Daughter’s Best Friend and Her Mum Too Ch. 03

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Part 3 of “Daughter’s Best Friend And Her Mum Too.

Please read the previous chapters.

I’m in the UK, whilst I’ve tried to “Americanise” the story, sometimes I miss stuff… Any Editors out there who would like to lend me their skills??



Turning The Wife.

Alannah, a 20 year old 5’6″ thin natural blond, was still reeling from the experience of seeing her mom getting fucked by her friend Jane’s dad, Adrian. She imagined she could still feel his hard thick seven inch cock ramming in and out of her as her mom watched. Even more shocking was the revelation that her little sister Ellie had been watching her masturbate for the last six months. This had all culminated in a fabulous afternoon of mutual sexual satisfaction with her mother and sister…

Even though this had been more than a week ago, she found it a constant distraction. All she could think of was 69’ing her sister or fucking Adrian again.

The next morning she decided to go round to Jane’s house and just tell Adrian she wanted to fuck!

Nervous, but incredibly turned on she approached the house and rang the doorbell.

The door opened and Jane’s mom Jean answered the door. Alannah was disappointed. She was horny and needed someone to scratch that inch.

Jean was a forty something redhead in good shape. She was a pretty 5’5″, curvy with big boobs, she wore her hair in a short bob. As Alannah looked she thought that Jean was probably 40D 34 36.

More than a handful she smiled to herself, imagining a handful of that ample breast.

“Hi Alannah,” Jean said, “Come in,” as she ushered Alannah into the house.

“Hi Jean,” Alannah responded, she was trying to think fast. She couldn’t exactly say, Oh hi, I’m here to fuck your husband!!

“What can we do for you today?” Jean asked.

“I, err, I, err, was looking for Adrian,” Alannah managed.

“Really?” responded Jean suspiciously, “And why would that be?” she asked.

Alannah looked Jean up and down again. She couldn’t poker oyna stop herself from thinking that she really was a very attractive woman. She felt herself blushing and realised that not only was she embarassed that Jean was suspicious, but that her panties were getting damp thinking about seducing this woman.

“He said that I could help with a problem that he’s been having,” Alannah replied.

“Oh, OK,” Jean said, raising her eyebrows before adding, “Would you like a coffee?”

Jean turned and walked away from Alannah towards the kitchen, Alannah thought she was swinging her hips provocatively as she went, she followed her in.

“So what’s this problem that he needs help with then?” Jean asked.

Alannah blushed deeply. Jean stared at her, wondering what was coming next. Alannah’s lust overtook her and she decided to just say it.

“Well,” she started, looking straight into Jean’s eyes.

“You don’t fuck him any more, and I will.” she stated.

Jean was dumnstruck.

“What the fuck young lady,” she managed, “How dare you intrude into my personal life like that!”

“Easily Jean,” Alannah couldn’t stop herself now.

“I can’t believe you don’t want that thick seven inch cock as often as you can, I know I do.”

“I came here today to fuck the shit out of your husband because you won’t.”

Jean didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t move as Alannah moved toward her and reached up to cup her right breast. She closed her fingers around the nipple and sqeezed it gently.

“You’re a fucking gorgeous woman Jean,” she said firmly, “And I know you’re not having sex with him because he told me when he was fucking me last week.”

Jean didn’t know what to do. This skinny little whore had just admitted to fucking her husband and now she was groping her breasts. She could feel her body betraying her as her nipples hardened from the attention.

“I think I’m going to fuck you today Jean, and you’re going to fuck me.” Allanah stated.

“How dare you speak to me like that.” Jean canlı poker oyna managed, as she felt a dampness between her legs.

Alannah decided to go for broke.

“Shut up bitch, you’re mine now,” she said raising her voice, “Now, let’s see those fucking gorgeous tit’s shall we?”

Alannah tore open the front of Jeans blouse. Jean didn’t know what to do. She felt powerless to stop her and at the same time she could feel her excitement rise at being treated this way.

She pushed Alannah’s hands away and slowly removed what was left of her blouse. She then slowly slipped off her bra. Her pendulous breasts fell free exposing her thick hard nipples.

Alannah gasped and immediately grabbed both nipples and squeezed them hard, Jean let out a little scream of pain as she felt her panties dampen. Alannah pulled Jean by the nipple back to the lounge.

“Strip.” She ordered. Jean didn’t move.

“Listen to me you cunt, I told you to strip,” she ordered.

Jean slowly removed her pants and panties.

“Lay on the sofa,” Alannah ordered. As Jean lay down Alannah pushed her legs open to reveal her ginger pubes not quite hiding her pouting pink lips. Alannah reached forward and stroked her finger up and down Jeans wet pussy.

“You’re fucking gagging for it, aren’t you you bitch?” she asked. Jean closed her eyes and nodded.

Alannah pushed two fingers straight in as far as she could, as she did she leaned forward to start licking around Jeans clit. Jean started to buck up and down almost immediately, moaning loudly.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum,” she whipered.

Alannah pulled her fingers out and stood up. “Not yet you’re not,” she said as she stripped revealing her skinny figure. She stood looking down at Jean, whose wet cunt was fully exposed and leaking.

Alannah ran her hands down her body rubbing her nipples as she spread her legs. Two fingers ran over her clit and entered her moist pussy. She laid down next to Jean and kissed her passionately. Jean didn’t know how to respond.

“Get internet casino on your knees and eat my cunt,” Alannah instructed, “Now.”

“I don’t know how,” Jean said quietly.

“Just do what I did to you,” Alannah said a little less forcefully. She opened her legs revealing her fully shaved pussy. Her pussy lips pouting with moisture, radiating heat.

Jean couldn’t believe how good Alannah’s dripping pussy looked, she leaned between Alannah’s wide open legs, reached forward and pushed two fingers straight in as instructed.

Alannah gasped, “Oh fuck me, that’s good,” as Jean leaned forward and licked her clit. “This is so fucking hot,” Alannah whispered as Jean continued to finger and lick her. “My own personal cunt licker,” she breathed.

It didn’t take long and after only a minute or two Alannah was bucking on Jean’s face, holding her head and rubbing her pussy up and down as her orgasm washed through her.

She released Jean’s head and stood up. She started to dress as she said, “I’ve got to go, I’m late.”

Jean, who was still kneeling on the floor said, “What about me?”

Alannah laughed and said, “You live with a fucking gorgeous, thick 7 inch cock, what do you think bitch?”

Jean looked down as Alannah added, “Next time I turn up for you to lick me out and finger me, I expect you to be naked when you answer the door, is that clear?” Jean just nodded again as Alannah left.

Jean couldn’t believe what had just happened. She was soaking wet, not from stimulation, but from humiliation.

She got back onto the sofa and ran her hands over her erect nipples pinching one as the other hand reached down to pull on her engorged clit. As she rubbed she reached down and slipped two fingers in and gently moved them in and out.

She closed her eyes and all she could see was her husband giving the skinny little whore his seven inch cock.

As she imagined him giving it to her doggie style, her orgasm started to tingle in her tummy and slowly washed over her. Wave after wave of pleasure washed through her and left her panting and exhausted.

“Oh my god,” she whispered to herself, “that was so fucking hot…”

She had no idea what to do next…

To be continued…

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