Empty Seats, New Loves

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Beverly lay on the coarse dark masculine sheets, her legs spread wide, her lovers cock began to part the lips of her wet pussy in what had become an almost ritual of the night. Her mind was instead filled with thoughts of the afternoon, of lying on soft lavender sheets, scented with a hint of lavender, the soft skin of another woman next to her. A moment she had dreamed of, but never allowed her the luxury to steal just for herself.

Now I too am about to be taken by my lover, but choose to let myself dream of the afternoon. A chance I took one time, maybe not again, our bonds with another too strong. Your tender body was laying there wearing just a blouse, half still covering one side of your chest, the other fallen to the side exposing your breast topped by the brown skin of your nipple. My eyes feasted on what I saw, the shape, and the texture of your breast.

My tongue slid along the inside of your thigh, the aroma of your pussy filled my nose, then continued across that part of the pelvis that protrudes up, and then across your stomach just below the navel. I lingered and tasted the mixture of the wetness from my tongue and the beads of moisture that lay on your skin. It was good. The day was hot, but I could tell your passion was much hotter. This was different for you. Your lover just kisses your lips, your pussy, misses your clit too often, never spending enough time anywhere, then fills you with his cock long before you are ready.

My hand extended up along the front of you towards your chest; your breast wiggled as you moved a little. I touched your nipple and it turned from soft to hard. I love to think it had something to do with me, not just a natural response to just any touch. I heard you take a deep breath and your chest rose, and then you let it out in a big rush of air.

As I moved my face between your legs, I turned my body so your face was between mine. Rather than the so familiar balls and cock, you now saw and smelled something more like yourself. That smell you know from your fingers after you touch yourself as you do so often when your lover rolls over and goes to sleep, not even holding you in his arms. The look you see as you stand in front of the mirror before you dress in the morning, letting a finger slide through your folds of skin between you legs, your pussy, and your cunt. The raw words always excite you, but your lover never says them to you. Now you had a pussy, a cunt, just inches from your face, your lips, and your tongue. You wondered Ôwhat will it be like?Õ You had never experienced this and your mind raced.

My lips wrapped around your clit, and held it firmly as my tongue licked the end of it that extended into my mouth. Your body took over and you kissed me between the legs, no on my pussy. Your first pussy you told yourself. A gift you have given yourself.

As your mind came back to reality for just a moment, your lover is riding you, his cock now buried deep inside you and his grunts are harsh. You drive yourself back to the afternoon and remember how different it was.

Suddenly I woke and sat straight up.

“What’s wrong Beth?”

“Oh Patricia, just a vivid dream. God was it nice.”

“Tell me.”

“Strange, but the details have almost vanished. Something about a woman spending a wonderful afternoon with a stranger, a woman who is married to a man, had never been with a woman, but wanted to.”

“Was it you?”

“I don’t think I was either woman. Kiss me and lets go back to sleep.”

I lay next to her with my arm draped over her side, our lips almost touching. I could tell she was already asleep. Her breath blew gently on my face. The moonlight illuminated the part of her face around her lovely blue eyes. I felt like the luckiest woman in the world. At our age, so many women had given up on finding that perfect love. Our time together had opened my eyes.

It had been a lovely day. You know, late spring, almost summer, mid 70’s, and a clear sky. The boardwalk not very crowded yet today. As I leaned against a light pole, a few couples walked by holding hands, others carrying a cup of morning coffee or a newspaper. Some made an occasional glance my way; something I’d become accustom to since I’d lost much of my leg years ago. I didn’t mind, either having one leg, or the stares. I still liked showing off my looks, something I’d not lost. Had a cropped top over my bathing suit top, the bottoms were those skimpy bottoms with the tiny legs, the kind that look like Hanes Hipster panties. Love that look. What remained of my left leg was exposed for God and everyone to see. It was just a part of me.

I moved to another pole, this one across from a Starbucks, lots of foot traffic, better people watching. Loved to look at some of the people around here; the woman in a thong with very little covering her shapely breasts, the top barely able to support them; the guy with a washboard abs and a nice package between his legs pressing against his cut offs. Everywhere there was plenty of fodder for tonight’s masturbation. I just stood and watched.

“Need amsterdam shemale a good fuck?”

I just glared at the guy in front of me. “Why? You got a pussy between your legs?” He muttered something and walked off.

