Crown of Fire

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, utilizing Microsoft Spell-check. You have been forewarned: expect to find mistakes.


Next to Dauber’s General Store in Great Oak, Texas was a small dirt alley. Someone had placed a fat log, nearly two and a half feet in diameter and on that fat log, they’d placed a six foot long plank of wood. Mother’s would often leave their children outside to play on the teeter totter while they went in to Dauber’s to do their shopping.

Kuy Neer, a member of the Ridge Indian tribe carried her three year old daughter, Tey Ogan on her hip. Tey Ogan saw the teeter totter, and saw a lone child, a blonde haired girl listlessly pushing herself up, only to fall back down with a ‘plop.’

Kuy Neer smiled and placed Tey Ogan on the other end of the teeter totter. The blonde haired child smiled happily, glad to have another child to play with.

“Amanda! Get off that!” a woman screeched.

A beautiful blonde woman snatched her daughter off the teeter totter, beautiful face twisted in a hateful sneer of contempt at the two Indians. Kuy Neer had to quickly grab onto the board, lest Tey Ogan slam painfully to the dusty ground.

“Amanda, we don’t associate with their kind,” the woman sneered at Kuy Neer.

“And you call yourself a Christian?” a third woman snarled. “‘Whatsoever thou dost to the least of thine brethren, that thou dost unto me’ sayeth the Lord.”

“Dorothy, you would do well to remember who you’re speaking to,” the blonde woman snarled to the young red headed woman.

“Good Christian woman, my eye. Just because your quite large rump is parked on a pew every Sunday doesn’t mean you will be in Heaven on Judgement Day, Mrs. Patterson,” Dorothy Roberts sneered.

Dorothy turned and smiled at the two Indians as she placed her four year old son, Nathan on the other end of the teeter totter. Kuy Neer gave an uncertain smile as she released her hold on the plank.

Tey Ogan laughed as the board slowly dipped down. When her feet reached the dusty ground, she gave a kick with her chubby legs and the board rose up, bringing Nathan down.

“You fixing do some buying?” Dorothy asked Kuy Neer. “We was finished up.”

She indicated the two satchels she’d placed on the ground next to the log. Kuy Neer smiled and nodded her head.

“Go on. I’ll watch them,” Dorothy said.

“Your hair, your hair looks like it is fire,” Kuy Neer blurted out.

Dorothy laughed and whipped her head slightly, making her calf length red hair flail around her. Kuy Neer smiled, glad that her comment had not offended the white woman. Slowly, she backed away, leaving the stranger and the two children.

Dorothy admired the Indian woman’s Ridge attire. Her breasts were covered by a broad shift of buckskin that went from throat to just underneath her breasts, leaving her belly bare. The buckskin was adorned, decorated with several colored beads, some on fringes that hung down over her bronzed belly.

The Indian woman’s crotch and buttocks were hidden from view by a sash that hung over a leather thong in front and back. Her hips and legs were bare; the sash covered only front and rear. The sash too was decorated with decorative beads. When she turned to approach the front of the store, the back flap of the sash whipped up and Dorothy could see that the sash went beneath the woman’s buttocks and pubic mound

The Indian’s feet were encased in buckskin moccasins, the tops decorated with more colored beads. Dorothy was actually envious; her feet were wedged into her stiff leather boots and the band across her instep was quite tight indeed.

She was also envious of the minimal clothing the mother and child wore. Her own dress and woolen shift were sodden with her sweat; the sun beating down gave no relief from the heat.

“Red devil,” Mrs. Patterson snarled as Kuy Neer passed her.

“Sanctimonious hypocrite,” Dorothy answered for her new friend.

Kuy Neer went into the mercantile, found the few items she’d hoped for and made her purchases. As she did, she also kept an eye on the window, watching her daughter and the white woman.

“Find what you needing?” the kindly old man asked, eyes not going above Kuy Neer’s exposed belly.

