Claire’s Prom Night

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My wife looked up at me as I started to thrust my cock harder and harder inside of her, “Oh yes Daddy, fuck your little girl,” she moaned, “Fuck your daughter while she’s on her way to the church to get married.”

Damn, I love my wife. I’ve been fucking Susan night after night in the same bedroom for almost two decades and she knows how to keep things interesting. Right now she was pretending to be a young woman in her wedding dress, and I was pretending to be her father, fucking her on the backseat of a limousine while we were on the way to the church for her to get married. It’s become my favorite role-play ever since I witnessed it for real a few weeks ago.

Susan and I married when we were only 18 after I failed to pull out one night and unexpectedly got her pregnant. Fortunately, she was as turned on by our recklessness as much as I was, and fucking her while she was pregnant was a massive turn on for us both. When our daughter Claire was born, things became a little trickier as neither Susan nor I had much education so we lived a fairly basic and poor life for a number of years. But we loved each other and we loved Claire.

When Claire was old enough to start going to school, Susan trained to become a teacher and has taught high school ever since. I supplemented her income at first by driving a cab and eventually became a driver for a respectable limousine service. It was while on a job recently that I witnessed a young bride being fucked by her father. I’d seen fathers and daughters kiss and touch each other before, but nothing as extreme as this. I had to circle the church for almost an hour while they fucked, the whole time watching them via the limo’s video monitor. Thank God the company I work for recently had discrete security cameras rigged up in the backseats of the limos so the drivers could keep an eye on their passengers even when the privacy screen was up.

As much as Susan and I loved each other, and loved fucking each other, we realized a few years into our marriage that sex would become dull after a while and we would risk becoming one of those couples that always had to think about other people while fucking. We tried opening up our marriage and we still occasionally give each other permission to fuck somebody else, but we always ended up preferring each other. It was Susan’s idea to start role-playing and it was her idea to base the role-plays on situations that were familiar to us. So I would often pretend to be one of the senior students Susan would lust over in class, and she often pretended to be some of the hot passengers I picked up during the day. When I told Susan about how I watched the father-of-the-bride fuck his daughter, she immediately insisted that would be the new scenario we were going to role-play. We both loved it and it’s showing no signs of getting old.

“Fuck me Daddy, fuck your little girl.”

“Oh yes baby,” I grinned, “You’re going to walk down the aisle covered in Daddy’s cum.”

“What do you mean Daddy?” my wife said in the young girl voice she knows I love, “What aisle?”

What was my wife playing at I wondered. “At the church sweetie, the aisle at the church we’re driving to in this limo.”

“But we’re at home in your bed Daddy and you’re fucking me.”

I was confused as Susan was going way off script. “What do you mean babygirl? You’re not on your way to get married?”

“I’ve only just turned 18 Daddy. I’m way too young to get married. And besides, Simon’s very sweet, but I don’t think he’d want to get married.”

What was going on? Simon was the name of my daughter’s boyfriend. I stopped moving and looked down at my wife, “Susan, what the hell are you playing at?”

“Susan is Mom’s name silly,” she replied, “I’m Claire, you know, your daughter!”

Simultaneously my face went bright red and my cock throbbed harder than it ever had before. I starred down at my wife in shock as I slowly started to fuck her again.

“That’s right Daddy,” Susan said. “Fuck me. I know you’ve been thinking about it ever since the way you looked at me on my 18th birthday. I was wearing that tight little blue dress Mom bought for me. Go on Daddy, tell me you want to fuck me.”

I was sweating and fighting the urge to cum on the spot. I looked down at Susan and imagined Claire’s cute little face, her long red hair all tangled on the pillow and her pert little breasts pointing up at me. I stammered, “Oh God Claire, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you so bad.”

“I knew it Daddy,” said Susan with a wicked smile, “And I bet Mom knows it too. She notices everything and sees you perving on me. She’s also noticed how you’ve become obsessed with stories about fathers fucking their daughters. You can’t keep secrets from Mom, can you?”

My wife was a sexy, nasty bitch and I loved her. “No Claire,” I said thrusting hard into my wife’s cunt. “No, your Mom’s pretty smart about these things and I reckon she knows more about me than I do.”

“Of course she does Daddy,” gasped Susan as she arched her back, dug her fingernails güvenilir bahis into my back and screamed in lust. “Oh God, fuck me Daddy, fuck me!”

