Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 64

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As the night wore on Dina sat at her post at the front desk, trying to read. She went to community college in the daytime and had taken this job on the graveyard shift because it afforded her plenty of time to study. But she was not making much progress at the moment.

This wasn’t the first time she’d gotten bored and lost focus, but tonight was different. She couldn’t get her mind off the two women, one older and one younger, who had checked in toward the beginning of her shift. It wasn’t unusual for two females to share a bed when that was all that was available, but they fact that they’d specifically asked for one bed when Dina offered them two had to mean something.

Dina wasn’t naive, but she came from a small town and a conservative family, and had little direct experience of these matters. She couldn’t stop wondering what might be going on behind the door of their room, which was just down the hallway from where she was, maybe 50 yards away. It made her feel funny to think about it, and she found herself reading the same paragraph over and over again, until she finally gave up and put the book down.

Picturing the two women in her mind, she looked up their record in the hotel computer, not for the first time. The older one’s name was Alexis White, and it suited her — a striking name for a striking person. Miss White’s piercing, intelligent gray eyes had made an impression on Dina, who met a lot of people in her job but rarely came across anyone with such a powerful presence.

Dina was flipping idly through the local newspaper, not really paying attention to the trivial news and cheesy ads, when she heard footsteps coming down the hall. It was the younger of the two women from before, who had brown hair and was a little shorter. She’d been wearing glasses earlier but wasn’t now — in fact all she had on was a white towel that barely covered the key areas.

Approaching the desk she cocked her head and asked, in a sweetly melodic voice, “Do you by any chance have a toothbrush? I seem to have forgotten mine.”

Dina nodded and turned toward the drawer where such things were kept. When she spun back around the girl had a strange look on her face — her smile was friendly enough, but there was something probing, almost invasive, in her eyes.

When Dina held out the toothbrush and the girl leaned forward to take it, her towel slipped and fell poker oyna to the floor. All of a sudden she was standing stark-naked in the lobby. Dina politely averted her eyes, but she’d seen enough to burn the image into her mind — generous breasts with dark, slightly erect nipples, and a perfect triangle of soft brown pubic hair.

The girl giggled and said “Thanks” as she bent over to pick up the towel. But having retrieved it she didn’t put it back on, just flipped it over her shoulder and turned around. Dina found herself watching, hypnotized, as the swaying rear end retreated back down the hallway.

Shaking her head, Dina told herself to get a grip. She picked up her book and tried, really tried, to focus on her homework. But it was a lost cause. Now she had a visual for her imagination to work with, and could think of nothing but what the brown-haired girl and Alexis White might be up to down the hall.

Dina made herself a cup of tea and flipped on the TV. She wasn’t supposed to watch TV at work but her boss knew that she did; there was no way to get through the graveyard shift without it. Suddenly the phone on her desk began to buzz with the ringtone that indicated an internal call. The computer told her what room the call was coming from, but she knew before she even looked.

“Front desk.”

“Hi.” It was unmistakably the voice of Alexis White. honeyed on the surface but steely underneath. “Something’s going on with the heat, I can’t get it to turn off. It’s like a hundred and twenty in here.”

As a desk clerk, Dina was a hospitality professional; what else could she say but “I’ll come have a look at it”? More than once in the past she’d bemoaned the fact they there were no other employees in the hotel to help her during the night. But now she was glad to have the chance to satisfy her curiosity and relieve her boredom.

“Thanks,” said Miss White. “You’re a dear.”

After hanging up Dina took a deep breath. She knew that there was, in fact, a problem with the heater in that room. But she got the feeling there was something more going on. Her heart began to beat faster and she wondered what she might see when she got there. She was both excited and a little scared, but what else could she do but carry on? She picked up a wrench and put the bell on her desk before heading down the hallway.

* * *

Miss White hadn’t been lying about canlı poker oyna the heater — it was quite steamy in the room, and she’d tried opening the window, only to find it painted closed. She and Jodie were both dripping with sweat — Jodie just happened to be doing so lying naked on the bed, with her wrists and ankles tied firmly to the bedposts.

