Doing It For The Boys

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As with a lot of boys in my late teens I jerked off with other guys in a group. There were 5 of us me Paul, and Jason, Steve, Chris and Scott. We had all just turned 18 and were all horny as fuck. We met after school at my house to watch porno flicks or look at dirty magazines. My house was almost always empty until about 6 o’clock so we had plenty of time to our selves, and even on the odd occasion my parents were home they never interrupted us. I’m pretty sure they knew what we were up too and I’m still convinced they knew for a fact what I did for the other boys or rather what I let them do to me.

It was all quite straight and normal to start, after school we would all head round to my house armed with some porn. We would go straight up to my room, lock the door and watch it whilst all jerking off. After about an hour when we had all blown our wads and gotten our breath back they all went home and that was the end of it. But in such a close space performing such an intermit act it very soon lead to thoughts within the group of mutual masturbation. I was totally against such things to start with but Jason and Chris did it any way. Ending with Chris cumming in Jason’s hand then Jason spraying spunk all up Chris’ arm. The rest of us, me included watched as the pumped each other’s cocks to the sticky end. As they did I couldn’t take my eyes off the action, it was beautiful to see, and my heart raced until they both shot there loads. At which point I knew I had to try this.

The next day, with all of us assembled in my room and the porno playing in the background I asked Scott if he wanted a hand jerking himself. He looked amazed at first, probably because I had opposed the idea of us jerking each other, but after a short pause stammered out an Ok. So I got off the bed and moved into centre stage. All the guys stopped what they were doing and focused on my performance. Scott sat on the bed with his legs hanging over the sides, spread apart, and I kneeled between them. Unlike with Jason and Chris, Scott didn’t jerk me at the same time; I was going solo on him. I slowly pulled down his jeans and saw his bulge in his tight underpants; they were white Calvin Kline’s which held his poker oyna package in the sexiest of ways. This combined with his smooth taught stomach had me stiff as a rock and begging to get to his goods. I felt him though the underpants and he was huge, almost twice the size in length and girth than I was. Slowly I removed this monster from its home and felt how warm and smooth it was. Nothing, not even my fantasizing about this moment all the night before had prepared me for the heavenly feeling of another guys cock. It took all of my strength to stop me from wrapping my mouth around it. It was bliss to feel and smelt fantastic as I drew in deep breaths with my heart beating like a drum from all the new exciting sensations I was feeling. Then I started to pump him softy with my hand wrapped around him as much as I could, he was so thick in girth that my hand did not come close to gripping all the way around him. The other goys looked on with bated breath as I put on a show almost as worthy of the silly little porno whores in the movies we had watched. All the attention was on me being a slut for Scott and I was loving every bit of it. Then with a moan and a sharp intake of breath Scott rolled his eyes and dropped back on to my bed. I knew then I was going to get my prize for all my hard work and fun. His dick became even harder and twitched as I picked up my pace until it erupted in my hand. Jets of Scott’s sperm shot at me some hitting me direct in my face and on my mouth.

A wave of shame ran through me as I came to realize what I had just done. But it soon passed and was replaced by feelings of pride in pleasuring Scott. The fact that some of my best friends had watched and jerked them selves off over seeing me give another guy a hand job didn’t faze me one bit. In fact I was having just about the best day of my life.

Cum was still on my face and as I looked round at my friends. It hit me there and then that I had to take this further. Over the next few weeks I had to progress this to giving a blow job, and then work my way to having full anal sex with one or all of these boys. My interest in me being jerked off, sucked off or even giving an ass pounding was nil. My sexual canlı poker oyna preference regarding men had just been set and it seamed to be 100% bottom. My interests in porno had also changed considerably. No longer did I put my self in the role of the hung stud when fantasizing along with the sex scenes. I was the air headed slut, putting every available cock into her willing body and moaning with pleasure; until with a beaming smile hot streams of cum are pumped on and into her used up body. That’s what I wanted. No needed.

The very next day as usual we converged on my bedroom. After my star turn with Scott the day before, Jason was quick to praise me on my effort and spotted how much I had enjoyed beating off another man. He then pretty much told me it was his turn today, in a way that said there is no choice, just do it. Shit! My dream was coming to life on its own. Jason took total charge of me, which made it all the more turn on for me, as I was being treated like the porn starlets in the movies. I was grabbed firmly on the shoulders by Jason and pushed down on to my knees. I looked up to him as he unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans down to his ankles. He then grabbed my arm and moved my hand to his already ridged member. ‘come on Paul jerk that bad boy’. He said looking round too the others with a hint of over confidence in his voice and a touch of evil in his eyes. After about 5 strokes of his astonishingly beautiful penis I stopped and took a deep breath. The urge I had to slip the tip of his dick between my lips had filled me with desire. There was no other option. It had to be done. I couldn’t go on without it any more and I think I would have forever hated myself if I didn’t do it. I saw the glisten of pre-cum in the eye of his penis and moved in to kiss it off. As my mouth touched Jason’s cock I felt his hand slowly sweep round my face to my chin. He gently raised my face to look me in the eyes. I starred back at him with big doe eyes just like the girls in the porno’s. He nodded at me and bit his lip with anticipation, knowing I was game for sucking him off. All eyes were now fixed on me and what I was about to do. I wanted it so bad, my whole body yearned for internet casino it and I knew this was the true chance of a lifetime to make it happen. I didn’t care that 3 other guys were watching me, nor did I care that what I was doing was performing a homosexual act on a friend and was almost certainly going to force this further until my lust for pleasuring men is satisfied if it ever will be.

I broke my eye contact with Jason and opened wide and without any hesitation took him into my mouth and wrapped my lips fully around him. The taste was sublime and it felt so good on my tongue. I moaned with true satisfaction and the highest level of pleasure I had ever felt. Jason placed a hand gently on the back of my head and forced me down onto his shaft until I gagged. Then pulled out of me and softly slapped his spit soaked cock on my cheeks. I looked back up at him with my doe eyed look again, pining for his cock to be slipped back in my mouth. As he slapped his tool over me and rubbed the big purple head around my face he broke the silence that was in the air. ‘you like this don’t you’ he said before pushing as far down my throat as he could the pulling out just as I gagged. This couldn’t get better, he was doing me like a porn star and treating me like a slut, and he knew I was getting off on this more than he was. My eyes welled up and tears ran down my face from gagging on his dick, but he could see I was hungry for him. He took his hands away from my head and put them both behind his head and proudly said ‘come on bitch make me cum’. I jumped straight to it sucking him as if my life depended on it. My hands reached round him and grabbed his ass as I took great pleasure in blowing him. All looked on in amazement, as he reached boiling point and his body began to jolt. Then it happened. He just let it go in my mouth. I swallowed all I could and any that dribbled from my mouth I quickly scooped back in. I wanted every last drop. If I was going to be treated like a whore porn starlet I was going to act like one. Totally spent Jason fell back on my bed. I turned to Steve and told him he was next and not to be gentle with me, make me feel like a dirty whore. Trust me he did.

After about 3 weeks of giving head to the boys on an almost daily basis and a little practice on myself I progressed into letting them give me full anal. But I will have to save that for my next story, if any one wants to hear it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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