A nice looking woman in a more conservative bathing suit leaned over to put a tray on the table. A breast almost popped out, most of the flesh was now exposed. Not bothering to push it back in, she sat down and took a sip of coffee, then a bite of her pastry. I just watched. As expected, someone, looking almost like he could have been a lifeguard, sat next to her and held her hand. Many of the fine ones are often taken, at least for a while. My other rule is if she doesn’t look good from the back, she won’t look better from the front.

The day was getting hot and I walked the few blocks home.

I flopped onto the couch. The cold Corona from the fridge I was sucking on sure hit the spot. With an empty bottle now on the table in front of the couch, I drifted off to sleep.

“Your tongue against my large clit puts me into orbit baby.”

“I love the way you taste. I could live off this yummy wetness of yours.”

I tossed and turned, and realized I had been dreaming again. I closed my eyes and let the nice warm ocean breeze from the open window blow past me.

“Oh Kevin, fill my pussy with your huge cock. Split me wide open. Oh baby … like that.”

“I know how you love the feel of my cock. You’re so tight. I love the way that feels.”

“Yeah baby. Pump my cunt full with your white-hot cream. Fill me … yeah like that.”

I looked around. It had been just another fucking dream, another dream of fucking. I even had both legs. I always have both legs in my dreams. I don’t know where the guys come from.

The sun was setting as I changed into my cutoff jeans, and then walked back to the boardwalk for dinner. As my bare foot swung between my crutches, I sometimes dragged it in the sand that had drifted over parts of the sidewalk. I wiggled my toes. The sand, still warm from the day, felt good.

‘Burgers and More’ was a place that was much nicer than it sounds, maybe one of the best along this part of the boardwalk. I found myself eating here a few times each week. Nice staff, nice environment, good food, plus tables inside and on the boardwalk. There was a single vacant table for two outside. I sat down and leaned my crutches against the building.

“Hey Beth! Looks like you won the last table out here.”

“My lucky day. And in your section too!”

“Your usual?” she leaned over, letting me see all the way to her navel, nice boobs, no bra either, and whispered “I’ll try to sneak it in ahead of the others.”

“You’re sweet.”

Susan really was sweet too. I sometimes lusted after her body. She could cuddle up to me any old night. She was married to a loser and I knew she’d never leave him. As she walked away, I leaned my head on my palm, and watched a volleyball game near the waters edge. The surf was coming in and the waves were already starting to wash the edge lines of the court away.

Susan put my Corona on the table.

I looked up. “Guess I’ll have to do a few extra sit ups tonight.”

“Oh Beth. You crack me up. You’ll never be fat.” She slapped her stomach with the palm of her hand and laughed.

“Hey, if you get tired of Matt, let me know.”

“I’ll remember that Beth. May take you up on the offer sooner than you think.”

The water looked like it should boil as the sun just touched it. I loved the next few minutes of the sunset.

“Mind if I join you?”

I looked up to see a lovely woman with a beer in her hand.

“This seems to be last chair outside.”

“Not a problem. Specially since you have a Corona in your hand.” I held mine up a few inches.

“Some say it is a Bud in a nice bottle, but I like it.”

“I’m Beth.”

“Patricia. Crutches?”

“Have one leg. It’s good though.”

I studied Patricia’s features. Her blue eyes, lovely blue eyes, blue like the ocean; were just the way I like them. Her long brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail tucked through the back of her baseball hat. Her nice hands ended with pretty fingers.

“I just moved here, live a short walk away. Nice sunset isn’t it?”

“Yeah. I was just watching that wonderful part where the sun falls into the water. It happens so quickly, all over now.”

“Didn’t mean to make you miss it.”

“It’s okay, I have it memorized.”

“I take it you come here a lot.”

“The boardwalk, every morning and every afternoon. This place, a few evenings a week.”

Susan put my plate in front of me.

“Susan, this is Patricia. She just moved here and probably could be another regular for you.”

“Nice to meet you. Beth is my favorite customer. You can be number two.”

“Well sweet thing, if that is all…” Patricia stopped and then ordered. Susan walked away. Patricia leaned on her hands and looked at me. A tear formed in the corner of her eyes.

“Patricia, what’s wrong?”

“Just rotterdam shemale broke up with my girlfriend of a year. One of the reasons I moved here was to get away from the memories. Been a month, but I still get sad.”

