Cloudless Days

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This is my first story to post to this site. That being said, like most of my stories, it is a longer one…you’re warned :D.

It rains hardest on a cloudy day.

Basically, situations are only going to get worse even if they look bleak.

I always found Erin’s favorite phrase a little out of place for her. My cousin is the type of girl that everyone wants to be friends with. She’s cheerful, outgoing, and completely crazy…in a good way. For her to have such a pessimistic saying always struck me as strange, but I can’t deny the truth in that Confucianism. Especially not now.

Yesterday, I totally got my dick slammed into a door…figuratively not literally (so I guess it could be much worse). After weeks of teasing and playful groping, I assumed Hannah was ready for the next step.

It began simply. During faculty meetings, Hannah would wink at me or she would make a comment as we passed each other in the hallways. Being one of the few men working as a teacher at an elementary campus means I receive these kinds of advances from coworkers quite a lot. After all, I am twenty-four and rather decent looking while the other two men on campus are a sixty-two year old coot and a perverted middle aged guy who’s probably hit on everything that can fog a mirror. Like I said, flirting is something I am used to by now, but Hannah’s was different.

For one thing, she is about the same age as me and unmarried. If you have never worked in a school, you wouldn’t understand how odd that is. On another note, Hannah is sexy…drop dead sexy. When she first pinched my butt as I stood in the teacher’s lounge before work, I thought I had to be mistaken. There was no way a girl like her would do that to me!

Then she gave me a wicked grin.

Fast forwarding through an awkward week, I finally asked her to dinner and was excited beyond belief when she accepted. The last few weeks were amazing. The school year finished, I was dating a hot woman, and I had a summer of fun to look forward to. That’s when the first storm cloud appeared.

I asked Hannah to dinner, the place we had our first date, but she politely refused. This happened off and on, but I didn’t think a thing about it. That is, until yesterday rolled around.

I took Hannah to a movie; one of those chick-flics that torments a man, but he presses through in the hopes of getting a reward in return. After 90 minutes of beach houses, drama with an overly sexed man, and rainy reunions where the woman discovers the nice guy at her side was always her true love, I allowed myself a deep breath of relief. Taking Hannah’s hand, I walked her to her car and gave her a deep kiss.

All was going well…or so I thought.

“I don’t want this night to end yet,” I said in a whisper when our lips parted. “Want to go back to my place?”

When I opened my eyes, Hannah was looking at me like I had sprouted a pig’s tail on top of my head. “Kyle, you are an amazing guy, but…”

There it was: the infamous but. I had been hearing it for the last seven years since my first girlfriend. ‘Kyle, you are so nice and sweet and caring, but…’, ‘Kyle, I wish all guys were like you, but…’, or (my personal favorite after last night):

“-but I am seeing someone else and I don’t think it would be fair to them.”

Hannah was the one with a pig tail sprouting from her head now. I opened my mouth, and closed it again, not knowing what to say.

She gave me her bright, perfectly sexy smile. “Besides, this is just for fun anyway, right?”

Aaaannnndddd dick slammed in door…still figuratively.

“Yeah…sure it is,” I said quickly, my face turning a light shade of red as I felt my felt my stomach drop.

I made my exit, knowing I had made a mistake getting emotionally attached so quickly. As I drove home, I heard a thunderstorm roaring in my ears while I watched the sunset in a clear Texas sky.

It rains hardest on a cloudy day.

We have reached the present. I am lying on my futon I use as a couch, eating mint chocolate chip ice-cream from the container, and thinking dark thoughts as I watch Cillian Murphy get the crap beaten out of him by some pretty nasty mobsters.

“I know how you feel,” I tell the black and blue Peaky Blinder as he is rushed to the hospital. Taking another large bite of ice-cream, I let out a dejected sigh. With the mood I’m in right now, this could go on a while.


‘I hope you are coming to the family reunion ;)’

The text’s from Erin of course. I growl inwardly. The last thing I want to do is spend three days with second cousins and cousins three times removed that I have no real connection with. Sure, it would be fun to see Erin and her sisters again, but it is a long drive to Middle of Nowhere, South Texas.


‘I know you are trying to talk yourself out of it, Kyle’


‘but I always get my way’


‘come down to the dark side’

I can’t help but grin. Since I started working, we rarely see each other anymore except at Christmas; however, she still seems to know me well. Looking at the half eaten güvenilir bahis gallon of mint ice-cream and the first season of a show I’ve watched countless times, I realize the trip would do me good.


