Commuting on the 7.45 Ch. 02

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I just discovered this summer. I was saddened to find so many of my favorite authors had given up writing some time ago.

So many stories on beg for continuations. Virtually every story of Colleen Thomas and a whole host of lesbian writers captured my attention to the point that I’ve plotted out the events of sequels in my mind.

I corresponded with iraussieguy and I found out that he wasn’t going to be able to finish some of the stories he wanted to tell. I helped him complete another story entitled Strawberries and Cream.

One of my favorite stories begged for a continuation and he offered me permission to do so. I suggest you read Commuting on the 7.45 first.

Click here.

I hope you enjoy my rendition of the sequel.


After a relaxing soak in Jayne’s tub, we spent the rest of the evening in her flat. We prepared some dinner, engaged in plenty of conversation, and eventually retired to her bed where we earlier spent such an unexpectedly sexy time with her neighbor Rose. I had so many questions for Jayne, but she was deliberately evasive about their group. Rose had innocently introduced the idea of their group of gal-loving women to me. Maybe it wasn’t so innocent. Perhaps Rose was teasing me.

Jayne told me that I would need to be initiated into their group. Of course, she evaded any questions about the nature of that initiation. Eventually, I just gave up and decided I would find out about it next weekend. Jayne invited me to that initiation next Saturday. I had been invited to a party through work, but better plans were now in motion.

Jayne changed the linen on the queen sized bed. As she let the silken sheets float in her fingertips above the bed, my new lover and friend appeared strangely angelic. In the soft moonlit room, her skin appeared fair and had a gleaming sheen. Her beautiful features rendered my normally roaming perceptions inert.

I will always be bewitched by that wicked smile of Jayne. It was her smile, her sultry licking of her lips, and that beguiling glimmer in her playful eyes that invited me into her life. I very nearly didn’t allow myself the luxury of her company. I counted myself fortunate that I was now watching her make the bed in which we would fall asleep in each other’s arms.

We woke up late on Sunday morning. I woke to smell of breakfast. Isn’t life supposed to be this simple? My yearnings and wants in life suddenly became modest. Jayne was offering me the fruits of those desires in spades. I spent the day with my newfound lover and friend. In the end, we parted company at the end of our eventful weekend with the promise of new adventures next Saturday.

On Monday morning, I looked for Jayne in our regular carriage on the commuting train in which we first met. She wasn’t there. By Monday night, I received a playful call from Jayne at home. I asked her why she hadn’t been on the train in the morning and she explained that she would be avoiding me for the remainder of the week. I protested at length, but she explained it was one of the customs of their group. We talked into the wee hours of the morning teasing each other over the telephone. The filth that was spouted from our promiscuous minds and our filthy mouths would have made sailors cringe in embarrassment. By Tuesday, Jayne was calling me at the office. I loathed my monotonous and unfulfilling job and wanted to move on to greener pastures, but I still didn’t know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. After stifling many giggles while Jayne teased me over the airwaves, I didn’t want to hang up on her. We relented, however, and I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about Jayne. She called me again on Tuesday night, but we promised ourselves we would get to bed at a reasonable hour. At 11pm, we kept our promise and fell into a deep sleep. I will confess my dreams were haunted by Jayne, Rose, and the mysterious members of their vaunted “group”.

Early Wednesday morning, I was running a meeting with my department. As our business was concluded at nearly lunch hour, a package was received and delivered by the departmental administrative assistant. I took the courier’s packet to the confines of my cubicle. Noting Jayne’s name on the package, I stood up looking over the walls of the cubicle to see if anyone would intrude in my privacy. The mindless zombies of the rat race seemed to have no pressing interest in my personal space.

I reached for the letter opener and slit open the envelope. A single slip of paper was found inside. It read:

My princess, my pet…

While the last couple of days have been vastly enjoyable, we will have to keep our contact under wraps for the next few days. We will not speak or hear from each other until Saturday. On Friday, you will be sent instructions about where and when to meet me on Saturday. If it is possible, I would suggest booking a holiday on Monday.

I need you to promise that you won’t phone me until then. Worse than that, poker oyna I need you to promise to me, and yourself, that you won’t touch yourself in a sexual way until then. We are on the honors system here and I trust you completely as I hope you trust me in the same way.