I reached out and touched her forearm, more of a comfort touch. She laid her arm down, our hands now resting on each other’s forearm, her fingers stroking my skin lightly.

“That’s kind of you.” She wiped the tear away with her free hand before taking a sip of beer.

I was quiet for a moment. “Sorry, I was just undressing you.” I smiled, letting the smile grow larger. I pushed my bare foot forward, our big toes touching. I could feel hers move up and down against mine.

“That would be nice. I love your face. I’m melting just looking at it.”

Walking side by side towards my place, I looked to the side; happy to know I wasn’t alone right now. Hoped she felt the same way. Felt like that was a safe bet.

I felt her hand touch my wrist. “Can I hold your hand?”

“Just rest it over mine.”

We walked hand in hand, at least as good as possible on crutches.

“You look good like that, you know, with one leg.”

Even if she was just being nice, I appreciated the comment.

“Well this is my abode. At least I can hear the ocean at night.”

A healthy life insurance policy from my parent’s death in a plane crash made it possible for me to just be a beach bum. Didn’t live in a gilded palace, but it was nice enough.

“At least it has you in it. That’s enough for me right now.” She led me to my bedroom and lay next to me.

Our lips touched for the first time and the clouds parted, the sun came out. I could feel the moisture building between my legs while our tongues were touching, rubbing, and batting back and forth. I’d had lovers off and on all my life, when I had both legs and afterwards. I’d forgotten how electric a great kiss could be. I’d probably never had one quite as nice as this one.

My fingertip touched her nipple through the cloth, skipping a feel of her breast. No bra. Nice. I ran my finger over it more and felt it getting less soft, it standing up for my touch.

She took my hand and put it under her blouse.

“I like your touch there.”

Her hand slid across my stomach and under my cutoffs. I unsnapped the button. Her fingers were lost in the swamp of my gushing pussy.

“Feels nice without hair.”

A fingertip explored between the swollen lips, taking its time to avoid missing anything. It was near my clit, it touched.

I gasped “Oh baby.”

“I think you liked that?”

“You know I did.”

She whispered, looking deep into my eyes. “What do you like to call all of this, where my hand is?”

“My pussy. My cunt.”

I felt a shudder run through her body.

“That excited you, calling it ‘my cunt’?”

Another shudder.

“Hell yeah! Love all those words, a lot.”

“Does my slut want to fuck me?” I almost thought she had an orgasm when I said that.

“You don’t know what you just did to me. Fuck me bitch, fuck me good and hard.” She now had a devilish grin.

I was so glad the neighbors often were loud about their love making, because last night in my bedroom was like two wildcats trying everything in the lesbian version of ‘Joy of Love’.

I tried to talk Patricia into calling in sick, but she didn’t have any sick days left. I dozed off for a short nap after she left, then headed to the boardwalk for breakfast and some people watching.

Leaning against a light pole, watching all the people walk around, I noticed a man leaning on the railing near me.

He looked at me. “Bummer.”

“About my leg or your ugly face?”

“Bitch. Bet you can’t get any!”

“More than you baby!”

He huffed as he hurried away.

I tried to calm down, couldn’t. Some people were just rude. Most were considerate. I went to the Starbucks and got a double shot. Made me think of the old song ‘Double shot of my baby’s love’, made me think of last night. Couldn’t wait to see Patricia again.

Didn’t last long at the beach, soon the clouds came, and rain poured. I was soaked by the time I got home. Of course the rain stopped just as I stepped inside. The shower felt better than the rain, both warm, both fresh, actually both nice. Wouldn’t have minded standing naked in the rain, but naked in the shower was good. The stream from the nozzle was different. It was hard to make the rain pulse and hard to direct it between my legs.

Dry now, beer in hand, a second ready on the low table, still naked, I lay on the couch, mostly sitting up against the arm, my beer dangling from my fingers. A sip, a gulp, and I started the second one. I felt a comfortable buzz as I fell asleep.

“Beth, I love the feel of your bottom, your cheeks, your ass, and your crack. It feels so good against my lips and my tongue. Your skin tastes so delicious. Every part makes me hungry for another part.”

“Patricia, you take me to places I’ve not been in such a blog shemale long time. Your fingers make love to me in such nice ways.”

I almost woke up; I fought to keep the dream going.

“Your clit feels so nice against my tongue. I love to nibble on it.”