Stepping out of the car is like moving from a fridge to a sauna. Texas is not at all hospitable in mid-June when the sun is taking up half the sky and the humidity is sitting on you like a ton of bricks. After sitting for six hours in an A-C’d car, my glasses seem about as agitated by the heat as I am. The lenses fog to the point of cloudy blindness as soon as I stand. Despite the heat, I am glad to be out of my car and give myself a moment to stretch.


I hear, but don’t see Erin running toward me. As she gets closer, I notice the blur of her body. I am about to take my glasses off when she barrels into my chest, sending me staggering backward.

“I didn’t think you were coming,” she said burying her head briefly into my chest before looking up at me.

That’s right; I never sent a reply text. Oops.

“You always get your way, Erin,” I reply. She laughs. It is a light elfin sound that stirs up distant memories of summers spent together.

“Can you even see through those?”

“No,” I give her a light squeeze…God, when did her breasts fill out so much? “But I am sure they protect me from seeing my horrendous cousin.”

Erin slaps me hard on the shoulder before reaching up and carefully removing them. I am glad my eyesight is still good enough to see the picture of loveliness that stands before me.

Erin is about four inches shorter than my six feet. To be completely honest, she isn’t sensually attractive…she is beautifully simple. Let me explain myself better. Erin usually never wears makeup. Her steel grey eyes don’t need eyeliner or shadow to make them shine, her perky lips don’t require lipstick to make you dream of kissing them, and her lightly tanned skin has no use for blush. She is athletic instead of soft, forward instead of reserved, and wears dark brown hair short instead of long. Erin is Erin, plain and simple. In that, she is the loveliest creature I have ever seen.

Then my eyes drift further south, and I take an involuntary inward breath. Erin is wearing nothing but a black bikini with a matching pain of bottoms. All I can think is that I was right…her breasts really are larger. They swell outwards like two glorious peaks waiting to be claimed.

What the hell am I thinking!

Her breasts aren’t too large though…

Stop thinking this way!

…they are just about right for a handful.

Oh, God, what the hell is wrong with…

“See something you like?” Erin says in a sarcastic tone as she takes a step back and slowly turns so I can see her entire body.

I feel a blush rising up my neck, but decide to play it off. “Just wondering when my little cousin finally got past the cute Hello Kitty one-piece suit she always seemed to wear.”

Erin gives me a pouty face, but it quickly turns into a bright smile as she engulfs me in another bear hug. “It’s so good to see you again, Kyle!”

“You too,” I say genuinely. “You are as refreshing as a cold Pepsi on a summer day.”

Disappointingly, she disentangles herself from my arms and begins walking toward the back of my car. “You still drink that nasty stuff? You do realize that Dr. Pepper is the only way to go.”

“Only for hicks,” I say with a laugh, “and products of incest.”

Erin raises a quizzical brow. “And what is wrong with products of incest?”

“I…uh…” What?

Erin slowly runs her right hand down her left shoulder and across her boob. “Are you saying you would never find me attractive enough to ravage me?”

Blood is rushing to my lower extremities. I turn and bend to press the trunk button in the car so that my semi-erection isn’t too noticeable. For once, I am almost glad to be average in that regard…almost.

“You should see the look on your face!” Erin chuckles, opening the trunk and grabbing the duffle bag. “I thought you were going to bust a blood vessel!”

“Funny,” I growl.

As I move past her to grab my laptop bag, my hand shoots out unexpectedly and gives Erin a hard smack on her ass. She yelps, but I am more distracted by the amazing firmness. It must be all of the running she does.

“You going to let go,” Erin smirks, “or are you going to grope me longer?”

“Oh…sorry,” I say, quickly removing my hand as I turn a bright shade of red. Maybe this won’t be as relaxing as I thought.

“Don’t worry,” she says, lightly patting my shoulder as she moves past with the duffle bag, “we’re cousins. I’ll just have to get you back for the spanking later when you’re least expecting it.”

Erin’s infectious laugh fills the air as she moves toward the house. What have I gotten myself into?

I close the trunk and car door, after grabbing my laptop bag, and rush after her.

“Where’re Aunt Lin and the twins?” I ask, walking up the gravel path to the four bedroom home I had spent many summers in. It, like the town, hadn’t changed a bit in the last twenty-four türkçe bahis years. My eyes were too busy drinking in the swaying ass of Erin to pay too much attention to the old home, however.

