Daughters’ Revenge Ch. 11

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As we entered the kitchen, Jewel was facing away from us, setting the table. I walked over and caressed her bare ass. She flinched, then pushed back slightly. I noticed her shapely ass was bruised from the spankings she had received.

I rubbed my crotch, without thinking, and looked at Jeanne. Jeanne was smiling. And with a motion of her head, indicated for me to fuck her mother, as she mouthed the words. “Go ahead, fuck her.”

Jewel started to move. I put my hand on her back and pushed her forward as I unzipped my pants. All of this was doing something to me.

I turned toward Jeanne’s mother and rubbed the head of my dick up and down her pussy a couple of times. As I pushed in, Jeanne’s mother moaned and dropped her head. Slowly, I pushed in and withdrew.

Jeanne reached out and slapped her mother’s ass. “You are, supposed, to fuck him, mother.” Jewel moaned again, raised her head and began moving back and forth. “That’s it. Take care of your Master’s cock.”

I didn’t want to cum, I was indulging in fantasy. Before the urge to finish, hit. I pulled out of Jewel’s pussy. She wiggled and moaned, obviously wanting more. Grabbing her arm, I pushed her down in front of me.

Jewel knew what I wanted and reached for my wet dick.

“Uh, uh! No hands, mother.”

Jewel looked at her daughter and turned with her mouth open to get the head of my dick. Jewel moved her head forward and I could feel her tongue moving around as her lips slid down my dick.

“Do you like the taste of your pussy on my husbands cock? Hmmm, mother, do you?”

Jewel pulled her head back and responded with a gasping, “Yes.”

Like I said, I was indulging in fantasy, so I stuffed my hardon into my pants and zipped up. Jewel looked up with a sad, pleading expression.

“Only your Master’s pleasure means anything mother, not yours. You will learn to be pleased with whatever he gives you. And, I do mean, ‘ANYTHING!’, he gives you!”

I sat down and said, “I don’t see any food.”

Jewel got up and started dishing it up. There were three place settings.

‘Ah, tacos. Nice, fast and easy.’ I thought.

“What are you doing?” Jeanne asked. “Did your Master say you could eat? Or, for that matter, sit at the table?”

Jewel had a shocked look on her face, but didn’t respond.

“Well, Did He!?”

“No-o.” Jewel answered pitifully.

“No, What?”

“Uh, no, my Master didn’t say I could do anything.” Jewel again answered pitifully.

“You’re headed for a spanking, if you don’t quit fuckin up. Now. Ask for his permission.”

“May …”

“Ask on your knees.” Jeanne broke in.

Jewel knelt down. “Ma- may I eat Master? … Um, ah, at the table.” She asked with her head lowered and voice quivering.

Well, Shit! I couldn’t make her eat on the floor. I thought she was cooperating. “Yeah, go ahead and eat.” I said, motioning toward the extra plate.

“Uh, fix your Master’s plate, first.” Jeanne said as she started fixing her own taco.

“Hamburger, first, master?” Jewell asked softly.

“Yeah. Yeah, then cheese and beans. Followed by some of everything else.” I answered and thought. ‘Shit, I like this. The bitch that made my life miserable, is now serving me and servicing me. Hell, Yeah! I like this!’

She must have noticed the way I make my tacos, because she did it perfectly.

I reached out and untied the apron. Ankara escort “Lose this. I want to see you.”

“Yes, Master.” Jewel said as she took it off, folded it and sat down to eat. Her tits jiggled, enticing further lust.

We ate in silence. Jeanne was using her foot under the table to play with my legs. When we finished, Jewel cleared the table and started doing the dishes. I pushed my chair back and started to leave.

Jeanne put her hand on my leg and whispered, “Not yet. Take your pants down.”

I stood and dropped my pants. Jeanne gave me a little push to have me sit down.

“Mother. My husband’s cock needs to be hard, if he’s going to fuck me.”

Jewel turned and looked at us, dried her hands and came over to suck on me.

“How’s that, Honey? Is mother doing a good job, getting your cock hard to fuck her daughter?”

“Yeah.” I moaned. “Yeah, she is.”

“Slow down, mother. I know you want my husband’s cum, but you’re going to have to wait until he fucks me.”

Jewel slowed down as Jeanne stood and stepped beside me.

Jeanne swung a leg over us. “OK, mother. Put my husbands cock in my pussy.”

Jewel gripped my hardon as Jeanne sat down. I looked between us and watched Jewel rub my dickhead between Jeanne’s lips.