“I’m fucking you Claire,” I snarled as my wife’s body shook with the orgasm pulsating through her, “I’m going to cum Claire!”

Susan suddenly looked me in the eyes and gasped, “Cum on my face Daddy, cum all over my cute little freckles.”

I pulled out of Susan’s cunt, straddled her chest with my balls dangling onto her tits, and pumped my cock hard. Enormous blasts of cum shot from my cock onto my wife’s face – the face I was imagining to be our daughter’s. Susan caught as much as she could in her mouth and then gave my cock a couple of celebratory sucks before collapsing back on the bed and reaching for tissues to clean up the mess I’d made. I rolled off her and lay still, basking in the afterglow of our kinkiest role-play yet. I was also completely freaked out.

I finally had the courage to speak, “Susan, I… I don’t know what to say.”

“Mark honey, that was incredible.”

I laughed, “Jesus, yeah it was. You’re okay with this?”

“Claire has grown into a gorgeous young woman and I can’t blame you for noticing her. And hell, I’ll admit it, I find the idea of you being turned on by her extremely sexy.”

I sighed loudly, “Oh god Susan I really am turned on by her. But isn’t that fucked up?”

“Oh yes, wow, yes. It’s completely fucked up.” Susan rolled over and kissed me on the cheek, “That’s what makes it so damn hot Mark.”

I hugged Susan tightly, “My god you’re the best.”

We kissed tenderly and then rolled over to go to sleep. Just as I was about to drift off I heard light footsteps sneaking away from our bedroom door, and then the sound of Claire’s bedroom door gently being pulled shut.

“Did you hear that?” Susan asked me.

“Yeah I did. Do you think that was Claire?” I asked.

“Who else?”

“Holy shit. How long was she hiding there listening to us? What did she hear?”

“I’d say plenty,” Susan replied. “And you know what Mark, unless she packs her bags and leaves first thing tomorrow morning, I suspect she liked what she heard and you may even have a shot of making this real.”

“What? You mean, fuck Claire for real?” My mind was reeling at not just that fucking Claire may be a possibility, but I’d have Susan’s approval, “You’d be okay with that?”

“So long as you shared every detail with me afterwards. Goodnight Mark. Try to get some sleep.”

Easier said than done, but at some point I must have fallen asleep as next thing I knew it was morning and I woke to the sound of Claire and Susan talking over breakfast in the kitchen. I guess either Claire heard nothing last night, or she did and she wasn’t freaked out. God I hoped it was the latter.

I climbed out of bed, went to the bathroom and then put on my dressing gown. I walked out into the kitchen where Susan was sitting at the kitchen table, looking as sexy as ever, leaning in and listening to whatever Claire was telling her. Claire was some kind of a vision propped up against the bench, her wavy red hair all loose and tumbling down her face to frame her freckled cheekbones. She had lovely big green eyes, a cute little button nose and seductive red lips that I now dreamed about kissing and parting with my cock. Claire works in the lingerie department of a local department store so gets lots of nice stuff at heavily discounted prices, like the nightie she was wearing now. It was light blue satin and showed off her amazing legs. The nightie must have felt good against her small breasts, as her nipples had hardened under the smooth fabric.

“Good morning ladies,” I said as I came in. Claire jumped a little and looked at me slightly startled. It seemed I had interrupted an intense conversation.

“Good morning darling,” said Susan as I leaned down and kissed her. I then paused for a moment, walked over to Claire and kissed her on the lips as well; not long enough to appear suspicious, but long enough to make her go bright red.

“G-g-good morning Daddy,” she stammered back at me as I glanced at Susan and saw her grinning.

I went to pour myself some coffee as Susan said, “Tell your father what you just told me Claire. About the couple in the changing room last weekend.”

“Oh yes?” I said as I turned around, “This sounds good.”

“Mom!” Claire protested.

“Come on Claire, you can tell your father,” pushed Susan. “He loves stories like this. He’s told me plenty over the years about couples in the back seat of his limo.”

“Really Dad?” said Claire hoping to change the topic, “You’ve seen people fooling around in the backseat of the limo?”

“It happens a lot Claire, yes,” I replied. “They think I don’t know about it because the screen is up, but I get to watch everything through those security cameras I showed you. Mind you, I think some are aware I’m watching and like to perform for me!”

Claire looked at me concerned and I laughed knowing what she was thinking, so I assured türkçe bahis her the limos get thoroughly cleaned at the end of every shift, and the limo I was going to drive her in tonight was spotless.

