Fawned – A PetPlay Romance Ch. 03

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He didn’t originally have the night off.

But Barnaby had already convinced himself that if he wasted too much time, Gil’s offer would expire.

So he called out of work sick and went straight from his last class to the man’s dorm.

When he mentioned showing him his ‘collection’, Barnaby wasn’t sure what he’d meant. A collection of porn, maybe? He didn’t have to wonder for long; Gil had everything set neatly on the bed for the moment he entered: a remarkable assortment of sex toys.

He had it all, by the looks of it. Butt plugs, vibrators, anal beads, creams, a variety of handcuffs, blindfolds, rope, a cock ring, a penis pump, a flog and a paddle. They were in better condition than he would’ve assumed – like Gil hadn’t unboxed them until that day. If Barnaby didn’t know any better, he might’ve thought the toys were bought just for him.

He picked up the bundle of rope and rubbed it between his fingers to familiarize the texture. There didn’t appear to be any wear to it, so maybe there was a chance this piece was just for him. He tried to imagine how it would feel against his skin. Would it hurt?

What would it give Gil the power to do that he’d be unable to stop?

“If you had to pick something for me,” Barnaby fought himself to say. Really, he wasn’t sure where to go from there; he merely set the rope down, reluctant to look back. “What would you choose?”

The floor creaked behind him, and then, there was weight against his back. Warm breath tickled his ear as Gil reached around him, his hand hovering briefly above his display.

Barnaby’s heart skipped a beat when he watched him take hold of a leather collar, chain leash attached.

“May I?”

Gil was already lifting it to his neck, and the more Barnaby shrunk back, the further he trapped himself. Chances were, ‘no’ was an option – he just didn’t feel like he was in the right to protest. So he gulped and muttered, “Not too tight?”

Seconds later, the collar was fastened, hanging loosely around his neck. Gil took a step back, and Barnaby exhaled, though his next breath caught in his throat. Gil had tugged sharp on the chain, prompting the boy to face him.

Hazel eyes shot directly to the floor to avoid piercing greys.

“Look at me, Bee.”

Oh no-

Hugging his arm, Barnaby allowed his gaze to flicker upward. He’d only hoped Gil could see he was trying. “S-Sorry.”

A careful grasp held his chin in place before his head was tilted up, allowing Gil to make an assessment of the collar, he guessed. When Barnaby could no longer meet his eyes, he shifted his sights to the hand gripping his leash.

It might have been worth remembering that Gil was still technically a stranger sooner. At best, they were acquaintances. At worst, Barnaby had surrendered control of his body to someone he only knew so little about. Someone whose dorm he was visiting under the pretense of ‘trying something new’ without establishing any limits. ” Hey- ”

Gil seemed just as surprised as Barnaby at the sound of his own voice. The boy had to clear his throat to invoke the rest, “Can we maybe… not with the chain? Please?”

“Oh-” Gil blinked, seeming to snap out of whatever frame of mind he was in before fumbling to unhook the leash. “Yeah- there.” Barnaby rubbed at his neck and the collar, and Gil offered an uncertain smile. “Better?”

It was. Maybe if he wanted to take advantage of him, he would have already. It was just nice to know that (God forbid things did go wrong) Barnaby might at least have a fighting chance-

“Thank you,” he mumbled. He stepped aside, exercising his freedom while Gil moved to gather the blanket from the bed. Every toy and accessory was then wrapped inside and discarded to the floor so the man could sit.

Barnaby presumed that was his cue to join him. However, he barely took a step forward when the other raised a palm, stopping him. He didn’t need to ask – Gil’s order came clear and compelling: “Strip for me first.”

Maybe Barnaby shouldn’t have been surprised to be given such a command, but he stood frozen nonetheless. Gil undressing him was one thing – that made him part of the act. It was the idea of an audience that Barnaby was afraid of. He could barely put himself in front of a classroom without stuttering to incomprehension, and this man expected him to be – What? Sexy?

“You should know I’ve never done this before,” he confessed, removing his polo without a shred of grace just to take his time. Stripping was supposed to be a slow thing, right? A ‘tease’?

Gil scoffed and scanned the boy’s torso, his expression smug and amused. “Gee, you don’t say.”

Barnaby pouted and slipped out of his shoes, then his pants. He was dawdling with his boxers when he mumbled, “I think I prefer you doing it.”

