Coming Clean Ch. 05

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Chapter. 5 ‘Friends In Need’

Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes, PC’s and e-mails on my previous stories. In this chapter: Learning that Kat, Kitten and Jo are in jail, Melodie, Tiffany and Courtney come to their rescue. Enjoy.


Gamma House was quiet. It was the week before final exams. Melodie, Tiffany and Courtney were sprawled across Courtney’s bed, faces bathed in the light of their laptops as they scrolled through their class notes. Clad only in skimpy panties, their bodies made an erotic display of silken flesh.

“Who wants a drink?” Courtney asked, getting up and padding barefoot to the refrigerator.

“Power drink,” Melodie replied. “I’m falling asleep reading these philosophy notes.”

“Same here,” Tiffany echoed.

“Two power drinks coming up,” Courtney said, “And one for me.”

The three put their computers aside and lay back against the headboard sipping their drinks.

“I can’t believe it’s the end of the semester already,” Courtney mused.

“I can’t believe we’re all friends,” Melodie said. “I mean so much has happened in these last months.”

“I can’t believe we’re the lovers of some of the sexiest women who ever rode a motorcycle,” Tiffany sighed. “They’ve only been gone a day and I miss them already.”

“I wish we could have gone with them to that Bike Rally in Clear Lake City,” Courtney said sadly. “But studies come first.”

Melodie stretched luxuriantly, her hands stroking Tiffany and Courtney’s bare thighs.

“I say we take a break from studying,” she purred. “Have a little fun.”

“You mean like this?” Courtney replied, taking Melodie’s nipple in her mouth.

“Or like this?” Tiffany murmured, rubbing Melodie’s pussy.

“Mmmm…that’s it exactly,” Melodie said, hugging her friends to her. “Who wants to be on the bottom?”

“It’s your turn Court,” Tiffany said.

“Oh alright,” Courtney replied in mock indignation. “The things I have to do for you guys.”

They peeled off their panties and moved into position. Courtney lay back and spread her legs as Tiffany moved between them, placing butterfly kisses on her friend’s creamy thighs. Melodie straddled Courtney’s head, lowering her pussy to her friend’s mouth, gripping the headboard for support.

Courtney jerked and moaned as Tiffany’s nimble tongue and fingers pleasured her wet pussy. She pulled Melodie’s pussy to her mouth, lapping and fingering her friend as she shuddered in ecstasy.

Tiffany clutched Courtney’s round ass cheeks in her hands, sucking, licking and nibbling the labial lips and the throbbing clit. She circled a wet finger around the puckered hole, and then pushed inside. Courtney’s delighted yelp showed she liked it and wanted more.

Melodie rode Courtney’s face like the last pony out of hell. She couldn’t get enough of her lover’s long tongue in her pussy.

The room echoed with the slurps and cries of female lovemaking. Courtney dug in her heels and bucked her pussy against Tiffany’s eager mouth, moaning as another finger entered her asshole. She lapped and sucked wildly on Melodie’s pussy flesh, drawing the engorged clit between her teeth and nibbling it, feeling Melodie shudder.

“Ahhhh…I’m close, so close,” Melodie cried.

Courtney sucked Melodie’s pussy, tongue fucking her and nibbling her clit. She thrust a finger into Melodie’s ass, and swirled it around. Melodie’s head snapped back as she cried out in the ferocity of her orgasm, flooding Courtney’s mouth with cum which she eagerly swallowed.

Tiffany pumped four fingers in Courtney’s pussy and lashed her aching clit with her tongue. She wormed two fingers in her lover’s asshole and was rewarded with a gush of cum in her mouth as Courtney’s back arched and her climax seared through her.

Melodie and Courtney each came a second time, fell back on the bed and lay panting from their exertions.

“I haven’t cum yet,” Tiffany said plaintively, licking Courtney’s juices from her fingers. In a flurry of motion, she was on her knees, Melodie sliding underneath her from behind, pulling her friends dripping pussy to her mouth. Courtney straddled Melodie’s hips, rubbing their pussies together as she ate Tiffany’s asshole, sucking and tonguing, pulling the ass cheeks wide. Tiffany buried her face in the pillow to muffle her shrieks of pleasure as her lovers devoured her holes, her climax boiling within her as her pleasure centers overloaded.

Melodie worked four fingers into Tiffany’s slit as Courtney pushed two fingers in her asshole. The double penetration sent Tiffany over the edge. With a keening wail, she squirted cum into Melodie’s mouth, her body trembling with the intensity of her orgasm. She came a second time and fell forward on the bed moaning happily. Courtney licked cum from Melodies face and sucked it from her fingers. They lay on either side of Tiffany, stroking and kissing her as she calmed down.

