Fun in the Sun

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You wander down to the pool to catch some sun and relax. You find a chair and get situated. You rummage thru your bag and find that you have no sunscreen.

You look around and notice a woman next to you.

She is staring at you in that way women check other women out way. You smile at each other and you say hello. You ask do you have any sunscreen? I have forgotten mine in the room. She says yes, and hands you the tube.

You start to apply it and realize you have no way to apply it to your back. You look over to the woman. She is watching you again.

You check her out for the first time. She is wearing a dark blue bikini. She is a blonde. She has sparkling green eyes. Her body is smooth and tan. She has a good body. She has big boobs for her frame. A set of tight long legs. A little of a tummy but it just accentuates her womanly features. A beautiful woman by any standards. Her name is Candice. Candy for short.

You ask her can you help me out? She practically leaps out of the lounge chair to help you. You find that a little weird but you don’t mind. You notice the look in her eyes. A look that reads as want. A desirous look.

She takes the tube from you and you lay on your belly. She takes the cream and starts to rub into your back and shoulders. She kneads the sunscreen into your skin. She has strong hands. She starts to rub the cream into your calves. She runs her hands up to your thighs. You start to get a little turned on from her. She rubs the sunscreen on your thighs and runs her hands to inner thigh. This instantly gets your clit throbbing. She continues to rub your thighs. You let out a little moan.

She finishes up and grazes your pussy. You quiver. She notices. She says well your all done you can flip over now and I’ll get the front where you missed.

You flip over and she applies it to your front shoulders and down you the top of your boobs. She is very poker oyna close to you. You smell her, she is scented like lilacs. She is so close the thought of kissing her is all you can think. She is leaned over you and you notice her ample breasts and you want to touch them. She works her way down to your legs and spreads the cream on your legs even though you did the yourself. She slips a hand inside your thigh again and rubs your pussy a she runs in the sunscreen. This one is a little more pronounced and longer.

You shudder a little. You are wet now. She is doing this on purpose and you don’t mind at all. She finished the rest of your legs and feet. She walks over to her chair and pulls it close to yours. She says we might as well get to know each other and catch rays. You were going to do this anyway. You wave the waiter over and make a drink order.

You and Candy spend the morning chatting and drinking. You ae both checking each other out on the sly. After a couple hours and a few drinks, Candy says to you. “You are looking a little burnt, I have some wonderful Aloe Cream in my room. Let’s get out of the sun and We’ll put that on and comeback out later.” You agree. You practically leap out of your chair. You follow her to the room.

You are so worked up. You can only think about kissing her and touching her smooth body. She opens the door and go through. You have your back turned to her as the door closes, you feel her hand on your shoulder and she spins you around and kisses you. You head is spinning; her lips are so soft and your hands are touching her golden skin. She is so soft and warm. She is walking to the bed as you kiss and caress each other.

She pushes onto the bed and she crawls on top of you, your bodies are intertwined and she is running her hands over your body.

She kisses your neck; she bites you at the nape and you moan. She works her way to you breasts and she removes canlı poker oyna your bikini top. She takes you left nipple into he mouths and sucks hard. She twirls her tongue around it and bites down and pulls her teeth along it. As she does this she has your other nipple in between thumb and pointer finger is slowly and firmly tweaks it. You gasp in pleasure and pain.

She kisses down your belly and pulls your shorts down, you’re completely naked and she raises up and looks you over. You see the lust in her eyes. You roll her to her back.

You kiss her deeply and untie her bikini top. You kiss her and fondle her big breasts. You kiss down to her left breast and suck on her nipple. You kiss down her belly and pull her bottoms off. You crawl back up and kiss each other and you let your hands wander over your naked bodies.

Your hand reaches down to her love; you feel its silkiness and heat. You slide two fingers into her and she moans. You search around for her spot; she tells when you have it. You are stroking her spot as you kiss down her body to her clit. You swirl your tongue around it and lick it. She is wet and she is writhing with pleasure as you bite her clit and finger her. She is panting and breathing heavy. You flip your fingers and push down on her lower wall. She screams and flip it back to hit the spot. She is clamping down on you and she shudders in an orgasm. You climb up and kiss her fully on the mouth. You swirl your tongue around hers and she shifts he weigh to flip you to your back.

She hops up and says stay right there. I have something special for you.

You reach down and play with your clit as she disappears around the corner. You are rubbing your clit and slide a single finger into your heat as you wait.

She turns the corner and you see, she has put on a harness and a strap on. A realistic looking dildo. It is thick and about 8 inches long. You giggle internet casino a little. Candy asks if you have ever been fucked by a strap-on. You nod no but you are turned on.

She is at the foot of the bed and is stroking that cock as you play with yourself.

She crawls up to kiss your clit. She kisses and licks it. She traces her tongue around your pussy. She slides two fingers into you and finds your spot. You moan and arch back. She works you into a frenzy quickly. She has talented hands. She crawls in between your legs and remove her hands. She spreads you with her knees. She leans down and kisses you. She rubs the cock against your clit. She has the dildo between your lips. You shiver a little. She slides her cock inside of you. Your filled up. It hits all the sides. You rock your hips side to side. She circles her hips as you try to synch up. She holds the cock there. You are tingling already. You stop and she starts to thrust in and out. It is wonderful, it is rubbing all sides and the sensation is so overwhelming. She picks up the pace. Candy drives the dick into you and you are moaning. You are getting close. Candy leans down and kisses you. She raises up and withdraws the cock. She demands that you flip over and get on all fours. You comply.

You are on all fours and she slide the dildo in your drenched pussy. She holds it there. She circles her hips one way then the other. She slowly starts to thrust in and out. She picks up speed and you are meeting her. You two are in rhythm. She reaches up and yanks your hair. You moan loudly. She is hammering you. You are clamping down on the dildo. You are close. She grabs your hips and hammers away. You explode ion a shuddering orgasm. You scream out. Candy leans down and whispers in your ear, “Fucking cum, Ang”.

You are spasm hard and the pleasure is throughout your whole body.

You both collapse onto the bed. Both drenched in sweat and each other’s desire. You kiss and hold each other. Candy demands that you clean up her cock. You suck and lick your desire off the dildo. You return to kiss her and you roll to your back and lay next to each other.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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