He decided he had to turn around to take his underwear off – but poker oyna fine, Barnaby shook his ass as it was exposed to try to make it cute. Though, maybe he was too subtle about it, because Gil didn’t laugh or comment on him at all. He just heard rummaging.

Seconds later, another command: “Turn around.”

Hands clasped over his groin, Barnaby faced Gil. He was on his feet again, but he had a slim, black vibrator in one hand and a small bottle in the other. Lube, Barnaby could only assume. “Lay down.” It sounded more like a suggestion than a demand. “On your stomach.”

Barnaby dipped his head and did as he was told, trying to get cozy on the bed. A weight settled between his legs, and he held his breath. Pointless when a cold, wet finger circled his asshole, making him gasp into a pillow.

“You’re going to—?” He swallowed the words ‘fuck me’ because dear god, he certainly wasn’t going to pretend to be that bold and what if he was wrong? Except- Gil’s finger was soon in and out of him, and the last time that happened, that was exactly where things lead. Maybe he should stop being so surprised.

“You’re going to stay right here.” Something slightly bigger than a finger and much smoother pressed against his rim, and he really, really tried not to tense up as it slid deeper and deeper into him. The vibrator. Barnaby licked his drying lips and whined, hips wiggling while it settled against his prostate. A hand patted his ass, and then, the weight behind him lifted.

Looking over his shoulder, Barnaby watched as Gil sat in his desk chair, swiveling to face his laptop.

“Wait! What am I—”

“I’ve got an article to review,” Gil said calmly. “Once I’m done, I’m all yours. But until then-” He pointed a miniature remote in Barnaby’s direction and pressed a button. Barnaby gasped again, legs twitching as the toy pulsed rhythmically inside of him. Pleasant – that after a moment, he could melt into the mattress, close his eyes, and enjoy it – and thankfully not too intense.

“Okay -” Barnaby said, because really there was no reason to complain. Gil’s bed was just as welcoming as he remembered it. His pillows were thick and plush and smelled faintly of smoke and cologne. The bedsheet was wonderfully smooth too, and it felt so nice when he gave into the urge to roll his hips down.

He laid there, relatively relaxed, thinking ‘alright, this isn’t so bad’ , for a few minutes. So it wasn’t what he expected when he took the night off, but he was, at least, comfortable. It almost seemed casual – Gil typing away while Barnaby, nude, half-heartedly humped his bed. No big deal.


Barnaby shuddered suddenly from head to foot. ” Uhm -” The vibrator pulsed faster and stronger, making it harder to sit still. It didn’t take him long to figure out that it actually felt better to keep his hips lifted, tilted at a natural Ready For Entry angle, with his toes pushing into the mattress.

He bit his lip and nuzzled his face restlessly against a pillow.

Barnaby had to wonder if they’d be in the same situation if he’d agreed to the leash. Was this Plan B, or would he simply be tied to the knob of the bedpost?

He spared another glance to find Gil staring at his screen, fidgeting with the remote. “Why the, mmm – sorry, just – what about the collar?” He didn’t know if he was supposed to be quiet, but he needed to keep himself distracted somehow.

“What about it?”

“W-Well, it’s like-” Barnaby placed his fingers around the collar, getting a feel for the leather and lightly tugging at it. “We’re not using it?”

“You’re wearing it, aren’t you?” Gil looked back then, as if to make sure that he was.

“Yes, but… Why?”

The raven grinned, gave a subtle shake of his head, and resumed typing.

Click. Click.

Barnaby’s eyes widened, and his thighs trembled as the toy hammered against his prostate. It became embarrassingly difficult to bite his whimpers back, so he let them flow freely into his pillow instead. It wasn’t long after that he was pulling his knees up, putting his weight on them in order to keep his ass lifted – despite the fact that letting himself feel so good was most certainly not helping.

Barnaby managed to survive a few more minutes, probably; really, it felt like forever. Like holding your breath underwater. Finally, he had to gasp for air, “Are you almost done?”

Gil swiveled his chair around, silent for a moment, before saying, “You’re not rushing me.” It almost sounded like a question, or a challenge. Like it was some unspoken Rule that Barnaby wasn’t allowed to rush him, and Gil was giving him a second chance to avoid the consequences for breaking it.

Barnaby decided to take it.

“No,” he whined, squirming and arching and shaking his head. “But I’m – I’m not going to…to last long like – oh my god – like this, I’m gonna cum canlı poker oyna soon-”

Gil snickered. “So?”


“What’s stopping you?”