A blasting metal tune came from Melodie’s cell phone on the nightstand. She answered poker oyna it, listened for a moment and said, “You guys, Kat, Kitten and Jo are in big trouble.”

“What kind of trouble?”

“They’re in jail, Tiff. Some town called Wisteria. About two hours from here”

“So how can we help them?”

“They need bail money and a lawyer, Court.”

“No problem. I’ve a high limit on my credit card.”

“How are we supposed to get there? Take a bus?”

“Kat had an idea about that Tiff. We need to get to Kitten’s repair shop.”

They began dressing in their riding clothes.


“Wow! That’s some bike,” Tiffany exclaimed. “What kind is it?”

“Kitten said it’s a 1942 Harley made for the Army. The sidecar could carry a wounded soldier if necessary. They just finished restoring it.”

“Looks like you and me in the sidecar Tiff,” Courtney said with a laugh. “Only Melodie has enough skill to handle this beast.”

“Let’s gas up and get going,” Melodie barked. “We’re wasting time.”

“Yes ma’m,” Tiffany and Courtney chorused, giving her a salute.


Melodie twisted the throttle and the cycle leaped forward, the engines roar intoxicating. She was in control of all this power and it felt wonderful. Now she fully understood what Kitten and the others liked about riding cycles. The wind in her face, the scenery rushing by, the vibration between her legs all combined into one glorious feeling of freedom.

She glanced at her companions in the sidecar. Tiffany was snuggled in Courtney’s arms, their legs twined together. Courtney was nuzzling Tiffany’s neck making her squirm. Melodie grinned as she turned her attention to the road. I bet they find a way to fuck before we reach Wisteria. I hope our women are okay. Kat said she’d explain when we got there. I wonder what happened… “Damn!”

She swerved to avoid a lumbering semi that changed lanes without signaling, speeding up to pass it. The driver stared straight ahead, oblivious to the olive drab cycle. It’s like we weren’t even there. Moron. They left the truck far behind as the traffic thinned. Melodie took the exit for Wisteria and roared down a narrow two-lane road. Ten miles to go. Why did they leave the Interstate? Clear Lake City’s only forty miles up the road…

A low moan interrupted her thoughts. She looked over to see her companions kissing. Tiffany’s jeans were unfastened and Courtney’s hand moved back and forth inside, her other hand pulling on Tiffany’s nipple through her t-shirt. Tiffany gripped the rim of the sidecar as Courtney finger-fucked her, their tongues swirling in each other’s mouths.

I knew they’d find a way. I wish one of them knew how to ride so I could have some fun too. No matter, it’s more important that we get the women out of jail.

Tiffany shuddered and came. Courtney’s hand worked until Tiffany had a second orgasm and lay back against her lover with her eyes closed. Melodie felt a tug on her jeans and looked over.

“Can we stop for a minute,” Courtney hollered.

“Sure, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. We want to change places.”


“Town of Wisteria. Friendly People Welcome You,” Courtney read from a sign by the road. ” We’ll bail the women out and get a lawyer. There must be some misunderstanding.”

“What a sorry looking place,” Tiffany observed as they rumbled through town.

Rows of stores and houses lined the street, uniformly drab and dusty. Many stores were empty or had ‘Going Out of Business’ signs in their windows. The few people on the sidewalks gaped at the girls and their cycle. Tiffany and Courtney waved hello but their gestures were ignored.

“I wonder where the friendly people went.” Courtney said acidly.

Loud music and raucous laughter drew their attention to the open doors of a gaudily painted building whose sign proclaimed ‘Joker’s Wild Lounge’ in flashing red neon. Men in jeans and overalls were sitting on and standing around several dusty pickup trucks drinking from cans and bottles.

“Testosterone alert,” Tiffany laughed. “Here it comes.”

As if on cue, the men began to wave, shout and whistle at the girls as they rolled by. The three waved and smiled as Melodie gunned the engine and left them behind.

“As if anyone would be interested in those unshaven louts…” Melodie muttered.

“There it is,” Courtney exclaimed, “I hope Kat and the others are okay.”

They parked before a weathered two-story building marked “Town Hall/Police Department’.

“Let’s see if the police are friendly,” Melodie said wryly as they dismounted and climbed the broad steps.


Chief Whitman looked up from his desk as the door opened. Three young women dressed in motorcycle leathers and tight blue jeans entered, a redhead flanked by two blondes, all wearing a look of determination on their faces.

“What can I do for you ladies?”

“Good afternoon sir, we understand you have our friends in your jail,” the redhead said politely. “May we visit them please?”

“I have exactly three canlı poker oyna persons in a holding cell at the moment, all female and dressed like you. I presume that would be them?”

