First Love, First Time Ch. 02

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My thanks go, once again to Angel Love who helped me to finish my story and edit the hideous grammatical errors. Please comment or vote, I’d appreciate the feedback once again.

Chapter 02 – The Birthday

A few weeks later, it was Stephanie’s birthday; and I had made all the necessary preparations for such an occasion. I had invited her over for a meal at my place (I was sharing a flat and I paid for my flatmate to be elsewhere that night). As I began to prepare the meal, I ran through a mental checklist of everything I would need that night: food to cook, presents, candles, aftershave and of course, Condoms.

Once dinner was on the go, I grabbed my new outfit from the cupboard and tried it on for later. It fit perfectly. I ran back into the kitchen just in time to save the rapidly blackening salmon steak.

I was just finishing the salad when the phone went off.


“Guess who?”

I smiled and buzzed her in downstairs. I dished the salad and placed it on the table. Final crucial checks; Dinner, presents, candles . . . CANDLES. I sprinted into my room to find the candles hopelessly fixed in their box. I could have brought them through but I doubt I would have had time so I shelved the idea of candles and I wondered what I could do with ten rose scented candles.

The doorbell went. I tidied myself up, and turned on some light jazz – Miles Davis? Or Oscar Peterson? I opted for the lighter and more tinkly sounds of Peterson and opened the door.

“Hey Steph, happy birthday!”

We kissed for a moment and then she came inside. She plopped down on the sofa and I sat down beside her, I was sure I was forgetting something at this point but I could remember so I decided it wasn’t important for now. We started kissing more and then it came to me, ‘Shit, the fish.’ I thought and I realized that unless we skipped the salad we would have to have burnt salmon.

“You good for some dinner?”

“Yeah, sure. What you cooked?”

“Uh, Salmon and a side salad, Nothing too heavy.”

“Sounds delicious.”

I smiled and went over to serve the dinner. We spent a good hour chatting over our meal about nothing; the weather, how she was doing in class, how much I had to do as a med. student. As dinner drew to a natural close, I cleared away and we sat down on the sofa again. I then gave her birthday gifts – A necklace and bracelet to match. Despite the cliché, she squealed the way only excited girls can and insisted she try them on this instant.

She poker oyna admired them and decided that they were the best present she had ever gotten for her birthday although I suspected she had said that about every present she had gotten for her birthday – she was that kind of person.

After dinner we flopped onto the sofa, our lips met again; we tongue wrestled for a good ten minutes before both of us felt the urge to go to the next level. We broke apart to move into the bedroom but as we did so Stephanie stopped me.

“Before we go any further tonight, I have a little something of mine I want to introduce you to.”

My look of consternation must have been very apparent. Stephanie continued, “Do you have any ahh . . . Interests?”

“Like things I do? Yeah sure; Films, jazz, backstage work. Why?”

“Not that kind of interest. More sort of a sexual interest.”

“Oh that sort of interest, like a fetish you mean?”

“I suppose so, yeah.”

“Well I don’t think so, but I guess I’d be willing to experiment with you if you wanted to.”


“Yeah I suppose, as long as it’s not bondage or something like that.”

“Oh God no, it’s much tamer.”

Stephanie finished her last sentence with her head in her bag; rooting around until she proclaimed the item ‘found’.

“See I told you it was tame.”

In her hands was a balloon. It looked huge too, at least by my standards; I’d never been a fan of balloons. I wasn’t really scared of them but I didn’t go out of my way to be around them. I just wasn’t really into them.

“I see, so what? You get off on balloons?”

“Essentially, yeah.”


We kissed some more in the bedroom doorway and fell back onto the bed. She straddled me and put the uninflated balloon between her lips and blew slightly. The balloon sprang to attention between her lips. She took a breath, her chest rising beautifully and blew again. The balloon expanded filling with her breath stopping only to allow her to breathe again before emptying her lungs into the balloon again. It was pink and maybe fourteen inches across by now and had a huge neck on it.

Her last breath brought the neck to her lips, I would have sworn it would burst but it didn’t and she took it from her lips and let a gasp of air out before tucking it under her arm and tying an expert knot in the neck and letting it drift and float to the ground where it bounced briefly before drifting across the floor to nestle beside her bag.