“Yes … just like that my lovely slut.”

“Talk like that may get me so turned on I can’t control myself.”

“Put your long wide tongue deep into my cunt. Make me roar bitch.”

Again I fought hard to not lose this dream, but I woke up too much. Sitting up a little, I mumbled, “Damn!” I reached over and chugged the rest of the second beer.

Standing by the open window, my long hair blew in the breeze. It was more humid now from the rain, and I was starting to get hot. Much like between my legs, humid and hot.

I had a table at ‘Burgers and More’ and 2 cold dripping beers waiting. I was dripping too.

Patricia bounced, almost skipping, between the tables. She leaned over and whispered in my ear. “How’s my lovely pussy licker?”

“Ready, willing, and able. Hi love! You’re beer is ready to be held in that sweet hand of yours.”

“It’s dripping about as much as me.”

“Just thought that myself.” I noticed a few people glance our way as I realized we might have been a little loud. We just laughed since there was nothing we could do about it now.

After dinner, we leaned forward against the railing of the boardwalk looking at the full moon over the ocean, the clear sky, and the stars. Her hand rested on my back, rubbing it a little.

“Long day, thought about you today Beth. … Bunches.”

“Pretty long day for me too. Dreamed about you.”

“You did?”

“It was about last night, a wonderful night. Like tonight will be.”

“I know.”

The rest of the summer was splendid. Sunny days with the sun on my body, hot nights with her mouth on my body. She was great to be with, we had so much in common, and even those places there were a mismatch, it didn’t seem to cause any conflicts. Eventually she moved in with me. Though I wasn’t able to talk her into not working, she didn’t need to with my money, she started working just a few days a week. The extra time we had together was a joy.

Patricia woke me up gently sucking on my nipple.

“Such a nice way to wake up darling.”

“Such a nice nipple.”

We kissed for a while, just kissed. Sometimes that is all that is needed to tell the other person ‘I love you’ or ‘you’re the only one’. It was so easy to lie there next to her, our bodies separated by a few atoms. I could sometimes almost feel her spinning atoms mixing with mine. Maybe it was only the light fine hair on her body touching mine. She was easy to be with, to be against.

“Remember that dream you had a few months ago? The one with the married woman?”

“Beverly? What made you think about her?”

“I had a similar dream last night. Only the husband made love to me in the afternoon. I think his name was Frank, maybe Fred, no it was Frank.”

“How strange. Ever slept with a guy?”

“Not in a very long time. Very, very long.”

“Lots of my dreams are just too weird to understand.”

“This was so real, like yours.”

“Want to get a dildo or maybe a guy?”

“No, no. Neither. I’d rather have Beverly than Frank any day.”

“I thought maybe she’d rather have either or both of us.”

Saturday was always more crowded along the boardwalk and the beach, this was no exception. We could barely move. I wished I could walk along the sand. Oh I could, it was just more difficult than it was worth most of the time.

We stopped and leaned against the railing, just watching for a while, holding hands, smooching a little.

“Excuse me? Where is the ‘Burgers and More’?” It took me a moment to realize a nice looking man was asking us for directions.

I pointed across the boardwalk. “It’s the crowded place.”

“Thanks. This is Beverly and I’m Frank. I just wanted to say what a nice couple you make.”

Beverly looked at me, then Patricia. There was a little twinkle in her eyes. Maybe just the way the sun was shining. “Please join us for lunch. We’re just visiting.”

“Sure. We know everyone there, maybe we can cut in front of that line.”

“They’ll get mad.”

“Then I’ll just have to hit them with my crutches.” I laughed and lightly slapped my hip to let them know I was only kidding. My humor is sometimes too dry for some people to catch on that I’m just making a joke.

They waited at the end of the line while I walked up to Susan who was taking names. She pointed at a table being cleaned off and I nodded my head. Before walking to the table, I turned to the front of the line, looked down at my foot, shrugged my shoulders, and said “Sorry”. A few women mumbled something like “Don’t worry”, and then punched their guys with a fist.

“How’d you do that?”

“Just one of the benefits of being on crutches.”


“Yeah, from maybe 70 miles away. We like to come here once a month or so. Some days, Beverly comes here by herself. How’d you two meet?”

“I sat at that very table over there, the one for two by the building. It had the only seat left that night. Patricia sat down. Two strangers. A lot like the 4 of us. Not for long I know.”

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