I will miss you and will look forward to the next time I hold you in my arms.

Love, J.

The next day was unbearable torture. I don’t want to talk about Thursday.

On Friday morning, I showered myself and virtually broke my promise. In the end, I behaved myself and went to work. Forlorn and a tad frustrated, I entered my cubicle to find an arrangement of flowers. My coworkers were flashing me looks of surprise and jealousy, especially the women, as I sat down at my desk. I could smell Jayne’s perfume on the envelope accompanying the flowers. I frantically opened the envelope.


I know this last day or so must have been unbearable. I’m sorry, but I must abide by the rules of my friends. I technically shouldn’t have talked with you since Sunday, but we won’t tell anyone will we?

I hope you aren’t overly pestered by your coworkers. You’ll find out soon enough that I probably only left a few minutes ago. I delivered the flowers to your desk. Peek out through your cubicle and you might catch a glimpse of me.

Missed me? Sorry.

I will see you on Saturday. One of our motley crew of Sad Souls owns a private lesbian club near the harbor-front. Do you remember the statue of an angel I told you about? I want you to be there at 4pm on Saturday.

I took the liberty of buying your wardrobe for the day. I’ve left it with your landlady and you may pick it up from her tonight. She’s lovely, by the way, and I was tempted to plant a kiss on those bulbous lips. But I digress.

No more questions. No more answers.

See you soon.

Love, J.

I couldn’t concentrate on work all day. I persisted in making errors and having to correct them. Two steps forward, one step back. My boss and I had a meeting scheduled for the late afternoon and we were going over my performance appraisal. What a day for that!

It turns out my superiors were abundantly satisfied with my performance and I walked out of the interview room with a pat on the back and a sizeable raise. Inwardly, I felt like throwing caution to the wind, resigning my position, and walking out of the office to find a job that inspired me. I didn’t. Not yet anyways.

A friend from work, Carrie, came by near the end of the day. She asked me about the flowers and why I seemed so out of sorts today. I explained to her I had plenty on my mind and was trying to tread water. Carrie told me she understood and had been in the same predicament many times. She asked me if I would like to get some dinner and maybe watch a movie that night. I accepted if only to keep my mind off of the following day.

During dinner, I contemplated asking Carrie for advice numerous times. I didn’t summon the courage, but we still had a delightful time. The movie, too, would have been much more invigorating in better circumstances, but I lost track of the plots and subplots while my mind careened through my vivid fantasies.

After the movie, Carrie and I had a cup of coffee and a slice of pie as friends often do after enjoying a movie together. The café was a trendy place near the waterfront. I peered out the window to see the angelic statue that Jayne would meet me at the very next day.

One last time, I resisted the overwhelming urge to confide in Carrie. She gave me a soft hug and we wished each other good night. When I got home, I knocked on my landlady’s door. When the middle aged lady answered the door, I had to conceal my smile when I looked upon her puffy lips like I had never seen them before. I retrieved a package from her and went upstairs to my flat. I wouldn’t have expected it, but I slept soundly that night. In fact, I slept in right past the annoying alarm clock. I never slept past 10AM, but it was nearly noon before I opened my eyes to the sunlight of the day.

I took a long, hot shower and bathed my body in scented oils. I carefully shaved the hair from my body and as the razor approached my pussy, I vividly and pleasurably recalled the events of the last weekend. I styled my hair in a manner I had grown accustomed to in slightly more formal circumstances.

I returned naked to my room to look over at the package Jayne had left with my kissable landlady. I had left it on the mirrored dresser and I glared at it from the edge of the bed. Show time, Laura.

Opening the large package, I found only two garments. A pair of tiny jean short cutoffs and a flimsy, low cut sweater. There were no undergarments or shoes in the package.

Did Jayne want me to wear just these things? There was no note this time around as I fumbled my fingers through the packet. I decided to err on the side of caution. I didn’t venture into my drawers of my dresser and took the outfit canlı poker oyna out of the brown paper packaging.

The tight, denim shorts barely fit over my hips. Maybe Jayne was hinting I was getting hippy and needed to take an aerobics class? As I wiggled them up my legs, I pulled with all my might to clasp the shorts closed and pulled up the zipper. Taking the sweater, I opened it up and placed my arms inside. When I closed it up, I think I blushed.

