Expanding Horizons Ch. 05

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Over the next couple of weeks we had noticed that Vickie’s schedule had become erratic. Ordinarily she was early to rise and early to bed but we had noticed that the lights would still be off when we were having dinner and getting ready for bed. In the mornings there wouldn’t be any movement around her house until around noon. She was still getting in her workouts but they didn’t seem as long as they had been. The suspense of not knowing what was happening was killing us.

Saturday morning we were getting ready to make breakfast but we were both on edge. I decided to confront the gorilla in the room, “I’m getting concerned, I hope we didn’t screw up.”

“So am I. I want to call and check in on her but don’t want to mess with Candy’s plan. Why did we decide to do this? We don’t know her.”

“Why don’t we see if she can have dinner with us tomorrow or Monday. Just do a wellness check.”

“We will tell her that we won’t discuss the events, just get together like old times.”

As soon as we agreed on the plan my phone rang, “How you doing Vickie?”

“I need your guys’ help this morning with your truck.”

“Anything you need, you got. When and where?” I scribbled down the address “Anything else I need to grab?”

“Nope, just come.”

“Is everything fine, we are worried?”

“So am I. Please come.”

I got off the phone “Get dressed, we have to go.”

“What is it?”

“You heard the conversation, we have to go.”

About thirty minutes later we were pulling into a seedy apartment complex.

Hazel noticed Vickie first, “She’s over there.” We hurriedly parked the truck close to her car and approached her. She looked like she was going to jump out of skin when Hazel said “Hi”

She hugged us both tightly and frantically said “I’m so glad you are here. I think we screwed up and have to get out of here now.”

I was starting to talk when I heard a voice call for her and turned to look at where the noise came from and saw April standing at the apartment door. I turned back to Vickie and said “April, niiiccce.”

Vickie, “I don’t have the time to get teased, we have 20 minutes to get out of here.”

Hazel, “What happened?”

Vickie, “Abusive ex is going to be here soon and we need to go.”

When we walked into the apartment, it was a mess. Me, “April, what can you live without? Vickie and Hazel grab the small stuff and load it up. I need to talk to April to figure out a clean break. So tell me about your ex? Is this your place or his? How long have you been dating? Does he know your family? Do you own a car?”

April, “We have been together nine months in his place. I don’t have any family to know. I don’t have a car. And he has a temper.”

Me, “Good, so other than your phone, there is no way to track you? Has he seen Vickie’s car? Is he violent? Big guy? Name? What does he look like? Does he have any friends?”

April, “Joey Iastello is his name. You are a couple inches taller and slightly bigger than him. Brown hair with frosted tips. He yells a lot but I’ve never seen him do anything besides push me around but I can take it. A couple of friends, but he is the leader of the group. He never saw Vickie until last night.”

Me, “Is there anything else from here that you need?” She pointed to a hope chest and TV. “I’ll get the chest and we will leave the TV. Let’s not pour salt into the wound. Do one more look through and make sure there isn’t anything you need.”

April, “The chest is heavy let me help.” As she was finishing her statement I already had it in my arms and was on my way to out the door. As I was carrying the chest to my truck Hazel and Vickie walked to the apartment, “See if April needs any more help and get outside quickly.”

No sooner did I get the chest and everything secured in my truck but the ladies came out with a handful of small things. Vickie frantically said “Besides the TV we have everything and have to go. He will be here any minute and he is mad. We screwed up big time.”

Me, “I already told April to leave the TV. Consider it a break up runner’s up prize since you have the grand prize. What does Joseph drive?”

April, “A blacked out Tahoe with big rims, why?”

Me, “Here is what is going to happen. Since he doesn’t know the three of us or what we drive, I want to keep it that way. You guys are going to leave in the cars so he has no way to track us. I’m going to stay here and wait to have a chat. Give me the keys to the apartment.”

Hazel, “I’m not leaving you here.”

Me, “Yes you are. I’m going to have a chat with him and I will meet up with you guys at the greasy spoon at 15 and Oak. Get me the Biscuits and Gravy and a Coke no ice. If I don’t get there in time, get it to go and I will call with an update.”

Vickie, “I don’t think that it’s a good idea.”

