First Encounter With my Maid At 20 – II

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“” How …. !! can be you are so sure about me … we hardly met for 30 minute and we talk noting like this.”

Then she reply from beginning ……. …………………. Continue ………….. 2 ………….

Ok I will tell you all what happen how happen and when ……….

In morning time when I came her for dusting ….. I do all work in rest of your house then I came to your room you was sleeping at that time on your bed I go to washroom there I wash all your clothes under garments also . I had check your half pant for which we are talking about … It was almost spoiled by your night fall as I judge …. because, I found my husband’s clothes dirty when he had the same thing during night …. reason for this when we had not slept together for long time he had same problem …… I found also your clothes that way and judge it . that’s why I ask do you have female friend or have you met any female friend ….. but you reply “ No”

My lady doctor explain me some simple reason is all due to excitement and this excitement may be due watching or reading some thing non-veg being very young boys, but to married person the reason is long time for making relation on bed with partner.

( am just listing and reading her eye and lips innocently )

The way she explaining me making her more comfortable and relaxed …. might be the age difference between us …. and her relation with my mother and family as she first time interacting with me but usually she spent lots of time in our house with my mother and sister.
……….. her words ……. relation on bed with partner ….. awake my mind to go little naughty .

“ Hmmm … so your husband have the problem due to second reason ”

Yes .. Samir Ji , as we have two room set with one kitchen and common bathroom with all quarters … My husband and we found it little hard to spend time with each other with all other family members . So whenever he face this problem I have to manage solution to cure him

Hmmm …. Ohh .. Pooja Ji, that why you behave me like doctor mam and you have to pay fee to treat your patient to cure out then .
( She laughed little and I just catching the smile on her quite face )

“Ok ….. Just tell me one thing then you can leave to come again as Ramu Kaka will took more time to come back .”

“Ok … ask what you want to ask from me then I will leave ..”

Pooja ji , you told me earlier that am fit and fine , what assure you that am not facing the problem .

Now she almost dropped out her shy and easily get friendly with me told me next

Samir ji … first tell me why you sleep….” Nude ” …. ( Shocked me and make me uncomforted )

But ask with little courage … Noo that is not True ….. When you notice in this status…

Samir ji don’t lie … today I just notice you might be nude on bed as you had you dirty half pant in your washroom and when I was cleaning the floor …. Specially when I came near your bed ,
You was almost cover your sleeping with your bed sheet but I saw some thing through your sheet lift up so high …. just like my husband in morning time I notice him lots of time in his dress he wear during sleep, ….. she just speak everything in the flow without any shyness on her face ….
“ Then what you do to him “ …..
“ I make him awake to go to common washroom for pee or released his tension brfore anyone else notice the adverse condition …. And I found you in same position…. And going to react same way …. but , immediately all of sudden judge the place and situation…

Hmmmm …… Doctor Shaib you might be romantic with your husband nice .. to listen this from you Doctor mam … but my question about you saying confidently that “ I have no such problem am Fit n Fine ”

Every time when am call her “ Doctor ” …I judge… in her some more confidence and relax in talking space as she feel Honored for “ HER ” make her more adjustable to that time situation.

Now she replied with some more open-up mind …

Ok …. I will explain you clearly now what make me to judge all this …about you with so much confidently . As she going to speak further

There was ring at the door just at same time …. we both are not in mood to attend the door …
Then she change the diversion by saying ……. Ohh It might be Ramu Ji On the door …..

Ohhh … no ….. shit …. would it be delay more I want to hear from her more at this time …

I went to door … yes it was Ramu Kaka … ( make me upset drop all my excitement ) and wish for would that he might be late for few minute …… more productive result for me .
He had come with my dresses …. placed them into my room then goes to his room to bring the money ….. and give it to Pooja ji … ask to count all Rs 50/- notes to calculate total Rs 3000/-

She start counting …. while Kaka start speaking to me that in market he met his Nephew ( live in same city with his wife and k**s ) he coming here for Ramu Kaka …. As his father ( Kaka’s elder bother ) has to hospitalized due to his illness . His Nephew has to go for night-shift on job so he want Ramu Kaka to attend his father for one night only as next day some of family member were arriving from village so he has to manage for one night only. Now Kaka has to go his Nephew’s house to collect some cloth of his brother and other goods to go to hospital.