Embroidered on the back of the sweater in pink letters was “You’ve been a bad girl. Go to my room.” Was this a joke?

Jayne didn’t seem to the jesting type. So I marshaled my courage and spun around. Halting in mid spin, I noticed the cheeks of my ass peeking through my denim second skin. I was appalled yet amused.

Could I venture out into society like this? Was Jayne testing me? The brat of a woman didn’t even give me a chance to voice this outrage. Fine. If she can have her fun, I thought, I will face her challenge.

Grabbing my keys and wallet, I headed for my door. I hopped into the car and drove for a while trying to pass the time. As zero hour crept close, I found a car park near the harbor. I opened the door and brazenly strolled down the paths to the statue of the angel.

I’m certain I was watched by hundreds of men and women utterly alarmed by my chosen outfit. If I wasn’t committed to upstaging my lover, I probably would have been embarrassed. I waited for what seemed like an eternity when Jayne sat beside me on the pedestal of the statue.

“I underestimated you princess,” Jayne whispered. “I wouldn’t have thought you had the guts.”

“Yes you most certainly did,” I said smugly. “But I’ll get you back one of these days.”

“I’m sure you will, but I’m looking forward to it. You know I went through this too, sweet stuff. Nobody’s initiation is quite the same, but all the girls got a good giggle at my expense.”

“This can’t be all there is to it, Jayne.”

“Far from it. You’re in for quite a night, Laura.”

“Shall we get to it?”

“In truth, I’m dying to kiss you. But I can’t. So yes, let’s get going.”

Jayne took my hand and we started strolling along the edge of the water. As we approached a fork in the concrete path, we approached the core of town. The avenue along which we strolled was a prosperous shopping district and I didn’t recall ever seeing a club amongst the stretch of retail outlets.

As we approached the epicenter of consumerism amongst an array of chic woman’s clothing shops, Jayne dragged me along down an alley. At the end of the alley was a single metal door. Jayne knocked on it and waved at a camera above the door. The sound of the heavy lock clicked and door swung open with an ominous creak.

The lobby was a small ante room to the club. The sounds of the contemporary music inside seeped into the room and filled me with a sudden anticipation. There was a large, well built bouncer that tipped her cute black rimmed hat at me. The walls were adorned with an assortment of art of the female form, black and white exotic photography, and graphic lesbian sex scenes. A large fountain was filled with golden tokens of many wishes (sold by the club) of untold numbers of lovers. The beautiful, busty attendant in the cloak room winked at me as I passed by — sadly cloakless.

I passed into the next room onto a raised staircase that descended into the tall, spacious club. I was lost in myself for a moment. When I turned around, Jayne was gone. Where had she vanished to? It’s probably part of the pageantry of the initiation, I assured myself, and continued down the stairs. As I walked down the stairs alone, I watched as I was being devoured by the stares of the fifty or more women in the club. The high stair case was placed there for a reason so all newcomers could be consumed by the hungry patrons of the flesh.

Looking around, there were dance floors, more artwork and photos, three bars, plenty of waterworks, plush furniture, and stages raised above the floor. I was a bit surprised to see gogo cages and stages being worked by scantily clad and naked exotic dancers. A few were chained, leashed, and collared to their spots. I think my mouth watered a little in that moment.

By the time I reached the bar, I sat at the raised stool to place an order for a drink. I still had no idea what I was getting myself into. A woman stood out like a sore thumb amongst the bar staff. She appeared to be in her mid thirties by my estimation. The three other barmaids were dressed in provocative club gear, but this woman wore a trendy pantsuit that hugged her voluptuous curves. When one of the young bartenders approached me, she leaned in to whisper to the attentive girl. Properly shooed, the well dressed woman gracefully sashayed her way over to me.

“Your drinks are on me tonight, Laura” the bartender murmured.

“Do you know me, maam? I think you have me at a disadvantage. Thank you for the offer.”

“A internet casino little bit of a lost and Sad Soul, are we Laura? Jayne speaks very fondly of you.”

“Aha,” I said with a grin. “So you are one of them.”

