Fiery Heat Ch. 04

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Damon Reid vs. Tristan Thomas


Damon laid Tristan on his bed and proceeded to strip him naked.

“Damon, the light.” Tristan said shyly. After all he was stark naked whilst Damon remained fully clothed.

Damon didn’t answer him. He stretched out on top of Tristan and captured his lips in a fierce kiss, a kiss that rocked his soul. Damon’s tongue pushed past his lips, pumping into his mouth with slow, deliberate strokes, teasing him, making him groan in hungry need as his cock became rock hard. Tristan wound his arms came around Damon’s neck and kissed him back for all he was worth.

“It stays on. I want to see you.” Damon whispered then.

Tristan made an agonized sound in his throat and closed his eyes. Unsteady fingers cupped his cheek, forcing him to open his eyes and meet Damon’s gaze. They just looked into each other’s eyes, no words, no sounds but their harsh breaths. Damon pushed his pelvis into Tristan, his hardness more than evident.

“God, you make me crazy,” Damon muttered as he licked up the length of Tristan’s neck, biting down on the soft skin below his ear. Tristan shivered in pleasure as Damon’s teeth raked his skin.

He reached between them and unbuttoned Damon’s jeans, tugging them down and circling his dripping cock.

“Ugh.” Damon moaned helplessly, fingers digging into Tristan’s nape.

Dear God. He was so big. Tristan couldn’t get over the size of Damon’s cock.

Damon caught the uncertainty in his eyes and quickly reassured him.

“You’ll be fine.” He said getting up to shed off his clothes.

“Easy for you to say. You’re not the one about to take this monster up the arse.

That got a laugh out of Damon. He covered Tristan’s body with his again and started dropping kisses on his neck. He slid his palms across the hot, smooth skin of Tristan’s chest, loving the shudders Tristan couldn’t hide. He circled one hard nipple with a finger and bent down to take the other between his teeth.

Tristan moaned, back ached in pleasure, gasping as Damon licked and bit at his nipples. He sucked his nipples until they were hard and stiff, then made his way down Tristan’s body, stopping to lick and suck and kiss every few inches.

“Damon…” Tristan groaned as Damon moved down, towards his leaking cock.

“Turnover and get on your hands and knees Tristan.” Damon instructed getting a frustrated groan from Tristan.

“Bossy.” Tristan muttered but did as he had been told making Damon grin.

Damon trailed his hand down Tristan’s back making him shiver. He leaned down and dropped kisses on his back, caressing him with gentle hands. His hands continued to slide down till they reached his arse. Tristan froze.

“Relax Tris.” Damon said dropping kisses on his arse cheeks.

Tristan’s face was flaming despite his arousal. Exposed as he was in that position, he knew Damon could see his hole. He was mortified.

“Do you have any idea how hot you look right now?” Damon asked huskily. Tristan could hear the reverence in Damon’s voice. And just like that, the embarrassment he felt disappeared.

Teeth nipped his left butt cheek, then his right. Breath hitched in Tristan’s lungs. He arched his back, waiting, heart thumping, pulse racing. Then he felt it. Something slick and hot and wonderfully wet skated over his hole. Oh holy hell, and fuck! Damon’s tongue flicked over his hole, licking gently at the sensitive flesh. Tristan clutched at the sheets on the bed and willed himself not to come. He’d never experienced such unselfish pleasure before. He shuddered, harsh groans tumbling from his lips. It felt so good.

He bucked, cried out. “Damon. Oh, God!”

Damon gripped his hips, pulling him back into his stiffened tongue. He tongue-fucked him, penetrating his entrance and dipping inside again and again. Tristan was leaking like a faucet. He pushed back onto the tongue invading his arse, riding the waves of intense pleasure, abandoning all questions of why to just feel. Tristan thought he could very well die from the pleasure of it. His balls and cock were throbbing, and he was twisting the sheets in his fists, moving back onto Damon, needing more and getting it. The sensations were so intense that before he knew what was happening, he shot off like a fucking rocket. His body shook uncontrollably as his seed poured from him and onto the sheets beneath him.

“Oh God, yes!” Tristan screamed as he came, shooting hard and long. Damon hadn’t even touched his cock. “Fuck!” He pitched forward on his stomach.

Damon reached over and pulled a bottle of lube out of the bedside drawer. Then shifting Tristan back onto his knee, he poured a generous amount onto the wet hole. He leaned down and kissed Tristan’s back just as he slipped a finger inside him.

“Damon.” He gasped.

