Dream Lover

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The early morning sun streamed through her window as a cool summer breeze blew gently across her lithe body. The slight breeze caused the sheets to slide slightly off of her, exposing her pert breasts to the sun. Her baby pink nipples rose proudly off her chest as they hardened in response to the change in temperature.

“Mmmm…” Rachelle moaned softly as she stretched her arms out across her large bed, her legs spreading slightly as she did this.

Her half-asleep mind drifted to thoughts of him… her mystery lover. The object of her dreams was a handsome, young man with curly blond hair and a dazzling smile. She had seen her dream lover at a club and they had met briefly, but she hadn’t been able to get much more than a phone number from him. She hoped to change that in the future though…

Thinking fondly of him, she began to get aroused. Her hands slid across the sheets until they reached her smooth hips. Sliding them slowly over the smooth skin, she teased her flat tummy with soft fingertips. Continuing upwards, her hands claimed her soft breasts. Fingers pinched and pulled lightly on hard nipples, as slim hips raised off of the bed.

Rachelle groaned softly as she writhed on the bed. Her nipples were rock hard now, as she was really working them, pulling them upward and twisting them escort bayan firmly.

“Oh, God…” She moaned deeply as she continued to tease herself.

Slender hands slid back down her body until they reached the center of her pleasure. Fingers played with the downy soft blond hair that framed her gorgeous pussy, fingertips barely brushing her baby soft lips. She kept her mound closely trimmed so she could enjoy the feeling of her own wetness on her lips.

Sighing loudly, she allowed one fingertip to gently slide between her pink pussy lips. She smiled as she felt the wetness of her pussy. Her sweet nectar was flowing freely, and knew she’d have to change the sheets later. The warm juices flowed smoothly and slid all the way down between her beautifully round ass cheeks, teasing her puckered asshole as they made their way to her bed sheets.

Moving a fingertip upward, she circled her hardening clit slowly. A broad smile spread across her face as she imagined her lover’s tongue toying with the sensitive nub. Moving more urgently now, she began to flick her fingertip back and forth across her love button, raising her desire to a fever pitch.

“Oh yes… oh… lick my pussy…” she whispered between ragged breaths.

Tapping her fingertip against her clit caused shockwaves of pleasure tuzla genç escort to rocket through her body as she introduced her other hand into her playtime. Slipping a finger into her velvet folds, she curled that slender digit upwards and stroked her G-spot softly. The sounds of pleasure filled her bedroom as she humped her hips toward the ceiling in an effort to get her finger deeper into her pussy.

Thrusting her finger firmly into her wet cavern, she gasped as a mini-orgasm rocked her small body. Her juices increased their flow and caused her pussy to get super wet. This also caused the finger that was plunging into her pussy to slip slightly and graze her sensitive anus, which sent a lightning bolt of pleasure straight up her spine.

Shocked at the feeling, Rachelle placed her finger back into her pussy and gathered more of her slickness onto the slim digit. Feeling naughty, she eased her finger out of her pussy and allowed it to slide downward until it came to rest on her most intimate place. Circling the tight ring, she pressed forward slightly and moaned as she felt the pressure. Gently she urged her finger forward and she gasped when the muscles relaxed and her fingertip slipped into her tight rear passage. Groaning, Rachelle pushed with urgency and eased her finger deep into her ass tuzla kendi evi olan escort until it was fully inside her.

“Oh… oh… Yes… oh God… fuck my ass…” She moaned to her dream lover as she continued to slide her finger in and out of her tight, puckered anus.

Loving this new sensation, she resumed stroking her clit as she fingered her asshole. Increasing her speed, she raced closer and closer to her climax. Her small, supple body writhed and twisted on the bed as her fingers drove her higher and higher. She shoved two fingers into her soaked pussy and stroked her g-spot once as the finger in her ass went deep.

That was all it took. Fireworks exploded behind her closed eyelids and she screamed out in pleasure as a new sensation raced through her body.

“This is it,” she thought “this is what an orgasm feels like!!!”

She rode the wave of passion for as long as she could until finally she was spent. Easing the fingers out of her pussy and asshole, she surrendered herself to the softness of her bed. Raising herself up on an elbow, she looked toward the doorway and her breath caught in her throat.

“Good morning, Beautiful. Is there room for one more?”

It was her dream lover. He had found her.

“Yes there is, baby… yes there is…”

He made his way slowly over to the bed and…

“BBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!” The roar of an alarm clock cut through the morning air like a chainsaw.

“Oh damn…” she sighed, as she realized that her dream lover was still where he’d always been… lost in her dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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