But he want my consent , he can only go to hospital if someone stay at home during that night
So I decide to drop the idea to attend the function and ask Kaka to go to hospital and attend his brother which is more priority at that time and ask him that I will manage my dinner from hotel.

So Ramu Kaka and Pooja ji left the home together as till then she had counted the Rs 3000/-

Kaka ask Pooja ji to drop her to her house , which was on his way to his Nephew house

At Evening I decide to eat some fast-food or some non-veg (Chicken type) to bring from the hotel. In our family except my mother we all eat non-veg also, but hot-drinks are totally out.
As am alone at home so like to have some Beer also with non- veg, at hostel I use to take with my friends sometime.

I call my parents and inform them about the change in situation and reason for not going to enjoy the function in family there. Mom instruct me to take care about me, food and lock the doors properly. Then I made a call at hotel from where I generally use to bring non-veg food to ready my order for A Masala Chicken, 4Chapaati, some Salad till 7 pm. I had to just pick the ready goods without wasting any time

While am deciding all this and going to dress up to go to hotel. After bath in morning I was in half pant and T–shirt only. Then someone ring the doorbell … I guess it might be Ramu Kaka

But, surprised when I saw Pooja ji at the door ….. I simply ask the reason to visit again as she had to come tomorrow. She reply.. When Ramu Ji dropped her house he had talk with her family and request them to send me to prepare some diner for me and come back home. So this bring her back to home at this evening generally when my mother was alone at home she was ask to prepare food for mother and stay for night with her and she act so.

She went to the kitchen and going to prepare the dinner …. while preparing she asked me to bring some vegetables I like to eat from market , Kaka might be forget to bring in tension, and she was going to prepare some Chapatti from wheat .

I drop Idea to change my dress and drive to market to buy vegetable. On my way am just thinking is it all due to “ My Star ” that make her to visit our house third time in absence of Mom. And why that question is still un-answerable , How she had make the judgement on me that am perfectly fit n fine and how she was so confident about my health…. I buy vegetable— pick my non-veg order and buy a Chilled beer bottle —– and rush back to home.

She had already cook chapatti and waiting for vegetable I hand over her the packet, rest goods I took to my room without knowing her . Then I came to Kitchen to resume talk with her.

She ask me to wait for 5 min the food will be ready to serve. I just want to resume talk ok so Ramu Kaka arrange you to cook food for me in his absence…. Thanks, for accepting his request
Pooja Ji … and your family also approve it so late in evening that good.
Then she reply breaking the silence…. Samir ji it might be due to your Sister name and the goodwill of your mother …..” My Sister name … How !!!! is that” … Oh Her name is Samira and my name Samir so resembling….. Yes my family consider that was your sister at how, they are hardly familiar with name Samir and you.. that’s why they allow easily to go out so late.

Hmmm ….. I honor for that respect to your family and specially for you

( am sure about this was the sign from my Stars favoring me and blessed me such time , on this birthday my Mother want to know my forecast for that year … he also give some sign of … and advice Mother to ask me to concentrate on study in-stead of involving with girl )

But my un-answered question disturb me rest of day …. Tell me do you have any sixth sense of judging people around you ….

No… Samir ji nothing like that …( I notice want to ignore the question )

Ok, If not then how you annalise about my health with so much confidence…. When you hardly know about me and not so much talk in between us… Doctor Mam … ( Smartly play the trick )

Yes there was smile on her face …. And I think I hit proper place in her to open-up

Ok Samir Ji ….. just assure me have you slept without cloth as I judge you
Yes … your judgement is strong good I was Nude at that time ( now I drop my shyness little bit)
And due to my night fall it happen with me first time due to watching some adult movie ….
So in night when I go for bathroom I hang my half pant there and sleep in same status on bed.
— this was the reason to annalise my health … Lady Doctor ji..

She more open-up like doctor … No… Samir …. ( name she call show this ) the thing is different to judge your health. and that is ….. have you remember what you do after bath and coming out of washroom………… what is your state of dress-up…

Then, the scene that time flash to my mind …. Complete my bath flash the light of my Wardrobe to check my undergarment to wear………….

Ohhh … !!! God …….Shit… Shit.. You saw me …. “ Nude, totally Nude……. But how it is possible … while you are setting on sofa in lobby….. ……. Contine ……… 3 ………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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