Club Initiation

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Dave & Joanne sat together nervously, looking around the reception area and trying not to look as nervous as they felt. Another couple, Lillian and Steve was seated on another couch doing pretty much the same. They knew they were in for some extraordinary sex, after all what else was a private sex club for?

Dave said to Joanne “Are you sure you want to try this honey, you know we can’t leave until after the initiation is over – whether we want to or not.”

“I’m totally ready,” she whispered, “My pussy is already dripping.”

Dave smiled at that thought; he knew how excited she could get. She had dressed to kill, wearing a black leather skirt and low cut blouse that showed off her spectacular cleavage. Underneath she had on a garter belt, thong panties, and fishnet stockings. Her heels were four inches high – difficult to walk in, but she didn’t think she would be walking too far.

The whole thing had been Joanne’s idea; she had always had a kinky streak. When Dave asked her what she wanted for her birthday she had come back with the proposal to join the club which she had heard about from her cousin. It was expensive to join, but supposedly well worth the money. Dave thought “What the hell, it will make her happy and I might get to fuck some other girls too.”

Dave kept getting distracted by Lillian, who had introduced herself and her husband when they had arrived. She was dressed a bit more conservatively than Joanne, and was built a little more voluptuously. He hoped he would get to see her naked, but didn’t know how the club really worked – he only knew they had to go through initiation on the first night, and if found acceptable then they were automatically members for as long as they liked. The information they had been given had said very little about what the initiation would be like, only that they would not be allowed to leave once it started.

The door leading into the club opened and the woman who had initially greeted them appeared.

“We are ready for you now, would you all please follow me.”

Joanne took a deep breath and said “This is it honey, let’s go see what we’re in for.”

They followed their hostess into a large room, which had couches around the perimeter, a bar at one end, and what appeared to be a slightly raised carpeted stage in the center. On the stage were some padded sawhorses, a table with restraints, and an open cabinet that was filled with various whips, paddles, and some very interesting looking dildoes.

Their hostess stepped to the center of the stage and said “The initiation will take place here, I just want to remind you that once it starts you won’t be allowed to leave until it’s over. Ten members of the club will be in attendance, and they will be evaluating you throughout the initiation to determine whether or not you will be accepted into the club.

“If you wish to change you’re minds this is you last opportunity, please give me your answer now.”

Joanne grabbed Dave’s hand and squeezed it, and she said firmly, “We want to stay”.

Their hostess looked at Lillian and Steve, and Steve responded with a slight quiver in his voice “Can you tell me what’s we have to do in the initiation?”

She eyed him with a sly grin and said, “I can’t divulge that, I need to know whether you are staying or going.”

Lillian looked at Steve with her large dark eyes and nodded. Steve said, “It looks like we are here for the duration.”

“Good”, she replied. “The evaluators are coming in now.”

Steve saw another door open and people began filing in. Everyone appeared to be about the same age, 30 to 40 years old, and was dressed in comfortable relaxed clothes. There were five men and five women, he assumed married to each other as that was part of the basis for membership – no singles. They made their ways to the couches and sat down, all of them eyeing the four initiates.

The hostess said, “These are the two couples being considered for membership, this initiation is now begun”.

A woman with blonde hair and large breasts raised her hand and said, “I’d like to see their cocks, can they be stripped?”

The host pointed to Dave and Steve and said “You two, come up here and take off all your clothes – do it now.”

Steve turned a bright red, he hadn’t expected this. He looked at Joanne who smiled and patted his ass and said “Come on honey, it’s too late to change your mind. After all, this is my birthday present – try not to be too shy”.

Steve and Dave both got on the stage and stripped down to their underwear as everyone looked on. Both one of them wanted to go any further and they just stopped there. Steve noticed Dave had a large bulge, how could he be getting excited he wondered? Steve just wanted to run out, he’d never felt this vulnerable before.

The hostess had picked up a riding crop and gently patted the front of Dave’s underwear. “This one seems perfectly at home. Now, poker oyna I told you both to take off ALL your clothes, and you left your underwear on – this is the only time you get a second chance. Remove your underpants now and show everyone your cocks or you will be sorry.”