It was Claire’s senior prom and as a special gift I’d agreed to drive her and her boyfriend Simon to the venue. I was going to give them the full service and I knew she’d been looking forward to it. But never mind that, I wanted to know what this changing room story was all about so I pressed Claire to give me the details.

Claire shyly explained how the other morning, when there weren’t many customers around, she’d been asked to look after a couple by a co-worker from another department. The man was a lot older than the girl, who Claire thought was about her age, and he was flashing his credit card all over the place buying her nice lingerie. He even bought Claire a bra and panties set as a tip. Anyway, the point of the story is that this guy went into the changing room with the girl, while she was trying on lingerie, and they had sex.

“Really?” I asked. “How? Those changing rooms aren’t big.”

“Dad, I don’t know,” Claire blushed. “I mean, I could see their legs under the curtain so I guess they were standing with the man behind the girl.”

“Oh yes,” I nodded, “That would work. Damn. Very hot.”

“I don’t know, I guess!” Claire was now bright red and clearly uncomfortable telling me this story even though she’d just been telling her mother. I didn’t want to torment her any longer so I stopped asking questions and we all finished our breakfast in silence. When Claire was done she mentioned something about going out to pick up her dress and see friends after school. We agreed on a time for her to return home so I had plenty of time to pick up Simon and drive them to their prom. Claire smiled, told me she loved me and then went to the bathroom to shower.

“Well, she got nice and flustered telling you that story didn’t she,” said Susan.

“You think, or was she just embarrassed?” I asked.

“Maybe a little, but mostly she was getting turned on. And she didn’t even tell you the best part.”

“Which is?

Susan raised an eyebrow and looked me directly in the eyes, “The couple Claire caught fucking; they were father and daughter.”

“No fucking way.”

“Oh yes. Apparently the father was very brazen about it too. Mark, our daughter has witnessed a man fucking his daughter, and she got turned on.”

“Wow,” is all I could say as I processed this. “What are the odds of that, after me seeing the father and daughter in the limo? Jesus Christ, it’s like there’s an incest epidemic in our town!”

Susan laughed, “I know, it seems ridiculous. But whatever is going on Mark dear, I hope you and our Claire get to be part of it.”

Have I mentioned recently that Susan is the greatest wife ever?

I spent the rest of the day doing odd jobs around the house since I wasn’t working again until next week. I needed to keep busy, as I couldn’t stop thinking about fucking Claire.

That night I was getting dressed in my driver uniform when Susan came in to help me with the tie. As she is a teacher at the senior school, she was also going to the prom as a chaperone. She looked great in a flowing black dress with a huge slit up one side to show of her legs and a plunging neckline to show off her tits. As Susan finished knotting up my tie she placed her hand on my chest and told me she had an important request, “Listen Mark, you’re going to be home by yourself for several hours tonight while Claire and I are at the prom,” Susan said to me in a serious tone while still smiling, “And I really want you to resist the temptation to jerk off.”

I laughed, “Susan, come on.”

“Mark I’m serious,” she replied, “I need you fully loaded and ready to go later tonight so no indulging early by yourself, okay?”

“Mmmmmm, I like the sound of that. Are you going to do something similar to what we did last night?”

“You’ll have to wait and see,” said Susan finishing with my tie, “But for now, I can hear Claire coming. I’m going to keep getting ready. You go out to the lounge room and tell our daughter how beautiful she is.”

I walked out of the bedroom and into the lounge room as Claire entered from the other side. We both stood still, almost frozen, and met each other’s gaze.

“Oh my God Claire,” I said softly, “You look stunning.”

She was perched on a pair of black open toe, ankle strap heels that made her long smooth legs look even more inviting that usual. Her dress was simple and elegant: a tightly fitted dark green cocktail dress that began half way up her thighs and went up over her shoulders without any sleeves. Her breasts looked amazing underneath the lace of the dress: so firm and inviting – perfectly sized to fit in the palms of my hands. She wore minimal makeup – just some lipstick and eye shadow – and her red hair was loose, with a few strands on the right of her face seductively hanging down over her gorgeous green eyes. My heart and my güvenilir bahis siteleri cock were throbbing.

Claire smiled shyly at me and pushed some of the hair back behind her ear, “You like what you see Dad?”

“Yes, Claire. I do. Very much.”

