Cindy by the Pool

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For a week after the blow job incident that I wrote about in Cindy’s Awakening, Troy spent nearly every day at our house. He knew now that I was watching him, he saw my eyes drift to his crotch when the others weren’t looking. He saw the hunger in my eyes, and the wetness on my lips as I licked them.

Every night that he was at our place, I would sneak out of my room, desperate to get that long hard cock as deep as I could get it in my mouth and drain every last drop of cum from his balls. Every time, he would beg me to lick my pussy… but every time I said no. It wasn’t that I didn’t want him to, I desperately wanted to feel his mouth on my pussy and my clit. But every time I chickened out.

My best friend for as long as I could remember was Kerry. Her back yard and mine were separated by a small patch of woods and a stream. We spend the majority of the summers together. We never got into any trouble, the extent of our ‘rebellion’ was simply spending time hanging out together naked by her pool. It was naughty but innocent fun for both of us.

With both our parents working days, any my brother and Troy spending the day at a gaming shop, I decided to head over to Kerry’s place to hang by the pool, swim, and soak in some sun. Kerry and I were quite different physically. She was a bit taller and thinner than I am. She was a track runner through high school and college. She has smaller breasts than I do. While I keep my dirty blond hair midway down my back, Kerry keeps her black hair collar length.

I walked through the woods and into her yard as I always did, and straight up onto the deck. I knocked on the sliding door to get her attention, then walked in. Kerry’s feet were hanging over the back of the couch, bobbing away to Europe playing through the families stereo.

“Heya Cin!” She called out happily. “What’s up? It’s been ages!”

“Heya K, yeh sorry, been caught up with stuff, but I’ve been missing hanging out by the pool with you.”

I walked around the couch, Kerry was living on her back, feet up in the air dangling over the back of the couch her head hanging over the front edge of the couch. MTV was playing on the TV, and she was watching it upside down, looking ridiculous. All she was wearing were some white cotton panties and half a t-shirt that left the bottom of her breasts showing. It’s funny, Kerry was a virgin till the day she got married, but she loved to wear the skimpiest clothes she could, even when she was just hanging around the house.

“Come on” she said, rolling over her back and onto her feet. “I’ll güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri grab some cokes and we can hang.”

Kerry grabbed a couple of bottles of coke from the refrigerator and we went back out onto the deck that overlooked the pool. The summer sun was already beating down quite harshly, so we popped up the umbrella and pulled out the sun chairs. Kerry cracked open her coke and took a long drink. Then she pulled off her top and tossed it onto her chair, then slipped out of her panties and tossed them onto the chair as well. “Come on slow poke, get in!” She squealed as she jumped into the pool.

I always wore my swim suit over to Kerry’s place when I went. It was pointless as we always swam naked together. I only really wore it over in case my parents saw me coming home and wondered about me not having a suit. It never occurred to me that they would wonder why my hair was wet by my suit was always dry.

I was struggling to get my suit off as as Kerry popped her head up out of the water. She rubbed the water out of her eyes and smiled up at me. I hated the one piece swim suit as it was way too tight around my chest, but it was what my parents deemed appropriate. As I breasts were free of the stifling material, I took a deep breath.

“God I hate that thing.”

“I’ll never know why you wear that over here…”

I shrugged, and then went about tugging and wiggling ass to get the material down over my hips.

“Holy shit Cin!” Kerry said out loud.

“What?” I looked at her confused, then realized she was staring at my shaved pussy.

“Oh! That. Yeh.” I giggled, then jumped in the water.

We swam around the pool for a little bit, taking turns jumping on each other and splashing each other. Finally tired we pulled ourselves out of the water and laid down on the lounges. As we laid there, I could see Kerry looking over at me, specifically at my pussy. I could tell she was trying to come up with a way to ask me about it.

“Just ask!” I laughed reaching over and grabbing my coke taking a long drink.

“Why? How? Ummmmm What’s it like?”

I laughed again, and recounted the story about Troy and the blow job, and how I had been sucking him off every day since. I told her how I got the idea of shaving from the dirty pictures he and my brother had. Kerry listened to the story, eyes wide. She asked questions about what it was like to suck a guy off.

After a bit Kerry got up off her chair and sat down on mine. “Can I…ummm…” She blushed a bit. “ummmm… can I touch güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri it?” She asked hesitantly. I giggled and said she could. Kerry ran her hand over my smooth flesh. My stomach quivered a bit at the idea of another girl touching me down there. I looked at her and I could see her brain running a hundred miles an hour.