Steve & Dave looked at each other, sharing a little of their mutual misery. Looking over at Joanne he could see she was thoroughly enjoying his discomfort. He hooked his thumbs under his waistband and pulled down his underwear, and then stepped out of them. He couldn’t look around the room, and stood there with his flaccid cock hanging between his legs trying not to cover it with his hands.

He looked at Dave who now stood there with his cock at full attention, and a bright blush on his face. His balls had been shaved, and his cock stood about six and a half inches tall. It was of medium thickness, and Steve thought he would measure up equally if he could get an erection.

One of the men on the couches called out “That’s not fair, they should both be hard – let’s see how Lillian can blow.”

The hostess pointed to Lillian and said “Lillian, come up here and get Steve’s cock erect. Don’t touch it with your hands – use only your tongue and mouth.”

Lillian stood frozen like a deer in the headlights. She looked at Dave, who turned to the hostess and said, “Now wait a minute, she’s my wife – his wife is Joanne.”

The hostess smiled and said, “I don’t care, and you already used your second chance. Now I want you to get him hard, use only your tongue and your mouth. Do it now or you will be held down and fucked in the ass by one of our evaluators.”

Steve’s mouth opened to object, but the glare from the hostess stopped him. He remembered that they wouldn’t let him leave, and he didn’t want to get sodomized. He looked at Lillian who shrugged helplessly; there was nothing he could do.

Dave couldn’t believe it, he had experimented once with a man in college, but that was mainly mutual masturbation. He took a breath and tried to relax, he didn’t want to step out of line because that apparently didn’t get you too far in here.

Steve looked at him with an interested expression and Dave slowly knelt in down in front of him. He had never had a cock in his mouth, but had always fantasized about it. He took a deep breath and got ready for a crash course in dick sucking.

He stuck his tongue out and gently flicked Dave’s cock. The response was instantaneous, Dave began to grow quickly. Encouraged, he licked up and down the shaft, and pre-cum was soon leaking from the tip. He swirled his tongue around the tip and tasted it, coaxing more out of the fully aroused cock.

The hostess stepped up and said “Good job, did you enjoy that? It looks like you did, your dick is starting to drip. How come you didn’t say that you liked sucking cock during your interview? Would you like me to provide some additional opportunities for you later on this evening?” Dave just stood there looking chagrined.

She turned to Joanne and Lillian and said, “Let’s get a good look at these two, why don’t you come up here and undress each other.”

Joanne glanced at Lillian and mounted the stage. She had always wanted to be with a woman and the way things were looking she was going to get her chance.

Lillian, who having just witnessed her husband performing his first blowjob climbed up after her, feeling a little overwhelmed and very vulnerable. What if she was made to lick this woman as the men had done? She squirmed at the thought thinking she wouldn’t be able to, but afraid of the consequences if she didn’t.

She unbuttoned Joanne’s blouse and exposed her bright red bra. “Her tits are fantastic,” she thought. She reached behind her and undid the clip, and pulled the bra off fully exposing her breasts.

Then she turned and let Joanne unzip her dress, which fell to her ankles. She stepped free and stood in only her black bra and panties. Joanne removed the bra, and then squatted behind her. She grabbed the waistband and with a quick movement yanked her panties to her ankles.

Lillian quickly covered her exposed pussy with her hands and turned a deep red.

The hostess walked up to her and said, “We want to see your pussy, now take away your hands and show us.”

Reluctantly, Lillian did as she was told and displayed herself for the audience. She was rewarded with comments of “Nice”, “Looks delicious”, and “I’d like to fuck that”.

The hostess smiled and said, “Now, help Joanne out of her skirt – let’s see what she looks like.”

Lillian turned to Joanne and pulled the zipper on the side of her skirt down, and then pulled the whole skirt down to the floor. She helped Joanne balance on her tall heels as she stepped out of the skirt. She looked to see Joanne’s red panties and gasped.

Joanne looked down and was mortified. The front of her panties were soaked through. She had always canlı poker oyna gotten very wet, but this was ridiculous. It looked as if she had peed herself, and then she felt a big drop run down her thigh into her fishnets.

The hostess exclaimed, “Wow, looks like someone is enjoying herself quite a bit. Well, we don’t want to waste a pussy this wet now do we?”