An incredible flare of aroused pleasure streaked through him as the tip of Damon’s finger pierced the little opening. His finger moved gently inside him, poker oyna stroking deeper and deeper until the full length of it was buried in his channel.

Tristan moved back tentatively, trying to hold back the groan of pleasure as the finger slid out, then back in, tunnelling inside him with carnal intent.

“You okay?” Damon asked in a husky voice. Every ounce of restraint he possessed was engaged right now, straining against the need roaring through his veins to just slam his cock into Tristan’s warm body.

“Yes.” Tristan moaned and gasped as another finger joined the first. He was raised perfectly for Damon now, his shoulders flat to the bed, his butt elevated for his decadent exploration. He tensed.

“Easy.” Damon’s hand smoothed down his back, gentling him. Then he curled his fingers inside him to brush against his prostate, drawing a loud moan from Tristan. Damon slid in a third finger and rubbed that button.

“Oh God. Damon, please. Oh God.” Tristan heard the whimper in his own voice but didn’t care. Whatever Damon was doing in there was out of this world. Damn! Tristan rocked back faster, fucking himself on Damon’s fingers. He was hard again and leaking profusely. The erotic sound he was making was driving Damon crazy. Damon couldn’t take it any longer.

“So hot and sweet, it’s almost impossible to wait to sink inside you.” Damon said huskily.

He reached for a foil from the drawer, and tore it open. He was so hard he thought he might bust a vein if he didn’t come soon. One handed, he rolled the rubber on, his fingers still stretching Tristan’s ass, working the lube in. He poured a generous amount of lube on his sheathed cock, slid his fingers out and moved up, guiding his cock to Tristan’s arse.

“Ready for me?”

“Just fuck me, will you?” Tristan ground out, trying to move back.

“Just had to ask, Tris. Just had to ask.”

The bloated head of his cock pressed against the sensitive entrance. Tristan was on fire. He could feel his flesh stretching around Damon’s cock, cupping the throbbing head as his body stretched to accommodate the thick erection sliding in.

“Oh, sweet Lord. So tight. God, Tris, so good.”

Tristan’s fingers gripped the blankets as he trembled beneath Damon. He was scared. The sheer domination of the act was overwhelming him as nothing he had ever done before had. The head of Damon’s cock finally slipped in fully, popping through the tight anal ring as Tristan bucked, crying out beneath him. It hurt.

“I’m sorry, Tris. I know it hurts but I won’t move until you relax and the pain fades.”

The head of his cock was embedded in him now, throbbing and filling his channel with a heat Tristan didn’t know if he could survive.

“I’m okay Damon.” Tristan said in a soft but breathless voice.

“You sure?”

“Dude move.” Tristan said making Damon chuckle.

His hands held Tristan’s hips steady, his big body looming over him as he began to work the thick tip in and out of him. He was sinking deeper with each small thrust, stretching him further. With each ripple of movement inside him, the small channel accepted more and more of Damon’s erection until finally, he screamed out in pleasure/pain as the full length slid inside the tight depths.

Tristan could feel Damon’s pelvis pressing into his butt cheeks, his hands gripping his hips, holding him tight against him, his thighs holding him in place. He was impaled in a way he could have never imagined possible, his muscles easing around Damon just enough to send hard, fiery arcs of agonizing pleasure straight to his whole body.

“Are you okay?” Damon asked in a strained voice above him. Damon had never known such intense pleasure. Fuck! He wished he could feel Tristan without any barrier. He never went bareback. But there was always a first time…right?

Tristan felt Damon easing out of him and groaned in protest. He loved the feel of that cock inside him.

“Lie on your back Tris.” Damon husked.

Tristan turned to lie on his back and looked up at Damon, saw glazed eyes hot on him and a beautiful erection that glistened from lube. He couldn’t help the moan that tore out of his throat. Damon was just so perfect like that.

“God Tris, you look so hot, laid out like this. Want to fuck you over and over.”

“No objection. But if you want to fuck me so bad, why did you stop?”

“Do you trust me Tris?” Damon asked softly.

“That’s a trick question right? Cos with the way you treated me…” Tristan drawled and grinned teasingly at Damon.

“Come on Tris, I’m serious here.” Damon growled.

“Yes. I trust you.” He said softly.

“Enough to do this without protection?”

Tristan’s eyes widened. He had never done that before. He did trust Damon, but with his own reputation, he was surprised Damon trusted him enough to take that chance?

“Yes. But do you trust me?”

“Hmmm…I’ll take my chances.” Damon laughingly said, jumping back to escape the kick aimed at him.