“What? I’m-” There was another merciless click, and Barnaby yelped, hips jolting. “You are!” he cried. “Gil, please- ”

Another click followed, but that only brought it to the original setting, which felt like nothing at that point. Barnaby groaned. He didn’t want to surrender yet, but after getting a taste of how close he was to feeling as good as possible, his body had separate priorities.

“I never said you couldn’t cum,” Gil mused, walking up beside him. He grazed a hand between his cheeks, right over the base of the vibrator, and Barnaby was all too inclined to angle himself to the touch.

“But—” he peeped. “I’m waiting.”


Barnaby’s face became so warm it made him dizzy, and his hips swayed without much thought to. He gave his virginity to this man two nights ago yet it took every ounce of willpower to ensure his feeble voice was heard – “For us to have sex.”

Gil’s smirk turned notably wolffish and his cackle sounded something like a rattlesnake. “What’s the matter?” The words started distant, but then the bed was creaking, followed by the familiar weight against Barnaby’s back, hot breath on his shoulder, and strong hips urging his own back into the mattress. “I’ve already put something inside of you,” Faint kisses were pressed into his neck. “Isn’t that enough?”

Barnaby mewled, rubbed his butt against the bulge in Gil’s jeans. The vibrator intensified slightly, briefly. Because then Gil was shifting, and that made the toy retreat, guided by his hand. It tumbled onto the floor, but Barnaby could barely recover before the raven was cupping and carefully groping his balls, fingers gradually making their way up his aching shaft.

When Barnaby couldn’t do anything but whimper in response, Gil taunted him, “Honestly? Doubt you’ll last long enough for me to do much.”

“Then,” Barnaby panted, “Keep doing this. Please.” He lowered his hand, tried to guide Gil’s further up his cock, only for the raven to pull away. ” No-!”

It was shameful, probably, but maybe if he knew Gil was sitting on the bed just to pull him into his lap, he could’ve contained himself. Although – Barnaby was more than deliberate in spreading his legs wide apart, leaning back against Gil’s chest while the man started jerking him off. “Thank you-”

“You’re a needy little thing, huh?” Gil rasped. He hooked an arm under one of Barnaby’s thighs to keep him from slipping; his other fingers were persistent, merciless in pumping his cock and teasing the tip.

Barnaby couldn’t look at anything else. All he could do was nod, whimper “Mhm”, and moan and gasp. He was so close.

“You must really like how I make you feel.” The way Gil said it sounded terribly sweet, not cocky or presumptuous. He licked the shell of Barnaby’s ear, nibbled on his lobe, and didn’t show any sign of remorse as the poor boy melted away in his arms. “You know, I could do so much more for you.”

With how he had teased him, Barnaby wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it. “Tonight..?”

Gil kissed his cheek, and if Barnaby knew how, he would’ve asked him to do it again and again. Instead, he settled for nuzzling against his shoulder. “Other nights,” the raven whispered, “Whenever You Want nights.”

His hand slowed on Barnaby’s cock, leaving the boy with enough coherency to utter, “Really?” Gil was offering to make even more time for him? Really?

A magnificent smile graced the man’s lips, and he gazed right down into Barnaby’s eyes. “You look very pretty this close to the edge.” His hand sped up again, tearing a high-pitched moan right from Barnaby’s throat.

He was so sure Gil would reconsider, nose to nose – watching his eyes widen, his face flush, and his mouth hang open. But then, he finished, “Like that. I’d like to see more of that.”

They may as well have been the nicest words ever spoken to him; they definitely felt that way when paired with Gil jerking him off. He wanted to thank him, wanted to say ‘yes’ a thousand times, if that was what Gil needed to hear – He couldn’t. Each attempt, too hypnotized by silver eyes or enamored by his grin before Barnaby finally had to pull the man in for a kiss, fingers tangling in his lush hair.

It was passionate and hungry, and he almost retreated when he thought Gil might bite down on his tongue too hard. Instead, though, Barnaby kissed all around his mouth, connected their lips over and over, and only stopped when his body locked up.

His breath caught in his throat, he shut his eyes, and he shivered. “Fuck yes- don’t stop- Yeah, c’mon, c’mon- ‘m so- close- Giiil!! Yes- Yes! Pleasepleaseplease-”

One more loud, strangled moan, and Barnaby reached his limit.