Me, “This isn’t open for discussion. Leave.” I gave Hazel a kiss, “Everything will be fine. Let me grab something from behind the seat. Trust me.” Hazel tried beylikdüzü escort to protest again but I wasn’t having it and she got into the truck and slowly drove away.

I took care of a few things outside the apartment and made a hiding spot between two minivans across from the apartment. About 5 minutes after they left, in screeched a black Tahoe. Two smallish guys got out of it and ran towards the apartment. When they got to the door they found that a key had been broken off in the lock and they couldn’t get it out I walked past the Tahoe and was clearing it as they ran around to check the patio door I made my presence known. “You Joseph?”

“It’s fucking Joey. Who the fuck are you?”

“Joseph, there is no reason for the salty language. I’m only friends with April and letting you know that she is gone.”

“I’m going to kill her and you with my bare hands…”

I pulled a rifle round from my pocket. “Joseph, do you know what this is?” before he could answer, “It’s a .338 Lapua round. Do you know it has an effective range of almost 2,000 yds. But I’ve never been able to hit anything at more than half that range though. But at that range it can still defeat most body armor. Now you might hurt me with your bare hands but you need to decide if the cost benefit is enough. Joseph’s friend, do you really want to get involved with this?” He looked dumbfounded. “Joseph, April is gone from your life. While it wasn’t your choice, and I’m sure that hurts, cut your loses and move on. You still have the TV to watch college football today. I’m going to leave because I’m hungry and want breakfast. Don’t follow me, you won’t like what will happen if I catch you.”

I started to jog off but stopped a building over and hid. I saw the two of them argue some and Joseph ran over to the SUV. Joseph yelled at his buddy while he was getting into the driver’s seat. His buddy slowly went to the Tahoe and got in. They pulled out of the spot and made it to the end of the lot when they noticed something wrong with the car. When they got out they noticed the drivers side tires were totally flat thanks to the tire deflators that I had placed on them. Joseph was now totally pissed and was screaming. I decided to start my jog again and doubled back around the far buildings to go towards my final destination. I would occasionally stop to make sure no one was following me.

About the time that I made it to the restaurant the food was getting to the table. As I walked up, Hazel jumped up and hugged me really tightly and kissed me. “Why did you make me go?”

Me, “I knew I could handle the situation but didn’t want to worry about you if I had to run. I wasn’t sure who all was going to show up and wanted to leave my options open. Plus I wanted to get our truck out of there, he can’t track any of us. I’m starving let’s eat.”

We mainly ate in quiet with April and Vickie looking at the door to verify I wasn’t followed.

When the bill was placed on the table and grabbed it by habit. I then slid it to April and said “I used a set of tire deflators on Joseph’s penis attachment of a Tahoe, this one is on you.”

Vickie grabbed it, “I got it.”

Me, “OK, mommy.” Hazel choked on her coffee and Vickie turned bright red. “Why don’t we continue this conversation tonight when you have us over for dinner?”

Vickie, “I was going to do something for just the two of us.”

Hazel, “Well we still have to unload the cars so we can talk in private. See you at your place.”

The drive home it was obvious that Hazel was still mad at me for making her leave but I had gotten her in a better mood by the time we got to Vickie’s. She tried to take Vickie aside to get the story and I told her I have as much right to hear it as her so we unloaded everything first. We were told to put everything in the guest room.

After everything was into the house Hazel pounced “Tell everything, from the start. How did you choose each other? What happened with Joey?”

Vickie, “Well that night Candice took me to the club and asked me what my preferences were. I wasn’t sure what she meant and she said like young, old, big tits, small ass, habits what do you want in a friend. I said no smokers was the only thing I knew for sure. She asked about drugs and I said that I haven’t done any and was informed that a lot of these girls did them and if that was an issue let her know. Well that knocked about half of them out of the running. When we walked in there was the most amazing black woman and I wanted her. Candice said that she had too much attitude and to not fall for the first piece of ass I saw. Then Summer walked out and I liked her but was told that she has a rich Sugar Daddy Cuckold. I had to ask what a Cuckold was. She told me and I was disgusted. She reminded me to take my time. The rest of the night went slow and I didn’t see anyone I liked. It was the following day that April came to stage and my heart fluttered some. She reminded me of beyoğlu escort my old dorm mate. Candice could see my look and knew that I was done with the first phase and it was time to get to know her.”