The business with the toothbrush had been Miss White’s idea, of course. She’d wanted to pique the desk clerk’s interest and give her some time to think before making the next move. Now the moment of truth was at hand.

When the knock came at the door Miss White answered it, and at first all Dina saw was the dark-haired woman in a bathrobe. It was only when she stepped into the room, feeling the warm humidity wash over her, that she could see Jodie’s bound, spread-eagled form.

Dina’s heart began to thunder in her chest and time seemed to slow way down. She quickly looked away, but she couldn’t unsee what she’d seen. Head swimming, she tried to focus on what she was here to do. The heater was back behind the bed near the window, and as she passed she could feel Jodie’s eyes following her.

Willing herself not to look at the naked girl just a couple feet away, Dina turned toward the heater and locked the wrench onto the valve that she needed to turn. But it seemed to be stuck and between the heat in the room and the tension of the situation she was starting to feel lightheaded. Try as she might she just couldn’t get the valve to budge.

Suddenly she felt something soft pressing against her from behind. Two arms wrapped around her and two hands encircled her own hands around the wrench. With one mutual effort, Dina and Miss White yanked the hissing valve closed.

The momentum sent Dina back against the older woman, who caught her in a gentle embrace. Miss White paused; she intended to be very careful in this moment. She wanted Dina right now, wanted her very badly, but there was a line she wouldn’t cross. Had she felt any resistance at all, she would have let Dina go.

But Dina let herself sag back into the older woman’s arms; there was no mistaking the surrender in her body language. When Miss White kissed Dina’s neck she let out a soft, whimpering moan and that was that — both of them accepted their fate.

Miss White, of course, took charge. Her first order of business was to slip the internet casino wrench out of Dina’s hands and set it gently down on the windowsill. The second was to free Dina’s wonderful mane of dark brown hair from the band that held it, letting it cascade down over her shoulders.

Turning Dina’s head so they could kiss, Miss White once again wrapped her arms around the younger woman from behind. Dina’s lips were sweet and yielding, and Miss White was tender at first, then more aggressive as the passion began to build. For her part, Dina had never been kissed that way; Miss White’s lips were delightfully soft, but her manner was firm and forceful.

Miss White’s hands grasped Dina’s hips, then ran upward along her waist, then slid around to cup and squeeze her breasts. They were more substantial than they’d looked under the frumpy and ill-fitting hotel uniform, and Miss White was eager to get a good look at them. Without breaking the kiss, Miss White unbuttoned Dina’s top and pulled it off, then unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her boobs were indeed wonderfully full and rounded, and her pink nipples were firm and jutting. Miss White pinched each one, then pressed her palms against them while hefting Dina’s ripe young melons in her hands.

Dina was completely overwhelmed. Everything had happened so fast — she couldn’t remember making a conscious decision to do anything, but here she was. And it felt incredible. Miss White was now kissing her neck again while fondling her super-sensitized breasts. Dina heard herself moaning and didn’t recognize the sound; it seemed to be coming from someone else.

Her inhibitions quickly dissipating, Dina now felt free to look over at the girl tied to the bed. Jodie met Dina’s gaze with flashing eyes and some kind of connection took place. They were no longer employee and customer, and no longer strangers; they were both in thrall to this powerful woman who was now unbuttoning Dina’s pants.

There was a mirror at the side of the room and Dina watched herself in it as the black-haired woman pulled her pants down and let them drop to the floor. Dina was glad she’d worn a nice pair of panties that day; though she couldn’t believe how quickly she was giving herself to this woman she barely knew, she was glad she looked good doing it.

Dina’s breath was coming ragged and heavy as Miss White’s hand slid down between her legs, cupping her crotch through her panties. Miss White felt the moisture seeping through the fabric and smiled to herself. Dina was completely ready and willing now; all that remained was to decide what to do with her.

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