The inflation had canlı poker oyna a very visible effect on her. Her nipples stood out like little eraser dots, and her cheeks had turned a rose pink. Her breathing was deeper and she looked so, so painfully horny.


“Yeah,” she was slightly breathless from the inflation but nothing too serious.

“Aaron, be a good boyfriend and fetch the rest of my balloons.”

The fact she was so turned on also had Aaron Jr. very excited. I walked over to fetch her bag and returned to the bed. She reached in and pulled out one of a similar shape and volume.

“I blew for you, now you blow for me.”

My erection was, by now, very painful and it was all I could do to avoid ripping my jeans. I put the balloon in my mouth and blew obediently. The balloon stood up and expanded out. I kept blowing until I thought it was about the right size and took it out of my mouth.

“Why have you stopped?”

“It’s big enough right?”

“Keep blowing until I tell you to stop.”

I resumed, puffing away. As the neck began to develop, I looked toward Steph who just nodded and said, “Keep going, it’s got plenty more stretch.” I kept blowing, although I had serious reservations about her instincts from two feet over.

“Woah! Stop right there, maybe I let you go a little too far.”

She grabbed the balloon from me catching the end and knotting it. It soon became apparent my balloon far outsized hers. She giggled nervously before placing it delicately alongside its companion.

We continued to blow up balloons of varying shapes and sizes for the next half an hour until my modestly sized room was swimming with shiny, squeaky and tight balloons. We kissed passionately and Stephanie began pawing at my buttons, removing my shirt in a haste before moving south to take on my jeans. Realizing I was a bit behind on the undressing front. I quickly relieved her of her top and trousers, unsnapping her bra with one hand whilst the other dealt with the thong.

We moved together, I reached behind me to fumble a condom out of my top drawer and began to unwrap it.

“Mmmm . . . Now you’re getting the idea,” she smiled.

I’d never been this turned on before (I also doubted that she had ever been this turned on before). All the balloon play had been the foreplay for great sex. I was about to put the condom on when she stopped me.

“You do know that condoms only work 97% of the time right?”


“Let’s make sure this isn’t one of the internet casino 3%.”

She took the condom from me and blew. It swelled toward the end and started to go very clear. She unrolled the rest of the condom and gave it her all. It grew and grew as the bubble reached the tip. Eventually it met the tip and the teat at the end started to bulge out like an erect nipple. By now the condom was at least 8 inches in diameter and 2 feet long. She stopped for a moment and admired her work.

“It’s huge,” she squealed.

I sat, mesmerized as she continued to put more and more air into the distended condom. I soon noticed a slight asymmetry to the shape of the condom. It was bulging on one side more than the other. The tension grew – as did the condom and as Stephanie rose her chest to breathe the killer blow (pun totally intended) it shattered all over her. She screamed and jumped before leaping over to me and kissing me intensely.

I fetched another condom out the drawer, wasting no time in rolling it down over my cock and shoved myself right inside her love canal. She screamed in ecstasy as I entered her and began thrusting rhythmically. She grabbed another balloon and started blowing away, her breaths in sync with my thrusts. I could see where this was headed so I picked up the pace. She smiled at me and resumed her blowing.

As the balloon grew, I knew I would have a hard time getting her off as the balloon went off, so I started to massage her swollen nipples to help her out. She moaned and wailed into the balloon as it grew. After a few more breaths it was bouncing off her ample breasts and I could see my help was no longer required so my hands searched lower, finding her clit. I rubbed and pulled and twitched her clit until she was screaming into the balloon.

“Mmmph mmmmph mmmmmmmmm . . . ,” she wailed into the balloon.

The balloon was now dangerously overinflated and making deep ringing noises with every bounce off her perfect breasts.


The neck had reached her lips; there was nowhere else for the air to go. I thrust in deeper than I thought possible, her pussy muscles spasmed around my cock and I felt the orgasm building at the base of my balls.



The balloon erupted into a thousand pieces as I let go with a volcanic orgasm that sent my muscles into rigor. At the same time, Stephanie shrieked and bucked up against me.

I felt myself softening after what felt like an eternity. I pulled out of Stephanie and binned the condom, thanking my lucky stars that my orgasm hadn’t ripped the condom clean in two.

“Wow, I’ve never had one go off like that.”

I smiled and kissed her on the nose. “Me too.”

She smiled, “Me three.”

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