Eighteen Goes into Thirty Six Twice

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“Strike,” Dan couldn’t believe how good a bowler his aunt was.

Lorna tried to relax and enjoy herself, but the truth was her mind was coping with the problem she was having with her husband. She had kept herself trim and exercised to stay in shape because he demanded she not be fat. She wouldn’t have another person in their bed, but other than that had never refused him anything and had given him almost every sexual experience that a man could have. But she couldn’t stop the clock and lately she could tell his eyes were wandering to younger women.

“Earth to Aunt Lorna… Earth to Aunt Lorna, you’re needed on this planet.”

Lorna sighed, “I’m sorry, my mind isn’t here tonight.”

Dan gave her an appreciative look, her mind may not be but her body definitely was. “It’s your turn.”

Lorna was surprised at how her nephew was looking at her. Her husband hadn’t done that in a long time. She got set but could feel his eyes on her as she threw it. Waiting for the ball to come back she couldn’t help but turn to face him and push her chest out. To her surprise, she liked the way his watching at her made her feel.

Dan loved his aunt, and at 18 he could appreciate her body. She wasn’t very tall, but definitely had all the parts in the right places. He saw her looking at him, felt his face heat up at getting caught and immediately turned his head.

She could feel her smile; it was nice to know she was not only loved but desired. As she walked back to him, she couldn’t help but flirt. Placing her hand on his neck she leaned in, “What’s the score?”

Dan felt the heat from her touch and it went straight between his legs. “I’m a little ahead.”

Moving in a little, she put her hip against his arm, “Then I’ll just have to try harder.” She moved away, “Your turn.” She turned her head away from him to hide her grin.

Dan got up feeling very self-conscious because she had given him an erection. He hurried to bowl hoping she hadn’t seen.

But she had seen. Somehow knowing she had gotten that from him made her feel better. When it was her turn again, she made sure her hands brushed against her nephews arm as they passed each other.

Dan was starting to get in a bad way. He had gotten hard before and while he bowled it had gone down enough for him to pretend he didn’t have one. Her touching him again was making it almost impossible ad it went straight between his legs. She had gone back to sitting, so as he waited for the other bowlers in the next lanes to finish, Dan put his hand on her hair, “How we doing?” He was having trouble breathing.

Lorna saw the bulge, “We’re doing just fine.” She hadn’t enjoyed teasing like this for a long time.

The rest of their evening, Lorna used every opportunity she could to keep her 18 year old nephew hard. She touched him as much as she could and pressed herself against him when the chance presented itself. By the end of the bowling, she could plainly see he was in a bad way; the trouble was she was too. It was lucky she was older and could cool both of them off before it got any worse. She was his mother’s younger sister but judging from his erection that wouldn’t have mattered much to him.

They decided to end the bowling early. He was quiet during the drive and she couldn’t help but still feel a charge every time she caught him staring at her chest.

Dan reluctantly took his aunt home. He was so horny he almost couldn’t stand it. Even if she was related, he wanted her in a bad way. They pulled into her driveway and there was another car parked there beside his uncle’s. “Who’s that Aunt Lorna?”

“I have no idea.” They got out of the car and he unlocked the trunk so she could grab her ball. She figured that he would probably go home and get himself off. Feeling that she owed him, she leaned against him, put her arms around him and gave him a short kiss. “Thanks, I had a nice time.” As she walked away, she hoped that he would think of her as he got himself off.

Dan watched his aunt walk away and knew he could wait any longer. He opened his jeans and pulled his cock out. He was stroking himself by the time she got into her house.

Lorna couldn’t imagine whose car was in the driveway, but it annoyed her that it was blocking her car in. Opening the door, she heard noises from the bedroom. She had gotten home early from bowling and it çapa escort didn’t take long to find the noise. Curiously wasn’t all that surprised when she saw her husband having sex with one of the girls from his office. She just stood watching them and felt a sense of relief wash over her. Taking her cell phone out, she started filming them.

The room was suddenly filled with a scream. Jack yelled at his wife, “What the hell are you doing?”

Lorna smiled, “Just getting something to give my lawyer.” She simply turned and left and was thankful to find that Dan hadn’t left. She opened his car door and saw him playing with his hard cock. She also saw a look of fear on his face as she got in, “Drive.”

Dan Felt silly but put the car in gear and pushed on the gas. He saw his uncle come out of the house as they left.

Lorna didn’t think anything bad because her nephew was playing with himself, after all, she was the reason he was hard. Sliding over, her fingers wrapped around his cock and started to play.

He felt her soft fingers and there was no doubt she knew what she was doing. Dan had to force himself to keep control of the car.