“They went shopping about thirty minutes ago.” She stopped abruptly, causing me to bump into her.


“You apologize too much.” Erin giggles as I blush. “I just thought about it. You had better text her that you will be staying here, or she won’t get enough food to fill up a big man like you.”

“Saying I’m fat?” I ask, playfully smacking my belly for emphasis.

She snorts. “If you’re fat, then I am a hairless Chewbacca.”

Before I can make a wise-ass comeback, she lays a hand on my chest. It feels as if it is burning a hole through my button-down shirt. Erin says slowly, “I just wouldn’t want all that work you put in at the gym to disappear because of malnutrition.”

“Always the premed student, aren’t you?” I reply, experiencing an odd tightening of my chest. “You noticed though?”

“Of course,” she said with a big grin. “You used to be a skinny dweeb. Now you are a slightly less skinny dweeb.”


Opening the door, she walks into the cool house. “Come on. We’ll put your stuff in the guest room for now.”

“Guest room?” I ask, doing mental math.

“Briana and Jenny went back to sharing a room,” she explains while we continue moving through the house. “Mom said they didn’t have to, but they are inseparable. I swear that if they ever find a boyfriend while they’re in high school, they will probably share him too.”

“Lucky man.”

Erin gives me a withering look. “Typical male response.”


“And stop apologizing all the time,” she orders, tossing my duffle on the full sized bed of the guest room.


Erin rolls her eyes dramatically. “I’m going to jump in the pool. Get some shorts on and join me.”

Before walking out, she takes my glasses from wear she clipped them to her top and slides them on my face. “Thanks,” I mumble meekly as the world comes back to sharp contrast making me all the more aware of my beautiful cousin standing in front of me in a bikini with her lightly freckled face only a few inches from mine.

“Don’t mention it,” she says just as quietly. “I’m glad you decided to come, Kyle. I needed a distraction from the things going on.”

Before I can ask, she is out the door. I hear the front door close behind her, and I am left wondering what came over Erin. We have always been close. She is a year and a half younger than me, and we grew up about a mile apart before I moved north with my parents when I was twelve. Even after that, I visited every summer, spending the hot days playing with my little cousin. Still, Erin is acting strange, and the thoughts in my head about her are even stranger.

I quickly unpack a pair of trunks, throw them on, and prepare to rush out to meet my bikini clad cousin. As a last thought, I shoot a text to my aunt like Erin suggested. Tossing my glasses on the bed, I go outside.

Erin is already in the pool next to the house. She grins at me expectantly, but my eyes are drawn to the way she leans against the side of the pool. She has both arms crossed on the edge with her wet breasts resting against them. Beautiful.

Before too much excitement can cause an embarrassing reaction, I take a running start and cannonball into the pool with a big splash. Erin is cackling through coughs as I come to the surface. She quickly swims over and dunks my head below water. It’s a typical game that everyone plays with family, but ours took a strange turn a few summers ago.

We had been playing- thrashing about, splashing each other…you know, the normal stuff- when my hands got a handful of what they shouldn’t. I had expected Erin to squeal of slap me, but instead she just pressed her boobs against my hands while she remained silent. At nineteen, it was very erotic, and I let go as if they were hot coals, apologizing profusely. Erin just laughed, as she always did, and we continued playing…though I was more careful from that point on.

I wonder what she would do if I do that now?

It is a crazy idea that fills my brain and dick as I struggle to the surface. Erin is still laughing. She swims away, but I catch her, pick her up, and toss her a clear foot out of the pool before she plummets back into the water. I don’t let her get away.

My body reacts quicker than my brain can process what it is doing. I grab her arms from behind and wrap Erin up tightly against my chest. My forearms press against the underside of her boobs causing them to clear the surface of the water and the black fabric to pull back to reveal the apparent tan line on the side of her breast.

Erin is coughing and laughing, but she doesn’t pull away. She gives a brief struggle, but even that is almost nonexistent allowing me to easily hold her.

I feel my heart beating a million miles an hour, and I have to quickly move Erin’s lower half to my side so that my hard-on doesn’t press against her ass.

What the fuck am I doing? She’s my cousin!

“I güvenilir bahis siteleri was right,” she says with a small giggle, “you have been hitting the gym haven’t you?”

Is it my imagination, or is Erin breathing heavier too? She’s just trying to catch her breath. Stop being perverted.

