Cub’s Next Massage Adventure

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The cub’s exploring continues with another sensual massage…

After enjoying my first sensual massage as much as I did, I headed back to the sites to read more reviews of other masseurs to see who I might consider trying next. I found someone who was about a year younger than me that caught my interest. I would have to travel a bit further this time, but hoped it would be worth the trip.

I again tried reaching out to this masseur via email to ask a few questions. He responded that he doesn’t answer emails and we could chat via text. After getting a few answers, we set a date for the visit. He gave me directions about where to find him and mentioned that I could shower there before and after if I chose to.

In the days leading up to the massage, I looked around the web to see what else I could find about Ric. Stumbled upon him on a few cam sites where he appeared to like hanging out – seems like he’s a bit of an exhibitionist. Again, someone smaller than myself, looks good, and seemed like the only hair he had was a bit of facial hair. I on the other hand am a bit of a bear cub – kind of fuzzy all over, tall and chunky.

Since this was my second massage, I knew a bit more what to expect this time. I woke up horny and leaking precum that morning. I ate and spent a little time making sure that I was cleaned out anticipating some prostate work. I trimmed up my junk and showered before it was time to get on the road.

After a decent drive through some snow covered countryside, I arrived. I walked up the stairs to his unit and knocked. I was greeted by a guy in sweats and a hoodie. Didn’t look quite the same as the pictures I had seen because he had changed the facial hair some and was a bit shorter than I had expected and not quite as beefy. Ric was extremely welcoming – asking about my trip and offering something to drink.

Before we headed back to the massage room, he asked me to leave my coat and shoes by the entry. He wanted to know if I would like to shower or needed to use the bathroom before we got started with our 90 minute session. I thanked him for the offer and said that I was all ready to get started.

When we arrived in the room, it too looked a bit different than the pictures – a bit smaller, not quite what I was expecting but nothing concerning. He showed me where I could hang my clothes and excused himself to go grab a water and wash his hands. Again as with the first massage, I was a bit anxious, but also pretty wired with anticipation. I stripped and climbed on the table laying face down and adjusting myself a bit to get more comfortable.

Ric returned and we chatted for a few minutes about any health concerns, where I was hurting so he could be sure to address it, and then asked if I would have any problem supporting his weight during parts of the massage. I explained that my lower back, neck, and shoulders really needed some attention and that I was having discomfort in my left glut. And I answered that I didn’t expect to have any issues with his weight on me.

He said he would begin with some deeper pressure based on the areas that I had mentioned. He offered a few adjustments to the head rest to make sure it was comfortable since I had mentioned some issues with my neck.

Ric then proceeded to strip and I was again surprised. The majority of pictures that I viewed showed him with more muscle bulk and nearly hairless. He had obviously lost some weight and let some of the hair grow back in. Again, not a problem for me – just not quite what I had anticipated. While checking out his cock, it also appeared that he was enjoying getting naked.

Before even starting with any creams, he began working on my back and shoulders to loosen poker oyna things up and assess what he needed to do. He worked extremely close to the table and I could feel his warmth. I explained to Ric that I was really bi-curious, had very little experience with this, and wanted to understand more about what was acceptable to him. He said that we would decide that as we went along, but I should feel free to express my interests.

Ric then pushed his leg into the table in front of my arm that was dangling over the side so that my arm was now wrapping over his leg. He told me that he enjoyed mutual touching and felt that it enhanced everyone’s massage experience. I slowly began rubbing further up his leg and exploring a bit. After some short warm up of the muscles on that side, he moved to the other side and I explored his other leg a bit.

After Ric checked with me on his pressure, he moved to the adjoining table and grabbed some cream, rubbing it between his hands to warm it up. He asked if I was warm enough and began massaging the cream into me. Long slow strokes with deep pressure which felt really relaxing.

We talked more about how I had located him since I didn’t live in the area and he had just recently begun using the sites to advertise. He wanted some input on his ads and why I selected him from the many others that were within the same approximate travel distance. I mentioned that his comments on male massage in the ad and the fact that he was a certified masseur brought me to him. I really needed more than just a sensual massage. Although that would be wonderful on its own, I also wanted some of the aches and pains to disappear.

We talked about how he had worked in corporate America and decided that it was killing him. So he went back to massage school to get certified and began working for a Drs office in his earlier days. I also mentioned that he seemed smaller than his pictures and he explained that he had lost weight to prevent needing hypertension meds and had stopped working out as often as he usually had because of being stuck at home during the frequent winter storms.

Ric also asked me about being curious and wondered what experiences I may have already had. I talked about my feelings that this type of massage was a safe way to get my feet wet and do some exploring. I explained that I had very little m4m experience – basically some mutual jackoffs during puberty. At that point, Ric was standing alongside of my face which was in the head support staring at the floor. I noticed his feet and that he had now removed his socks – he was obviously warming up too.

Next, Ric leaned over my head and nuzzled my neck and ear while running his fingers through my hair and working on the muscles in my neck. As he stood there and began stroking further down my shoulders and upper back on the opposite side, I could feel his cock against the side of my neck and shoulders and realized that it was pretty stiff. Guess I wasn’t the only one enjoying being nude and getting a bit excited. I lifted my head and laid it back down so that I could look at his body while he continued. I brought my arm back up and began feeling his ass and upper leg. He asked me if everything was OK and if there was something I wanted. I stuck out my tongue a bit and he brought his cock closer to my mouth so I could get a sample.

He only stayed there a few more minutes and then moved down to my side so he could work on my lower back more easily. He picked up my arms and tucked them in alongside of me telling me that it was considered the best way to improve the circulation of the massage energy. While I was enjoying the long deep strokes and feeling the muscles loosen up, Ric continued canlı poker oyna to move further down my back and into the gluts. I noticed his cock brush against my wrist and hand, and proceeded to reach for it and give him a bit of a massage as well. He moaned pretty lowly and said thanks for the attention. I grabbed his balls and played with them a bit too rolling them between my fingers.