Lorna wasn’t playing to get him off, just to keep him hard until she got the phone call. She liked how his cock head was big and fat on top of his hard shaft and gave it a squeeze. Then she had to stop because her phone went off. “Yes?” — “No, I wouldn’t.” — “Discuss what?” — “You want her and you don’t want me.” — “You can afford an ex-wife and a girlfriend.” — “Well then you’ll have to give up the girlfriend because you are going to have an ex-wife.” — “I’ve never cheated on you; obviously you can’t say the same.” — “Just don’t be an asshole about this and I won’t take everything.” — “After I get a lawyer.” — “We’ll be over tomorrow to get my things. I’ll stay with my sister for now.”

During the phone call, Dan had not only managed to drive them home. He pulled into the driveway as she hung up. The look of disappointment was written all over his face.

Lorna giggled, “You better put that away.” They got out and went into the house. It was obvious that her sister was already asleep. “Help me get settled in the basement and I’ll finish what we started.”

Dan shook his head, “Nah, I’ll help, no strings attached.”

She gave him a short kiss, “Thanks.” They got blankets and a pillow made a bed of out of the basement sofa. The two were sitting there and she reached over to the front of his jeans.

Dan pushed her away, “You don’t have to do that.”

Lorna sighed, if only her husband had loved her as much as her nephew. “I may not need to, but I sure want to.” She soon had him out and it didn’t take her long to get him hard again and figured that she would get him off and catch his cum in her free hand.

Her fingers glided over his cock making sure to rub under the head. She brought her lips to his and was pleased when he kissed her back. It had been some time since she’d had a man place himself totally in her hands. The feeling that she could bring him so much pleasure and know he appreciated it was intoxicating. Nibbling on his ear, she whispered, “I hope your girlfriend doesn’t mind.”

Her hand was bringing pleasure all along his cock. She seemed to know just how to tease the entire thing. “I’ve only had one girlfriend but we broke up.”

She let her tongue slip into his ear, “Well I’m sure she could use her mouth to please you more than my hand is.”

“No, she didn’t like to do that.”

Lorna realized finally that her nephew had never been sucked, much less sucked off. There was no way she was passing this up. “Poor baby,” She moved so that her mouth was just over his hard cock and let her lips surround the head.

“Ah,” Dan felt her lips on his cock and it was so-o-o-o good.

His cock was really fat and she enjoyed how it felt in her mouth. Licking at the sides she could hear him softly moan and would have said something, but her tongue was busy licking under the huge head. Lorna was experienced at sucking cock. Her nephew wasn’t a long as her husband but was bigger around. It made for a fun experience for them both. She could suck him deep into her throat, but it wasn’t so deep that it made her gag. Using her tongue, she kept his first blowjob wet.

“Aunt Lorna that feels amazing.”

Her cihangir escort replay was to start sucking him faster. Her head bobbed up and down as his hard cock slide in and out of her mouth. She was so turned on she thought she might have an orgasm when she made him cum. Sucking cock had never affected her that way before and she liked it.

Dan loved watching his cock disappear past her pink lips. Her mouth was wet and warm and it didn’t feel like anything he had experienced before. Watching his aunt suck him was such a turn on, he couldn’t help but push a little as she kept going down on him.

“Going to cum for me?” The thought of him shooting huge spurts in her mouth made her pussy positively tingle. It would take very little for her to change his first time being sucked into a full all out fuck. No — she would make him cum with her mouth tonight, but tomorrow he should watch out because she fully planned of them doing a lot more, a whole lot more.

What his aunt was doing felt awesome. He guessed she asked him if he was going to cum so that she could switch to using her hand instead of him cumming in her mouth. Even though it was the greatest thing he had ever experienced, he would warn her before he let loose.

She tasted a few drops of pre-cum and knew he was close. As far as she was concerned his cumming was something she had earned. She started sucking him faster, sucking him harder, and making him go deeper in her throat.

“Mm — I’m going to cum.”

Clamping her lips around his cockhead she used her hand to pump his cock. He rose a little off of the sofa and suddenly her mouth was full of cum. She pumped and sucked getting spurt after spurt of hot liquid. She swallowed every drop and when his flow eased up she went back to sucking him, trying to get everything he could give.

His cumming was at and end. Dan leaned back, it had been great. Then he heard her start coughing. “Are you all right?”

“Can you get me a drink?” she saw him run off and return with a soft drink. She gratefully accepted it and took a big drink. “Do you always cum that much?”

Dan was embarrassed, “Sorry.”

Lorna kissed him, “I loved it. I just wasn’t prepared for that much.”

Dan brought his hand up to the front of her shirt. “Can I play too?”

He had her so turned on she could scream, she might as well have him help. The trouble was she didn’t have any clothes to change into. Her sister would have something she could wear but she didn’t want to explain how her clothes got as wrinkled as they would get if she let him loose on her body. She stood up. The solution was simple.

