Destination Ecstacy

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I zipped past you on my way into town, couldn’t help but notice how tired you looked, hitchhiking in that hot Texas sun, knapsack on your back. I hadn’t seen you around before, and though I briefly thought about picking you up, I remembered my mama always telling me to never pick up strangers, no matter how harmless they looked. I figured you had no idea that it was at least another four miles into town, and though this was the main road, it was not traveled all that much.

Here I was in my air conditioned Toyota pick-up, drinking a cold Bud, jamming to some Eagles tunes. It just didn’t seem fair. I recalled the look of disappointment when I passed by you. You did look damn good in that tank top, those tanned arms looking so strong and able. Your Levi’s fitting just snug enough to outline your firm ass. I had to be crazy to not check you out.

Trying to justify my reasons for wanting to go back and get you, I thought about the fencing I needed repaired around my ranch, the roof I needed patched. You looked like you could handle the job. Adding to that, I hadn’t been laid in nearly two months and I was damn tired of doing it myself. I needed a warm body next to me, if only for a few days.

In town, I picked up my groceries, paid some bills. I decided that if I saw you again, on my way home, I would stop and offer you a cold beer. It was the least I could do. I was not happy to see you still waiting for a ride in the sweltering sun, yet something inside of me wouldn’t let me drive by you again. The dust clouds rolled at the roads edge as I slowed my truck up beside you. You forced a tired smile my way.

“I saw you drive by earlier, how much further to town?” you asked.

My mind was racing with aroused thoughts and up close, you looked poker oyna even better. You noticed me checking you out and commented that you looked a whole lot better after a shower. That was about all the invitation I needed.

“Hop in girlfriend, I’ve got just what you need.”

I handed this dark haired stranger a much needed cold beer. On the way back to my ranch, I explained that I needed some help around the place and though you said you were just passing through, you wouldn’t mind helping me out for a few days for a little bit of traveling money. I agreed to make it worth your time. Much more than you even knew. We got home and I showed you to a cool shower, and threw your sweaty, dusty clothes into the washing machine, knowing full well that you would have to ask me for something to wear.

You left the bathroom door open just a bit and I couldn’t help spying for just a moment or two. Your naked outline was somewhat visible through the frosted shower curtain, and with my eyes I traced the shape of your firm breasts and small hips, all the while imagining what you might be like in bed. It made my pussy all hot and creamy, I could feel my temperature rising.

Hearing the water stop, I quickly ran into the kitchen to fix you some lunch, putting my aching desires behind me for the time being. You entered a few minutes later, with my robe loosely tied around you. I looked up from the sandwiches I was preparing, my eyes focusing on your neck, the cleavage you carelessly tried to hide. You could see my loss of composure at that moment. I nervously asked if you wanted something to eat. You stared into my eyes and softly said

“Yes…I do.”

Knowing full well what you meant, my excitement grew as I moved closer to loosen the robes belt even canlı poker oyna more. My eyes quickly fell to a most enticing pair of firm breasts. I began salivating, anticipating the feel of those hardened nipples in my mouth. I pushed back the robe from your shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, chills shot through me.

“I want you, now.” I whispered.

You just smiled. I led you to the large sheepskin rug in the living room. You looked so incredibly sexy laid out on that cloud of softness. I removed my clothes and lay down beside you, finding intense pleasure as our flesh touched. Your desires were ignited as my body hovered over you, making you mine. You pulled my breast into your mouth, sucking hard, exciting me even more,

“Oh, baby, yes, that feels so good.”

Your hands slid down my waist and cupped my ass cheeks. I pressed myself against you. As I lifted up, your fingers slipped deeply into my moist cavern. I thrust myself down onto them, riding slowly, up and down, in and out, in and out. I wanted to cum so desperately, but not before taking you. I moved down and buried my face deeply into your sweetness, the scent of pure woman and gentle perfume making me dizzy. I tenderly licked and sucked your clit, I could feel it swell in my mouth as your body writhed around on the rug. Your legs spread widely, inviting me to stay. I could feel your firm hands on my head, as you ground your throbbing pussy into my face.

“Suck me baby!” You moaned.

“Make me cum! Please don’t stop.”

I pressed my tongue deeply into your love hole and flicked my tongue teasingly across your clit. You let go with a violent orgasm, your screams of pleasure filling the room. Tears came to your eyes as the second and third waves of passion captivated internet casino you and I held you closely until the tremors subsided. You had completely submitted to my pursuit.

I lay back next to you and began to masturbate. My clit was incredibly swollen, my wetness undeniable. I felt your gentle hands begin to knead my breasts and as you rolled my hard nipples between your fingers, it made me gasp with intense pleasure. You straddled my leg and rubbed your hot pussy up and down my thigh. Your milky cream oozed from your depths. You pushed my hand away and firmly but slowly began rubbing my throbbing pink flesh. I was so close to exploding but you masterfully kept me at ecstasy’s edge as you enjoyed the intensity of our connection. You leaned down to kiss me, softly licking your taste from my mouth. Our tongues entwined in a lustful banter and I was lost in the forceful way you were now taking me.

Your nipples merged with mine and just as the sparks of arousal began to take me higher, you pulled away. You were teasing me and despite how much I disliked wanting to beg for some release, my soft, painful whimpers could not be squelched. You grinned slyly but moved down and positioned yourself between my legs. I could feel your hot breath on my aching pussy, feel your fingers slowing separating my swollen lips. I slightly lifted my ass off of the floor, offering myself to you. What seemed like an eternity, was only seconds but soon I felt the warmth of your mouth sampling my fruit. As the tip of your tongue swept across my pink folds, I tensed as your fingers also slipped deep inside of my pussy. The feeling was incredible as you sucked my hardened button into your mouth and gently slid your fingers in and out of me. Your assault was divine as my body convulsed in a series of earth shaking orgasms, each one better than the last.

Finding no need for food, we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the pleasures of one another, putting off fencing for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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