“Yes, thank you,” Kuy Neer murmured.

“That didn’t take long,” Dorothy smiled as Kuy Neer quickly approached.

“You, will you have much trouble with that woman?” Kuy Neer asked.

“Hmm? Oh, Mrs. Patterson? No, she thinks because her husband is the Preacher she has some authority around here,” Dorothy smiled, placing her hand on Kuy Neer’s upper arm. “Like a toothless dog. All barking and no biting.”

“The Reverend? With the beard?” Kuy Neer asked, hands indicating a thick beard around her beautiful face.

“Yes, that’s him,” Dorothy agreed.

Kuy Neer laughed, a musical laugh. The Reverend may say that the Ridge Tribe were ‘red devils’ and that their comfortable güvenilir bahis attire was sinful, shameless. But for all his talk, The Reverend Patterson spent quite a bit of time around Neh Rii’s wigwam.

Nathan decided he’d had enough of playing on the teeter totter so both women grabbed their children. With a smile and a wave, Kuy Neer turned to leave.

“I’ve got coffee; do you drink coffee?” Dorothy said.

“You will, you would have an Indian? In your home?” Kuy Neer asked, surprised.

“Of course,” Dorothy said, pale features wrinkled in confusion.

Dorothy picked up her two satchels, then swung Nathan onto her left hip. Kuy Neer hefted her own child and followed as Dorothy walked the wooden walkway toward the main path of Great Oak. At the main path, she turned left and Kuy Neer followed. Dorothy then unlocked a door of a small wooden home and ushered Kuy Neer and Tey Ogan inside.

The children were put on a cloth rug in the large room and Nathan and Tey Ogan played with some of Nathan’s toys. They were crude wooden toys, carved representations of horses and people and cows and even a wooden locomotive.

“Oh!” Kuy Neer marveled as she watched Dorothy pump some water into the porcelain basin.

Dorothy smiled and filled a tall cylinder with water. That tall cylinder was placed onto the potbellied stove in the corner. Dorothy placed some rich smelling grounds into a metal basket, then submerged the basket into the water.

“And in about ten minutes, we’ll have coffee,” Dorothy smiled.

Both mothers sat and watched the two children playing, talking animatedly as they ‘herded’ the cattle onto the locomotive.

“The, your, how you’re dressed,” Dorothy blurted.

“This?” Kuy Neer asked, actually flipping the hem of her coverlet up, exposing her chest.

Kuy Neer had two quite large breasts. The dusky mounds were capped with dark brown areolae, two thick nipples. Dorothy stared at Kuy Neer’s chest as Kuy Neer smoothed down the soft garment.

“You, you’re not afraid to wear that?” Dorothy asked.

“No. Should I be? Even as your Reverend says it is shameful, I am covered,” Kuy Neer said, flipping up the flap of her loin sash.

Again, Dorothy could see that Kuy Neer’s pubic mound and narrow buttocks were completely covered by the buckskin. But her hips, her thin, muscular thighs were fully exposed. Her belly and arms were fully exposed.

“Your hair, it is, it is so alive,” Kuy Neer said.

She actually reached out and touched a few strands of Dorothy’s long red hair. Dorothy’s warm brown eyes looked into Kuy Neer’s dark eyes for a long moment.

“I, uh, you take cream. Oh, or I have sugar. Would you like either cream or sugar for your coffee?” Dorothy suddenly said, getting to her feet.

“No, no, I take it without those things,” Kuy Neer said.

“My uh, my husband, Nathan’s father, Mr. Beauregard Roberts, he was killed. The War Between The States,” Dorothy said, putting two mugs onto the table. “Mr. Roberts said it was a good thing I knew how make coffee. As unattractive as I am, I should know how do one thing right.”

“Un, your husband said you were not pretty?” Kuy Neer asked, mouth open in shock.

“Red hair, freckles, said I was ugly as a skinned polecat,” Dorothy said, sipping her coffee.

