Dirty Dana Learns Her Lesson

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – When long suffering mother Susan finally has had enough of her 18-year-old daughter Dana’s terrible toilet habits & feminine hygiene practices, she inflicts the most humiliating punishment she can think of upon the spoiled teenager. This is an entry in the 750 word project, and contains fetish material that may not be to every reader’s taste. All characters & events are fictional, with similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental & unintentional. Please enjoy and rate & comment.


Once upon a time, there lived the Richards family. They consisted of the father Hal, the mother Susan and their daughter Dana. Dana was now aged 18 in spring 2007, and a senior at the high school of the town in Alabama where they lived.

Petite in size and very pretty with long brown hair and blue eyes, Dana looked like an angel and was the apple of her father’s eye. A combination of Dana being an only child and Hal’s guilt at spending so much time away as part of his job led to him spoiling her rotten.

Susan knew her daughter far better, and Dana was no angel. She was manipulative, entitled, rude and selfish, and whenever büyükçekmece escort she tried to speak to Hal about the problems with Dana, he would get cross and say he didn’t want to know. When a dispute arose between mother and daughter, Hal would take Dana’s side without fail.

Susan could have coped with her daughter’s bad attitude and her unsupportive husband, but for one thing. Dana was a dirty girl. Not just untidy, about half the time Dana would fail to flush the toilet after she used it, leaving her urine, feces and for one week each month her menstrual blood in the toilet for all to see.

It was Dana’s time of the month this week, and with the girl having headed off to high school and Hal away at work, Susan was alone and from the bathroom came the terrible smell of poo. Susan went in there to find the toilet filled with her teenage daughter’s pee, shit and period blood. On the floor lay Dana’s overnight pad, saturated with smelly dark red menses.

Also in the bowl were several lengths of toilet paper that Dana had shit and bled all over when she wiped herself, and while it was çağlayan escort gross at least Dana had used toilet paper today. A lot of the time Dana simply didn’t bother to wipe her bottom and just pulled up her panties after defecating, Susan having to deal with the feces in her daughter’s underwear on laundry day.

Susan went to flush the toilet but stopped. This had to stop now. It couldn’t go on. Getting her camera, Susan took several photos of the mess in the toilet before flushing it and picking up the pad. Heading into Dana’s bedroom with a plastic bag, Susan picked up her daughter’s soiled panties from the floor. Susan knew where her next destination would be.


It was now lunchtime at the high school, and Dana dressed in a sweater and jeans was sitting with the popular group she was a part of. When her mother appeared in her line of sight, Dana at first thought she was seeing a mirage, but then realized she was not imagining things.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” Dana hissed. “You’re embarrassing me.”

“I’m only getting started you dirty little brat,” snapped Susan. She addressed çapa escort the cool kids, girls and boys alike. “Hey kids, you want to see how my daughter lives her life at home, like her toilet habits and what happens when it’s period time?”

From the bag, Susan extricated five pairs of Dana’s dirty panties, two covered in shit on the back panel where Dana had not wiped her ass properly, one pair soaked in menses, another with a dirty period pad attached and a fifth pair where Susan could not tell if the mess on the saddle was from Dana’s front bottom or her back bottom. She also showed the friends the pictures of the dirty panties on Dana’s bedroom floor, the pad on the bathroom floor and the toilet that Dana had failed to flush.

By the end of it Dana sat alone, sobbing in humiliation. Susan handed her daughter some tissues. “You’ve only got yourself to blame Dana, and only you can put this right in the future,” she said before leaving.


Dana fortunately learned her lesson. From this point on, she always wiped her vagina and anus properly with plenty of toilet paper so no more poo stains on her panties. She never failed to flush the toilet. Her used pads were disposed of properly in the bin, and if she had any menstrual mishaps, she washed her own panties straight away. Dana’s worn panties went into the hamper in her much tidier bedroom, never on the floor like before. Susan’s tough love had worked, and they all lived happily ever after.


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