Cottaging with Young Guy

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Something I had been keen to try since first seeing the phone numbers written on the walls was cottaging. I added my number to the walls and waited. About 2 weeks later I got a call. I had almost forgotten about it. The voice sounded nervous. He said “Hi, I got your number from the cottage?” Was it a question? I wasn’t sure.

I said “Oh right.” He then asked me when I was free to meet up. I told him I was free that afternoon. He told me he’d be there at 2pm and we made a few other arrangements.

At 1:50 I pulled up in the car park and wandered across to the cottage. There were no other cars in the car park, just one push bike leant against the wall, but I was early. I walked in and made my way to the end stall as arranged. I noticed a young guy, wearing cycle shorts and a tight top standing at the urinals and hoped he wouldn’t put off the guy I was meeting. I went into the last stall as arranged. I knew it had a small hole between the stalls, just big enough to look thru. I took off my shorts and sat down. My cock was hard already and couldn’t help stroke it while I was waiting.

The door to the next cubicle opened and shut as someone entered. I leant forwards and looked thru the hole. What I saw made my heart sink. A pair of legs clad in blue cycling shorts, The young guy from the urinals. I kept watching in case I got a glimpse of something good. He turned and faced the door and pulled his shorts down. Then instead of sitting down he turned and faced the wall I was looking through. His cock was about 8inches long and hard as steel. He stroked it for a few seconds before sitting down and looking through the hole. He winked at me and smiled. He looked young. Maybe too young.

I stood up and my hard cock was level with the hole now. I stroked it a few times, showing him like he’d shown me. I sat back down and looked through the hole he was looking at me. I made a come here gesture with my finger and he stood up, unlocked the door. I stood up and did the same and he entered into the stall I was in. He had his shorts in his hand, mine were on the window sill. I sat down and looked up at him.

“How old are you?” I whispered.

“19.” he told me.

I reached out and took his hard cock in my hand. His balls and pubic area were shaved. poker oyna I lent forwards and ran my tongue down the full length of his cock and licked his balls. He took off his top and placed it along with his shorts on top of mine. I licked back along his hard cock and took him into my mouth. I took as much of him as I could then backed off. I began to move my lips up and down his shaft while holding his balls and stroking the rest of his shaft. He put his hands on the back of my head and started moving his hips in time with my head bobbing. His cock was gorgeous, I greedily licked and sucked at it, stroking his young shaved balls. I ran my hand down between his legs and rubbed my middle finger against his tight little bum hole. I felt his cock twitch as I pressed against his hole.

He suddenly took a step back. I looked up at him and he smiled. He turned round and pushed his bum towards me. His bum was amazing looking. Like a peach. I put my hands on each cheek and spread them apart. His little puckered hole looked so inviting. I Leant forwards slightly and ran my tongue along his crack, lightly over his hole and down to his balls. I could smell him so intensely, he smelled amazing. I licked his hot tight hole. Thrusting my tongue into him. I reached under him and took hold of his cock and stroked it. I liked up and down his crack and hole.

Suddenly he moved back and sat down on my lap. I felt my hard cock slide between his sexy little bum cheeks. I nearly came on the spot. He lent back against me, half turned his head, put his hand behind my head and kissed me. His ass was wiggling in my lap in time with his tongue in my mouth. He stood up, turned around to face me and sat back down on me. I felt his balls on mine and his cock squash against mine as he lent in to kiss me again. I felt his hand on my cock as he squashed his cock against mine and started to stroke us both.

He broke the kiss and whispered “Do you want to fuck?” I simply nodded, imagining his hard cock inside me.

He move slightly, still holding my cock and rubbed it against his bum hole. I thought I was going to get him inside me and here he was putting my cock into his bum. I felt his tight ass relax as he pushed my cock against him and into his tight hot hole. We kissed again canlı poker oyna as he took all of my cock into his ass. I could feel his sexy little cheeks as he sat right down on my cock. I ran my hands down his back and grabbed hold of his bum. His tongue was flicking in and out of my mouth and he started to ride my hard cock. I could feel his hardness rubbing against me as he moved up and down. He lent back, his arms around my neck and sighed “I’m nearly cumming.”

I told him I wanted him inside me and he told me he was too close to cumming. I looked down at his cock in my lap and took hold of it and stroked it fast. I was hopeful that being young he’d get hard again soon enough. He kept moving his bum up and down on me I held his cock tight in my hand and he humped against it. He groaned and I looked down at his cock, just in time to see the first powerful spurt. It hit me full on the lips. The rest went over his or my chest ad dribbled the last few drops down his shaft. I liked my lips and tasted his hot spunk. He lent forwards and licked his spunk off my chest and then I did the same to him.

He started to move on my cock again, I’d been so excited by his cum that I hadn’t noticed he’d stopped. I still had my hand around him and to my delight he was still hard. We started to kiss again as he moved on my cock. I let go of his cock and let it rub between us as he moved. I broke the kiss to tell him I was about to cum, he just smiled and continued moving. I grabbed his bum and pushed up into him as my balls started to empty deep into him. He grabbed my head and kissed me hard as my spunk filled him. He stopped moving and sat down in my lap, my cock still inside him. We kissed again. Then I asked if he wanted to fuck me. He smiled and nodded. He stood up. His hard cock was level with my face and I couldn’t resist it. He cock was still covered in his cum and I greedily liked it off.

He put his hands down under my arms and lifted me up. We kissed again and I could feel his hard cock pressing against mine. I had to feel him inside me. I turned around, reached behind me to grab his cock and directed it to my eager hole. I rubbed his cock up and down my crack then pressed back and he pushed into me. I could feel the cold porcelain against my shins as I internet casino lent forwards and placed both hands on the wall. He held my hips and started to move in and out of me. I looked down at my cock and realised I was still hard. I watched my own cock swinging as he started to pump into my arse faster. I was sure if anyone came into the toilet they would hear the noise of him slapping against my bum cheeks. I could feel his shaved balls hitting mine on every forward thrust. Could feel his cock filling me and then almost sliding completely out of me before ramming in again.

He ran his hand round in front of me and started to stroke my cock. The feeling of him sliding in and out of me and his hand wanking me off I exploded again. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard before. My cum shot out and hit the wall in front of me. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back towards him I turned to look at him and he kissed me again. “I’m cumming.” he told me.

“Fill me up.” I whispered back. He pushed right into me, I felt his cock swell and could feel his balls on mine as they pumped my bum full of his hot cum. I could feel it overflowing, running down my crack and over my balls.

He slid from me and I turned to face him. He had the cutes, biggest smile on his face. “That was fucking brilliant.” he said. Then leaned in and kissed me again, running his hands down my back to stroke my bum, I did the same to him. “Did you keep my number?” he asked between kisses. I nodded. “Good, I kept yours. Is it ok to use it?” I smiled and told him it was fine. More than fine. He reached behind me and picked up his t-shirt and shorts and put them on. He kissed me goodbye and told me he’d call, opened the door and left me standing naked and alone in the cubicle. I quickly shut the door and collapsed onto the toilet. I sat there for a few minutes just getting some power back into my wobbly legs. Then I cleaned myself up a bit and pulled on my shorts and t-shirt and walked out back to my car.

I started the car and drove out of the car park and back along the sea front. My cell phone started to ring. So I put the blue tooth ear piece in and answered it.

“Hello.” I said.

A voice I instantly recognised said “My name is Dave.” he said “Do you have your own place?”

I replied “Hi Dave, Yes I do, I live alone.” I swear I heard him smile.

“Good, I’ll defiantly be seeing you soon then.” He hung up and I felt my cock twitch in hopeful expectation…….

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