Damon canlı poker oyna removed the rubber and Tristan gasped as he took in just how huge he was. He eyed the barbell that was wet with all that pre-cum.

“Damn you’re huge” Tristan breathed as he watched Damon slick his cock with lube.

Damon chuckled and leaned over Tristan. He caught his face between his hands and kissed him, soft and oh so fucking sweet. A slow and gentle caress, Damon’s lips soft and full, teasing and playful. Tristan trailed his fingers gently down Damon’s spine, and back up. He stroked Damon just as sweetly as the man was kissing him.

“Ready?” The metal at the tip of Damon’s cock was teasing at his hole and Tristan was about ready to shoot his load just from that and the husky sound of Damon’s voice.

“Yeah.” Tristan could barely breathe.

Damon gently pushed in. He retreated marginally before working the erect tip back inside him, easing him open. His muscles were taut, his body corded with his fight for control as he watched his cock sink inside Tristan.

Tristan twisted beneath him, breathing roughly as he felt Damon stretching him, feeling a fire raging inside him that threatened to destroy his sanity. He whimpered, suddenly nervous despite the incredible pleasure filling him. He was stretched so tight around the broad shaft now that he could feel every vein, every detail of the velvety shaft working inside him.

Then everything changed. Tristan felt the metal rub whatever Damon had been rubbing with his fingers inside him earlier, and nearly went out of his mind with pleasure.

“Damon.” He screamed, trembling all over.

Slowly Damon began to move his hips, the thrusts as gentle as possible. The metal at the head of his cock rubbed over Tristan’s prostate with each movement making him drool from all that pleasure. His hands were ripping at the sheets, his head tossing as Damon began to pump gently inside him, stroking deeper, and filling him further as his channel slowly relaxed enough to allow it to freely slide in and out.

“Tris, ah God. Baby you feel so good.” Damon groaned breathing hard as Tristan arched, taking him deeper.

Filled and consumed, Tristan wanted more, needed the bite of metal in him, needed to really feel it.

“Faster please.” Tristan whispered helplessly.

Damon picked up speed, knowing the exact angle that will drive his cock onto that pleasure button. He grabbed Tristan’s hips, pulled out completely and thrust in deep, giving Tristan what he asked for, listening to his groans of pleasure as he plunged in and out of his arse.

“Oh God, right there, please right there.” Tristan cried.

Damon groaned and nailed Tristan’s gland faster and harder, again and again. Tristan was hot around him, his body tensing and clutching at his cock, his entire body shuddering. His face lost in pleasure. Damon wanted him that way forever.

“Shit!” Damon swore. Where the fuck had that come from? Tristan was getting under his skin. That was not okay.

Damon buried his face in Tristan’s neck, held him tightly in place and started thrusting, trying to keep his rhythm slow, but he knew that with this intense feeling, he couldn’t last long. He thrust faster, using shorter strokes, barely pulling out at all before slamming back in and he could hear whimpers and grunts but wasn’t sure if they came from him or Tristan and didn’t care.

“Damon?” Tristan’s voice was strained, overwhelmed by all the feelings coursing through him. Pleasure rippled through him again and again, with every hot shove of Damon’s body into his. Like this, Tristan thought. I want him just like this.

“I can’t wait.” Damon gushed fighting for breath now, for control. “I can’t wait, baby. You’re so tight, so sweet…” His chest rumbled with a low, primitive sound. “Christ…You feel so good.”

Damon brought his face up to see whether Tristan was okay when he felt him trembling and whimpering. And the look in his eyes was something Damon would never forget. It was enthralling.

“Fucking perfect, Tris. So fucking hot. Shit, you have no clue what you do to me.” Damon whispered brokenly.

He took Tristan’s cock in his hands and pulled with long hard jerks of his wrist whilst his hips kept thrusting. Damon then leaned down and kissed Tristan, licking at his lips and sucking softly on his tongue. Then he deepened the kiss, his tongue plunging in and owning Tristan. Tristan moaned into the kiss, blinding ecstasy spiralling through him, his cock throbbing.

Streaking arcs of sensations tore through Tristan’s body with each thrust, driving him higher, hotter, until it reached its zenith. He tightened around Damon, hearing his desperate moan as his thrusts increased. The slap of flesh, the sucking echo of hard strokes into the well lubricated tunnel of his arse and his own desperate, strangled screams heralded his orgasm.

Like a supernova, he exploded. White heat filled him as he shot ropes of cum over Damon’s hand, his arse internet casino clenching around Damon. Tristan’s eyes roll back as he kept coming. He wasn’t far from oblivion.

