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“This is silly.” I said, stumbling behind Violet.

“It’s not silly. It’s my religion.” She smiled, her teeth bright against her dark lipstick, and even in the moonlight I couldn’t help but notice a flash of mischief in her dark eyes. She pulled back a tree branch, allowing me to pass under it. “My church. Watch your step, sweetheart, the moss is pretty slick”. We were headed up a dark tract of forest, toward what Violet promised would be the best Halloween celebration I’d ever go to.

” Well, your church is a hell of a lot more interesting than mine was.” I was raised boring, white bread Protestant, in a nondenominational church, free of even the interesting hellfire and brimstone of the Baptists down the street.

” Nothing interesting ever happened at your little goody two shoes youth group meetings?”

“well….” Some things were interesting…like on our summer retreats, how Angela and Mary wore their cut-offs so short you could see the tips of their pockets peeking from under denim fringe, their legs so long and tanned and smooth as to make the curve of their calves nearly hypnotic. Or the one time I snuck off to smoke a cigarette with Jane, the preacher’s daughter, and she instead produced a joint. I just have the one, she’d said we can shotgun it….and she sucked in on it, her peachy cheeks making subtle hollows before leaning and placing her soft, faintly strawberry flavored lips on mine, exhaling her smoke into my waiting mouth. When she saw how shocked I looked, as she pulled away , she’d said What? it’s not that strong. And we’re just shot gunning, not kissing like a couple of lezzies. But as the paper burned closer to her fingers, our lips got sloppier, clumsier, she held my face steady, and maybe she lingered as she brushed ash off my chest. But we were high, that’s all…

Violet laughed.

“That’s what I thought. You don’t have to tell me though, before tonight is over, you’ll be spilling some secrets.” She laughed, shrugging off her sweater “See that glow over there? That’s the girls.”

“Not ‘the coven’?”

“Just the girls.” she laughed.

I should have been suspicious right then, but Violet’s back looked so lovely in the soft light, she kept a black tank on, and I could see just the top half of a Mother Goddess tattoo at the base of her neck I didn’t know she had, her skin pale as pearl in the darkness. “start getting undressed, you’ll look silly if you show up at the fire in your granny panties.”

“Hmph . How do you know I have granny panties?”

Violet laughed. “We were roommates once. How much could you have changed?” Leaning against a tree, she started to wriggle out of her tight black jeans, catching her panties with them, pulling down so I could see her mound, unlike mine, was totally bald. She watched me, watching her, and laughed.

How much could I have changed?

“Undress, weirdo.”

I pulled my long dress over my head, and tossed it on a low-hanging branch nearby. I didn’t usually wear underwear, and it seemed especially pointless on a night that was to be spent naked around a fire with a bunch of other girls. I always felt that underwear benefited men more than it did me, it made them think my breasts were a different shape than the natural slope they were, made the dark slit of my pussy a shock when they pulled my panties off. Like the were unwrapping me, like I was a gift they couldn’t wait to play with. There was no need for that with Violet, and her girls, in the forest. My body held no surprises for them, as like as it was to theirs. There’ll be no playing, sexual or otherwise, this is an empowerment thing… I thought, even as I couldn’t keep my eyes off Violet pulling her tank top over her head, watching her nipple studs sparkle. I was suddenly grateful for the dense hair covering my slit, which was growing wet watching her.

“You didn’t know about the rings, huh?” she asked, catching my eye.

“Oh, no.” Her eyes traveled up and down my body, rounder and softer than hers, my tits bigger, but my pussy less coiffed.

“Lets go.” She stepped toward the light, her ass round and luminous on the

slope ahead of me.


The other girls were waiting for us, their faces darkened by the fire they surrounded.

“Merry met, Vi. Come get smudged.” A pretty redhead called, from the far side of the circle. All told, there were only four girls,( no coven, after all I thought) before we joined them. Violet walked softly to the other girl, whose tight red ringlets dusted just the tips of her tiny pink nipples poker oyna of her creamy, apple-sized breasts. Violet bowed her head so the girl could mark it with an ashen smudge, before kissing her on both cheeks.