“Mmmm, yes. That’s it mother. Open me up and guide his cock in. Mmmm, yes. Pull me down, mother. Pull me down on my husband’s cock.”

I saw Jewel’s hand come around Jeanne’s hip to pull her daughter down on my dick. I felt Jeanne’s warmth slide over my dickhead and stop.

“I know you want my husband’s cock, mother. But, you have to let go of it now. I want it all in my pussy.”

I felt Jewel’s hand release my hardon and Jeanne immediately slid all the way down, capturing me in her warmth.

“Jeanne gave a little wiggle. “Oh, mother! His cock feels so good. Soooo, good.”

Jeanne stayed against me, circling her hips for a couple of minutes.

“Pick me up, mother. Pick me up and bounce me on his cock. … C’mon, mother! Pick me up, and bounce my pussy on my husband’s cock!”

I couldn’t see Jewel, but I felt her hands push in between our legs. Slowly, Jeanne began to rise. As she came to the head of my dick, there was a pause before she quickly descended.

“Ah, yes. That’s it mother. Keep it up. Bounce me on his cock.”

Jeanne began to rise and fall repeatedly. Then she began to slow down. Jewel was obviously running out of steam. Even though it didn’t last long, I could still feel Jeanne’s wetness covering me.

“Enough.” Jeanne said as she swung off of me. “Lick your Master’s cock.” She said as she walked away.

Jeanne returned in seconds, carrying one of the straps.

“Suck his balls.” She said as she passed me.

Just as Jewel sucked one of my balls into her mouth. ‘WHAP’ Jeanne hit her across the ass with the strap. The suddenness of it made me jump. And, I was thankful, Jewel cried out, instead of biting down.

“That was to remind you, that you are to worship your Master and obey. Or, be punished. … Now. Get his cock in your mouth and listen to some rules.”

The pain on Jewel’s face softened as she looked up at me. She licked up my dick to the head and took it in her mouth.

“I’m pretty sure, you’ve already figured the first one out. While in this house, you will remain naked. Unless told to put something on. You will do everything, Ankara escort bayan naked. Including, answering the door. … Do you understand?”

Jewel mumbled on my dick and kind of nodded her head. ‘WHAP’ Jeanne hit her ass again.

“AaaaaaH!” Jewel cried out, with my dick in her mouth.

‘WHAP’ Jeanne hit her again. “Answer, Me!”

Her eyes tightly shut, she raised her head. “Aaaaaah, God! Yes. Yes, I understand!”

“Good. Now, get your mouth back where it belongs.”

“When you go out, you will wear only what your Master tells you to.” ‘WHAP’ “I don’t expect to have to ask if you understand.”

Jewel raised, crying out, “Ohhhh, Gaw-duh. Jesus, yes, I understand! Please, that hurts!”

“Good! It’s supposed to. … No matter where you are or who is around. If you are not performing some task. You are to look at your Master’s cock. Even if you are behind him, you know where it is and that is where you will look.”

Jeanne’s hand went back, but Jewel quickly answered. “Yes, Ma’am. Look only at his cock.”

Jeanne began caressing her mother’s ass. “How many in your family?”

“Huh? What? I don’t understand.” Jewel answered, her eyes darting about.

I knew, Jeanne was going to spank her mother and she was asking for the number of swats.

“Your marriage, your children, their spouses. How many?”

Jewel realized what was going to happen, because she wilted and moaned. “Oh, no. Please.”

“How many?” Jeanne asked again, softly, while continuing to caress her mother’s ass. Soothing it, before she hurt it.

“Oh God, eleven.” Jewel said, her voice quivering.

Jeanne continued to caress her mother’s ass, as she spoke softly. “Because you’ve irritated me, I’m giving you eleven swats, while you suck your Master’s cock.” She leaned down and kissed both asscheeks.

“Jeanne. Please! Please, don’t!” Jewel pleaded, her forehead on my leg.

“It’s going to happen, mother. So, shut up.”

Jewel was crying.

“If his cock comes out of your mouth, you will receive another swat. If it comes out again, two swats. And, so on. Do you understand?”

Jewel was sobbing, even though she hadn’t been touched, yet. “Yes, I understand.”

“If you bite, or hurt him in some way, you will be taken downstairs, chained and beaten until he heals.” Jeanne kissed her mother’s lower back. “Start sucking, mother. If your lucky, maybe he’ll cum in your mouth, before I’m finished.”