“Yes,” the taller blonde said. “Are they okay?”

“A few bruises and scrapes, Doc Garner fixed ’em up just fine.”

“How were they hurt?” the other blonde asked worriedly.

“A little scrap over at the Joker. Although I must say, they gave better than they got. Put one man in the hospital. The other four aren’t much better.”

He stood and removed a ring of keys from his belt. “Right this way, ladies.”


“How’s the eye Kitten?”

“Pretty sore, but I can see okay. How’s your hand Jo?”

“Hurts but I’ll manage. Damn, that dude had a hard jaw. Musta been from chewin’ all that tobacco.”

A jingle of keys brought them to their feet.

“Hey Kat,” Jo called to the woman dozing on a bunk. “Get up. We have visitors.”

Melodie, Tiffany and Courtney burst through the door and ran to the cell as their lovers reached through the bars and they clumsily kissed and hugged.

“My baby, your eye,” Melodie cried, “What happened? Does it hurt?”

“Only when I blink,” Kitten replied. “It’s so good to see you. You missed a great fight.”

Tiffany and Jo stood as close as they could, hands caressing each other’s faces, tears glistening on their cheeks. Jo winced and Tiffany saw it. “What’s wrong with your hand?”

“Got hit with a guy’s jaw,” Jo replied. “I wish I could really hug you.”

“We’re here to get you out, and then we’ll do more than hug.”

“Who hurt you Mama?” Courtney said angrily, her fingers touching a yellowing bruise on Kat’s cheek.

“Some wiseass drunk, I decked him. Your Mama forgot to duck, sugar.”

They kissed through the bars and held hands.


Chief Whitman watched the reunion from the doorway. He was touched by the care and devotion the women showed for each other.

Glad the preacher wasn’t here to see this. It would mean a month of sermons on the evils of homosexuality and lesbianism.

He had never witnessed displays of affection between women before, other than little pecks on the cheek when they met. He was both accepting and embarrassed when confronted with same sex lovers. He shrugged and returned to his paperwork.

I guess it isn’t who you love, rather that you have someone to love.


“How did you guys wind up in here?” Courtney said. “This place is disgusting.”

“Jo’s ride kept losing power,” Kat began. “So we saw the sign for Wisteria and got off hoping to find a mechanic with some tools. Turns out it was a clogged fuel line and an easy fix.”

Jo took up the narrative. “We decided to have a beer before we continued on, so we went in Joker’s Wild. What a dump. Anyway we’re havin’ a drink at the bar when this drunk kept pesterin’ Kitten to dance. She told him to get lost but he kept at it.”

Kitten laughed, “He grabbed my ass and I punched him out, got him in the nose, blood all over. Some of his pals got into it with us so we let ’em have it.

Then the Chief busted it up and hauled us off to jail. The guys we whupped walked. Don’t seem fair to me, us bein’ in here and they aren’t.”

“We’re gonna get you out of here,” Melodie said angrily. “I’ll go talk to the Chief.”


“I’m sorry Ms … what is your name by the way?”

“Melodie, sir. Sorry for…?”

“Sorry that you can’t bail your friends out. The judge hasn’t set bail yet. When he does I’m sure there’ll be no problem.”

“When will that be?”

“I don’t know to be honest with you. Look, here’s the situation. Two of those men your friends sent to the hospital were the Mayor’s brother and cousin. He’s mighty irritated about that and demanded I arrest your friends. I figure those drunks got what they deserved, but he’s my superior and I obey orders. Just between us I think this is ridiculous, but I have my badge to think about.”

“I understand. I guess we’ll stay overnight until something happens. Is there a hotel in town?”

“No, but we have a spare room you can use. I’ll call my wife, I’m sure she won’t mind.”

“Thank you Chief. I better go tell the others what’s going on.”

“Oh, one more thing, the judge is the mayor’s brother-in-law.”

Melodie sighed. “We may need that room for more than one night huh?”

The Chief nodded; his expression solemn.


“Here it is, 169 Oak Drive,” Melodie said as they rumbled to a stop in front of a white two-story house, with a large front porch and numerous windows.

“It’s pretty,” Tiffany said. She sniffled, “I wish we could all be together here.”

“Please don’t cry, they’ll be fine,” Courtney soothed, hugging Tiffany. “We’ll spend the night and get this straightened out in the morning.”

They climbed the steps and rang the doorbell.

“Be right there,” a woman’s voice answered, and in a moment, the door opened.

A beautiful Asian woman stood in the doorway wearing a multi-colored kimono. internet casino Her shining black hair hung over her shoulders and her eyes were the color of polished obsidian. In her bare feet, she was slightly shorter than Tiffany.

“What pretty young ladies you are. George said you’d be arriving soon. Please come in.”