April, “I had heard Summer and the other girls talking about some older guys taking care of them but it always seemed so dirty. Candice approached me and asked if I consider a modified relationship with an older woman. While I had experimented, young women can be a pain.” Both Hazel and Vickie acted like they hadn’t heard the comment. “Plus I’m more of a taker and not a giver. I like to give but I’m always nervous of doing something wrong but I decided to give it a try and we had our first date that Thursday. It was the first night that I could get away from Joey. We had a lovely dinner and she treated me better than anyone else ever had. She asked me questions and actually listened to my answers and remembered them later. I felt a connection with her that I never felt. We were both nervous as we had our first kiss but when our lips touched I swear I heard fireworks.”

Vickie, “It was probably my heart thumping in my chest. We kissed a little bit more that night but I wanted to take it slow. Every night that she worked after that I was at the club. I made sure that no one got a dance from her besides me. While not kissing, she made me cum a few times.”

April, “I used a trick that Summer showed me.”

Hazel, “What the knee between the cushions? Worked wonders for me too.”

April, “Yup, that is the one.”

Me, “I don’t want to cut you guys short, but what happened with Joseph?”

Vickie, “Wednesday night was the first time that we had sex and we knew we had to get him out of the picture and our discussion gave me an idea.”

Hazel, “Which one?”

Vickie, “Give us a minute.”

April, “For the last few months, Joey has been pressuring me to have a threesome. He always wanted two women and I had been resisting. Well when I got back to our place I told him that I had something lined up with another woman but it came with some rules. I said that he would have to agree to be tied up but we would worship him. He doesn’t like not being in control but I told him that was the only way that she would join us and I really wanted to do this. Plus if he played his cards right, he might finally get some backdoor. With this he was game but wanted some then. I told him to wait until Friday. I wanted him to be extra full. That was a lie, after our first time I couldn’t see myself with that self-centered asshole ever again.”

Vickie, “April sent me a text saying that we were a go. After my workout on Thursday I went and saw Becky and got the needed supplies.”

Me, “Becky?”

Vickie, “From Crystals. She really is the most helpful sales person that I have met in a long time. Well I got everything that we’d need and just waited until I’d see April that night. I brought her here to show her everything and give her a key to our house. I wanted to have sex with her again but wanted to stay pent up for last night. We lounged around and fell asleep holding each other. I was really nice.”

April, “When I got back to the apartment I lied to Joey about what had happened the previous night. He was positive I was cheating but I told him that if he kept it up he wouldn’t get his treat that night. Before he left for work at his parent’s cellphone store, I told him that I’d see him at 10:00 since I wasn’t working that night.”

Vickie, “I got to their place at around 9:00 and we just got everything ready. By 10:00 I felt my heart thumping out of my chest for fear of what was going to happen and absolute excitement for my new life that was about to start. Well when he came in he wasn’t happy after seeing how old I was but when we dropped our robes, he saw us there naked and changed his tune. We went to the bedroom and he followed us. As he was stripping, we were lying on the bed and making out and I could see his puny dick getting hard. He climbed on to the bed with us and I reminded him of the restraints. He tried to object but I told him no cuffs no us. He laid down and we put on the arm and leg cuffs. As soon as I had his arms bound, I jumped on his chest and April grabbed his legs and pushed them up towards me. She ran around and snapped the leg cuffs to the extra ropes that were tied to the head board. If it wasn’t for the adrenaline I had he would have over powered me. April then cinched these ropes and he was staring at his own dick.”

April, “You should have heard his scream. I’m glad that Vickie had that gag or else the neighbors would have called the cops. It was now that Vickie took over.”

Vickie, “I asked him if he knew what a lesbian cuckold was because after tonight I was going to make April cum harder than he ever had and she was going to belong to me. I stepped out of the room and put on a strap-on that was twice the size of his dick and grabbed my bag of goodies. I told him that she was bostancı escort going to get stretched out with my big black cock further than he ever could and even if she ever did have sex with him again she wouldn’t feel it. I then put my cock in her mouth and made her blow me. April really had to stretch her mouth to get that thing in.”

