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3 a.m.

During stories taking place over one day, Cinnamon enjoyed phone sex with George; her boss Bill ate her pussy; she takes a late lunch break and visits her lover Mark at a motel, with Mark fucking her ass. Later, Mark fucked her co-worker, Sally, as Cinnamon watched and masturbated; then Sally ate Cinnamon. Late at night in she cybered on the computer, and then decided to return back to the motel room. She found Sally in the shower and Cinnamon made love to a woman for the first time. As Cin awaited a friend to drop by, she masturbated watching the movie Body Heat. Her boss Bill brought his friend Bruce by, and Cinnamon experienced her first double penetration.

Cin lay on Bruce, and grabbed his wet dick and placed its head into her pussy. She pushed her cunt downwards, and Bruce shoved right in. Bill moved off the bed, and walked behind her. She felt the bed move, as Bill moved behind her. Cin felt Bill’s dick against her rosebud. She pushed back a little, and it popped in. Cin pushed downwards and backwards, and his little cock went into her ass. This was Cinnamon’s first time having a cock in both her ass and pussy at the same time.

Bruce started to buck against her, and the motions rocked backwards into Bill’s dick deep in her ass. Cin started to moan. She was starting to roll in orgasmic fury, when she heard Bruce start to scream and felt the hot spunk of Bruce inside her cunt. It was way too soon for Cinnamon to climax. Bill continued güvenilir bahis for about a minute, and came in her ass. His dick quickly left her ass. Bruce pushed her off him, and Cin rolled over and lay on the bed.

Bruce got up, and started to put his clothes on. Bill was quiet also, catching his breath. In literally a minute, Bruce was dressed and started to walk out of the room.

Bill said, “Take care Bruce, maybe we can do this some other time.”

Bruce opened the motel room door, and left the room. Cin cuddled up next to Bill, and in a few seconds heard him snoring. Cinnamon closed her eyes for a few minutes.

6 a.m.

Cinnamon woke up to Bill sucking on her clit. She lay on her back, and spread her legs, enjoying his sweet tongue licking and sucking on her clitty. He really could suck pussy. In a few minutes, Cin was rolling to a great wake-up orgasm.

She looked over at the clock radio. Oh crap, it’s six in the morning. She needed to get home before her hubby woke up at 6:45. Luckily, the motel room was only ten minutes away from her house. She got up, and realizing she has cum down her legs from both her pussy and asshole, she decided she had a few minutes to jump in the shower.

As she came out of the bathroom drying her hair, Bill just lay on the bed watching her.

“Don’t you need to get home to your ball and chain?” she asked Bill.

“Oh yea, I should get going to, but I just had to watch you come türkçe bahis out of the shower, all naked and such. You look so good.”

Cin smiled at Bill and threw the towel in his direction. He grabbed an end, and tried to snap the towel against her ass. He missed and almost fell off the bed. Cin laughed, followed by Bill’s giggling.

“Almost broke my neck! I wonder if you would have called 911 before you sped out of the motel room?”

“Maybe, but the room is in Mark’s name, and the cops would have figured that you and he were having an affair,” she laughed.

Cinnamon quickly got dressed. She kissed Bill, and walked out of the room. She hopped into the car, and drove home. She went to the back door, and went into the kitchen, just in case her husband woke up early. She listened, and there was no sound of anyone awake. Well, not really, she could hear hubby snoring upstairs.

She went upstairs and walked into her bathroom. She quickly put on her nightgown, and quietly slipped into her bed. Hubby continued to snore.

In a few minutes, the alarm went off, and hubby slapped at the clock radio. He mumbled something, and rolled over to spoon Cinnamon. This caught Cin by surprised, as the last time she had had sex with her husband had been over six months ago. He started to caress her back and rubbed his crotch into her butt. She pretended that she was asleep.

“Oh, Mary, you feel so good!” her husband said.

Cin could not believe güvenilir bahis siteleri what she heard. Who the heck was Mary? She continued to feign sleep.

“Mary, I just want to fuck your ass again and again.”

Cin was pissed, but also aroused by this. She started to push her butt against his crotch, still pretending that she was asleep. She was starting to get aroused.

The alarm sounded, and hubby woke up suddenly, pushing into her enough that it would normally wake her up. “Sorry, honey, must have rolled to your side of the bed. I almost knocked you off the bed.”

“No problem,” Cin said sleepily. She stretched and rolled over on the bed acting like she was trying to go back to sleep.

Hubby got off the bed, and went into the bathroom. Cinnamon rolled onto her back, and she was wide awake. Her thoughts were racing. Who was Mary? Why did she not suspect that hubby was fucking someone else? What clues had she ignored?

In about fifteen minutes, hubby came out of the bathroom, and went into the walk-in closet and began getting dressed for work. He came out, went to the bed, and kissed her on the cheek. Cin mumbled a thank you.

As soon as she heard the car speed away, Cinnamon went to his dresser drawers and started to search. In just a few minutes, she found a piece of paper with the name Mary written on it and a phone number. She also found some condoms and KY jelly. And that after shave that she hated. It looked like he was having an affair.

The phone rang. It was George calling for some morning phone sex. Cin stopped him, and started to tell him about her big surprise, as well as the events of the last 24 hours. George was such a voyeur.

8 a.m.

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