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This story is entirely fictitious and bears no resemblance to any living person. It is pure fantasy.


Michelle sat apprehensively at her office desk. Cheri, her female employer had just announced to the whole office that she was going to be very busy and was not to be disturbed, unless she requested it. Michelle’s heart beat rapidly with a mixture of anxiety and excitement, she suspected that Cheri had made that announcement to keep other workers away from her office.

Michelle expected that any minute her telephone would ring and she would be summoned to go to her. Michelle knew she couldn’t resist Cheri’s demands, she had Michelle dancing on a string and in control of her.

The minutes ticked by and no call came, Michelle began to relax a little, she wanted Cheri to call because she always made her feel good when they were together, but at the same time Michelle was afraid of her, Cheri could be very strong and had ways of punishment if she was displeased.

Michelle looked at her phone but it stayed silent, she got on with her work, others in the open plan office got on with theirs, phone calls were made, keyboards clattered and printers whirred.

Suddenly she realised her phone was ringing, she looked at it almost fearfully. Was it her?

“Answer your phone Michelle,” the girl at the next desk pleaded wearily.

Michelle picked up the phone. “Hello?”

Cheri’s sultry voice came over the wire, “Michelle, will you come to my office right away please?” and she put the phone down.

Michelle sat for a minute daring herself not to go, but she knew she would. Already her heart was pounding in her chest, her stomach knotted up and she felt a familiar tingle between her legs.

She stood up and walked past the other desks on her way to Cheri’s office. No-one took any notice of her, or looked up when she tapped lightly on the managers office door. She went in and stood in front of the desk where the secretary usually sat, but she was not there today, the door to the boss’s suit was slightly open, Michelle pushed it fully open and went in.

Cheri sat behind her huge executive desk, leaning back into her luxury leather chair, her feet resting on the desk top. Michelle’s eyes were drawn to Cheri’s legs, her skirt had ridden up along her thighs and she glimpsed Cheri’s thong.

“Ah Michelle,” greeted Cheri, “shut the door behind you and come here.”

Michelle knew from experience, that was not an invitation but a command.

She approached Cheri poker oyna warily, and stood close to her by the side of her chair. Cheri did not change her position, she looked up and said simply, “Kiss me, Michelle.”

“Kiss you?” Michelle queried.

“Yes kiss me,” Cheri repeated, “You know what a kiss is don’t you?” she asked with raised eyebrows, ” so kiss me.”

Michelle nodded briefly, stepped forward, and placed her lips against Cheri’s, before stepping back again.

“Michelle,” Cheri snapped, “you are beginning to irritate me, “do what l tell you and kiss me!”

This time, with half open lips Michelle placed her mouth to Cheri’s and sucked hard, she pushed her tongue into Cheri’s mouth and licked her teeth, Cheri pulled Michele over her body until she was practically lying on top of her, their mouths still locked together. Cheri stroked Michelle’s ass through her skirt, she pulled Michelle’s skirt up until only her panties separated her bare ass skin from Cheri’s hand.

Michelle felt her passions rising, she enjoyed the feeling of being pressed to Cheri’s body, and could feel her body shape under her own. Cheri’s fingers searched under the legs of Michelle’s panties, between the girls legs from the rear, where she found Michelle’s loose wet pussy lips.

Michelle clung to her tormentor through their kisses, she felt Cheri’s finger penetrating far inside her pussy, Cheri twisted her fingers, pulling and pushing the flesh of Michelle’s sex. Withdrawing her fingers and pushing Michelle from her body, Cheri instructed Michelle to stand up and take all of her clothes off.

“Here?” Michelle asked,

“Yes, here, now, no-one can come through the door unless l let them in, now strip, I want to see you naked.”

Cheri sat back in her chair and watched Michelle as she began to undress, Michelle felt uneasy, yet thrilled at taking her clothes off in the office while her manager watched. Cheri, had seen Michelle naked several times before and had used Michelle’s body, rather selfishly, for her own pleasure, without giving very much of herself back, she knew Michelle could not resist her, and had absolutely no compunction about taking all that Michele had to offer her.

The exhibitionist in Michelle took over her senses, and her lust and passions grew more and more as she undressed, soon she was down to her bra and briefs, a faint smile played around Cheri’s lips, as she watched Michelle reach round her back and unhook the garment supporting her round supple breasts, Cheri canlı poker oyna tensed and wriggled in her chair when Michelle’s breasts became exposed, she sat up when Michelle hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her knickers, and called “STOP! leave your panties on Michelle.”