Looking right into his eyes, Lorna started to slowly gyrate to music only she could hear. As deliberately and provocative as she could, her shirt got pulled over her head. She had meant to tease him as she took her clothes off, but from the look on his face he was getting turned on again, which sent a charge right between her legs. Smiling as seductively as could she danced and swayed and her shoes came off next. She was in a bad way when she started and his liking what he was seeing as adding to it. Her jeans slid off, one leg at a time, teasingly slow and tossed aside, both of them were having trouble breathing.

Dan was so excited watching his aunt. When she placed her foot right on his crotch and pressed against him he thought he would pass out. He nervously reached up and pulled her sock off. Her other foot was placed where the first had been and he took that sock off a well.

Lorna felt every nerve on her legs sending out a charge as he peeled her socks off. She wasn’t done teasing him just yet and as he reached for her she danced away. Her bra was next, but not fast or immediately revealing. She watched his face as each strap fell. She turned away from him and undid her clasp for him.

Dan felt like he had a fever. His aunt was undoing each fastener and dancing near to give him a glance of her flesh, before moving away and going to the next one. Finally her bra was loose and she turned toward him holding it to her. Her eyes looked right into his as she let it drop. Her breasts were everything they had promised to be. His hands ached to hold them.

Lorna wanted him almost as much as he wanted her. Her teasing had gotten both of them in a bad way, but she esenyurt escort still turned away from him and put her butt to him.

Dan saw her aunt’s perfect ass and reached up to remove her panties. He expected her to move away again. When she didn’t he pulled her panties down. His fingers grabbed the soft skin of her butt and started playing.

She closed her eyes and softly sighed as he played, the teasing was over. He could play till his heart was content, she needed to get off. His fingers on her butt made her muscles quiver. Turning toward him she placed her pussy inches from his eyes and she was rewarded as she felt his finger rub against her pubic hair. Lorna sucked in her breath, she was so wet from all of the teasing his finger easily slid inside of her. “Mm,” She bent down and put her lips to his, accepting his tongue in her mouth as her body accepted his finger.

Dan had never experienced anything like this. What she had done to him with her mouth had only been a fantasy. Her slow striptease had made his blood boil. He’d had sex before but it wasn’t anything like this. His finger came out of her pussy and reflected the light from being wet. Her breasts were inches from his face. Placed over his limit, he grabbed his aunt and stood holding her in the air.

Lorna felt helpless as her nephew held her in the air kissing her over and over. It had been such a long time since anything and now she was experiencing such extreme passion. She responded kissing him back, determined to give to him as much as he was going to give to her.

Dan put her on the floor and practically ripped his clothes off. He laid on top of her his lips finding hers even as her very skin rubbing against his own was driving him crazy. “I can’t let you make a mistake like this.”

She had no idea what he meant and hoped it wasn’t because of her being his aunt. “What mistake?” Her breath flew from her as her entire being was attacked. His hard cock rammed into her.

“I’m eighteen and you’re thirty six–,” Her pussy was driving him crazy, the way it felt, so soft, so hot, “— that means I go into you twice.” He slammed into her again.

There had been little foreplay, not that she had needed any. Lorna had never been faced with such raw passion before. Her husband had been her only lover and he would have never acted like this. Dan’s hard cock was ramming in and out, over and over — harder and deeper with each thrust.

Dan had his hands full of her full breasts, his fingers on her hard nipples. His lips were on hers and either her tongue was in his mouth or his was in hers as he pressed his cock in her to see how deep he could get it.

Lorna was being taken on a ride that was utterly primeval and wondered if they both could survive it. Her teasing had pushed a wild animal past his endurance and he was ravishing her as he pleased. She had heard of being ravished and to have a man just take you but had never thought it was real until now. His cock was everywhere inside of her. Wrapping he legs around him she just held on.

Dan felt the inside of her body rubbing against the head of his cock. How far could he get, how much could she take? He wasn’t done finding out and made his thrusts go even deeper and rammed even faster.

His balls were slapping against her. Her arms were around him as well as her legs and she could feel his flexing muscles under his skin — skin against skin, muscles against muscles. The most intense sex she had ever had was very near to making her blowup.

“My balls feel like they’re going to explode. What you did before — it was so wonderful. But now — I feel like I’m inside of fire.” He kept kissing her, “You’re incredible.”

She couldn’t get any hotter, the sensations running through her were simply overwhelming, way too devastating to withstand. Gripping her nephew as hard as she could her entire body exploded in the most intense orgasm she had ever had, extreme sensations of intense pleasure rocketed through every part of her.

Dan gave one last powerful thrust and his balls pumped cum. Shot after shot of scalding hot liquid flew from him. He could almost feel his aunt’s hot body milking him, wanting him to give even more.

He just lay on top of her and she held him to her. The basement was full of the sounds of their breathing as they tried to come back down from where they had gone. Relaxing her grip, he collapsed beside her. He looked haggard and Lorna wondered if she looked any better.

He smiled, “I hope that teaches you a lesson, not to mess with math.”

She kissed him, “And I hope I get to teach you a few things that have nothing to do with math.”

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