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Matt continued to thrust into his wife, Kelly, who straddled her husband as her big fake breasts bounced to his bucking. Kelly was a personal trainer for a competitive body building organization. Matt was her best success, as she had led him to 3 amateur titles.

Kelly’s pussy juices flowed as she ground Matt’s cock. Her tight stomach and firm ass moved like waves over him and furiously pushed him over the edge. His hands on Kelly’s thighs, Matt gave a soft grunt and released inside her. Kelly felt the warmth of Matt’s cum inside her…but when Matt started to slow down, she wanted more.

Her body was yearning for another orgasm and her pussy for more cum, but Matt was spent and quickly turning soft. Kelly leaned over and kissed Matt passionately while she reached into the top drawer of her night stand. She retrieved what looked like an ink pen. However, when clicked, a small needle came out of the end instead of a ball point pen.

Kelly looked into Matt’s half asleep eyes. She flirted, “You ready for more, honey?”

Matt smiled, “Babe, that’s the second time tonight. I don’t have anything left.”

Kelly smiled and sat up, with her husband’s soft cock still inside her. She clicked the pen and pricked Matt in the leg with the needle.

Matt looked at her confused. He asked, “what was that…”

Matt stopped talking as his eyes glazed over and his pulse quickened. Kelly felt his cock grow and turn rock hard in side her yearning pussy.

Kelly felt Matt’s body turn to iron between her legs. She sat the pen on the bed next to her and dug her nails into mats stone stomach. Matt felt his blood burning and a sensation of lustful aggression flow over him. His eyes rolled back in his head as he trembled and came immediately, flooding Kelly’s insides. güngören escort He needed more, he had to have more.

Matt grabbed his wife’s perfect hips and thrust into her furiously.

Kelly couldn’t believe it. She came again and again as she took length after length of Matt’s stone solid cock. Then finally, when the fire in her pussy was extinguished by what seemed like gallons of his cum, Kelly tried to get Matt to calm down, but the drugs were still surging through his body.

Kelly knew that she was spent, but she couldn’t stop the muscle bound fuck machine that she had made out of her husband…this meant she only had one choice. She took the pen, clicked out the pin, and pricked her thigh with it. Her body spammed and made her drop the pen on the floor. Kelly’s eyes grew wide as she felt her pulse shot up to close to 200 and per pussy started to drip around Matt’s cock. Her body started to grind against him again, involuntary and with passion. The next thrust sent Kelly into the most powerful orgasm of her life.

They were both so lost in their world of lust that they didn’t realize that they had woken up their children…and that they were watching. 19 year old son, Kyle, was standing in the door way in just boxers. His cock fully erect because of what his parents were doing. Their 18 year old daughter, Jessica, was also there.

She slept in just an oversized shirt and panties.

Jessica was a competitor for the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics team, and shared her parents love for fitness. Kyle was a skinny boy who spent most of his times being rebellious and playing computer games.

The two children were at their parents door, wide eyed and in awe. As hypocritical as it was, Matt and Kelly and always taught halkalı escort their children to save them selves for marriage. With the drugs moving through her veins, when Kelly turned her head in a fit of passion and noticed her children at their door, the last thing she wanted to do was be pure.

Kelly climbed off of her husband and walked over to her children, pussy juice and cum dripping out of her onto the floor. She took both of their hands and led them into the room, kicking the door closed behind them.

Kelly looked at Jessica, “Go see your father.” Then Kelly turned and pushed her son against the wall.

Jessica didn’t know what to do; she turned and looked at her father, who was sitting up on the bed. Matt extended his hand to his daughter as she hesitantly walked up to him. “Daddy,” Jessica whispered, “what is going on?”

Matt led his daughter onto the bed and Jessica lay down next to her father. He moved his hands over his daughter’s young body and Jessica could feel her womanhood begin to moisten and her nipples toughen. Because of her difficult and demanding schedule, she had never felt pleasure before. Scared, she turned to look at her mother for guidance, but Kelly was busy.

Kelly pushed her son against the wall. Kyle didn’t know what to do or say, he just stood there with his cock growing with every second.

She took his cock out of his boxers and could feel the precum dripping from the tip. “Are you ready to grow up, son?” Kelly asked in a young and flirty voice. Kelly wrapped a leg round her son, looked him in the eyes, and took her son’s virginity the with one thrust.

Kyle didn’t say a word as his mother began to work his young cock. Her perfect breasts memorized him as her flawless body moved içerenköy escort his virgin cock toward its first orgasm. In no time at all, Kyle began to twitch and convulse as his mother milked him dry, his cum mixing with his fathers in her experienced pussy. Out of breath and panting, Kyle’s knees gave out and he collapsed to the ground. He glanced up and saw his cum oozing out of the same place he had come out of 19 years earlier.

Kelly turned from her spent son and walked over to the bed. Jessica was now naked, tossing and turning in the pleasure from her father’s mouth on her young pussy. Matt was drinking her pussy juice as fast as Jessica’s body could make it. Kelly touched the back of Matt’s head as he looked up at his wife.

“Do it.”

Matt obeyed his wife’s command. He slid up his young daughter’s body and positioned his cock for conquest. Kelly kissed her daughter, “Jessica, do you want to become a woman?”

“Yes mom,” Jessica muttered as she squirmed with pleasure, “Daddy please!”

Kelly looked at Matt and gave him a nod. Matt slammed into his virgin daughter with out regard for her. Jessica arched her back and screamed with pleasure and pain. After only three thrusts, Jessica’s eyes opened wide and she looked to her mother, “Mommy, what’s happening to me?!” But before Kelly could answer, Jessica bit her lip and dug her nails into the bed as her body convulsed with her first orgasm.

Watching his gymnast daughter cum on his cock was too much for Matt. Her perfect teenage breasts bouncing with every thrust, the force that her tight body clamped down with on his cock when she came, all this pushed Matt far beyond what any man could handle. He gave one final thrust into his daughter and touched the tip of his cock to the back of her pussy. Matt tightened every muscle in his body and exploded inside Jessica. He came with such force that his cum filled Jessica’s pussy to the max and spilled out from around his cock. Kelly helped hold Jessica down as she took her first load of cum.

…but it would not be her last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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