While he was working along my side like that, I had put my face back in the cradle. He began to switch sides and started with my shoulders again. I moved my head so I could see him more and got another taste of his meat while I rubbed his ass. He sensed that I might enjoy him feeding me some more of it and asked me about it. I told him I was game to give it a shot and he asked me to flip over on my side so he could give me easier access without the risk of causing any more discomfort in my neck.

His cock was now mine to explore and he began playing with my nipples. Although they harden up quite a bit, they don’t seem to ring any bells anywhere else in my body. After sucking him a bit, he offered to try something else. He pulled out a wedge support and put it under my upper back and head as I turned onto my back, and then climbed up and sat on my chest so that his cock was in reach. He realized that I was still stretching some so he raised up on his knees and placed it on my lips so I could suck on it while I played with his buns. He was completely erect and a nice size. His cock and the top side of his balls were shaved smooth, but the rest of his bag and pubes were pretty natural. Not quite as cleaned up as I tend to keep myself, but something new to explore.

Before moving on, Ric again bent down to nuzzle my neck and nibbled on my ears. He began backing his way down my body and chewed lightly on my nipples. He had his nose buried in my pits and gave them a bit of a taste too. He then laid completely on top of me with his cock buried against my aching dick. He teasingly ground it into my groin a bit before getting off the table.

Ric then stood alongside me so that he was in easy reach as he bent over and engulfed my dick with his warm wet mouth. It felt wonderful! After a few minutes, I asked him to move on so that I didn’t shoot since it had me so turned on. His oral talents were wonderful. He suggested that I flip over again and we would continue with the back.

The next stop was my feet. But first he shut off the space heater because we were both getting pretty warmed up in more ways than one. The foot massage felt great and it let me cool back down a bit while he began working his way up my legs. I continued to tell him how good everything felt and that he was doing a great job. He made me feel completely comfortable before adding anything else throughout the massage.

We continued to talk throughout much of the visit and he asked what was making me curious at this stage in life. I explained that I had not been having great relationships with women and found we often just made better friends. Also talked about how I had often read that no one knows how to satisfy a man better than another man and decided to see how true that really was. Ric mentioned that he had not had a great childhood and very little interaction with his father. He knew from an early age that he was gay and enjoyed his life. He agreed with the earlier comment and said that he found it to be quite true. And so far, he was doing a pretty good job of trying to prove that.

As the massage continued up my legs, I could feel everything loosening up. Ric was kneading my thighs and brushing up against my balls with his strokes. I began to feel him lightly kissing and licking the insides of my thighs and nuzzling internet casino the crack of my ass with his facial hair. He continued working up into my gluts working them pretty vigorously and mentioning how much tension people tend to hold in the ass muscles. As he was massaging them, he was working closer to my hole with each stroke. I began lifting my butt a bit to enhance his access. I then felt his warm tongue working its way towards my hole up from my balls into my crack. It felt incredible. He continued adding pressure on my hole with his tongue. Ric then moved up further between my legs and began dragging his cock through my crack. He again laid completely on top of me and ground his meat into me.

When he hopped off the table, he asked me to flip over again. This time he started working on my quads and into my thighs slightly brushing my balls and dick as he continued. I was able to reach his cock and began stroking him again too. He said to ease up because he was now feeling that familiar feeling and still had work to finish. So I began massaging his balls and sliding my hand between his legs into his crack.

He moved away for a bit to slow things down. When he returned to the other side, he put something cool into my hand which smelled great. He told me it was cocoa butter and that he needed a little less friction as I was handling his junk. Great stuff…

Before moving further down my legs, he again climbed on the table and sat on my abdomen facing my legs with our dicks touching each other. He slowly began to pump both of us, but needed to use two hands to keep everything held together. I played with his butt and tried to reach under for his balls. He moved a bit further down to the point where my dick was now in the crack of his butt, but he was sitting on my legs as he continued to massage each of my legs. When he had reached my feet again, he turned himself around and bent over to swallow my dick again. I told him that I couldn’t hold on much longer which was ok since our 90 minutes was coming toward its end. Soon I was erupting all over while he kept stroking and milking the last drops out.

Ric then went back to his table and got some wipes to clean me up a bit and I was again playing with his junk. I could feel how heavily he was leaking and told him he didn’t have to hold back his load if he wanted relief. He said thanks and that was all he needed to hear. He put a bit more lube in his hand and started stroking pretty quickly while I rubbed his buns. It didn’t take long before he shot his warm load all over the side of my crotch. He grabbed some more wipes and cleaned us both up some. He told me to just lay there and enjoy the music for a few minutes while he went to start the shower.

He quickly returned bringing me some water to drink and led me to the bathroom telling me to take as long as I wanted and where to find the towel that he had pulled out for me. He excused himself and said he wanted to check his messages since he had heard his phone buzzing at some point during our session.

I came back into the massage room to continue drying off and get dressed. He had already thrown his clothes back on and was sitting propped up on top of the massage table asking me how I felt as he watched me dress. He was concerned about the tightness in my shoulders and wanted to check them again. They were still pretty tight – but that’s typical for me. He thanked me again for driving the distance and giving him a try.

We returned to the entry where I put my shoes back on. I thanked him again for a great massage and helping to explore my curiosity further. Told him it all made it worth the trip. He gave me a great hug and told me he hoped I would return again to help loosen things up further and explore a bit more.

More adventures to come… Hope that you’ve enjoyed my two stories and thank those that have provided some feedback on the first story. It’s appreciated.

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