“What a lovely home you have,” Courtney remarked. “I just love Far East décor.”

“Why thank you…”

“Courtney. And these are my friends Tiffany and Melodie.”

“What delightful names. Come, sit down. I made some tea. I understand my husband has your friends in that jail of his.”

“Yes ma’m,” Melodie answered. “We just want to get them out of there, but the judge hasn’t set bail yet.”

“So polite too. Wonderful. I know we are going to get along just fine. Oh where are my manners, my name is Theresa, but everyone calls me Teri. George and I would like you to join us for dinner. He will be home in an hour or so. Let me show you your room. I imagine you want to get freshened up.”


“That shower felt so good,” Tiffany said, drying her hair with a towel.

“Oh I know,” Courtney replied, stretching and yawning. “I must have had a ton of dust on me.”

“I’m glad we brought my laptop,” Melodie added. “We can study for finals while we’re stuck here. I wonder if they have internet service?”

“I’m afraid I’d fall asleep if I looked at more than one page,” Tiffany laughed, breasts jiggling as she snuggled between her equally naked companions.

“Would this wake you up?” Melodie said, slapping Tiffany on a firm ass cheek.

“Or this?” Courtney said, slapping the other cheek.

“Ganging up on me are you?” Tiffany said, grabbing her friends in a headlock.

They began wrestling on the bed, stopping when there was a knock on the door.

“Girls, it’s Teri. May I come in?”

“Sure,” they chorused.

Teri entered the room wearing a short robe, hair loose on her shoulders, her shapely legs and small feet bare. Her eyes gleamed as she looked at the naked girls tangled on the bed.

“May I ask you lovely young women a question?” Teri asked, her voice low and throaty. The robe fell away revealing a shapely body with small firm breasts, narrow waist and a dildo strapped to slim hips. “Who wants to fuck, who wants to be eaten and who wants to be fingered?”

“You can do all of us at once?” Melodie asked in amazement.

Teri climbed on the bed and kissed each girl.

“I can and I will. Now, Melodie will ride my tongue, Courtney my cock and Tiffany my fingers. Come to me my sweet ones.”

She lay back on the bed, the phallus bobbing invitingly. Melodie and Courtney straddled Teri facing each other; Tiffany knelt over Teri’s right hand, spreading her legs.

“Mmmmm,” Teri purred. “Such sweet pussies for me to enjoy, let us begin.”

All three moaned in unison as the fucking began, kissing passionately as Teri pleasured them, the stubby cock and ridges on the harness stimulating her own pussy. Courtney bounced on the dildo, Melodie opened herself to Teri’s busy mouth and Tiffany humped the nimble fingers in her pussy.

They settled into a jerky rhythm, gasping and moaning between hungry kisses, overwhelmed by the sensations.

“Mmmmm, your fingers feel so fucking good,” Courtney cried as Melodie rubbed her friends throbbing clit. Tiffany kneaded Teri’s firm breasts, tugging on the thick nipples as Teri uttered muffled cries of pleasure.

Tiffany howled in delight as Teri began fisting her; she rocked against the hand up to the wrist in her pussy, clinging to her friends for support as the room echoed with cries, slurps and the slap of flesh against flesh.

Teri thrust upwards burying the phallus deep in Courtney’s pussy, nibbling and sucking on Melodie’s engorged clit, eagerly swallowing the redhead’s flowing juices. Feeling the first quivers of her orgasm, she increased her guest’s stimulations, hoping for a mutual eruption of spine shattering climaxes.

Courtney screamed as her orgasm burned through her body, followed by two more as Teri continued to fuck her. Tiffany grunted and moaned as she came on Teri’s hand, humping wildly as other orgasms followed the first. Melodie ground her pussy on Teri’s face, back arching as she came, flooding Teri’s mouth with warm juices. Bathed in Melodie’s cum, Teri shuddered as orgasms surged through her, her cries muffled by Melodie’s pussy.

Satiated, they lay together on the rumpled sheets, sweat glistening on their bodies. They were silent for several minutes, lost in the afterglow, then they licked Teri’s face clean of Melodie’s juices while showering her with kisses.

“Oh my sweet angels.” Teri said happily. “That was wonderful. I will not rest until I have eaten all of your pussies.”

“I want to taste yours,” Courtney replied, dipping her head between Teri’s legs, sucking and nipping on the puffy lips. Tiffany wiggled two fingers between Teri’s ass cheeks into the tight hole, fucking her slowly as she writhed in pleasure. Melodie filled her mouth with Teri’s firm breast flesh, sucking the nipples and swirling her tongue around them. In moments, they brought the already aroused Teri to a series of screaming climaxes, only relenting when she begged them to stop.

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