” And your friend?” She asked brightly.

” Ah, er…Janie.” I stammered. The redhead laughed merrily, and smudged my forehead too. She pulled me to her gently, her soft fingers brushing my shoulders and the sides of my breasts.

“Merry met, Janie.”

“We’re all here, then?” A rounder, dark skinned girl with full, coffee and cream colored breasts called from Violet’s side.

“All of us.” Violet answered, grabbing my hand and hers. I extended my other hand to the girl at my right, short and thin with a wide, mischievous smile and a slit as bare as Violet’s.

“Lets begin.” Said a girl with her hair done in loose braids tied around her head, interspersed with white flowers. The flames licked up her body, and in the shadow made difficult to tell, but she was clearly pregnant, her pale white breasts swollen and nipples darker any of ours, her belly a smooth curve that melted into a fuzzy, blonde mound. A mother goddess, to lead us.

I found myself comparing my body to the girls present, but in a different way than I had in the locker rooms of high school; here I could appreciate the differing beauty in women. There was our pregnant leader, whose hips were wider than mine, her breasts larger and her waist ballooning. The giggling redhead who’d initiated us, whose body was kissed all over with light freckles, until they faded out on her small white breasts. The girl holding Violet’s other hand had a heavy head of thin, stylish dreads dressed with occasional glass beads that lay on her collarbones; her breasts larger than mine, but her bush just as untamed.

“Let us call upon the watchtowers, of the North, ” All the girls raised their arms, mine with them, and twisted their bodies in the different directions our mother goddess directed.

“The South”

As we twisted I could see the muscles of the girl next to me, small, tight; her tiny breasts pulled nearly flat so that all I could see of them was her rosebud nipples and just a tiny bit..( A mouthful I thought, startled) of flesh resting on her ribs.

“The East.” She called, and we twisted so I was staring at Violet’s back. I looked around, nervous, because all other eyes seemed fixed on the darkness beyond our circle, while mine drank greedily of the bodies around me. Violet’s back stretched out in front of me, her goddess tattoo perched between her muscled shoulder blades, the fire casting a shadow that outlined her pert breasts, her haughty ass, thick, firm thighs, and the darkness between them…

Violet looked over her shoulder and winked at me. I laughed , like a sigh, as if I were only nervous to be naked in a group.

“And West.” Our leader called, so that we faced one another again, releasing our hands. I felt Violet’s hand linger on mine a second longer than necessary, or was I imagining it?

” Well, sisters, in this safe circle, let us celebrate our beauty, let us revel in our woman-selves.” The girls all smiled , ducking their heads in stifled giggles, like I used to in church.

“Tell your sisters how beautiful they are.” The small girl next to me turned and seized my hips.

“You are beautiful.” She said, smiling, and kissed both my shoulders. All around the circle girls were turning and doing the same.

“So are you…sister.” I answered, bending down to kiss her shoulders too, brushing her hair away. She smiled and spun to greet her other sister.

I turned before Violet, she was taking her time lavishing her affection upon the girl to her left. The flames flickered and I saw her cup her white hands around the girl’s tan breasts, heard her murmur something into her ear and kiss either cheek. I stood, mouth agape, as Violet turned to me.

” You, my sister, are beautiful.” she said to me. She pulled me by my shoulders so that our breasts almost touched, close enough that I could feel the cool of her nipple barbells against my warm, unpeirced nipples ” Even if you’re staring at a bunch of girls like you’ve never seen a pussy before,” she whispered in my ear, before pushing her lips against my earlobe.

I couldn’t breathe.

“So beautiful.” She repeated, licking her lips, and a flicker of her pierced tongue visible in the low light, and kissed me again on the corner of my mouth. A mistake, certainly, an accident…

She looked into my eyes, expectant.

“Oh, oh canlı poker oyna yeah. You are beautiful, my sister” I said, and kissed her cheeks hastily. She laughed, as the leader drew our attention back center.