“Ah, fuck!” Damon felt everything in his body tense when Tristan tightened around him, could feel his orgasm race from his skull down his spine and up his cock in a rush, felt his cock pulse and throb as he shot deep into Tristan. He threw his head back and screamed.

Tristan bucked and writhed beneath Damon. His body was consumed by his intense release which ripped through his mind with such agonizing pleasure that before Damon had finished filling him with his hot seed, darkness overtook him.

Damon eased out of Tristan and fell on the bed beside him, his legs unable to hold him up. He was more than aware that the violent orgasm that had ripped through Tristan had left him unconscious. Damn. He’d never fucked anyone into a faint in his life.

He dragged his body wearily from the bed and padded into the bathroom. There, he cleaned himself, then wet a towel and returned to the bed. He cleaned Tristan carefully, wiping away the semen and lube on his butt and thighs before spreading the delicate cheeks and gently cleaning the cleft. Traces of his semen still spilled from the reddened gapping entrance.

Shit! He was going to be very sore. His eyes closed, remembering the brief glance he had allowed himself of Tristan’s flesh stretching around him, hugging his cock, driving him out of his mind with pleasure.

Damon returned the towel to the bathroom and came back to bed. One more thing…he was never one to cuddle up after sex. But for the life of him, he didn’t understand why he wanted to hold Tristan whilst he slept.

After making a quick call to Caleb Thomas, Tristan’s dad, he pulled Tristan into his arms, and wrapped a strong arm around him. He pulled up the comforter to cover them and smiled when Tristan mumbled something unintelligible and snuggled into his chest.

He was so fucking adorable. Damon bent and kissed him on the forehead, then drifted off to sleep with the smile still in place.


Tristan’s eyelids fluttered open as warm sunlight intruded on his drowsy slumber, caressing his ravaged body. He lay sprawled in the middle of the king-sized bed, half on his back and half on his side, his limbs heavy under the sheets, unwilling to obey him. He hurt all over.

He groaned as he tried to sit up. Fuck! The distinct ache inside his arse reminded him of the previous night’s events.

“Oh fuck!” He swore out loud. Had he really allowed himself to be ploughed by Damon? He buried his head under a pillow and spewed out some curses. How the fuck was he going to be able to face him this morning? And he wasn’t even in bed with him. Meaning he was awake somewhere. Tristan groaned again. Then he started thinking about what happened between Damon and himself the night before. He couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. It was mind-blowingly fantastic. Shit! Damon had defiantly rocked his world. At this point, Tristan was grinning like an idiot. With a laugh he hopped out of bed and cursed loudly at the ache that sliced through his butt. He walked slowly into the bathroom and took a quick shower, then brushed his teeth with a spare tooth brush which Damon had obviously left for him. He couldn’t find his clothes but realized there was a clean sweatpants and a matching grey t-shirt on the couch near the dresser, so he wore that and went downstairs to look for Damon. Better to get this out of the way…the morning after. He wasn’t looking forward to it at all dammit!

From the delicious smells coming out of the kitchen area, Tristan was sure the cook was preparing something real good. The house seems awfully quiet though save for the classical music playing in the background. Handle Water Music. He had always loved that. He started for the kitchen.

The sight that met him in the kitchen stopped him in his tracks. Damon in a tight white wife-beater and red sweatpants, cooking like a pro. God, the man was hotness personified!

“Hey.” Damon said softly, looking up from what he was doing when he heard Tristan enter the kitchen.

“Hey.” Tristan’s gaze flicked to his for a nanosecond and quickly turned away to stare at a spot on the kitchen counter. He couldn’t bring himself to look Damon in the eye. He felt embarrassed. He had allowed his arse to be fucked for goodness sake. And he had made it embarrassingly obvious that he had enjoyed it. He couldn’t have hidden that fact even if his life had depended on it anyway. Now he didn’t know how to act, didn’t know how Damon perceived him, he just didn’t know anything.

Damon took in Tristan’s demeanor and immediately knew what was happening. He turned off the heat beneath the pancake and started towards him. When he got to Tristan, Damon simply drew him into his arms and held him. Tristan was stiff initially but relaxed eventually, burying his face in Damon’s neck. Damon nuzzled his nose into his hair and inhaled.

“I like the way you smell.” He murmured. “How did you sleep?” He asked, his voice very low. As if he was trying to soothe a skittish cat.

“Very well.” Tristan murmured into Damon’s neck.

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