Firstest with the Mostest

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So sorry for another short one, this is pretty much my first time having sex with another guy(s)-verbatim. I’m still finding my rhythm and confidence and I also still have a couple more extremely hot experiences I’d like to base my stories off before I start to dabble in fiction. Thanks for reading 😉


I had been to a local adult book store twice in high school (I was 18 my whole about year) and it had movie stalls and, you guessed it, gloryholes.

My first time was great, I got to suck a really nice sized black dick. He sucked me too a little, but after a while he came over to my stall and finished me off with his hand. The second time was awful, the only guy there had a dick the size of my pinky. There was no third time, sadly, because the place got raided and shut down. As a result, I had to take my (by now insatiable) lust for cock to the online chat rooms.

I got lucky before too long and met a guy with a very nice, thick cock who invited me to his hotel room, with the vague mention of some other guy coming and wanting to top. poker oyna I didn’t care, by this point I had amassed a collection of dildos the size of which would put porn stars to shame. But I hadn’t yet had actual anal. I was game either way since I knew I’d be sucking the one guys big tool and as much as I loved it, I hadn’t developed the skills I have today, so practice practice practice.

I arrived to a surprise. The other guy was already there, along with his boyfriend who liked to watch. So giving just my third blowjob ever turned into a party. The “top” had a dick slightly longer and even thicker than the host. I started by sucking the host to get us each nice and hot while the top watched and stroked. I was shockingly into the performing in front of others routine. What started as a very vanilla blowjob turned into a steamy session, with me sucking the two hung guys while the boyfriend occasionally stroked me. I was really starting to heat up when the top reminded me of his actual intentions. I was going to get fucked.

I was WAY too into this blowjob canlı poker oyna to do much more than grunt out an ok and remove the rest of my clothes without breaking up the blowjob. The top removed his clothes and I could hear him opening a condom and then put it on.

I felt something cold and wet drip onto my ass and his fingers begin to probe. He didn’t waste much time lining the head flush with my opening. He began trying to ease the large head in, but he was not putting enough behind it. I didn’t want to stop what I was going to let him baby his way inside me, so I reached around and grabbed him by the base, and shoved him in in one jaggedly hot motion. I think this both caught him off guard and turned him on because he mumbled something about “fuck going slow with this cock slut”, grabbed me by the hips, and started to absolutely destroy me.

I like to get pretty fast/rough when pleasuring myself with my dildo, but this was a speed I had never replicated. I got lost in the frenzy before the host reminded me of my other purpose with a firm, well internet casino placed cock smack across my face. I wasted little time gobbling him back into my mouth, making feeble attempts to deep throat him but not quite being able to pull it off. The guy fucking me was a little bit too rough for what I thought my first time would be like (I have since learned to love this speed) but I was not about to let him get the best of me.

His bf had already finished himself off, and the host had pulled himself out of my mouth to finish himself as well. In the confusion between getting hammered from behind and having my toy taken right out of my mouth I forgot to ask both (shoot…EITHER) of them to cum in my mouth/on my face. The top was stiffening up when the host started to spurt on himself. I begged the guy to pull out and give me my WELL earned facial, but he refused, reveling in my disappointment. Once I realized he was not going to budge, I reluctantly reached down and started to rub my own throbbing erection so I could at least time myself to cum right as he finished in my ass.

When we were all cleaned up the room was speechless. He asked me how many guys I’d been with to be able to take his well above average cock with such ease. As I slipped out the door I simply said “none.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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