Looking at me sorrowfully, Jewel put my half-hard dick in her mouth. Jeanne kept caressing her ass as she sucked me to full hardness.

I know Jewel was waiting for it to begin. And, so was I. But, Jeanne kept softly caressing her mother’s ass.

Jeanne waited until her mother really got into blowing me, before beginning. She bent and kissed the asscheeks she was about to punish.

‘Whap’ It wasn’t a hard hit, like the others, but Jewel did feel it. I knew Jeanne didn’t want to brutally hurt her mother, she just wanted her punished. And, you know, repeated light hits, hurt like hell.

Jeanne kept caressing Jewels ass and Jewel’s mouth felt real good on my dick.

Jewel’s arms were on my thighs, her hands on the bends of my legs. ‘Whap’ Jewel’s eye’s shut tightly and she flinched.

Jeanne never looked at me. Her eyes were on her mother’s ass.

‘Whap’ Jewel squealed and shot forward, sticking my dick in her throat.

Jewel, Escort Ankara recovered. Sucked hard and clamped her lips tightly on my dick as she pulled up to the flange. Back down, Jewel’s lips went. Clamped on and sucking. She wanted it.

‘Is she getting turned on?’ I thought.

Her head bobbed twice, up and down my dick. ‘Whap’ She jerked and moaned, without stopping her bobbing on my dick.

‘Damn, she’s gonna make me cum, way before Jeanne’s through spanking her. Gotta try n hold out.’

‘Whap’ Her mouth opened with a yelp, but her head kept bobbing. The head of my dick jabbed her throat again. Jewel was sucking in ernest, her hands massaging the bend of my legs.

Jeanne still hadn’t looked up from her mother’s ass.

‘Whap’ It seemed this one drove Jewel on. Her hands moved beside my dick and she really picked up speed.

‘Whap’ Her eyes clenched as her head went back, bending my dick in half. She didn’t let it out of her mouth though. She blew air from her nose before she briefly held her breath.

Going back to sucking me off, she barely made it down and back up before, ‘Whap.’ She was hit again.

Damn, I was close and didn’t know if I would make it through all eleven swats.

‘Whap’ Jewel screamed. Breathing rapidly through her mouth causing her cheeks to expand and contract, repeatedly. Still, my dick stayed in her mouth.

She went after my dick, like emptying my balls meant everything to her. She was going to get it soon, cause I couldn’t hold out any longer.

‘Whap’ her nose hit my stomach as she almost chewed my dick while groaning and twisting her head. She got it too. I stiffened and shot my load down her throat.

Jewel was milking my dick with her tight lips after having taken my load down her throat, when.

‘WHAP’ The force drove Jewel forward and the sound was deafening.

Jewel jerked up, screaming, “Aaaaaaaaaah, OH, JESUS, FUCK! Aaaaaaaaaah, Shit!” Her body was convulsively jerking. I didn’t know it yet, but she was having a massive orgasm.

“Stay as you are, mother!” Jeanne ordered as she motioned me to come to her.

Jeanne went to the doorway and I followed. When I got there, she gave me one hell of a kiss.

“Look at her, honey. Her orgasm isn’t over.” Jeanne whispered as she pointed to her mother.

As I looked, I could see Jewel was still shaking.

“Look closely at her pussy and legs. And, what’s on the floor.”

I looked and her pussy seemed to be pulsing. Her legs were soaked and glistening. There was a puddle on the floor between her knees.

“Honey, she was having an orgasm, through the whole thing. The whole time she sucked your cock she was flowing. I couldn’t stop watching as her pussy kept opening and closing. Like it wanted a cock. And, every time I smacked her, she flowed more.”

“No kidding?”

“No kidding. And that last smack, she put out so much, I thought she was pissing.”

“You hit her pretty hard. Are you sure she didn’t?”

“She didn’t. I was watching. That’s all cum.”

I looked again, amazed. Jewel was still, eyes closed and resting her head on the chair. Only then, did I see how bright red her ass was. Damn, what a site. Her bright red ass and swollen red pussy, atop wet legs with a puddle of cum on the floor.

“Mom wants that.” (Mom. Jeanne called her mom instead of the formal, mother, she had been calling her.)

“Clean yourself and your mess up, mother. Then finish the dishes. We’ll be in the living room.” Jeanne said as she took my hand. We waited for Jewel in the living room. When Jewel appeared, Jeanne told her to go fix me a bath.

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