“Dorothy Roberts, you are beautiful.” Kuy Neer protested.

“You are the beautiful one,” Dorothy said.

Again, Dorothy found Kuy Neer absently playing with a strand of her red hair. They sipped their coffee in silence.

“Soft. How do you, it is so soft,” Kuy Neer murmured, playing with Dorothy’s hair.

“I, it is the, I apply a poultice my mother showed me,” Dorothy said, flustered as Kuy Neer continued to tug at her long red hair.

She gently pulled away from Kuy Neer’s touch and walked to her bedchamber. Inside the room, she retrieved the large jar of hair pomade.

“A small dab of this after washing my hair,” Dorothy said, indicating her kitchen sink, the pump’s spigot. “Then I comb it through.”

She showed Kuy Neer her tortoise shell comb. She then ran the comb through her hair from scalp to the very end of that lock.

“I will do that,” Kuy Neer declared and got to her feet.

She grabbed the comb from Dorothy’s hand and stood behind Dorothy.

“Mm-mm,” Dorothy murmured as another woman slowly, languidly ran the comb through her thick red hair.

“I am hurting you?” Kuy Neer asked, ceasing with her ministrations.

“Oh no. Here, sit, sit, I’ll do yours,” Dorothy said.

Kuy Neer sat. Dorothy took a small dab of her hair pomade into the palm of her hand and rubbed her two hands together.

Kuy Neer removed her headband then shivered as Dorothy’s slick fingers and hands rubbed from neck through scalp to the ends of her long black tresses. Dorothy did this several times, until her hands were no longer greasy.

“Oh,” Kuy Neer let out a small moan as Dorothy’s comb began to course through her hair.

Then Kuy Neer looked out the window and saw tall shadows drifting türkçe bahis toward the east horizon. She raised her hand, gently touching Dorothy’s hand.

“I must go,” she said, getting to her feet. “Tey Ogan, come.”

Tey Ogan and Nathan came to the table. Kuy Neer again thanked Dorothy for the coffee, her hospitality, the hair combing. At the door of the rented home, Nathan babbled something and Tey Ogan smiled, hiding her face behind her mother’s shoulder.

“What? What did he say?” Dorothy asked as Kuy Neer giggled.

“He said ‘You are in my heart, dear friend,'” Kuy Neer translated. “Tey Ogan has taught Nathan some of our words.”

“Oh! Well, you are in my heart, dear friend,” Dorothy declared in English.

Kuy Neer repeated the words in her native tongue. Then she leaned forward and placed her lips to Dorothy’s lips. It was a soft, gentle kiss, lips to soft lips.

That evening, Nathan prattled on and on about Tey Ogan, as if his mother had not been right there, in the other room, in plain view of the two children. Dorothy smiled as he declared that Tey Ogan was his best friend in the whole wide world.

“Oh? And what about Robert?” Dorothy asked as she spooned some supper onto a plate.

“Oh yeah. I don’t know. Robert’s not an Injun,” Nathan mused.

“And Robert’s not a girl. I thought you didn’t like girls,” Dorothy lightly teased.

“Tey Ogan’s not a girl!” Nathan protested.

“She’s not? Then what is she?” Dorothy giggled.

“She’s an Injun,” Nathan said.

After supper, Dorothy and Nathan read from Beauregard Roberts’s Bible until the words became too blurry to read by the flickering kerosene lamplight. Then it was bedtime for Nathan.

“We go see Tey Ogan tomorrow?” Nathan pleaded after he’d recited his prayers.

“Sweetheart, I don’t know where Kuy Neer and Tey Ogan live,” Dorothy admitted.

“They live along the ridge, where the two rivers meet,” Nathan explained, as if his mother should have known this.

“Where the two… Nathan, by horse that would take all day! On foot? We’d have to make camp by the sweet oak line,” Dorothy exclaimed.