She looked at Dave who smiled thinking that he was going to be ordered to fuck his wife in front of everyone. He was a stallion in bed, and could hold off coming for a good hour of fucking. He would give them a show they wouldn’t forget soon.

“Dave, escort your wife around to all the men in the room and have her fuck each one, that should really liven up that cunt.”

Joanne couldn’t believe her ears. She had just been ordered to gang bang five strangers. She hadn’t counted on this, but her pussy overruled any other thoughts as another drop of juice made it’s way down her thigh.

Dave came over and took her hand. He whispered in her ear “Are you really going to do this?”

“I’ve never returned a birthday gift, and I’m not starting now. I’ll be fine, this whole initiation is making me unbelievable hot, I feel like a slut so I might as well act like one.”

Dave helped her out of her panties, but left the garter belt, stockings and heels on. He knew how fabulous she looked, and he could smell her moist pussy from three feet away.

He took her to the first couch, which was occupied by a blonde man and his dark haired wife. The wife had just unbuckled her husband’s pants and pulled out his already hard cock.

Joanne looked at the cock and her eyes almost bugged out. It was about 9 inches long and very thick. She had seen cocks like that in porn movies, but never in person. She was stunned and even further aroused.

The wife smiled lasciviously at Joanne and said “Have a seat right on it honey, don’t worry, it won’t bite.”

Joanne turned and put her feet on either side of the man’s feet, and he took hold of her hips to guide her onto his giant dick. He lowered her down and she gasped as the tip of it spread her cunt lips. She wanted to go slow, but he pulled her down onto his lap.

The cock disappeared with an audible “Sluuurrruppp”. Joanne let out a low moan and then exclaimed, “Oh my God, I’m going to come – OH OH OH OH FUUUUCCCKK.”

She quivered and ground her ass into his lap as hard as she could, her pussy spasming around the cock which then let loose a spray of cum deep in her cunt. She couldn’t believe that she came so quickly, and she leaned back and twisted to kiss the man on the lips.

The hostess called over to her “Very entertaining Joanne, four more to go!”

Dave helped her up and took her to the next couple, where she was made to get on all fours. Apparently sloppy seconds were not going to be a problem for anyone, the second man entered her from behind as the first man’s cum started to drip out and run down to her clit.

He fucked her hard from behind while his wife urged him on. Joanne’s thighs were still shaking from her orgasm minutes before when this new stranger announced he was going to cum, and cum hard.

Just as his body clenched his wife said “Pull out now and spurt all over her pussy and ass, I love the way that looks!”

He obliged and he pulled out as cum sprayed from the tip of his cock. The cock itself was covered with the previous man’s cum, and he rubbed up and down Joanne’s crack spreading the mess all over her.

When she was done with all five men her pussy was a total cummy mess. It ran out of her, spreading all over her labia and plastering her pubic hair down. It glistened as it ran down both her thighs and into her stockings. She didn’t care how she looked, she had had her second orgasm as the fifth man drove his cock into her hot open box and she was in heaven.

“My, what a beautiful mess we have here,” said their hostess. “Lillian, why don’t you and Steve come over here and help get this girl cleaned up.”

Joanne lay on her back on the stage with her legs spread as Lillian and Steve approached. Steve reached for a towel that was on the bar, intending to mop up the huge amount of cum with it.

The hostess stopped him with a glare and said, “When I say to clean up someone I mean for you to use your tongue. Now get to work.”

Steve looked at her and then at the dripping mess of Joanne’s cunt. He stammered, “I don’t think I can.”

The hostess sighed, “All right then, we will have to make you a bit more agreeable.” She nodded to the men in the audience and they came up on stage and escorted Steve to the sawhorses while Lillian looked on in horror.

They were arranged next to each other, and they forced Steve to mount them so that his legs hung down on either side of each, and then he had to lean forward so that his shoulders were supported on both sides by the crossbars. They then tied his ankles internet casino to a leg of each horse with leather straps, and did the same with his wrists. A ball gag was popped into his mouth and he was now unable to move or speak, and was fully exposed.

The hostess grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head up to look at her.

“First you are going to be punished, you can’t move or speak so I suggest you try to find a way to enjoy this. If you don’t it doesn’t matter because I’m sure going to like doing it to you.”