Michelle wondered why Cheri stopped her taking off her panties, her pussy was very wet in anticipation of baring it to Cheri, and she longed to be naked for the woman she was so much in awe off.

Cheri left her seat and came round the desk to stand in front of Michelle, she reached out and held one breast in her hand, its nipple erect and pulsing wildly, with her other hand she touched Michelle’s pussy through her panties, she rubbed the lips up and down then told Michelle to get up on her desk.

Michelle had noticed when she entered the office, that Cheri’s desk top was clear of clutter, and as she climbed up and lay on her back, she suddenly remembered that she hadn’t shaved for a week, and her pussy was covered in light downy hair. Cheri had demanded, from the very first time she had seduced the girl, that Michelle always kept her pussy smooth and shaved, she hoped Cheri wouldn’t mind, it was too late now anyhow as Cheri tugged lightly on Michelle’s panties and they slid slowly over her hips and down her legs.

Cheri purred her appreciation of Michelle’s pussy, not mentioning the growth of hair, “Oh yes, oh yes, Michelle, your cunt is so beautiful, and its mine.” With her two thumbs she opened Michelle’s pussy lips, her enlarged clit emerged with the pink swollen flesh of her inner vagina folds, then she placed her hands on Michelle’s ass cheeks so that all of her fingers were well into the crack of her ass, she pulled the naked girl towards her face, which she buried in Michelle’s wet and tingling pussy.

Michelle lay with her legs wide apart, her bare feet up in the air, while Cheri licked up and down the crease of her sex, she pushed her tongue between the swollen pussy lips in front of her and sucked the extended clit into her mouth, her fingers kneaded Michelle’s ass with a long finger inside her anus.

Cheri’s tongue worked its wonders on Michelle’s clit, thrills and tingles ran through her body, she rested her hands on Cheri’s head and shook and wriggled herself in inflamed lust.

Michelle felt the eruption deep in her belly, she cried out in ecstasy and triumph, and Cheri, sensing her girl was about to cum, pushed her tongue further into Michelle’s cunt. As her juices flowed out, Cheri lapped and sucked internet casino as much of it into her mouth as she could while it squirted from the girls hole.

Michelle’s body shook and tingled in turn as her cum drained from her, she groaned loudly, threw her head back, and clamped her eyes shut, she clutched her own breasts and twirled her erect nipples. Her thighs clamped tightly around Cheri’s head, wanting to keep the woman who was performing such thrills to her sex from escaping, Slowly, Michelle weakened and Cheri forced her legs apart.

Cheri pulled her face out of Michelle’s pussy and stood up, Michelle could see the results of her orgasm over Cheri’s face, it had even got into her hair.

“OK Michelle,” Cheri said, without a smile, “you can get dressed and go back to work now.”

Lying naked on top of the desk, Michelle stared incredulously at Cheri.

“But Cheri,” she whimpered, “l want to taste you.”

“Michelle,” Cheri said impatiently, “do l have to remind you that you are here to do a good days work for the good of the company, we have had our fun, now get dressed and go to your desk.

Michelle was distraught, Cheri had used her again, just as always, she had not taken any of her clothes off, but Michelle had willingly undressed for her and was still embarrassingly stark naked now, the sexual element had been extinguished, and Cheri had dismissed her until she wanted her body again. Cheri turned away and went into the executive bathroom.

Michelle could hardly believe what had happened to her in the last hour, Why did she give herself so easily to her superior? Cheri only had use for her at the office, Michelle had never been to Cheri’s house, nor had Cheri ever taken Michelle anywhere outside of the office, yet she snaps her fingers and Michelle comes running, ready to give all her body has to offer.

With tears of frustration in her eyes, she slowly dressed and was fully clothed again when Cheri came back out of the washroom.

She smiled her approval “Good for you Michelle,” she said, “and thank you for what you did for me, l really enjoyed it and l am sure you did to.”

“l did, but l would have enjoyed it more if l could have stayed and tasted you,” Michelle whispered, looking at her boss with pleading eyes.

Cheri stared at her employee long and hard. “There will be a other times Michelle, l will arrange for you to work closer with me, other things may happen then, so be prepared, now go back to your desk.”

Michelle turned and walked out of Cheri’s office, she walked past the rows of desks through the main office, no-one noticed her, even when she sat at her desk, no one noticed that she was back, but Michelle was aware of the tingles in her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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