“Come on!” She said, quickly standing up.

“What? Where?” I asked confused.

“My room…” A huge grin spread across her face. “You have GOT to help me do that too! I love it… can’t let you be the only one!” We ran into the house and up stairs. It took us nearly half an hour to work out the logistics of me trying to help her shave, in the end it basically came down to me trimming her long hair, and then her actually shaving, but soon after we were back down at the pool playing around again and laughing away.

After a while we were sitting on the sun chairs again sipping the now warm cokes.

“Cin…” she asked.


“What’s it like to have his mouth down there?”

“I don’t know” I said honestly.

“But… wait… you have sucked him off multiple times and he’s never done the same to you?”

I laughed again. “Well… he wants to. I mean he’s asked me… he’s practically begged me. And I REALLY want him to”


“So… I chicken out EVERY time.” I laughed nervously.

The conversation dropped for a few minutes. Then Kerry got up off her chair. I figured she was going for some new cokes, since ours were gone. Instead she sat down on my chair.

“Now Cin… I gotta tell you.” She started putting a firm look on her face that made me giggle. “If, no I mean WHEN the opportunity presents itself again, I forbid you to chicken out again.” She emphasized her point by pointing her finger in my face.

Her eyes went down my chest, between my legs again. Before I knew what she was doing, she reached her arms under my legs and leaned down, her mouth finding my pussy.

“Kerry!” I squealed… “What the fu…” my words were lost as her tongue ran up my slit, my stomach tightening unconsciously. Then her tongue found my clit. “Uhhhhhhh… Was all I could manage as my hands grabbed the side of my chair. My resistance lasted about 10 seconds before my knees fell to the side.

I have looked back on that first time, having my pussy eaten by my best friend in the hot summer son, usually when I am masturbating alone. The memory never fails to get me off and trigger a huge orgasm. Obviously Kerry had no clue about what she was doing, güvenilir bahis şirketleri she guessed moving her tongue like a finger when she masturbated. Between her tongue and all the pent up frustration and lust from sucking Troy off, it wasn’t long before my eyes rocked back, my hips pushed forward, and I had an orgasm that shook my entire body like never before.

I sat there for a few minutes afterwards, stunned, gasping for air. I had cum so hard that there were starbursts in my vision. Kerry looked at me with a satisfied grin on her face. “Wow” she said with a smile.

Kerry and I swapped positions. I adjusted the chair so it was fully reclined. Kerry had a nervous smile on her face as she lay back and tentatively spread her legs for me. I knew where the nerve came from, both our families were super conservative, and I knew she had voice screaming in her ears just like I did. I could see the apprehension in her eyes, I could see that she wanted to jump up and run to her room.

Her leg muscles tended, squeezing together, then relaxing a bit… then relaxed again. My hands ran along the outside of her thighs, and she relaxed a bit more. She whimpered as my face got close to her soft flesh. I could smell the scent of her arousal as I got close. My lip brushed against her flesh and her leg muscles tightened again, then relaxed.

“Cin.. I.. uhhhh I don’t know.”

My lips glided along her flesh. She sighed. My tongue pressed against her. She whimpered. My tongue flicked over her clit, and I knew I had her. All of her resolve melted. Kerrys legs fell open and I smiled with satisfaction. I gave her pussy a few licks, then I backed off a bit. Using my hands I spread her butter lips apart, exposing her labia, and her clit hood. Her clit swelled and my mouth found it’s target. I my mind I imagined my own clit, I imaged what I would want, and my tongue followed suit. With my arms wrapped around Kerry’s legs I could feel the tension drain away, I could hear the nervous breaths change to moans. I could feel the wetness growing under my mouth. I could taste her wetness on my mouth. The last thing I heard was “Oh Fuck Cin!” As she grabbed my head and cried out in a writhing, screaming orgasm that I thought would get the cops called on us.

After a dip in the pool to wash the scent of our own cum off of ourselves, we dried off and put our clothes back on so I could head home. I walked home through the woods with a grin on my face, knowing that the next time I was with Troy, my nerves would be gone, and also wondering what would happen the next time I was with Kerry. I didn’t have to wonder for long, as Kerry and I had many more encounters that summer, and in the twenty plus years since then. In fact the only time I ever drink coke, is when Kerry and I get together, and every time we share a knowing grin. It’s our dirty little secret what that means.

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