Kisses instantly internet casino rained across his face, and Gil controlled his hand as he made sure to get every last drop out of him. It coated his palm, and Barnaby took a minute longer to check the damage when he realized his dick was being slicked in his own cum.

Glancing down, he noticed a small stain on Gil’s jeans. “Sorry,” he sniveled.

“Nothing to be sorry for.” Gil inched back on the bed, helping Barnaby lay down comfortably. There was a box of tissues on the nightstand, and he was quick to utilize them, wiping off his hand, the stain on his pants, and then Barnaby’s cock.

Barnaby kept his eyes on Gil the whole time, studying the look of concentration on his face, almost shying away each time the other glanced back at him with a smile. “Was that good?” he asked.

Barnaby nodded, needing another moment to find his voice. “Yeah,” he inevitably peeped. “You’re really good at this.”

Gil sighed, sounding wistful, and after tossing the tissues into a bin, climbed on top of the boy. “You’re really fun to do this with,” he murmured, pecking his cheek. “If you’re not seeing anyone…” He trailed off in favor of kissing Barnaby’s lips, softly. The boy returned it without hesitation.

“I’m not,” he assured, “I-I’d like to see you, if that’s okay.”

Kisses continued across his jaw, and Barnaby could feel Gil’s grin against his skin. His arms wrapped cautiously around his neck, but he didn’t need to use any effort to have the man lay down on top of him. Barnaby could have closed his eyes, could’ve savored that peaceful moment, Gil’s warmth, and the knowledge that he was wanted in some way and been contented for days-

But a peculiar poke against his inner thigh kept him distracted.

“Oh, you’re-” Barnaby laughed nervously, despite himself. His knee drifted between Gil’s legs, lightly rubbing against his bulge. “I still need to take care of you.”

Gil sighed, dramatically this time, and pushed himself off the bed. “If you start me up again,” he said, collecting Barnaby’s clothes. “We’re going to be here all night.” Though, he didn’t say it like it would have been a bad thing. “I’ll take care of it later. Don’t worry.”

So Barnaby sat up, took his clothes from Gil, and changed – per Gil’s command – without worry. He was tying his shoes when the man spoke up again, “Is it alright if I walk you outside?”

Barnaby bit the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling too big. It was so alright, he had to refrain from gushing when he agreed to it.

Jensen hadn’t returned to the dorm yet, but with what Barnaby was seeing on his phone, he felt the need to hide under his covers nonetheless. For the longest time, he thought dick pics were an unwanted thing. That they were sent specifically to make the recipient uncomfortable, because really, what could anyone do with that?

But then, after adding his number to Barnaby’s phone and texting for a bit, Gil offered to send one to Barnaby, and for some reason, Barnaby accepted.

So now he had a picture of Gil’s very erect penis, and it absolutely was not the worst thing in the world.

‘It’s big. ¦? ‘

That was a sexy thing to say, right? Tops liked that?

The response came seconds later:

‘If you say so~’

Barnaby smiled to himself at that, starting to knead his own bulge through his pajama pants.

‘You’ll actually put it in me next time?’

‘Is that what you want, baby boy?’

‘Yes, please.’

‘Bring your collar and it’s a promise.’

His thumb hovered over the keypad for a moment.

It was an accident – not noticing when he’d gotten dressed at Gil’s dorm, only to realize when he went to brush his teeth. He’d left with the collar on. And he still hadn’t taken it off.

‘So it’s mine now?’

Minutes passed without an answer, and Barnaby might’ve started to worry – if not for reminding himself what Gil had to deal with from the picture. So he breathed in and put his phone aside, eyes fluttering shut as he slid his hands into his boxers. He thought about Gil between his legs, teasing him with his cock. About it throbbing hot and thick inside of him, pounding into him with twice the intensity of the vibrator.

Or – because he hadn’t been specific- what if Gil ordered him onto his knees instead? Wanted to use his mouth? Would he make him swallow, or pull out just in time to paint Barnaby white?

Of course, it wasn’t long until he was thinking what kind of person was he becoming if he would just let Gil do whatever he wanted to him. Something he could’ve considered critically if not for the sound of the door opening.

Barnaby rushed to take the collar off but stayed hidden on the blankets.

Someone sighed loudly, obnoxiously, and proceeded to their side of the room. It wasn’t the first time Jensen had walked in on him helping himself, but Barnaby was grateful he chose not to say anything that round.

He held his breath, trying to slow down his racing heart, when his phone lit up beside him. Another text.

‘If you’re mine now.’

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