed. Exploring each other’s body, each touch felt better than the one before, every one feeling so right. There was so much passion between them, both each feeling something they had not felt before. Louise’s body ached with every touch, and she needed more and more. She had never feel so turned on before, so full of lust and so much in need to have something inside her. She felt her panties getting wetter with each touch, and she could see James was in a similar situation, his hardness rubbing against Louise’s leg as they passionately kissed, hands still exploring each other bodies inch by inch. Each moment made her feel a little more under his spell. They both removed the rest of their clothes and pulled back the covers. James was stroking Louise’s thighs, and they felt like they were burning so hot. Louise’s juices were running down her thighs. He laid on top of Louise and she pulled him close to her. It had never felt so good to Louise. She was so tight inside and he felt so hard. She was a mass of pleasure. The continued to kiss each other deeply, while their bodies intertwined. Each thrust seemed to be better than the last. Louise had never felt so wet.

Their rhythm gained pace. Her knees lifted, and she wrapped one leg round James’ back. Each of his thrusts seemed to go deep inside Louise’s wetness, each thrust getting more intense. She looked into his as they fucked, she felt so free so at ease, feeling in so much ecstasy and pure pleasure. Getting so close and now trembling in orgasm, Louise moaned loudly, pushing James deeper and till he was cumming inside her. Their bodies collapsed into each other. They kissed again and Louise fell asleep in James’ arms with a warm feeling in her heart, He had been the best lover she had had. She wondered whether this could this be a begin of something special or was it just a one night thing, She didn’t care at this moment. She would hold on to the feelings she felt that evening for a long time. Louise closed her eyes and slept the best sleep she had ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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