“Tey Ogan and her mother do it all the time,” Nathan argued.

“And they are used to such a trip; you and I are not. Hopefully we’ll see them again, soon,” Dorothy tried to soothe.

It took the threat of Nathan’s father’s old leather belt for Nathan to cease with his whining. In truth, Dorothy had never used the long leather strap. Just the threat, just her reaching for the heavy brown strap did the trick.

In her own bed, Dorothy pulled her cotton dress off. She did sigh slightly as this afforded some trapped heat to escape. Then she hefted the heavy woolen shift and flung it into her wicker basket; the sweat stains underneath the arm holes were quite unpleasant in appearance and quite unpleasant in aroma as well.

A daring thought entered her mind and Dorothy lay down on her bed, nude. She pulled just the thin cotton sheet up to cover herself, leaving the patchwork quilt bunched up around her mid-section. Then her hand wandered over her large breasts. Her hand twisted and tugged her right, then her left nipple. She repeated, pinching and tugging forcefully on her right nipple, pulling her large breast away from her torso.

Dorothy grimaced against the pain. Releasing her right nipple, she then pinched and tugged her left nipple.

“Ugh!” she grunted, enjoying the jolt of pain that coursed from nipple to belly.

Then she used both hands to pinch and twist and tug at her nipples. She gritted her teeth as she lifted her torso off of the straw mattress.

Her furry slit was already quite wet with her excitement as she reached between her legs. She now used her left hand to tease and torture her nipples, she used her right hand to run up and down her wetness.

“Ugh!” she grunted again.

Her thumb and forefinger found her pleasure bud and she gave it a cruel pinch. She shuddered as her pleasure crested. After her breathing returned to normal, Dorothy licked her fingers clean of her own essences.

Her last action was to slip her flannel nightshirt on. It would not do to slumber in the nude; supposed Nathan awoke and came into her bedroom, needing her?

In the morning, Nathan again expressed a desire to see his new friend, Tey Ogan. Dorothy tried to devise a way to distract her child as she used her button hook to fasten her leather boots. A visit to Robert’s house was suggested.

Sarah Elgin agreed to watch Nathan while Dorothy did her wash. The deal was, Dorothy would watch Robert while Sarah went to the mercantile that afternoon.

“And probably need you watch him tomorrow; need catch up on my own washing,” Sarah agreed. “Know you wouldn’t know, but having wash my husband’s clothes? Wonder I got time do nothing else, I declare.”

“I declare there is a place in Hell for women like you,” Dorothy thought bitterly as she returned to her home. “Yes, Mrs. Elgin, my husband did not survive the war. But at least my husband had the courage to actually güvenilir bahis siteleri go into battle.”

Dorothy was nearly finished with the bedding; a dunk into the wash bin with the harsh soap, a good scrub on the washboard, then a dunk into a second tub of clean water to get the suds out of the cloth, then a dunk into the third tub and a quick run through the wringer to squeeze the excess water out. Dorothy was sure she felt eyes upon her; she made sure that her dress had not bunched up, exposing her haunches before peering over her shoulder.

“Oh!” Dorothy gasped, seeing Kuy Neer and Tey Ogan standing and smiling at her. “You are here.”

“My little one wants to see her friend,” Kuy Neer explained, then glanced away. “And I want to see my new friend.”

“”Here, wait here, I will, he, Nathan is not here but I will fetch him,” Dorothy said, getting to her feet.

She quickly, efficiently pinned the sheets to the long strand that had been strung between a tree and a post. Then she gave Kuy Neer a quick kiss and bustled away.

“You not done already?” Sarah asked.

“No, no, but Nathan’s new friend is at the house asking for Nathan,” Dorothy said.

“But you still going mind Robert, right?” Sarah asked.

“Yes, yes, of course,” Dorothy agreed.

Robert whined and fussed so Dorothy agreed to take both boys. Sarah promised to be some time after the noontime meal to fetch Robert.