” Yes. And now, call to the moon, thanks for our womanhood, thanks for our sisterhood, for our pregnancies ” here, she smiled wider ” our sexualities, our POWER!” The circle laughed, but with joy, not derision, and raised their keening voices and their arms to the sky. Some leapt, bare feet beating a frantic rhythm, their breasts bouncing , hair wild. I looked to my side and saw Violet, her back arched, arms spread, legs braced as if she were carrying a huge weight, her tongue ululating enticingly between her painted lips. She saw me and waved her hand for me to shout too, and I closed my eyes to all the beautiful bodies around me, and howled. It was so dark, I was sure no one could see my pussy starting to leak onto my soft thighs. I grew bolder, shouted louder.


It seemed like no time at all had passed before our leader grasped the hands next to her, and our circle rejoined, to complete our ceremonies.

” Merry meet, and merry part” She said

“And merry meet again.” Everyone but me answered, and dropped hands. As if a spell had been broken, the girls all broke into happy chatter, some rushing to rub the leader’s belly, two complaining with lilting voices about a homework load, all starting to pull clothes back on.

” Hey, Marilee, I can get the fire.” Violet called to the leader, flanked by the dreadlocked girl and her slim, redheaded friend.

” Why thank you.” she smiled “I need to be getting back, these circles are great for my body image just now, but murder on my feet.” The three women laughed, draping scarves around them, and disappearing into the darkness.

“So.” Violet said, smiling. I started to panic, wringing my hands like I didn’t know what to do with them. I knew what I wanted to do with them…but no, I couldn’t be a lesbian. Violet was a good friend, and she was really pretty, just like her friends, but I had never thought about women that way…had I? I twisted my hair nervously, trying to suppress images of church camp, images of what I had just been a part of.

“Where’s the bucket? Shouldn’t we get back?” I asked, looking around for something to douse the fire, to make these thoughts go away, to lead back down the trail where my long dress would cover my naked body and Violet would cover hers, and I could stop looking, stop…

“I thought it would be nice to hang around for a little longer.” Violet said, dropping a handful of twigs into the fire. “Here, let me take the smudge off your forehead.” she said, walking to me. Her feet padded silent in the dirt till she stood inches away from me, licked her thumb, and pressed it to my forehead.

And then I did something that surprised both of us.

With a fierceness I didn’t know I possessed, I grabbed her pert ass in one hand, a handful of her dark hair with the other. I pushed her face into mine, our lips did not meet so much as collide as I forced my tongue into her perfect mouth, searching for her silver stud. Without taking a breath, I pushed my hand from her ass up the curve of her waist to her breasts. She pushed me away.

“Oh, shit, Vi, I am so, so , so sorry, I don’t know what came over me!” I apologized, backing away.

“No, don’t apologize.” She said, laughing, wiping her smudged lipstick from her face. “Just take your time.” She caught my face in her hands and kissed me more softly, sucking my lower lip as if she were tasting me. ” I knew all it would take to get you to admit it was show you how beautiful you were.” She said, her eyes meeting mine before stealing a glance down my body. I sighed, words turning to nonsense moans as she lightly grazed my neck with her teeth, her hands kneading my tits. She was right; I had never felt so wanted, so gorgeous as I did in that light, surrounded by those women. No one to snarl at my unkempt bush, just the anticipation of her soft hand separating me there, combing through with her long fingers. Stretch marks became divine lacework under her expert fingers , as she kissed down my body.

My hands groped her desperately, before she caught them by both wrists and pulled them over my head.

“Just relax. This is your first time.” She whispered it, not like it was question. I nodded, and she kissed me fleetingly on my lips, then licked boldly from the curve under my breast to the hollow of my armpit, sending a shock of arousal to my clit. internet casino ” Just let me enjoy you” I opened my mouth to protest, to tell her I wanted to please her too, but she pressed her fingers to silence me. “I’m not like those little boys you’ve had before. I’m your woman.” She giggled. “And it pleases me to please you. now…” she said, spying a long, flat stone.” That looks about right.” She lay me down on the slab, carefully, spreading my legs. I trembled with the force of my lust, as she enclosed her lips over my nipples. I moaned, and looked to see her smiling up at me. Violet tickled her fingers down my body, into the darkness of my slit, and in spite of myself, I flinched.

