Exploring Marco’s penis under the duvet

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Marco and I met during freshers’ fair at university. I was studying art and photography, he was studying medicine. We were both interested in joining the music society. I had seen him on campus before chatting to a few other girls. They were obviously flirting with him.

I pluck up enough courage to suggest to him that instead of joining the university orchestra, we should form a flute and cello duo. We could perform at functions during our spare time for money. My real intention was to mark him for myself and spend some one to one time with him. A handsome student doctor is a big catch. I wanted to have him for myself. Without hesitation, he said yes. I am sure that I showed too much delight on my face in response. It was quite obvious that I fancied him. I had given too much away.

We found our mutual love in Baroque music. Very soon, we built up a large repertoire and were earning good money performing at functions. Marco will tell that story later.

With so much female attention, I wanted to know whether he had a girlfriend or was sleeping with anyone. So early one Saturday morning, I went to his room which was 2 floors below mine in hall for a surprise visit to see if there was a woman in his bed. Surely, the absence of a woman would indicate that he was single, wouldn’t it?

I knocked on the door gently, there was no answer. Was he sleeping with a girl in her room? I knocked again. “Come in, door is not locked.” That answered the second question. He was not sleeping in another girl’s room. Answer to the first question was also no. There wasn’t anybody else in his room. So he was single and available, for me!

“Let’s go jogging.” Making an excuse for myself for waking him up at 6:30am. “I need another half an hour in bed” he said. I sat down next to him. His dreamy baby face was mesmerising. I started to stroke his hair.

Without realising it, my hand was under his duvet on his shoulder. He was topless. He was slim, and I had not realised that his muscles were so toned and we’ll defined. I had a good feel and worked my way across his chest. He seemed to be enjoying it. I had not seen him topless before, so I could only imagine how athletic his body was from feeling it under the duvet. So tantalising! Neither of us said anything. We looked intensely at each other. I have a feeling that he fancied me, but could not be sure.

I worked my way down the side of his body slowly, hoping that he would not notice that my intention was entirely dishonourable. I noticed him breathing heavily. I was expecting to feel his pajamas bottom eventually, but all I felt was miles and miles of silky smooth skin along the side of his long, firm muscular body. My hand went passed his pelvis onto his strong thigh. No pajamas bottom. He was completely naked! I had not seen a naked man before. Only pictures in biology text books. Being able to touch but not see made it even more erotic.

I worked my way up again, staying at one side to avoid touching his penis. Then I reached down again very slowly. His flat, toned stomach, belly button then his pubic bush. It was like a fury a****l! Still no sign of objection from him.

Fraction of an inch lower was the base of his penis. It was so broad! I heard a slight moan. That was my approval signal to explore more. My fingers travelled slowly down his shaft, going back slightly to the base every so often to try to gauge how far I had travelled and hence how long his penis is. It went on for ever! It wasn’t even fully hard. Eventually I felt a raised edge. It must have been the base of its head. Just like the drawings in the book. I ventured further. It kept on going. Eventually reached the tip. A wet slippery round end. How am I going to fit this bad boy in my pussy? I asked myself wishfully.

He let me play with his penis for a long time. It would rhythmically move every now and then. I guessed it must have been a reflex as a result of being played with.

All this time he laid relatively still and had not touched my body at all. I was wearing a tight top and even tighter jogging shorts. I deliberately let the outline of my nipples show through the top by not wearing a bra to attract his attention.

Why is he not touching me back? Is he not interested in my body? I consider my body to be very foxy by the way. Is he gay?

Suddenly, he stood up, fully naked in front of me. His body was every bit as erotic as how I thought it would be from feeling it earlier. A bit like Michael Angelo’s sculpture David or an Olympic swimmer. Broad shoulders, well defined pects, narrow waist and a flat toned stomach. The length of his penis could only be described as awesome, but then I did not have anything to compare it with. All I was thinking was how I could possibly fit my pussy round it. My whole body melted.

He grabbed hold of me and kissed me. We had done a bit of kissing before, sometimes on the lips, but this was different. Much more sensuous. He put his tongue in my mouth. His tongue touching mine was electric. That moment, I knew that he wasn’t gay and that he fancied me. He could have taken me there and then and make love to me. Instead, he put his clothes on, with a lot of difficulties because of his giant erection and said let’s go jogging. I was in a way disappointed but also relieved as I had no idea that it would go so far so quick. Although he had not said anything, I can safely assume that I could call him my boyfriend. After all, how many other girls on campus had handled his penis? None I hope!

[The top picture above is of Marco in bed, but not on the day when the story happened].

Read our upcoming posts if you want to know how we got on.

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