“Yes I’m one of ‘them’. You make it all seem so sinister.”

“Everything has been so hush hush so far. Jayne really has told me nothing, but assures me I’m in for the ride of my life.”

“You most certainly are,” said the bartender biting her lip. “Let’s dismiss with some of the mystery and allure of the secret, Laura. My name is Taryn. A pleasure to finally meet you.”

Taryn took my hand from the comfortable resting place on the bar. She placed a kiss on the back of my hand then winked at me with a playful smirk. She took my order for a drink and poured it herself.

“This is my club, Laura. You’re welcome to go anywhere inside of course. Some of the rooms are for Sad Souls members only. Only a few others of the group are here today, but the remaining members will meet you next weekend. That will be a splendid event. I do hope you will come.”

“And I thought I had to pass your tests, first” Laura said playfully.

“There isn’t a doubt in my mind you will pass with flying colors, princess.”

“It seems Jayne tells many of our secrets.”

“We have no secrets amongst our humble group, Laura. It was my humble pleasure to meet you, but I think you’re calling has arrived.”

“Pardon?” Laura piped in with a look of surprise on her face.

Suddenly, the song came to an end. From the dj booth above the main stage, a voice boomed around the club.

“We have virgin blood to drink tonight, ladies. Please be kind. Don’t maul her too badly. Please put your hands together and welcome that fierce kitten with claws – the naughtiest bad girl you will see tonight – and welcome to centre stage – the delicious Laura.”

I froze in my seat. I saw the looks of the women in the club magnetize to me. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Was I supposed to strip for these women on centre stage?

Taryn looked over at me and nodded towards the stage and licked her lips. I smiled back at her, took a deep breath, and wiggled my ass across the room. Scaling the stair case up to the stage, I had no idea what I was going to do. I let my feet guide me, and that burning desire residing deep in my heart and my gut to upstage Jayne, and I moved towards the mirrors at the back of the stage.

Placing both hands flat on the mirrors, I wiggled my ass to the beat of the music. The crowd went wild. The spotlights of the club shined in upon me. Strobes spun through the air. Plumes of smoke misted out of vents down upon me. They were employing smoke and mirrors trickery to conceal my amateurish appeal. I’ll show them.

Reaching back, I grabbed my cheeks of my ass and gave them a hearty squeeze as I moved my bum to and fro. Looking over my shoulder at a young cutie sitting in the front row, I winked at her as I planted a firm swat on my bottom.

She looked up at me with lust in her eyes, gathered her composure, and took her fingers to her lips. Whistling a shrill signal of approval, I spun around and found a nearby brass pole.

Spinning around the pole, I wrapped my left leg around it. Pulling myself closer and spiraling virtually out of control, I felt a hundred eyes following my every move. As I neared the pole, I pressed my ample breasts into the brass pole easing my covered breasts around it.

Taking my fingertips to my already aroused nipples, I played with the nubs of flesh looking down upon another vixen near the front. Biting my lip, I let a feigned moan fill the front rows of the club.

Getting down on my hands and knees, I crawled towards yet another woman seated nearby. I noted with esteemed pride that several women were trying to find front row seats all of a sudden. As I approached the target of my desires, I looked upon her and decided she was most definitely the most delectable of the young woman in my field of vision.

I clambered over the edge of the stage placing my legs on either side of her. Looking for any signs of disapproval (and finding none), I clambered down onto her lap. Placing my denim clad bum in her lap I began to grind into her. Pressing my breasts into her face and flailing around making certain my braless boobs bounced around on her cheeks. Still covered by the skimpy sweater, I reached between the descending cleavage to pop open one button. I looked at the woman for signs of approval.

When she nodded approvingly, I opened a second button. She reached up to grab another button herself and I slapped away her hand. Wagging my finger back and forth, I mouthed the words “Bad Girl”. I kissed her on the forehead, reaching back to grab her glass of wine. Taking a sip into my mouth, I leaned in to place a kiss on her inviting lips. Letting the wine filter between her lips and eager tongue, I let my lips stay attached to hers for longer than I needed.

Waving to her, I climbed back up on the stage. Finding the pole one more time, I raised my hands in the air as if asking a question. Grabbing hold of the next button on my sweater, I heard a commotion of applause.

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