April, “That was the largest thing that I had ever had in either my mouth or my pussy. And let me tell you, when she demanded I get in doggy, I respectfully followed. I wanted her to fill me up but I was afraid that it would split me in half. Thankfully she started licking my pussy in that position.”

Vickie, “I looked at Joey and told him how horrible of a lover he was and how stupid he was by never doing this. Her pussy is delicious. But I thanked him for being shit because it wasn’t even a challenge to take April. I then asked if his father was as horrible of a lover as he is because I could probably get his mother too. And what a threesome that would be. I wanted to totally destroy his sex life.”

April, “I said that it wouldn’t be a challenge to get her, she is pent up. Each time she hugs me, she holds me extra long and I swear she has grabbed my butt. She wants someone to lick her pussy. Vickie jumped in face first and started to give me the attention that I needed. There was no teasing, she buried her tongue. I was getting into it and started arching my back. She took turns licking and pulling the lips and sucking on my clit. On one of the travels up she took my breath away when her tongue continued past my pussy and licked my butthole. I got goosebumps over my body when that happened. No one had ever done that to me.”

Vickie, “Bob you are right, that is the most exotic thing that I have ever done. And the moan that she let out was out of this world.”

April, “I did no such thing.”

Vickie, “Yes you did. I don’t know how to replicate it but I know if I had a real cock, I probably would have shot in that instant knowing I had complete control of you. I decided that I’d make her cum like that and stuck two fingers in her… pppuussy. That is such a ugly word for such a beautiful part. Well I started to drive my fingers in and out her while I slobbered on her butthole. I wished that I had a third hand so I could spread her cheeks further apart while I drove her to orgasm. I’m not sure how long it took but when I was done, she was out of breath and her ass was waving in the air. I shouted ‘First One’ and got up and positioned the tip of the strap-on at her entrance and said “Take a deep breath because this is going to hurt and slowly pushed it in. I wanted to stare at Joey’s eyes while I did this but couldn’t take my stare off her …pussy as it happily gobbled it up.”

April, “I was still in my own little paradise from the orgasm and didn’t hear any of this. The feelings of me being filled up snapped me from my haze and I figured that my taking was just starting and I raised up on all fours and tensed up. But as soon as I did this I felt Vickie’s hips against my ass. Turns out it was just the deepest part of me that had never been touched needed adjustment. After I took a breath and centered myself I needed her to take me but I begged her to stop the assault and to not ruin my tight little pussy for any man going forward.”

Vickie, “I cut her off and told her that this was only the beginning. By the end of tonight she would be a full blown pussy loving lesbian and I would use all of her openings. I slowly pulled out until I could see her lips stretch over the head and thrust back inside. As it went on, the speed of my thrusts picked up. Which I commend guys on this, this is a challenging thing to do plus it takes an oddly high level of stamina to keep up. I continued my assault and her moaning was getting louder and asked “Who is your master? Who own you?’ and slapped her ass.”

April, “I screamed ‘You are mommy, you own me.’ and had my second orgasm of the night.”

Vickie, “I shouted ‘Second One’ and slowed the thrusting to catch my breath. While staring at her butthole I said to Joey ‘I totally understand why you would want to stick your dick into this little wrinkly opening but I’m so glad that you are a horrible lover because with a little bit of warm up, I think that she will want to and not object. You should have slowly introduced your thumb to it, like this. Man I wish you could see how receptive this muscle is to pressure. It is opening, almost sucking my thumb in. There it goes. How does that feel?'”

April, “I’ll admit that at first I was afraid of how it would feel but as her finger started to massage it and then she started to push into it, the tingles felt great. I could only moan in acceptance.”

Vickie, ” I told him ‘I think that moan is a million times more descriptive than any words could be. Do you know what it feels like to touch your cock as it is buried. Oops, you never will.’ As I pulled my thumb out she threw her hips back trying to get more attention. I grabbed the princess buttplug and lube from the bag and lathered it up and slowly inserted it. She let out another moan as the muscle stretched over it and then sucked it in. I was going to give her some time for her tiny body to adjust to the new objects that were filling her but she got up on all fours and started thrusting onto me.”

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