“Of course, so it will be my duty to feed him, eh?” Dorothy muttered as the two boys skipped ahead toward her home.

Upon returning to her home, Dorothy found that Kuy Neer and Tey Ogan had done much of her washing in her absence. Tey Ogan was delighting in working the wringer and Kuy Neer was a vigorous scrubber on the washboard. For a long moment, Dorothy watched as Kuy Neer’s buttocks flexed and strained as the Indian beauty knelt next to the first washtub.

“Tey Ogan,” Dorothy called out. “Look who came to see you.”

Tey Ogan squealed happily and came to where Nathan and Robert stood. Quickly, the three formed a game of tag and ran about the small rear lawn, shrieking and squealing.

While the children played, Kuy Neer and Dorothy completed the wash. Then Dorothy poured the water onto her small vegetable garden.

“Coffee?” she asked Kuy Neer.

“Yes,” Kuy Neer agreed.

At the small kitchen table, Kuy Neer grabbed Dorothy’s hands, inspecting the woman’s fingernails. Then she pulled a small stone from her bag and gently began to buff Dorothy’s fingernails. She smoothed away Dorothy’s chipped, rough edges.

After Kuy Neer finished smoothing out the roughness of Dorothy’s fingernails, Kuy Neer gently caressed Dorothy’s face with her own fingernails, wordlessly showing Dorothy why she had tended to Dorothy’s fingers. Wordlessly, Dorothy gently caressed Kuy Neer’s face. Then the two women kissed.

When Beauregard had kissed his wife, it was always with the tinge of whiskey or beer on his tongue. His face bore a permanent patina of whiskers; Beauregard could not manage to grow a full beard. His lips were often cracked. His kisses, like his words and his touches were always harsh.

Kuy Neer’s lips were soft, moist. Her tongue tasted of honey. Her fingers trailed from Dorothy’s face to Dorothy’s heavy breasts. Kuy Neer’s touch was soft, gentle.

Dorothy felt that familiar warmth beginning in her loins, that tingle she felt when she pleasured herself.

“I could feel that we are friends,” Kuy Neer whispered and kissed Dorothy again.

“Momma I’m hungry,” Nathan announced and the two women pulled apart.

Dorothy nodded her head and got to her feet. She placed a heavy cast iron skillet onto the stove and dropped a pat of lard into the pan.

Kuy Neer and Dorothy made quick work of whipping together corn meal, wheat flour and eggs and milk. Dorothy quickly diced up green peppers and onions as well as a large hunk of salted pork.

At the stove, Kuy Neer stood to Dorothy’s left, watching as Dorothy scraped around the edges of the heavy pan, thoroughly wilting the onions and peppers. Then, with a nod from Dorothy, Kuy Neer poured the corn meal batter into the sizzling skillet.

Dorothy draped her left arm around Kuy Neer’s waist. Kuy Neer draped her arm around Dorothy’s waist.

Then Dorothy began to lightly scratch Kuy Neer’s exposed flesh with her newly smoothed fingernails. Kuy Neer shivered, then sighed.

Dorothy grew bold and dipped her hand underneath Kuy Neer’s buckskin blouse. She could feel the undersides of Kuy Neer’s large breasts. She could feel the sweat underneath Kuy Neer’s mounds of flesh.

Again, Kuy Neer shivered, then sighed. She turned and the two women kissed softly.

“I do feel that we are friends,” Kuy Neer whispered.

“This is always the difficult part of skillet pie,” Dorothy said, trying to wedge the spoon underneath the nearly cooked dough.

“Let me,” Kuy Neer said, taking the spoon from Dorothy’s hand.

Seemingly without effort, Kuy Neer managed to flip the pie over. The pan gave a loud hiss and then quieted.

Dorothy sliced the pie in half. One half, she then divided into three wedges, the other, she divided into two wedges.

“Nathan, Robert, Tey Ogan,” Dorothy called out.

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