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The four of us rested for a while as we sat around drinking and talking about more sex. Carol still wanted to be in charge and after a few drinks we were all feeling horny again. Carol sat next to me on the sofa while Ed took the lounge chair and Carmen took an extra chair. We were all still naked and while we talked I softly caressed Carol’s tits. Looking over at Carmen, Carol said,
“Carmen come over here” and Carmen got up and came over to the sofa.
“On your knees whore” Carol ordered Carmen as she spread open her legs.
“Suck my fuckin’ cunt whore” she then ordered Carmen who, after looking at me, moved in between Carol’s legs and slowly began to lick at Carol’s cunt. I watched as my whore wife took her fingers and spread open Carol’s cunt lips and drove her tongue deep into Carol as best she could, lapping up her cunt juices and looking as though she was thoroughly enjoying herself. After a couple of minutes I looked over and saw that Ed had gotten his cock hard and was stroking it. Carol noticed it too and looking at her hubby,
“Eddie baby” she began.
“Come over here” as she pointed to the end of the sofa next to me. Looking at me then,
” I want to watch you suck Eddie’s cock” she said to me as Ed drew up next to me. Without hesitation I leaned over and reaching for Ed’s cock, took it in my hand and slowly began to jerk it off for a minute before I leaned more and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking him off. After a few minutes I heard Carol say to Carmen,
“That’s it you fuckin’ whore”
“Suck my fuckin’ cunt” she added.
I now felt Ed place his hand on the back of my head and while I kept motionless, he now began to fuck my mouth like a cunt. I savored the taste of his cock, enjoying the hardness as he rammed his cock in and out of my mouth, occasionally slapping the side of my face to add to the pleasure I was having. I faintly heard more slapping as Carol was also slapping Carmen’s face now and then. This went on for a while when Carol told Ed,
“Eddie, go get me that whip” pointing over to the table where I had placed a whip before. Ed took his cock out of my mouth, went over and picked up the whip and returned it to Carol. When he finished Carol said to him,
“Go fuck his mouth some more” meaning for Ed to resume fucking my mouth with his hard cock. I couldn’t see what was going on behind me, but soon I heard,
“Okay you fuckin’ whore” and with that I heard the whip being applied to Carmen’s back. For several more minutes Ed continued to fuck my mouth while Carol continued to whip Carmen’s back as she sucked Carol’s cunt. Then Carol stopped, looked at Ed,
“Time to change baby” she said to him. Ed took his cock out of my mouth and Carmen rose up from Carol’s cunt. Before she was told to move however, Carol told Carmen to straighten up and when she did so, I watched as Carol now began to whip Carmen’s tits. After a few minutes,
“You like that you fuckin’ whore?” she asked Carmen
“You like me whipping your fuckin’ worthless tits?” she added.
“Yes, yes” Carmen started,
“This fuckin’ whore likes you whipping her fuckin’ worthless tits” knowing full well that Carmen did indeed enjoy having her tits whipped.
“Go suck my man’s cock you fuckin’ whore” Carol then told Carmen. Looking over at me as I watched what had gone on,
“Get over here and suck my fuckin’ cunt you fuckin’ shit” she said to me and as Carmen and I traded places I could tell she was thoroughly enjoying this whole scene. Carmen immediately took Ed’s cock into her mouth and began to suck on his cock wildly while I moved in between Carol’s legs and dove into her cunt like a mad man, tonguing her wildly, biting her cunt lips and clip and relishing in the taste of her juices. After a few minutes went by I suddenly felt the sting of the whip on my back,
“That’s it you fuckin’ bastard” Carol said to me
“Suck that fuckin’ cunt”
“Make me fuckin’ come” she added as I went crazy in her cunt. I couldn’t see Carmen sucking Ed’s cock, but did hear faint words now and then as Carmen devoured Ed’s cock.
It didn’t take long after we switched that Ed was able to blow another load of cum into Carmen’s mouth and Carol even managed to squirt her juices into my mouth. Satisfied we both sat back as Ed and Carol both tried to relax and Carmen and I caught our breaths. After a few minutes of silence,
“Well Carol, Ed” I began looking at both of them,
“Oh fuck” Carol replied
“That was so fuckin’ awesome” she added looking down at me.
“You can eat my cunt anytime love” she then said. Looking over at Ed,
“How was she baby?” she asked him.
“She is one hell of a fuckin’ whore” and I nodded in agreement. Carmen certainly was one hell of a whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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