She hesitated for a moment and then said, “But Dad, I mean… do you really like what you see?”

“I really like what I see Claire.” Now it was my turn to hesitate, but not for long, “I’d like to see more.”

“How much more?”

“More than a father probably should.”

The doorbell rang. The fucking doorbell rang.

Susan called out from the bedroom, “Who on earth is that?”

“Oh yeah, damn, it’s Simon,” said Claire, shaking her head as if coming back to her senses.

“Simon?” I asked trying to disguise how pissed off I was to have such an intense moment interrupted. “I thought we were picking him up.”

“I know Dad, but he insisted on coming here instead,” said Claire. “I’m not too sure why.”

“Well, you’d better let him in then,” I sighed.

Claire went to the door and I heard her and Simon greet each other. Simon came into the room and I had to stifle a laugh. Girls Claire’s age more often than not look like glamorous models or movie stars when they dress formally, while guys that age – such as Simon – frequently look like little boys playing dress up!

“Good evening Mr Ryan,” said Simon as he walked toward me with his hand extended.

“Hi Simon,” I said as I shook his hand. I honestly didn’t mind the kid. He was good to Claire so he was okay by me.

“So, is Mrs. Ryan around?” he asked, looking strangely nervous.

“That’s my name at school,” said Susan as she entered the room adjusting one of her earrings. “You can call me Susan outside of the classroom Simon.”

“That’s okay, I like calling you Mrs. Ryan,” Simon grinned. “And damn Mrs. Ryan, you look fine!”

“Simon, Jesus,” said Claire looking mortified.

“Well thank you Simon,” laughed Susan, “Good to know I’ve still got it even if my daughter finds it embarrassing. But come on you three. You’d better get going. I’ll drive separately and see you all there.

As Claire and Simon dashed out the front door to the limo, Susan kissed me on the cheek and reminded me to stay fully loaded while her and Claire were out at the prom. I grinned, slapped Susan’s ass and went out to the limo.

Claire and Simon had already tumbled into the backseat, both giggling with excitement, so I didn’t need to do the whole ritual of opening the doors for them. I sat down in my seat, turned the engine on and pulled out of the driveway. The privacy screen between the back and front seats was up and I held out for a good five minutes before I switched on the security video monitor and speakers so I could see and hear what my daughter and her boyfriend were up to.

They were tangled in each other arms, with Claire’s legs draped over Simon’s, and they were making out. I felt a strange surge of jealousy and excitement as I watch Simon press his mouth over Claire’s and squeeze her tits through her dress.

“I can’t wait until we finally get to do it tonight,” he said to my daughter.

“Yeah I guess,” replied Claire.

“You guess? I thought you were just as sick of being a virgin as I was? Jesus Claire, we’re both 18 and have been dating for months. It’s time we did it.”

“I know Simon,” smiled Claire, “I do want to have sex tonight. Don’t worry about that.”

“Awesome,” grinned Simon. “I’ve got a hotel room booked and everything.”

“Oh, cool. That’s nice.”

“The only problem is, I’m not sure I can wait,” Simon said as he took one of Claire’s hands and placed it on the front of his pants.

“I see,” said Claire. “Somebody needs a bit of relief.”

I was trying so hard to concentrate on the road without missing anything that was happening on the video monitor. I hit a set of lights just at the right time to see Simon unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants and take out his cock. I gasped as Claire then wrapped her little hand around it, and started to gently stroke it.

“Claire… Claire…” said Simon, “I need more than that. Come on baby, you know what to do.”

Claire smiled, flicked her hair over one side of her face and then lowered her mouth down towards Simon’s cock. What the fuck was happening? Was I about to witness my own daughter give a blowjob? I was as hard as hell and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Claire knows that I have a hidden camera and microphones in the limo. Would she really be crazy enough to suck cock knowing that I might be watching?

And then she looked straight into the camera and winked. She winked at me. She was doing this for my benefit. She was putting on a show.

Claire opened her mouth wide and took Simon’s cock between her lips. Simon exhaled loudly at the glorious pleasure of getting blown by my daughter, but Claire barely even acknowledged him. As she bobbed her head up and down over his cock, getting as much into her mouth as possible before sucking it up all the way to the tip, she starred into the hidden camera. My hands tightened on the wheel as I continued to drive while I looked at the display screen, my eyes locked on my daughter as cock repeatedly passed between her lips.

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