She had her riding crop in her hand and moved around behind him where he couldn’t see. She started to gently slap the head of his flaccid cock back and forth with the tip. Steve clenched his eyes shut and wished he were anywhere else.

He was as surprised as anyone as he felt his cock respond and grow hard. The hostess said “Good, you are enjoying this – let’s punish you a little harder.”

She started slapping his cock and balls harder, and Steve started grunting through the ball gag “Uh Uh Uh UHHHH.”

The hostess said, “What’s that you’re trying to say? You want a cock in your ass? Very well then.”

Steve’s eyes went very wide and he let out an even louder “UUHHHHH”.

The hostess smiled and took out a large tube of K-Y jelly from the cabinet, squeezed out a generous portion, and let it drip onto his very exposed anus. Steve’s cock went limp.

The hostess looked to Dave and said “Come over here, I have a job for you.”

Dave came over, his cock was dripping and ached from seeing his wife getting fucked over and over, and the S&M display was something he had always secretly liked. This would be the first time he had ass fucked a man, but he was so ready to blow he just wanted to stick his cock anywhere.

“Now, I want to you slowly slide your cock into his ass right up to the hilt. It’s going to be tight, but don’t cum until I tell you that you can.”

Dave looked at Joanne who was still lying on her back, and she began to rub her sopping cum covered pussy. She smiled at him and tasted her fingers, then plunged them deep into her mound.

“Well.” thought Dave, “she’s really enjoying this birthday, I’ll give her the show she’s always wanted to see. She always wanted to see me fuck another man, so here goes.”

Dave slid his cock up Steve’s crack, and found his anus. He gently nuzzled it against the opening and pushed lightly.

Steve groaned and went “Uhhhhh”.

He slid in until his hips met Steve’s ass, and he started rocking back and forth, establishing a rhythm. Steve could move very slightly, and Dave wasn’t surprised when he felt Steve start to rock with him – he was definitely enjoying his humiliation.

“Grab his cock and start stroking him, I want to see him cum while he’s getting fucked,” said the hostess.

Turning to Lillian she said, “Climb down there underneath, when he cums try to catch it in your mouth.”

Lillian crawled down between both of their legs and looked up to see her husband’s hard swollen cock being masturbated by Dave. She could tell it wouldn’t be long before he exploded; the cock was bright red and thoroughly soaked. It slid easily in Dave’s firm grasp.

Steve again started to groan, and let out a huge “UHHHHHHH!!!!,” the ball gag stifling his exclamation as his cock jerked in Dave’s hand and cum blew out.

Lillian lay there as cum splashed her face and tits, and it just kept cumming. She couldn’t believe how much came out of him. Her hand plunged into her own cunt as she started to shiver. There was no stopping it, she fucked herself with her fingers overcome with lust at the sight of her husbands pulsating orgasm, masturbating to a screaming climax in front of everyone as the audience yelled out their appreciation.

The members cheered louder as Dave yelled, “I’m coming, oh GOD I’m going to cum in his ASS!”

He grabbed Steve by the hips and ground deeply into him, his cock held firm by Dave’s clenching ass. He spasmed again and collapsed onto Dave’s back as Lillian reached up and stroked his balls.

Joanne, viewing the scene and still rubbing herself shuddered to a third violent orgasm. She threw her head back and screamed “FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD, GOD I’M A SLUUUUUTTTT!!!!”

Everyone applauded and came up on stage. They helped Steve from his restraints and removed his ball gag. He lay on the stage as Dave’s cum leaked from his ass and he smiled at Lillian who was rubbing his cum across her tits.

The Hostess surveyed the scene and said “Well, I want to congratulate you on passing your initiation, welcome to the club! All the events have been filmed, this was for our protection and to maintain the anonymity of the club. Of course, you can have copies for your own enjoyment if you wish.”

Joanne, still laying on the floor with her legs spread, looked to the Hostess and said “Hey, my pussy is still overflowing with all this cum – I thought I was going to be cleaned up?”

The Hostess looked at the mess still oozing from Joanne’s well-fucked cunt. She looked Joanne straight in the eyes, and then slowly licked her lips…

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