Fucked and Filmed

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I have read many stories about first time sexual experiences. Like many of the stories posted here, I too have a story to tell about my firsts. My story may sound like many others but I still need to put my experiences to paper in hopes that someone will read about the firsts and relate to the feelings of first time sexual experiences. I’m an older but still active male that has never grown tired of sex and the pleasures you can give and receive.


I was invited to stay with a family friend who I will refer to as RG. Upon arriving at the home of the family friend RG and I had an early dinner and showed me around his house. It was a three story bungalow. His mother lived on the main floor; the basement was finished and had a small bar, a Hammond organ and a TV room.

The top floor is where he and his brother slept; there was a bedroom on each end with a sitting area in between. RG showed me his room and said this was where I was going to sleep. Looking puzzled at him because there was only a queen bed; he said to me that this was the only bed available.

Not thinking much of it, we went downstairs and watched some TV until he had to get ready for his nightly gig. He entertained at a piano bar which he owned Wednesday through Monday, the place was closed on Tuesday. He got ready for work and came down dressed in a fancy jacket, white shirt and tie with black slacks.

After RG left I watched TV and had a soft drink. I gave my girlfriend a call on the house phone. We talked about a half hour before we hung up. I looked at the clock ticking on the wall and realized I better get to bed because I had a long day and I was very tired. I washed up, went upstairs and undressed to my underwear. I crawled into bed lying towards the middle and quickly drifted off to sleep.

Not being a real heavy sleeper I was awakened by rustling in the room. It was dark and I could not make out who or what was going on. I finally figured out that RG was getting into bed; I knew it was him because he wore distinct cologne and I recognized the smell. When he got into bed I moved to the left side and rolled on my right side thinking to myself that maybe I should have booked a motel room. It was two thirty in the morning and I drifted back to sleep.

I slept until seven in the morning at which time I got up, showered, dressed. and left for school. While RG slept, I decided to walk down to the center of town and maybe take in a movie. Returning from the movie I found RG was relaxing and dreading one more night of entertaining widows that fawned over him at the bar.

We sat and talked a bit, he was glad that it was Monday because Tuesday was like a weekend day for him. Together we had a bite to eat, and then he got dressed in his fancy clothes and left for the club.

The rest of the night I watched TV until about nine and went upstairs, got undressed to my underwear and crawled into bed. Drifting off to sleep I thought the day had gone pretty well.

I was awakened again about two thirty in the morning when RG climbed into bed. I was already on the left side of the bed but rolled on to my right side with my backside towards RG. I quickly went back to izmit escort sleep.

It wasn’t long before I was awakened, only this time it was not from noise but from a hand on my cock. I was shocked and thought this is a joke. Well I was wrong because the hand slid under the band of my underwear and started to fondle my cock. I resisted at first trying to push his hand away but he was persistent.

RG moved close to me and I could feel his hard cock against my right buttock as he stroked me. In a whisper he said “Let’s get your underwear off so I can play with you better.” He sat up and proceeded to pull my underwear off and threw them to the floor. He made sure I was on my back and he stroked my cock while playing with my balls, it felt so good. At this point, I didn’t care if it was a man, I just knew it felt good and the prize would be unloading some cum and not having to do it myself.

RG stroked me for what seemed to be a long time but it was probably only a few minutes. He stopped stroking me and in the little bit of light saw him sit up and move towards my cock. It was a wonderful rush when I felt his mouth engulf my cock. He explored the tip, the ridge under the head and my shaft with his tongue. He sucked on it so gentle and using his tongue was bringing me to a climax.

He suddenly stopped and moved into a sixty nine position. The next thing I know his cock inches from my face and he moved it close to my mouth. I thought about what I liked when my cock was being sucked, no teeth, use your tongue up and down on it.

Before I took it in my mouth I put my hand on it and found that his cock was about seven to seven and one half inches cut and had quite a girth, I could not touch my middle finger to my thumb while holding this impressive cock. I stroked him a few times but he was not satisfied with stroking and pushed his cock to my lips. I opened up and he slid this massive tool into my mouth.

When I started to suck his cock he returned to mine. I sucked on him the best I could and knew I was doing a good job when he started to moan and move his hips. It was then I could not hold back and finally shot my load into his mouth. He never missed a beat and swallowed every drop of cum I could give him.

He did not stop sucking, he kept sucking on me until he finally shot a huge load in my mouth. I kept sucking while his cock pulsated in my mouth seven or eight times giving me ribbons of cum I was not expecting. I had trouble swallowing it but did not stop until every drop was in my stomach.

We sucked each other again in about an hour and it was another huge load he deposited in my mouth. Tired and spent we both lay on our backs and fell asleep.

As I mentioned before RG’s schedule allowed him to enjoy his off day which was Tuesday. I awoke early and decided to have some coffee and watch the local news on TV. RG came down and joined me for coffee. He said he had some errands to run and would be back later in the afternoon.

I dressed in my swim trunks and went to the back yard to get some sun until he returned from his errands. I drifted off and had a quick nap when I felt a hand on my cock. RG returned from his errands and izmit anal yapan escort said he was going to shower and relax in the sitting room upstairs.