” Oh, I’m sorry. ” She said, the concern in her voice genuine. ” I don’t want to rush you, don’t want to hurt you.” I tried to shake my head, babbling that she wasn’t hurting me, just penetration had hurt so much, so many times before…

“But it looks like you body’s ready, even if you aren’t.” She stroked one finger in a straight line that flicked over my clitoris, tracing my pussy lips, down to the pool of wetness that was gathering on the stone between my thick thighs. She sucked her finger and cooed “I’ll just do something different, until you catch up.” She kissed my navel wetly, and even though I knew what was coming, my back arced and I exploded into a moan of pleasure as she sucked my clit softly, pushing her tongue against it with intentional kitten licks. I spread my legs wider, to allow her further purchase and she gave me her whole tongue, rubbing her piercing against my clitoris, teasing my opening with the tip of her tongue. Looking down, I saw her spread my pussy with her fingers, and I knew what I wanted. I bucked my hips against her mouth and moaned:

” Iwantiii”

” What?” She asked, playing with me. She cupped my whole pussy in her hand, rocking it back and forth.

“I…want it.” I managed, as she massaged me with both hands.

” You want what?” she teased. I knew she wouldn’t do it if I didn’t ask, I knew she wouldn’t enter me without invitation. Wasn’t it her I complained to when I felt stretched out and abused by cock? Wasn’t it her, back when we were roommates and I was dating creeps, who told me no one should be allowed to put anything inside me unless I really, REALLY wanted it?

“Fingers. I want you to put” I gasped, as she touched her teeth to my clitoris “I want you to put your fingers inside me.” With one fluid motion, she obeyed, and lifted herself to my face.

“You feel that? you feel my slim little fingers in your sweet, wet hole?” She asked, rubbing back and forth. I groaned as I felt her silver rings slide in and out, as the soft pads of her fingers pushed against my g-spot.

I nodded, and she grabbed my head with her free hand and pushed out mouths together. Wild with wanting her, I pulled her hand away.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No.” I gasped, pushing her backward, gleefully. ” I just want to taste you.” I heard her laugh, not giggle like I did when boys got me naked, but a hearty laugh of a woman as I pushed my head between her legs. The taste of her was unexpected, not like cock at all…a taste I could not place, just her. And so warm and wet. I nosed into her clitoris, I slid my tongue into her hole. She moaned, rolled her hips, and I pinned them back down. She grabbed my hair by the fistful and directed my mouth where she needed it. I was mad with wanting to please her, when suddenly, she groaned longer and harder than I thought possible of a woman and I felt a quick stream of something wet splash against my face. Vi collapsed, heaving.

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” I asked her, my face still between her legs. She squeezed my face with her thighs affectionately.

“Not a thing. I should have told you, I’m a squirter.” I had only heard of squirting in pornos–I never knew a girl could actually do that.

“It’s a good thing.” She said, unfolding her legs and helping me to sit upright. Still feeling silly and sweet with her scent all over me, I offered my neck to be kissed and my breasts to be fondled.

“We need to go.” Vi whispered in my ear as she kissed it ” Campus Police come up here sometimes, especially if they see smoke.”

My heart sank. It was a different world outside the woods, with our clothes on, away from the glow of the moon. Violet must’ve seen my face fall.

“Hey, I’m sorry you didn’t give me a chance to get you off. But may I say, Mari my dear, you are a born pussylicker. You’ll have to give me another chance.” She stood and started to dress. I looked up at her and smiled.

“Really?” She tossed me my dress and watched me slide it over my body like she was disappointed to see it covered.

“Oh yeah. There’s always next full moon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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