“I couldn’t be a skinny dweeb my entire life,” I whisper into her ear. My breath causes goosebumps to travel her lightly freckled neck and she shivers. Her boobs press against my arms even harder. The fabric pulls back even more.

I adjust my arms so that my left holds both of hers. Erin could now easily escape, but makes no attempt to as she leans back against me in the cool water. My right hand wraps around her taunt belly, running over her silky smooth skin. I gently kiss the side of her neck, the dark brown-almost black hair tickling my cheek.

“I missed you,” I whisper.

“I missed you too,” she replies in a quiet voice.

My body is on autopilot now. My right hand drifts upwards, briefly stopping its ascent to trace a circle around Erin’s naval. She shivers again. As I get close to where our arms are interlocked, I move my hand up to her neck. I gently trace her jawline, pulling her face to where her eyes meet mine. There is a bright twinkling in her grey eyes, and her pink lips part slightly. My hand slides down her neck, getting closer to the destination.

“You’re being very bad, Kyle,” she whispers, moving her head ever so closer to mine.

“Am I?”

“You shouldn’t tease a horny girl like this.”

My fingers are mere inches from the black fabric. Of course, it is at that exact moment that I hear a car rumbling down the long drive way. I quickly withdraw my hands, and Erin scoots away as my aunt’s car appears through the bushes.

I look briefly to Erin. Her freckled chest is a light red that has nothing to do with the sun, and she is avoiding looking my direction.

Great. I’m an idiot!

As the blue Focus comes to a stop in front of the house, my aunt quickly exits the car and rushes over. I press myself against the side of the pool, not trusting the clear water to hide my raging erection.

“It’s great to see you,” Aunt Lin says happily, getting on her knees long enough to give me a kiss on the cheek. “We were already on the way home when I got your text, so we will have to unfortunately make another run to town to get more food sometime tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry about it, Aunt Lin,” I tell her with what I hope is not a guilty smile. “I am not a picky eater.”

“That’s not what I remember,” she retorts with an easy laugh. I am struck by how similar Aunt Lin is to Erin: same build, same color hair, and same infectious personality. The only difference is about nineteen years of age. “You refused to eat pizza one time because your green beans touched the side of it.”

“I was ten,” I tell her sullenly.

“What about when you threw away an entire sandwich because there was a black spot on the crust?”

“I was…” saying I was twenty-one didn’t seem like as good an excuse.

“I’m going to go help the twins with the groceries,” Erin interrupts before exiting the pool. I try not to stare as she climbs the side, but I do and I feel like a complete jerk for that and…other recent actions.

Her mother watches Erin leave. When she enters the house, Aunt Lin turns back to me with a serious expression on her face. “Kyle.”

“Yes, ma’am?” I feel as if I am about to get castrated…which might be true. Oh, shit!

“I am glad you came,” she said with a sad smile. “Erin’s had a rough couple of weeks, and I know seeing you will do some good.”

I’m not so sure about that anymore. “No problem, Aunt Lin. Thanks for having me.”

“Anytime, Kyle,” my aunt says with a return to her previous good humor. “It’s nice to have a man around the house now and again.”

With that, she walks away, leaving me drifting in the pool while I wait for the hard-on I got from groping my cousin, her daughter, to disappear.


I slump into bed feeling tired in more ways than one. First was the physical exhaustion, only born from long travel sessions without a break. Next was a mental exhaustion after hearing Briana and Jenny talk incessantly since they walked into the house until they went to bed. Then there was the emotional.

Part derived from the past few weeks, but the majority was from the fact that, since the three girls got back from the store, Erin hadn’t said a word to me. After a nice dinner of squash and salmon steak, she disappeared into her room with a quiet goodnight and a brief look in my direction.

It must have been obvious on my face that I was worried about her, because Aunt Lin said, “Don’t worry about it, Kyle. Erin’s been a wreck since she found out Henry was cheating on her.”

“What?” I asked incredulously. How could anyone cheat on someone like Erin? What kind of twice damned idiot could do that?

My aunt’s grey eyes darkened like storm clouds, and my anger at the unmet boyfriend evaporated in the heated flame of the small woman sitting next to me. I had never seen her angry like that. “The asshole deserves to have his dick cutoff for how he treated her.” My aunt never swore. “He made Erin feel like it was her fault that he was fucking that girl. Said Erin didn’t care enough for him to meet his needs.”

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