Before he went inside, he asked me to meet him upstairs in a half hour because he wanted to have more fun.

I grabbed a soft drink and went upstairs and met him in the sitting area between the two bedrooms. His brother worked the night shift and RG said he was in his bedroom asleep. RG came over to me and put his arms around my waist and asked if I enjoyed what had happened a few short hours ago, I told him I enjoyed it. Secretly I really did like sucking on his cock, I liked the feel of the head in my mouth and the pre cum was a super turn on.

Since I had never experienced a cock Cumming in my mouth before, the jury was still out on swallowing another man’s semen. He pulled his shirt off and in turn pulled mine off. It was then I experienced another first, RG put his mouth over my right nipple and started to suck on it ever so gently. The sensation was incredible, while he sucked on one he played with the other between his fingers.

He alternated nipples with his mouth and fingers and occasionally ran his hand down to my now hard cock. I took the bait and went to his nipples with my mouth and fingers. He confessed he thoroughly enjoyed having his nipples worked over.

I reached down to his crotch while sucking his nipple and found the beautiful cock I had sucked hours earlier was straining against his pants. It was after I rubbed his cock through his pants that he reached down and untied the strings on my swim trunks and proceeded to remove them. I was now standing in the sitting area feet away from his brother in the other room stark naked. RG proceeded to remove the robe he was wearing and now we both stood there with huge a hard on. I asked him about his brother and he said not to worry, he is a heavy sleeper.

Standing there in all my naked glory, RG went to his knees and started to suck on my cock and massaging my balls at the same time. The feeling was tremendous and I was actually looking forward to sucking his cock and getting another load from his beautiful cock.

Anticipating another sixty nine with mutual cock sucking led to another first. I dropped to my knees and sucked on his cock while cupping his balls. After a couple minutes of my up and down on his shaft he stopped me and told me he would be right back. In a minute he came back from his room and told me to face away from him on all fours. I was confused now as I thought we would suck each other dry.

I’m on all fours with my backside towards his brothers’ bedroom starting to feel uneasy about my exposed backside towards his brothers’ room. RG told me to relax and he started to stroke my cock with one hand and not knowing he had lube in his other hand started to put a finger in my ass.

I was startled and moved forward, away from the object that was about to be inserted in my ass. RG told me to relax that he was going to stretch my asshole and get me ready to fuck. I was not sure about this and asked him why we couldn’t just suck each other off. He said I would enjoy this.

There izmit yabancı escort I was with a man stretching my asshole, first with one finger, then with two. Finally he managed to get my asshole loosened up enough for two fingers to slide in fairly easy. I watched as he lubed up his cock and he then came behind me and said “I am going to fuck you doggie style to start.”

He placed that rather large cock against my virgin hole and started to push in. The pain was horrible; I was not stretched enough for the girth that was trying to break my cherry ass. Slowly he pushed in, first the large mushroom head of his cock made it past the first anal muscle, continually moving forward he stretched the second anal muscle and the girth started to make its way deeper into my ass. It hurt quite a bit but the deeper he went the pain started to subside. Before long he was balls deep in my ass.

Now that he was buried deep in my ass he started to pull back slowly, it still hurt but not as much. After a few slow thrusts I started to feel pleasure along with the little pain I was still having. Now he started to increase his fucking motion, almost all the way out then all the way in until he was ball deep.

When he started to get into a regular fucking rhythm I caught something out of the corner of my eye; it turned out to be his brother filming my virgin ass being fucked. He filmed at different angles, up close so he could get his brothers balls bouncing off my ass. At this time I didn’t care he was filming because the feeling of being fucked and having my prostate massaged by his cock was too pleasurable to stop. Every now and then RG would reach under me and stroke my cock.

I felt like I was being fucked for a long time but enjoying the pleasure when RG pulled out, rearranged his position to where he was sitting back on his legs, now he pulled me back towards him so I was now sitting with his cock back up my ass.

He started to do short thrusts in my ass while he stroked my cock. As his thrusts became quicker he stroked me quicker, the strokes became one with the thrusts. I started to hear him moan and breathe much shorter breaths.

My cock was spewing pre cum now and it did not take long for me to shoot cum all over his hand and my legs. It was at the same time RG was shooting his load deep in my ass. RG now laid back and pulled me back with him. His cock was still deep in my ass and I became aware that his brother was still filming us. He took his hand coated with my cum and put it to my mouth and told me to lick it clean.

He filmed my ass with his brothers cock still buried in my ass until it went limp and slid out. My ass leaked his cum for at least a day, it was quite a load. I did get to see the Super 8 movie about a year later and I must say it gave me a hard on watching myself being fucked. I did get a blowjob by RG while I watched the movie.

This was the only time I had anal sex. I can still remember how good it felt once there was no pain to deal with. The rest of my time with RG was spent sucking each other off every day and sometimes twice. One thing I learned from this experience is try something once, if you don’t like it don’t do it again.

I did suck a man’s cock and swallowed cum, I liked it, but it was years before I did again and that is another story I’ll tell later. I was fucked in the ass, I did like it but it has not happened since, will it happen again, “maybe” is all I can say.

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